Friday, 20 April 2012

Semi Final Recap

Looks like my predictions are as bad as when I wasn't watching! - DB

Ukraine Vs. England (w) - I didn't watch this game but 3-0 Ukraine.

Laos Vs. ROI (m) - Laos came out on top 3-2. A few costly mistakes cost ROI this came. I thought they had the majority of the ball but they couldn't produce a lot of scoring opportunities and when they did they weren't finished. Laos were able to capitalize on ROI's mistakes and finished there few opportunities.  

Germany Vs. Poland (w) - I missed this game also but Germany won 5-1

Canada Vs. Sudan - This game was intense! It looked like once Sudan was 2-0 that was going to be it. But Canada weren't going to go down without a fight. Canada pushed forward and managed to come back to 2-2. Just as everyone was preparing for overtime Sudan played a long ball into the box and managed to put the game winner into the net. 3-2 Sudan.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Semi-final Predictions

So I finally made it down to watch the quarterfinals last night. I guess my predictions without watching weren't too accurate! Oh well! - DB

6:30 England Vs. Ukraine (W) - I think my expertise is only in the mens side. Ukraine are defending champs but haven't looked as dominant as they did in winning the title. England has some scoring threats and have looked good so far. Im going to go with an upset here, 3-2 England.

7:30 ROI Vs. Laos (M) - ROI looked dominant last night until the last 6 minutes of the game. Then they seemed to fall apart allowing 3 goals in 6 mins to head to OT but managed to pull off the win. Laos are technically good and attack with speed. I think ROI will edge Laos in this one just because of set pieces and getting balls in the box. 3-1 ROI. And yes I know I'm biased picking my team.

8:30 Germany Vs. Poland (W) - Germany seem to be a powerhouse this year lead by Megan Cormier. They have blown out every team they have faced so far. I do not know too much about Poland but they'll have great fan support to push them on. Germany are just too good though. 6-1 Germany.

9:30 Canada Vs. Sudan (M) - Im predicting a very tight game. Possibly OT or shootout. Canada will have to dominate in the middle with Tavis and Jarvis. Sudan will match Canada in their physical presence and their aggressiveness. I think for Sudan to win they need to get back to throwing bodies into the box. Im hoping for a Canada victory but I'm thinking Sudan takes it in another thriller. 2-1 Sudan.

Quarter Final Review


Mike has a busy day at work and seeing as how I have the day off and am in Regina he asked if I could write a review of last night's action. So this post will be brought to you by DG.  I don't have all the scorers and I am not as adequate with the names as Mike but I will try my best.  Sorry if I butcher any names and I didn't take any notes so I am going strictly off memory.

Over View: Easily the best night of soccer played in this tourney and if I was to ask Kevin I would venture to guess that he would say that last night was historic for atmosphere and the amount of quality played in one night ever at WCP.  The action had everything from 3 OT's, a shoot out and every game ended up being a one goal game.  What a way to show case soccer at WCP.

Ireland vs Germany:  Ireland got off to a quick start when Ryan Mcallister scored his first of 2 header goals on the night to make it 1 to 0 ROI 5 minutes into the match.  Germany sat back and defended and very little happened through the first half.  The second half however was anything but boring.  After Ryan Mcallister scored his second header goal to make it 2 to 0 and Lee Mooney added ROI 3rd goal with 15 minutes left in the game it seemed all but over for Germany.  Fortunately for Germany, I (dg) decided to play an ill advised back pass to Jonah with 6 minutes left that ended up being served on a platter to the German striker and it was 3 to 1.  Germany with life pushed everyone forward and with 3 minutes left they scored again to make it 3 to 2.  With the crowd heavily cheering for the German underdogs they equalized in the 53rd minute (I don't know where the added 3 minutes of extra time came from but it happens).  With all the momentum on their side heading into OT it took ROI 2 minutes to make ammends for a shocking final 6 minutes as Nathan Reis got his head on the ball to get the game winner and end Germany's nice run in the WCP.

ES vs Laos:  I missed much of the first half but Matt Leung tapped in a goal mouth scramble to make it 1 to 0 for Laos and Jerson equalized for ES on a penalty to tie it up.  This game had a very good flow to it.  Lot of quick players on both teams and plenty of good technical players on both sides.  With 9 minutes to go in the match Laos scored on a direct kick that was a rocket.  5 minutes later Rolfe brought the fans to their feet with a cheeky back heel goal and this game looked like it was going to head to OT as well.  But with less than 2 minutes to play a kick in that appeared to go off Boun's head beat ES keeper Mitch Cantin and put Laos through to the semi final.  ES did have one last goal mouth scramble and the ball actually beat Evan but was cleared off the line by a Laos defender.  The Laos clappers were in full force last night and will be out again in full force again tonight as Laos will take on ROI in semi final action.  ES had a slow start to the tourney but they definitely proved that they were one of the contendors in the tourney.

France vs Canada:  This game was not as exciting as the build up to it. Not too many clear cut chances, and the real excitement did not start till the PK's. Tavis opended up the scoring halfway through the first half, a France turnover lead to Tavis getting posotion of the ball. He made a few nice moves to create some space for himself, and slid it into the back of the net. Both teams tried to keep possesion of the ball, but neither team could really keep the ball. France came out strong in the second half, and created some sustained pressure, which led to the equalizer. Mason had a free kick which was flicked in by Danny to tie to the game up. After that it was a game where both teams were playing not to make a mistake. Tavis and Mason both had a chance with free kicks near the end of regulation and at the end of extra time. This game had PK's writen all over it, and thats excactly where it went. Withuot going into all the names of the shooters, both teams scored on all their first 5 shots, creating sudden death and added pressure for additional shooters. Tristan and Waller both came up with big saves, at one point Kupiack from Canada having to take his kick twice, and twice missing. In the end it was Canada who was able to convert a PK in sudden death and advance to the final. This game was as toss up before it started, so it went to script.

Sudan vs Poland:  With the building in a state of frenzy after 3 electric games it was nice to see another game that lived up to the hype.  Who else but Jay Tomchuk to get Poland out to a 1 to 0 lead about 10 minutes into the match.  Michal made a couple of quality saves for Poland through the first half as both teams exchanged some ok chances and Poland took a 1 to 0 lead into the second half.  Poland seemed to have the run of play for most of the game but played a little more direct in the second half that kind of played into Sudan's hand.  With 10 minutes ish left to play Sudan equalized and their supporters went nuts.  I keep saying that Sudan playing and doing well is excellent for this tournament.  With 2 minutes left in the game the dreaded roof ball as a Sudan player went to block a shot and who else but Tomchuk to be on the ball for the potential game winner.  With the Polish faithful ready to shoot off their confetti and retire Jay's jersery right there Nooer decided to make the save of the tournament as he stuck out his leg as a reaction to the shot and after the game said he was just hoping it hit him.  What better way to end off this night than another OT for the fans. With very little chances in the first half of OT it was Tong Tong's wonderful header with 2 minutes to go in OT that sent Sudan and their supporters into the semis.  I think I saw 6 back flips, 5 jersey's removed, 4 randoms run on the turf and a partridge in a pair tree all on the field.

CONCLUSION:  I think it is next to impossible  for the semis to live up to this night, but you would be doing yourself a disservice by not being at the center tonight catching semis final action.  Tonight's games feature: Womens: Ukraine vs England at 6:30 and Germany vs Poland at 8:30  On the men's side ROI vs Laos 7:30 and Sudan vs Canada at 9:30

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Last nights results

YG - Canada 2 Brazil 2

YB - Pakistan 4 ES 0

YB - Italy 4 Canada 3

U18B - Ukraine 1 Scotland 3

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Golden Boot. Official


1. Nathan Reis (ROI) - 13
2. Josip Coric (Afghan) - 10
3T. Cliff Bene (Nigeria) - 7
3T. Jerson Hamilton (ES) - 7
5. Mike Collns (ROI) - 6


1. Megan Cormier (Ger) - 7
2T. Tayler Firth (Eng) - 5
2T. Cara Gartner (Ger) - 5
4T. Jessica Meyer (Ger) - 4
4T. Cassandra Evans (Pol) - 4

Youth Boys

1T. Marcello Gonzalez (Pak) - 6
1T. Taylor Hoedel (Scot) -6
3T.  Ryan O'Connor (Can) - 5
3T.Levi Frei (Scot) - 5
5. Asad Azizi (Ger) - 4

Youth Girls

1. Rita Fetech (Ger) - 8
2. Morgan Ziola (Eng) - 7
3T. Taniel Gay (ES)  - 6
3T. Ella Molnor (Bra) - 6
5. Taylor Hendron (Eng) - 4

U18 Boys

1. Peter Ntigne - 5

Fantasy Update.

Here is the official fantasy update. We used the official score records so no complaining. Points double for the Men's goals in playoffs so should get tight.

WCP Cup Cabaret

Tickets available at front desk. Over 100 sold.

Games on Access

Quarterfinal predictions

Mike has been really busy with work so I decided to keep the blog rolling and I will post my predictions!

Canada Vs. France - This game is going to be close. Canada have had some great results in the group, but also some not so good result. They are strong in the middle with Jarvis and Tavis. France lost a couple of key players this year but still have a strong squad. They had a tough time against a peaking ES squad but i still think they will advance to semis. 4-3 France.

ROI Vs. Germany - Germany gave the pre-tourney favourites Poland a good game and blew a 2-0 lead. Germany have some talented players but their main danger will come from the Patterson twins. ROI haven't really been tested so far, only by long balls Vs. Sudan. I expect Germany to put up a fight but i dont think they have enough depth to handle ROI. ROI 6-2

Sudan Vs. Poland - I am thinking this will be the best game of the night, Poland's fans energy mixed with the way Sudan plays is promising to make it exciting. The key to this game is Poland's defence. They are going to have a tough time handling all the long balls but it does help they have one of the best GK's in the province to help bail them out. This game I'm predicting will come down to a last minute goal by Tomchuk for a Poland win. 3-2 Poland.

Laos Vs. ES - After ES lost to Italy in their first game everyone had counted them out, but they seem to be peaking at the right time and have beat some quality teams. They are always dangerous from set pieces and shot from a distance. Laos are always a tough team to play against and they attack with speed on the wings. They have a tough centre midfield but i see them vulnerable at the outside defensive positions. I think if Laos can keep the free kicks to a minimum then they'll come away with this one. 5-3 Loas.

I am looking forward to coming down to watch these games and this should be a night of some good and exciting soccer! What are your predictions???

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tonights Scores

YG - USA 0 Brazil 6

YB - Canada 7 Germany 0

M - Norway 9 South Korea 0

M - Portugal 6 Nigeria 6

Top Goal scorers

Since Mike has gone missing and I have no insight of this weekends games so I thought I should make a new post. I chose to write about something I know a bit about, goal scoring. The list is in no order and if I left anyone out let me know.
 - DB

Jay Tomchuk - Jay has been a top goal scorer in the province for a long time. He hasn't scored as many as I thought he would so far but I expect him to have a big game Vs. Sudan in the quarters. I think Poland's future in the tournament is in Tomchuk's right (sometimes left) boot.

Jerson - Jerry can score from anywhere. Never afraid to take people on and let a shot rip. He has a deadly free kick and is a clutch PK taker. ES having Jerson and Riggs on for free kicks may be what takes them deep into the playoffs.

Josip - Josip creates his own goals and is a great finisher. He is tricky and always finds a way to get the ball onto his dangerous left foot.

Nathan Reis - Leading the race for the golden boot (as i predicted) and has more goals in him. Nate comes up with clutch goals and is always a threat to score.

Darko - A goal scorer that is always forgotten, but is never shy to let Mike or Riggs know about it! He scores the majority of Serbia's goals and some of them are beauties. Last year turning Levis inside out before sniping one past Diakiw.

Leon - Always is in the right position at the right time and knows what to do when the ball is at his feet.

Patterson Twins - Dave has a killer left foot and isn't afraid to shoot. He scores some great goals coming in from the wing. SPat chips in with a goal now and again and they are usually quite spectacular. Whether they are shots from just over half or end to end runs SPat is always a danger.

Tong Tong - I haven't seen this guy play but have heard he is quite exciting to watch and provides some quality finishes.

Mike Collins - Free kick specialist and a danger in the air. Also can finish from far with his RVP-esque left foot.

Tavis - Creates and scores big goals. Has great technique and has provided some great goals this year and in the past.

Honorable mentions - Julio, Jarvis, Chico, Ryan M, Murphy

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Todays Results

YB - Pakistan 3 Italy 2
YG - Canada 4 Germany 3
M - ROI 8  Botswana 2
W - Ukraine 1 ES 2
W - Germany 4 England 0
M - Poland 3 Hungary 1
M - Canada 4 Afghanistan 3
M - Germany 3 Nigeria 2
M - ES 3 France 2

Last Nights Games

Ended up being a bit of a dud of a night with Jamaica and Chile deciding not to show up. When asked to comment about his game Holness responded with "None". Jamaica was so bad that even the announcer struggled. Germany won against Hungary and 2-0 isn't really reflective of how the game went. Germany are not a good side. Anyways heres the scores


Germany 9 Chile 2

Hungary 0 Germany 2

Laos 5 Jamaica 0

France 4 Greece 2

Todays Games

2:00 Canada vs Germany


3:00 Ireland vs Botswana
Even the organizers don't think this will be a good game as they didn't even lump it in with the rest of the men's games. 12-1 ROI.


4:00 Ukraine vs El Salvador
This might be a tiny bit of a test for team Ukraine. They haven't looked their dominant selves but maybe they are just waiting to turn it on. I can't pick against them. 5-2 Ukraine.

5:00 Germany vs England
England have been substantially better that I thought they would be this year. This may be down to them worrying more about soccer and less about looking awesome. Either way they can focus all they want. They won't beat Germany. 4-1 Germany


6:00 Poland vs Hungary
Poor Hungary having to play the almighty Polish. This is going to be like trying to stop a wrecking ball with soggy piece of paper. 100-0 Poland.

7:00 Somalia vs Sudan
Sudan are fast. Somalia are fast. Sudan are unpredictable. Somalia are unpredictable. Sudan are skilled. Somalia are..... well that's where it ends. Sudan win somewhere in the 7-2 range.

8:00 Afghanistan vs Canada
Now we are talking. This is a big one as it is pretty much do or die for both teams. Afghan is probably the more talented first team but Canada has significantly more depth. Chicolicious will be in full effect and I expect Afghan will carry the play and Canada will go into the Yorkton shell. Can Afghan break it down? It's tough to say. If I was a betting man I'd say no. 3-2 Canada.

9:00 Germany vs Nigeria
The big game in Group C with the victor winning the right to play just one more game. I get the feeling that Germany doesn't inspire confidence in very many people. They have a lot of holes and no way to plug them. Not a ship I would want to be on. Nigeria are just as worrisome. They are going to score goals but will they score enough. This one is tough for me to call. I will say a 3-3 draw. 

10:00 France vs El Salvador
A beat up France team is forced to deal with their toughest opponent 24 hours after being kicked around by Greece. Will this effect them? El Salvador has improved every game since they lost to Italy and have to win this game to stay alive. I have a feeling their could be a very pro ES crowd as a lot of people will want not only to see the big dog's lose but also Norway to go out. Another tough one. 4-1 France

Friday, 13 April 2012

Tonights Games.

Big night of games ahead tonight. So lets get to it.

7:30 Chile vs Germany

In my opinion Germany have been the class of the Womens teams so far. Solid at every position and banging home goals like crazy. Chile on the other hand have floundered a bit in some of their games, not looking at all like the team we used to know. I can't see a scenario where Germany loses this game. 5-2 Germany.

8:30 Germany vs Hungary

I asked for people to predict an upset in tonight's games and a lot of people picked Hungary to win this one. I think people are forgetting the Germany carried the game against "The Greatest Show On Turf" and could have one. I see Zerr, and hopefully David Patterson running rampant. Maybe Kirk scores one of his patented rockets out of nowhere too. Hungary are just too unorganized. 7-2 Germany.

9:30 Laos vs Jamaica

We all know what to expect from Laos they are as steady of a team as there is. Your guess is as good as mine on what we will get from Jamaica. Consistently inconsistent, you could get the team that struggled to a tie N. Ireland or you could get the team that beat Canada. Jamaica absolutely has to win this game or their tournament is over. Maybe they can expose Laos at the back and if they can they could stand a chance. Every time I write about Jamaica they do the opposite so it seems pointless to guess. But I say they fall just short. 4-3.

10:30 France vs Greece

This was my favorite game of the tournament last year. Scotty and i were absolutely losing our minds while announcing the game and I am hoping this game is every bit as exciting. Greece has massively underachieved this tournament but I have a feeling they will be up for this one. Here is the quote I got from HELLASUNITED Twitter account : "Don't know til after the game is done if we won or lost but France will definitely feel they played Greece. #thatsguaranteed" I personally believe this will be the case. I think France will win this game but it will be close and they are going to have to earn it. I expect to see bodies laying about the field after the game. All said and done I think France comes through 3-2. I hope this game doesnt disappoint.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tonight's Games

6:30 pm Canada vs England

7:30 pm Ukraine vsPoland

8:30 pm Portugal vs Vietnam
9:30 pm Colombia vs Afghanistan

Power Rankings

Alright since a blog user took the time to do his power rankings this morning it seemed only fair that David and I take the time to do ours. Mike's will be the 1st number in Blue and David's will be beside me in brackets ( ) in red.

1.(5) Poland - They have been my #1 team since the beginning and have nothing to disprove that. With Jay now scoring at will they are well on their way to the final and nothing can stop them.

2.(4) France - Last years best team has built another very strong team that looks hell bent on proving that they are every bit as good as everyone, themselves included, thought they were. Haven't had a competitive game and they are in a reasonably tough pool.

3.(2) Laos - This is the same team we have come to expect year in year out from Laos. Another team that has played blowout games in a tough group. Slightly lacking on the defensive side of the ball but more than make up for it in attacking options.

4.(1) ROI - They lost some key players from last year and don't seem to have the attacking options they used to. Have been inconsistent as they have been on and off the gas pedal.

5.(3) Sudan - Battled ROI til the final whistle. This is the team that scares everyone. They can play different styles and are extremely unpredictable. Seem able to always conjure something out of nothing.

6.(7) Germany - Germany outplayed the team that was supposed to crush everyone in Poland. Couldn't finish them off though which has always been Germany's problem. That's why they sit where they do.

7.(10) Nigeria - They are a bit of a scary team themselves. Have a a couple players with some real silks and then they have a few of the most unpredictable players in the tournament. That combination is hard to deal with.

8.(6) Afghanistan - What drops Afghan for me is that I don't know which team is going to show up. Will we get the first team that was crushed or will we get the team that looked great against N. Ireland. Too sketchy for me to rank them any harder.

9.(11) El Salvador - They have beaten everyone since they lost to Italy. But they lost to Italy so can I really rank them higher than this. That's unacceptable in my books.

10.(9) Canada - What to make of Canada. They look great one game and the next they lose to Jamaica. I fear that if a team just sits back Canada will be unable to carry the play. Worried about them going through now.

11.(8) Jamaica - So if I think Canada is inconsistent you can only imagine what I think about Jamaica. They tie N. Ireland , then they beat Canada and follow that by getting crushed by Afghan. What am I supposed to even make of that?

12.(12) Norway - Finally one that me and Brown have ranked the same. It's suiting that Norway is ranked right in the middle of the pack. They are middle of the pack players. No one is going to do anything spectacular. Just count on them always putting in a solid showing.

13.(14) Colombia - Poor Colombia. This might be the greatest showing that a team has ever had while coming away with the worst record. They give every team a great challenge but never seem to come out with the win. Improving every year though.

14.(15) Italy - On the opposite side is Italy. Yes they are getting results but can anyone really say they have been super impressed. They do the bare minimum to get by. Can't rank them higher than this.

15.(13) Greece - How Brown has Italy ranked lower than Greece after Italy beat them last night is beyond me. For me Greece is the biggest bust of the tournament. I had high expectations after they made it to playoffs last year but they have disappointed. Might be time for them to start getting younger.

16.(22) Northern Ireland - Big differential here between me and Brown. I pretty much give them credit here for tying Jamaica even though it was pretty. Gets them off the bottom for me.

17.(19) Hungary - I saw Hungary coming into this tournament and thought they were going to be a bottom 3 team for sure. They have surprised though by putting up a few good fights including an excellent losing effort against Nigeria.

18.(17) Portugal - Portugal seems to get worse every year. This is a team that used to make playoffs on a yearly basis and since the quality has just not been there. That trend is continued this year.

19.(16) Scotland - I usually beat up on Scotland on here a bit but I won't. They actually look headed in the right direction. Have added a lot of youth and look quicker and more skillful than the past few years. Haha not that that's saying a lot. Could not resist.

20.(18) Serbia - Plain an simple this is not a team I personally enjoy. I don't like their style of "soccer" and they seem to be getting a little long in the tooth. Still waiting on their Winnipeg players.

21.(20) Somalia - Really struggled to start the tournament but have gradually improved every game. Goalkeeping is abysmal which is really not helping their cause.

22.(21) Botswana - They are what they are. Managed their 1st win this year I believe so that elevates them slightly off the bottom but they are still far from fearsome.

23.(23) South Korea - Consensus on the bottom 2 for us. South Korea are a younger more athletic Vietnam. that is hardly a compliment.

24.(24) Vietnam - I know I am risking opening Pandora's Box here but Vietnam looks like they didn't know what they were getting into for this tournament. I would probably rank some youth teams before them.

Golden Boot List

Here is the current Golden Boot list accompanied by a few comments from our resident goal scoring expert David Brown.


1. Nathan Reis (ROI) - 9
2T. Jerson Hamilton (ES) - 6
2T. Josip Coric (AFG) - 6
2T. Cliff Bene (NIG) - 6
5T. Mike Collins (ROI) - 5
5T. Jay Tomchuk (POL) - 5
5T. Ahmad Muhammad (SOM) -5
8T. Garrett Peters (JAM) - 4
8T. Leon Derks (FRA) - 4

My 3 picks at the start of the tournament are currently still in the running for golden boot, Nate, Mike, and Tomchuk. I expect Nate and Mike to score quite a few more this weekend as ROI's round robin games finish up against some weaker teams and i know they won't be taking it easy. Poland also have some easier games this weekend and Jay will be doing the scoring. I didn't know Jerson or Josip we're going to be playing but both are great finishers. But i still don't think they would of cracked my top three as I don't see there teams making it too far past the group stage if they even do. I am unaware of Cliff but he did manage to put 5 away against Vietnam, I am not taking this away from the guy because scoring goals is scoring goals and I know I wouldn't let up either. I am still pretty choked that my injury occurred, as this tournament is a goal scorers showcase. I'd like to hear more about the quality of goals so far this year. Ryan M for ROI still goal of the tourney so far??


1. Tayler Firth (ENG) - 5
2. Cassandra Evans (POL) - 4
3. Cara Gartner (GER) - 4
4T. Jade McFee (ENG) - 3
4T. Megan Cormier (GER) - 3
4T. Kayla Whithrow (UKR) - 3
4T. Kimbe Wiebe (UKR) - 3
4T. Jacie Brusky (NL)

I do not know too much about the women's side but ill share what I do. I expect Megan and Cara to carry Germany to the final where it will be a re-match of the previous year. I also know that Jade McFee is a talented player and can finish the only issue with her is she is from P.A so will she make every game? I see England being a contender for the title this year. (I'm really don't know too much about the women's side so let me know what I've missed!)

Youth Boys

1. Marcello Gonzalez (PAK) - 5
2T. Asad Azizi (GER) - 4
2T. Taylor Hoedel - (SCO) - 4

This is a category I know even less about! I think I've coached my Hollandia team vs Marcello before and he is a skillful kid and can strike the ball well so its really not a shock to me to see his name up top. And that all I know!

Youth Girls
1. Rita Fetsch (GER) - 6
2. Taylor Hendron (ENG) - 4

No comments here as I know nothing about this group, but keep scoring them goals!

U18 Boys

1. Peter Ntigne - 5
2. Taylor Hoedel - 3

Same as the youth girls, I don't recognize the two names but keep putting the ball in the back of the net!
USA 0 vs Germany 5

Canada 4 vs ROI 5

Colombia 3 vs N. Ireland 0
Italy 3 vs Greece 2

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blog Comments

Unfortunately we have gotten to the point where its going to end up being a case of one person ruining it for all. Because someone has decided to add personal information and harass people on this blog I am going to be forced to severely restrict the posts/posters on this blog. Only comments of people I know personally or that apply to soccer will be posted for the next few days. Which comments are and aren't posted will be based solely on MY discretion. I am sorry it has come to this.

Mike Collins

Blog Administrator

Blog Topics

Thought I would throw my 2cents in on a couple topics on the blog here.

1. Might as well start with this. What's up with the name calling? I am not sure if people thinks it funny or witty or both but it's mostly childish and pathetic. It's okay to have a differing opinion with another blogger but lets try to use out big boy words to express that. Don't make me have to stop allowing posts. I don't want it to get there.

2. Can anyone play defense and forward? Absolutely not. Maybe in the round robin where half the teams are even enough that it blocks out certain deficiencies but those deficiencies will be exposed against good teams. Playing upfront may actually be the toughest position because you have someone on your back all game and a bunch of refs who won't call fouls.

3. Josip as the most prolific striker is Saskatchewan? That might be a stretch. However, even though he might me a complete nut bar, he can score goals. And a few I saw the other night were absolute beauties.... no matter who you play against.

4. Would he score 3 times as many if he played in Regina league. No. Oh and Julio I out scored him in that the Saskatoon WCP. Where's my props!

5. Could a Regina all star team beat a Saskatoon all star team? Absolutely not. It's pitiful I know but we have done this in PSL and only once in the 10 years I have played have we come out on top.

6. Regina could very well have a better, more supportive soccer community, though you wouldn't know it from this blog! But the soccer itself is in disarray. We have substantially worse facilities, are constantly arguing with our soccer association and a lot of leagues are faltering. For example, we can no longer field a PSL team due to lack of commitment. There is also currently only 1 team registered in our top mens division. That's pitiful.

7. Why is our top men's division Div 2? Just shows how pitiful it is.

8. As I was saying Regina soccer has a better friendlier soccer community in my opinion. Everyone supports the WCP Cup, more so than in Saskatoon, and I don't see some of the petty stuff, fights, arguments, red cards that I see in Saskatoon. There seems to be a general respect for one another and a passion for the game. Now we just need to transition that passion onto the field itself.

9. Ok I just read this comment "Regina only lost to Saskatoon in PSL because the quality players either didn't because it takes a lot of time or weren't in town". Part of playing soccer at a high level is training. Outdoor is not indoor where everyone can play a whole game. Plus last year for PSL the commitment was one weekend? Why no team then. What you refer to as "takes a lot of time" a call laziness.

10. Nate not a good player? Leads the tournament in goalscoring. Must be doing something right?


Tonight's Games.

Another night of games that unfortunately have little bearing on the overall outcome of this tournament.

6:30 pm USA vs Germany

7:30 pm Canada vs ROI

8:30 pm Colombia vs N. Ireland
9:30 pm Italy vs Greece

Yesterdays Scores

Youth Boys
Scotland 3 - Italy 3

Poland 4 - Italy 1

Scotland 5 - Botswana 2

Serbia 7 - Somalia 4

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday's Games

6:30 pm Boys Scotland vs Italy

7:30 pm Womens Italy vs Poland

8:30 pm Mens Scotland vs Botswana

9:30 pm Mens Serbia vs Somalia

Potential Quarterfinals

Decided to look into my crystal ball here a bit and take a look at potential quartefinal match ups? Who would you guys like to see play? Who would teams not like to get?

ROI vs Germany/Nigeria

I think Germany would give ROI a better run for their money than Nigeria. Nigeria have a lot of speed and a couple really nice players. Just don't think they have enough depth to put in a real challenge. Germany looked solid against Poland and that's tough to do think it would make for a better game.

France vs Canada/Afghan/Jamaica

If you are France which of these 3 do you want to play? Like I said before I really don't think it will be Jamaica. So Afghan or Canada. I think both teams could give the a game but at the same time both could be flops. What do you guys think?

Laos vs ES/Norway

At this point Laos must be drooling over these potential matches. I think both of these teams offer less than 3 of the teams Laos has to play in their pool. It only takes one game but I cant see Laos losing this one. Looks like they will be off to the semis as usual.

Poland vs Sudan

Yumm.... this is the only quarterfinal that looks like it is a sure thing and it is a beauty. I think this is the game a lot of people want to see and we are going to see it early. Two great sets of fans along with one good and one unbelievably good team would make for a cracking game. I want to see this.

Big Games Left

So here are the dates and times of the big remaining games.

Friday April 13

9:30 pm Laos vs Jamaica
10:30 pm France vs Greece

Saturday April 14th

8:00pm Afghanistan vs Canada
9:00pm Germany vs Nigeria
10:00pm France vs ES

Sunday April 15th

8:00pm Laos vs Canada
9:00pm El Salvador vs Norway

A lot of big games left to play this week. Looks like the schedule makes really got it right. Nice Work!

Where We Stand.

Alright better get something up here so I can stop taking son much abuse. (Most notably from Nate.)

Group A.
This group is pretty much sealed up as far as I am concerned. It would take something shocking like Colombia beating Sudan like last year for anything to change. But there are no teams in this pool that are nearly as good as Colombia is. ROI could afford to lose one of their last 2 and they would still go through.

1. ROI
2. Sudan

Group B

Here is the interesting group that still has so much to play for. Laos are coming out of this group. Yes, i know they have 2 tough games left but I can't see them doing any worse than losing one. That'll be enough to get them through comfortably. Jamaica's tie against N. Ireland is going to be a killer for them. I still don't know how it happened but I don't see Jamaica beating Laos to recover. That leaves Afghanistan vs Canada on Saturday as a huge match I can't say for sure which Afghanistan team shows up so I will take Canada. Which leaves us with:

1. Laos
2. Canada

Group C

Poland is going through. We have all known that for awhile. It just took their easy win over Germany to confirm it. So that's established then it comes down to Germany vs Nigeria. This is not an easy one for me to pick. I have said before that I didn't have a ton of confidence in Nigeria and that still holds true. Germany on the other hand looked good even in defeat to Poland. I will take them.

1. Poland
2. Germany

Group D

Well it didn't take long for Greece to make an exit from this tournament. Two immediate defeats pretty much ruled them out. If they could've won 1 of those games we would have an even more exciting group. As it is France looks like they will come through although they do still have to play Greece and ES they too can afford to lose one of those games. So pencil them in. So Sunday night will be ES and Norway. ES has not looked very strong but neither has Norway. Both sides seem to be underachieving but ES looks to be getting better while Norway has begun to look worse. I will take ES. But who knows.

1. France
2. ES 

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fan of the Week!

Thanks Mike for all of your support. Maybe one day you'll be good enough to play for us, but i doubt it. - Love Awesome Poland

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Last Night's Games

Nigeria 4 - Hungary 3
No one saw this one coming. Hungary showed up to play and they deserve credit here. I would like to say it was a certain strategy but they really just played a solid game. Nigeria may not be as good as they have shown but they managed to get the job done. A positive sign for them.

Poland 3 - Germany 2
This was a foregone conclusion but Poland set about it in unorthodox fashion. They played possum allowing Germany to control the game and buried their chances. I have a few beefs with this game that I'll air now. 1. Has Germany never had to defend a set piece. All 3 goals came off set pieces. Got to be a lot better than that.  2. Why was David Patterson not on at the end of the game when Germany needed a goal? No DPat but you have your back up keeper on? Get him out there. 3. Aleks. Wow. He could have been sent off 3-4 times. Bad tackles, swearing, encroachment, kicking the ball away and that's all while on a yellow. Get it done ref. 4. You know in football when that offensive lineman scores a touchdown and over celebrates it like crazy. That's Poland. If you do get to the "endzone" act like you've been there before.

Jamaica 1 - Canada 0
Consider this my formal retraction of my previous prediction. Jamaica came out and Canada'd Canada. They sat back and made Canada carry the game which is something they are apparently unable to do. Jamaica, inspired by my lack of belief in them, finally showed up looking like the Jamaica we have all been expecting them to be. Hustled, moved the ball well and looked the better team. If they continue to play like that they will go far.

Today's Games

Chile vs England
2 years ago this would have been a big game. But its really not anymore. It may decide who comes how of their group but I can't say with any real conviction that I think either of these teams could beat Ukraine or Germany. 4-3 England.

Italy  vs South Korea
Italy are clearly not as good as everyone made them out to be. That being said they are much much much  better than S. Korea. 7-1

Scotland vs Sudan
Scotland is very small. Sudan is very big. Do you see where I am going with this? I fully expect Sudan's aerial attack to be going from the get go. Lets go 7-1 Sudan.

ROI vs Serbia
ROI will be missing a few guys but I don't think that's going to make a difference. Expect to see a lot of this

(Photo Courtesy Ken Hoff)

Jamaica vs Afghanistan
Well after last night I don't think I can ever doubt Jamaica again. Afganistan players seem to not want to show up for their team plus they had a cabaret last night = rough shape. I am going 3-1 Jamaica

Poland vs Portugal
I accurately predicted Poland obliterating Germany and they continue their march to the final against Portugal. Portugal are a middle of the pack team. Nothing more, nothing less. Expect a win here for Poland. Hopefully this time they act like they've done it before. 10-0 Poland.

France vs Norway
This should be a good one. France is amazing but this is thier first real test so it will be interesting to see how they do against a battle tested Norway team. Both teams still need to win this game so it should be a feisty affair. Norway won't be able to move the ball around like they did against Greece but if they keep their shape they should be able to repel the waves of french attacks. I don't think it will be enough though. France are back on the top with Poland. 4-2 France.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Fantasy Update

Tonight's Games

Botswana vs Serbia
Really this is just a battle to see who will finish 3rd in Group A. I honestly have no idea who will win this game so I am not even going to predict a score.

Nigeria vs Hungary
I smell a beatdown.  Nigeria is fast, strong and have a couple really nice players. I don't think Hungary is any of those things. Look for Nigerias goal scoring tear to continue. 8-2 Nigeria.

Poland vs Germany
A lot of hype in the build up to this game. Germany are a good side. They have all their Saskatoon players coming, Patterson Twins included and will certainly put up a fight for the first five minutes.  However I have know idea who their other Saskatoon players are and to be honest I am not sure they do either. But lets be real even without Brett Levis (my understanding is he won't be there) Poland are just way too good for any team in this tournament. I see Jay and Devin both getting 3 goals in this game and when Devin gets tired Dustin coming on to get 1 or 2. Germany will will probably get one as Poland pushes forward looking for their 10th. 9-1 Poland cruises.

Jamaica vs Canada
I was actually pretty undecided on who I was going to choose going into this game. I figured the x-factor would be Holness' play but he's out. I just haven't been impressed with Jamaica, they don't have that cutting edge going forward, have struggled at the back and they have little depth. Canada on the other hand 20 players all of the exact same skill level with the exception of maybe Tavis and Jarvis. They work hard and as unit. I can't see them conceding more than a goal. So that begs the question do I think Canada can score more than one? I do. 3-1 Canada. 

Last Night's Games

France 6  - Italy 1
About what I expected. France really just dominated this game in all areas. They are just a much more skilled and organized team.  France seems to be a team that is flying under the radar a little so I will get this out there now. If Poland some how lose tonight (I really really doubt it) France will be the team to beat. They clearly have the best midfield in tournament and have very solid goalkeeping. Just watch.

ES 3 - Greece 2
Well its only been a week but Greece's tournament is all but over. El Salvador were definitely the better side from what I saw. Greece had to know it was always going to be tough after losing to Norway and can blame no one but themselves.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tonights Games

6:30 PM 
Youth Boys PK vs Germany

7:30 PM
Womens Ukraine vs Italy
Ukraine look to improve on a narrow 3-2 win and show that they have the firepower to compete with Germany who thus far look like the female version of Team Poland. I expect them to do so and hope Chelsey Dorosh chips in with about 6 goals. Selfish.

France vs Italy
Italy is a Cinderella story in the making having beat Riggs' El Salvador team. I would expect that story to end tonight as I see France putting them in their place. 5-2 as I could use Tristan to concede a few and Italy has shown a knack for scoring goals.

Greece vs El Salvador
 A lot of talk about both these teams leading up to the tournament and let here we sit 1 week in and they are both on the brink of elimination. Whoever loses tonight can pack it in for another year but I don't think that will happen. I will take a hard fought 3-3 draw. Get down to watch this one for sure.

Best of the Day - Wednesday

Here is my first Best of the Day. Enjoy

Game:Jamaica vs N. Ireland. Although all the games I saw were pretty good this one was far and away the best. It had everything you could ask for. An underdog getting a result, a gazillion missed opportunities, and several lead changes. Jamaica really dominated the play but N. Ireland managed to finish their "chances". Very entertaining.

Team: Northern Ireland. Not sure if they actually had a particular strategy other than to throw their bodies in front of everything. Must be a couple ball marks on players bodies today. I salute the bravery.

Player: Garrett Peters (Jamaica) - Scored to fantastic headers to put Jamaica in a position to win that game. Not his fault that no one besides Troy, Kevin decided to do anything out there.

Goal: Garrett Peters (Jamaica) - Both his headers were beauties. Crossed in hard he rose, met them well and managed to keep them down. Came a crucial time for Jamaica so that makes them that much more impressive.

Save: Germany U18 Boys Keeper - Made a great save on a sizzling free kick. Not only did he save but managed to palm it over the net instead of pushing it back into trouble. Very De Gea-esque.

Gaffe: Their were so many that I don't know where to begin. I guess the worst was Flavio allowing a free kick in from the opposing teams half to lose that game.  Just completely misjudged it.

Then there is Jamaica. Where to start umm..... unnecessary balls in the air. Overrunning their target man constantly. Their shooting in general. The worst had to have been their goal keeping though. On the last goal the keeper decided to leave his net to go in search of a ball he was never going to get too. Ended up costing Jamaica the game.

Use of Handbags: Two players in the U18 Division decided to get out their handbags and partake in a dainty little pushing match which ultimately ended in the Ukraine player, rather idiotically, kicking the German player for all to see. Take it from someone who has done a lot of stupid things in their time. You look foolish.

Peeve: There is no way Colombia should have had a goal called back. No one I spoke with could give me a reason why and I don't think anyone I talk to will ever be able too. That was a potential game changer.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tonights Results:

Youth Boys  - Canada 5 - 2 Scotland
U 18 Boys - Germany 2 - 1 Ukraine
Mens - Jamaica 4 - 4 N. Ireland
Mens - Loas 3 - 1 Colombia

Last Night Scores

Women: Germany 6 - Ireland 1

Mens: Somalia 2 - Scotland 6
          Nigeria 13 - Vietnam 0

Schedule Update Youth Girls

There will be U-11 Girls games on the 14th, 15th and 21st at NOON. Japan will take on Canada in all three matches.

What Was Supposed To Be 20 Random Thoughts So Far

Alright mid week, time to clean up some blog related and WCP soccer issues. Remember this is my opinion and I am open to hearing other suggestions. I will start with the blog related stuff and move into the soccer.

1. There has been some debate on multicultural component vs the soccer component of this tournament. Right now I would say the tournament is 80% about soccer and only 20% about multiculturalism. If you honestly wanted teams to have 75% heritage players I bet you would lose half the teams.

2. I am 100% for bringing players from out of town. It raises the level of soccer and has helped in making this tournament as big as it is. There are already some really bad teams, imagine how poor the quality of soccer would be if we got rid of all out of town players.

3. That being said I do have a problem with teams who bring in out of town players and then don't make the heritage requirements. That doesn't seem fair. 

4. I endorse trash talking people on this blog to a certain extent. It's entertaining and I think most people get that it is either a joke or someone who is just an idiot looking for attention. Trash talking cultures on the other hand is by no means acceptable. I don't think any comment on here have been too bad so far but if you find one point it out and I will remove it asap.

5. The reason I originally started this blog was to focus on the soccer side of things so lets get to that!

6. Part of focusing on the soccer side of things is giving credit to teams that play well. On the other side of that I think that part of reporting what happened is being critical of teams and their poor performances. If you want to play in front of paying fans I think its fair that they and the people who cover the tournament have the right to criticize.

7. To be clear I am talking about Vietnam, South Korea, Hungary, Somalia etc. These teams haven't been up to par and I hope they can get their acts together.

8. So how do we raise the level of competition? Allow less teams? Or maybe we could bring in MORE out of town players (not going to be a popular idea)? Or some sort of relegation tournament?

9. Or how bout this idea..... reduce the rosters to17 players which would a) Still leave you with 2 full lineups and a keeper. b) Free up 6 players from every team. Which is 144 players, the equivalent to 8.5 teams. c) Allow the bottom 6 players on the rosters to form more competitive team and gain more playing time. d) Would really push heritage requirements. e) Really make you reconsider putting out of town players on your roster if they are not going to be there every game. I know I am a genius eh?

10. From what I have seen so far the top teams would be 1) Poland. Followed by in no particular order, France, ROI, Laos, Sudan and Nigeria. Though I am not completely on the Nigeria band wagon yet.

11. People are saying that Poland may be in a bit of trouble because it doesn't sound like Brett Levis will be attending many games. However, I would expect that the Sembaluk's, obviously more Devin than his sub Dustin, to really step up and take the goal scoring reigns.

12. I don't know where I sit on Jamaica right now. They beat Colombia but what does that mean? They also lost to Hungary in exhibition... I think tonight's game against N. Ireland will be tighter than people imagine and that group could come down to goal differential.

13. Norway is another team I am having trouble drawing an opinion on. Yeah they beat Greece but so what? I would be real happy to get drawn against them in the quarters still. (I know we can't)

14. Coming out of their groups right now I have A) ROI, Sudan  B) Laos, Canada  C) Poland, Nigeria  D)France, Norway

15. On the Women's side.... When was the last time there was an upset? I think we are talking year's ago. I feel like, even with my limited knowledge of the players, every game is a foregone conclusion.

16. In saying that, it looks like a 2 horse race again. However, I think Germany has looked the better team this year from what I have seen. It's not going to be a push over for Ukraine this year.

17. Anybody else go for the music being a little quieter at the facility? I am trying to discuss the game at half time!

18. Will end off with some really humorous stuff I have seen so far. Starting with a player kicking a ball out the same sideline he was taking the kick in from. It was on the ground and only went 10 yards yikes.

19. I get putting 2 guys on the ball for a free kick that makes sense. But is it really necessary when the freekick is just outside your own 18 yard box? Yikes.

20. The setting up of walls has been something teams have struggled with the whole tournament. But if you are in a wall, even a poor one, you have to face the ball, you can't turn your back.

21. Funniest thing I have seen so far and I know I shouldn't laugh but we saw a guy try to jump up onto the back of the bleachers catch his feet and end up sprawled across them. He was fine so I think it's alright to laugh.

Bonus Point. Best/ Most Unpredictable anthem of the year this year is Somalia. Awesome beat and ends abruptly. Loved it.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Day 4 Results

Just one note from these games and I hate to be overly critical but Vietnam need to step up their game. A 6-1 loss to Hungary is a bad result. This could get ugly.

Day 4: April 2, 2012
Game Number

Goal Scorers
6:30 PM
Frei, Levi - 1,
Hodel, Taylor - 2

Fida, Shahsaib - 1, Probe, Jake - 1
Salim, Areeb - 1

7:30 PM
Pyne, April - 1

Lupastin, Whitney - 1, 
Taylor, Kaity - 1

8:30 PM
U18 Boys
Amaya, David -1, Kraft, Jordan - 1, 
Dyck, Ben -1, Novak, Braden -1, 
Ursulan, Jared -2

Hubick, Bryce -1 , 
Lefebvre, Kyle -1, Pelly, Tyler -1, 
Stoik, Taylor-1

9:30 PM


Team Of The Weekend

Decided to give out some credit for some top performances this weekend with my first edition of team of the weekend.

GK: Jonah Gardikiotis (ROI) - Was in very tough against Sudan and was forced to deal with a lot of crosses. Made 2 huge saves at the end of the game to seal the victory for ROI.

Defender:  Jarvis H (Canada) - Scored 2 goals for Canada in a lopsided game. Jarvis was solid as ever though.

Defender: Dan (Jamaica) - All I know about him is he is one of the white guys on Jamaica. Scoring 2 goals is always impressive. Scoring 2 goals while playing on Jamaica is nearly impossible. Congrats!

Midfield: Johnny Aceto (Italy) - From the underdog team of the weekend comes an underdog player. Another 2 goal scorer managed to snag 2 incredibly important goals and put ES on the brink of elimination.

Midfield: Dwayne Gareau (ROI) - May not show up on the stat sheet but he gets the job done. Won a lot of headers and a lot of tackles especially in the Sudan game.

Midfield: Megan Cormier (Germany) - Don't know if I have ever really seen her play before but she bossed the midfield and Germany strolled to an easy win. It was impressive.

Midfield: Steve Irinici (Laos) - Worked tirelessly in the midfield and was rewarded with 2 goals. Set up 1 or 2 as well. Always looked dangerous with the ball at his feet and going forward.

Striker: Andrew Zerr (Germany) -  Pretty much had to go in alone up front for Germany and yet managed a hat trick. Came up big when it looked as though Germany could falter when they had 7 or so players not show up.

Striker: Leon Derks (France) - Leon is always tough to deal with and Sunday was no exception. Scored 2 nice goals and allowed France to win easily. Put in a lot of work as well.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Fantasy Update

There was a lot of soccer this weekend so time for an update on where we stand fantasy wise. Notice the leading point getter.

Weekend Scores

Day 1: March 30

Women: Ukraine 3 vs. Netherlands 2
Youth Girls: Canada 5 vs. El Salvador 0
Youth Boys: Germany 7 vs. El Salvador 0
Men: Ireland 3 vs. Sudan 2

Day 2: March 31, 2012

12:00 PM Girls
Home Brazil 8 Astick, Aimee -1, Bacala, Alex - 1, Dorias, Melissa - 2, Fisher, Chantal - 1, Molnar, Ella - 1, Selinger, Kristen - 1,
Stricker, Mackenzie - 1
Away England 2 Hendren, Talyor - 2

1:00 PM 6 Boys
Home El Salvador 1 Santamaria, Rodrigo – 1
Away Canada 7 Findura, Scott - 1, Kroczynski, Andrew - 1, Leon, Victor - 2, Muchynsky, Ben - 1, O'Conner, Rylan - 1, Scott, Matt - 1

2:00 PM U18 Boys
Home Canada 4 Burko, Nick - 1, Ntignee, Peter - 4
Away Germany 5 Lefebvre, Kyle - 1, Ochoa-Pryce, Rotmello - 1, Olbrich, Riley - 2, Stoik, Taylor - 1

3:00 PM 8 Women
Home England 6 Bolen, Oliva - 1, Brock, Caitlin - 1, Dartige, Deanna - 1, Firth, Tayler -1, McCullough, Adriana -1, Vorrieter, Karlee - 1
Away Ireland 1 Letwiniuk, Katrina – 1

4:00 PM Women
Home Netherlands 1 Segall, Kristina
Away Poland 2 Evans, Cassandra - 1, Graham, Georgia- 1

5:00 PM 10 Men
Home El Salvador 3 Bravo, Anibal - 2, Santamaria, Alvaro - 1
Away Italy 4 Aceto, Johnny - 2, Santangelo, Mike - 1, Thompson, Brandon - 1

6:00 PM Men
Home Northern Ireland 1 Schaffer, Ryan - 1
Away Canada 8 Galan, Steve - 1, Huyghebaert, Jarvis - 2, Kupiec, Jason - 1, Labatt, Ian - 3, Wolfmueller, Ben - 1

7:00 PM Men
Home Sudan 7 Ajome, Remo-1, Anaga, Dennis-2, Dominic, Gabriel - 2, Kargbo, Thome - 1, Malek, Freddy - 1, Turay, Salif - 1
Away Botswana 2 Barrie, Mactaru - 1, Rahube, Teddie - 1

8:00 PM Men
Home Poland 2 Sarrazin, Chris - 1, Tomchuk, Jay - 1
Away Nigeria 2 Ntignee, Wilson- 1, Sserunjogi, Allan - 1

9:00 PM Men
Home Norway 1 Haynes, Sean - 1
Away Greece 0

10:00 PM Men
Home  Laos 6 Ailsby, Adam - 1, Anthony, Chad- 1, Irinici, Steve - 2, Neufield, Jaycess -1, Tan, Nigel – 1
Away Afghanistan 2 Faarahani, Jordian - 2

Day 3:  April 1, 2012

 12:00 16 GIRLS
BRAZIL 3 Langen, Sydney - 1, Madey, Jillian - 1, Tochor, Kristen - 1
Germany 0

1:00 PM Boys
Home Pakistan 5 Gonzalez, Marcello - 2, Probe,
Jake - 1, Salim, Areeb - 1, Steadman, Noah - 1
Away Canada 2 Hetterley, Mark - 1, O'Conner, Rylan - 1

2:00 PM U18 Boys
Home Ukraine 1 Ghori, Mustafa - 1
Away Canada 5 Forgie, Ethan - 1, Ntigne, Peter - 3, Sutter, Rhys- 1

3:00 PM Women
Home Italy 0
Away El Salvador 2 Boesch, Veronica - 2

4:00 PM Women's
Home Germany 9 Baecker, Astrid - 1, Cormier, Meagan - 2, Kapila, Darla - 1, Mayer, Tarina - 2, Meyer, Jessica - 1,
Trost, Kailee - 2
Away Canada 1 Weir, Danielle - 1

5:00 PM Men
Home Scotland 2 Al Yami, Steve - 1; Miller, Rob 1
Away Serbia 2 Andrews, Phillip - 1, Hardi, Darko - 1

6:00 PM Men
Home Ireland 11 Collins, Mike - 4, Gillott,
Matthew - 1, Gillott, Stew - 1, Kapila, Shaan - 1, Mooney, Lee 1, Reis, Natha-3
Away Somalia 2 Diriye, Dire -1, Noor, Musa – 1

7:00 PM Men
Home Portugal 1   Kumassah, Etorli - 1
Away Germany 4   Haid, Taylor - 1, Patterson, Josh - 1, Zerr, Andrew -3

8:00 PM Men
Home France 7 Derks, Leon - 2, Edmondson, Rory -
1, Marchinko, Daniel - 1, Meloche, Regan - 1, Murphy, Kevin - 1,
Scollan, Paul - 1
Away South Korea 0

9:00 PM Men
Home Colombia 2   Anderson, Les - 1,
Gokdemir, Benjamin - 1
Away Jamaica 4   Cato, Dan - 2, Holness, Kevin - 1,
Lynch, Kris - 1

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Top 5 things worth mentioning so far..

Alright, first off Mike has been incredibly busy and has asked me to write a blog. This is my first one so I'm gonna keep it short and sweet.  - David Brown

1) Afghan Vs. Loas - Afghan had a lot of hype they had built up about themselves and they came up way short of that after being crushed by Loas. Loas looked solid and are definitely a contender for the title again.

2) Italy Vs. ES - Who predicted this result? Did Italy play good? or ES just not that strong? ES lost two key players for them but they still have a pretty strong squad.This result if the biggest upset of the tournament so far, but i doubt its the last upset we will see.

3) Canada - Canada looked great in there win Vs. N. Ireland. They looked solid but not spectacular. I didn't see this game but with an 8-2 scoreline i am hoping Tavis scored 8 as i did pick him in my WCP draft!

4) ROI Vs. Sudan - A very exciting game, high paced, and great atmosphere. Ryan may have scored the goal of the tourney in the first game with his game winning volley. Sudan will be a tough team to beat for anybody that comes up against them.

5) Poland Vs. Nigeria - Don't let the score line fool you! Poland are still the best team in the WCP and i still have them picked as my favourites to win the whole thing. This game was just a little speed bump in the road to their title!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sudan vs ROI

Let me start by saying sorry about the lack of other previews. I have been stuck setting up for WCP so I haven't had time. I know that makes me look like a real homer but I will work hard on getting some up today.

Til then here is my quick review of the Men's game last night. Sorry its the only one I saw.

1. I had no idea what to expect going into that game but I did not expect that. Sudan is fast strong and I had no idea they would play so direct. Nobody wants to play that team.

2. That Sudan player should have been sent off in that game for leading with his head super late. It was reckless. I know they want it to be physical but its gotten a little out of control. Guys are getting hurt. Brett Bachelu tore his ACL last year on a bad tackle and Andrew ended up looking like this. Time to protect the players!

3. Some bad mistakes early for Sudan which cost them the game. Hitting the roof is like giving up a goal. You just can't do it. Especially when you have a clinical Beckam-esque free kick taker like myself on.

4. Ryan Mac's volley was the deserving game winner. A rocket to the top right corner might not get beat as the goal of the tournament. Fantastic.

5. ROI were on their heels for a lot of the game and really had to be. There in nothing you can really do about that aerial bombardment. If you block their back from knocking the long ball it hits you, goes out of bounds and they end up launching it in from a kick in instead. No win.

6. I was impressed by what Sudan did. They knew they had height and how to use it. It is an extremely effective game plan. They have some great players on their team that's for sure. Just didn't produce the results last night.

7.How bout when Hans did give out that red and then had to rescind it. Haha got a little ahead of himself there.

8. Have to give a shout out to my boy Jonah for having a solid outing in net. He is not the biggest keeper there is but he did great in the air especially given the amount of bodies that were in that box.

WCP Cup Fantasy Draft

Kirk came up with the idea of have a fantasy league for WCP so a couple of us got together and thought we'd give it a try. For those of you who are unfamiliar with fantasy sports. Here is a brief run down.

A fantasy sport is a game where the people playing act as owners to build a team to compete against one another based on the statistics of the real players or teams involved in the actual sport. These points are accumulated through a roster of players selected by the owner of each team the process in which the players are selected is called a fantasy draft.

Here is a brief overview of the rules we are using:
9 spots per roster:  5 Mens players
                             1 Team Defense
                             1 Keeper
                             1 Womens Player
                             1 Injury Sub

Points System:
Each goal - 1 point
Keeper Shutout - 3 points
A win for the keeper - 2 points      Tie - 1 point
Defense starts with 5 points and has a point deducted for every goal allowed
Womens Goals - 3 points
Keeper Goal - 10 points
Yellow Card - 2 points
Red Card - Deduct 10 points
Penalty Shot Miss (includes shootout) - Deduct 2 points
Penalty Shot Goal (includes shootout) - 1 point
Penalty Shot Save (includes shootout) - 2 points

Alright now that there is context to our draft here's how it unfolded. Players are listed in the order they were picked. (ie. First player on every team was that teams 1st pick, 2nd player was 2nd pick etc.)

Boom it's on!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Discount Tickets Available At Facility Tonight 7:30 - 9:00

Tickets will be available at their discounted price tonight ($85), Thursday March 29th from 7:30-9:00 pm, at the facility. Make the most of this opportunity so that I don't have to listen to you all whine about prices!

Chico's Reps Leak New Ad

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WCP Tickets Now On Sale!

2012 Mens - Group A

David Brown and I are going to preview all the groups over the next few days starting obviously with Group A. Here it goes.

Group A appears to be the easiest group to pick. After ROI and Sudan there is a major drop off. I may be the greatest ever at drawing my pool because we seem to end up with the easiest pools ever every year. Should be a walk through for the top 2.

Having won the tournament multiple times ROI will look to continue their success. A lot of turnover on their roster, ROI have brought in some new names and faces but will likely make a strong push for the final.

ROI are probably the deepest team in the tournament. Most of their backups would be starters on any other team. They have a lot of very skilled players and a sound keeper. Physically they are one of larger teams as well and won't be afraid to getting into a pushing match.

This is not the powerhouse ROI team of last year. They have lost a lot of firepower from last year especially up front. It remains to be seen where their goals will come from. With so much turnover you can expect a bit of a learning curve.

What David Thinks:
ROI will make it through the group with ease. Although losing Brett and Tomchuk to Poland and myself to injury there are other guys on the roster that score goals. What separates ROI from any other team in WCP is the depth of the squad. I do not see ROI getting tested to much in this group.

Projected Finish Within Pool:
Mike - 1st
David - 1st

Sudan was the Cinderella story of last year's tournament. No one knew anything about them but they quickly became a fan favorite playing Laos closely and beating El Salvador. Had it not been for a loss against Colombia (nailed that spelling) they would have made it to the knock out stage. 

This is one of the most physically gifted teams in the tournament. Extremely athletic, they rely on speed and the ability to seemingly score rippers from anywhere on the pitch. They have shown that they have a deadly counter attack as we all learned in watching them play ES last year.

I think anyone could answer this one: Goalkeeping. It was horrendous at best. Some really poor goals allowed especially the one against Colombia. They also are slightly reliant on several key players (Tong Tong). Not sure if that will be the case this year.

What David Thinks:
Last year I unfortunately didn't get to watch a Sudan game. From what I've heard they are fast, strong and exciting to watch. I think they will be the toughest opponent that ROI face but don't see them upsetting last years champs.

Projected Finish Within Pool
Mike - 2nd
David - 2nd

Botswana are another favorite among the fans. They play with the enjoyment and enthusiasm that the game is meant to be played with. They also seem to improve every year I would expect that to continue.

This is a hard working team. They pressure all over the field and that can result in turnovers as it did in their recent exhibition game against Jamaica. They are a sound tackling team who can win games if they can bury their chances.

That being said they don't always finish their chances which is heartbreaking for Botswana fans. Pressuring full field can leave their team a little exposed at the back and that leads to goals. Sometimes they get running around and seem a little bit out of control.

What David Thinks:
Another team I do not know too much about. I think I played against them 2 years ago in round robin. They seem to lack technique and organization. But there strengths are they don't let you have too much time on the ball and are definitely not afraid to throw in some tough tackles.

Projected Finish Within Pool
Mike - 4th
David - 4th

This is a team I literally know nothing about except for one persons scouting report so I will run off that.

I heard them described as a "less skilled Sudan" so if they have 1/5th of the athleticism of Sudan they should be alright.

Being described as a less skilled Sudan is hardly a compliment. I wouldn't say Sudan is exactly known for their ball skills so they could be a bit all over the place. New teams tend to have trouble getting accustomed to this tournament. I would expect some struggles.

What David Thinks:
Ive heard nothing about this team at all. Therefore, 6th place.

Projected Finish Within Pool
Mike - 6th
David - 6th

Scotland have become the perennial whipping boys of this tournament. I think their closest game might have been about 10-0 last year. Frankly, I am surprised they are still around. Sorry.

Youth. This team has gotten much much younger and though I don't expect to see huge strides this year it bodes well for their future. At least they are making strides at heading in the right direction.

Sorry to be blunt here but being Scotland. Until I see major improvements all over the park I am not going to single out one particular weakness.

What David Thinks:
Scotland have WCP experience, that is why I have placed them above Somalia. They seem young and always keen to improve there squad but so far haven't proved too much.

Projected Finish Within Pool
Mike - 5th
David - 5th

I think the thing people deem most note worthy about Serbia is the rumor they will bring in players from Winnipeg every year and they their failure to do so. They are usually a middle of the pack team and I don't expect that too change.

Serbia really does have a couple nice players especially in the middle of the park. That alone will be enough to get them by half the teams in this pool. They will be able to score some goals. They also should have solid goal keeping which is a big help.

Defensively they are not as solid as they need to be. They are an aging squad and much of that age lies in their back line. They don't have much depth after their top guys either and will tire out as the games go on.

What David Thinks:
Serbia have a couple of good players that score goals and run the middle of the park for them. There weakness last year was goalkeeping and there defense. I don't think Serbia can cope with the attack of ROI or Sudan but I don't expect them to lose to anyone else in the group.

Projected Finish Within Pool
Mike - 3rd
David - 3rd

Pool Projections
Mike -

David -

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Q & A with Kevin Holness/Chico Commercial

Kevin has graciously offered to take some time out of his incredibly busy schedule to answer a few questions I submit. Instead of me just sending in questions I thought I would attempt to let the readers submit questions and from there I will pick a few to send to Kev. Deadline will be tomorrow sometime so lets have at it. NOT ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED!

Also Julio has recently directed me towards a commercial released by Chico's media team so I thought I would share.