Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chico's Reps Leak New Ad


Anonymous said...

WOW WOW WOW! I want some Chicolicious!!! BAHA Bart wears it?! haha I thought the first one was good, this one is a masterpiece!

Anonymous said...

How did Soho score such sick deals for Chico!? EPIC ad!
Maybe there should be a poll: What's better: Chicolicious or I am CHICO.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew who the God of War was as I bet he wears Chicolicious too!
Who's creating these videos?

Anonymous said...

Someone should talk to Kevin about having a jumbotron airing all the Chico commercials before and during Afghan games!
I think the video had a solid cast, would have liked to seen a few more additions to it tho! Maybe the Bravo brothers as those guys are lame!

Anonymous said...

Any friendly games going on tonight?

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I think because this video is that gay DG and Nate would have fit in just right!

Anonymous said...

Riggs wears it!

Polish Playboy said...

I don't find this that amusing and Chico your lawyers shouldn't either. I DO NOT endorse Chicolicious.....In fact I was thinking of opening a "Royalty" brand for me and Jay.

Breaking Julio news!! (this took some research and pestering insiders)...
Julio has been trying to break my confidence by implying that there can be another Super Stripper at the WCP....Like really you HONESTLY believe Anibal can come close to my talent? I've been stripping for years and have much more experience....My speedo's will torpedo any of his routines out of the water.
My condolences go out to you Julio, I heard about the screening for Jersey Shore, and how you got caught doing elicit and un-blogerpropriate things with Pauly D in his trailer. Good news is that although Pauly's agent got a restraining order on your as*, Pauly found a loophole in the law. He will be performing at the Prarieland park April 16th, and he has put out a call for back up dancers, word is he will be doing an irish theme gig so you're stepovers can be put to good use. There is also an option of you standing on a diving platform above Pauly and diving repeatedly into a pool right in front of the Jersey shore sensation. Diving is another one of your specialties I hear so you have the choice.
Oh Riggs you're invited to Pauly's after party, at Diva's in Saskatoon...To get there you go north on C....wait you know how to get there all too well. I heard you regularly closed down that d-floor in your day. Word is you might have met mr(s.?) Riggs there.
Oh and it looks like the wall this year has to stand a yard further back...There'll be NO stopping you good sir !! I hope someone drafted Riggs in this so called WCP draft!

Speaking of draft, where's the update on that??

Soheil Summers said...

Its official. Chico is out for the laos game. I just got off the phone with the doctor and he said he has a torn quad.

I dont know what were going to do without the mighty chico coming to our aid ;)

Rumour has spread in the afghan locker room that every player will wear chicolicious underwear for warm ups and then toss them to the fans as souvenirs before the game starts but I can't be too certain on that, don't quote me on it.

One player I am excited for this tournament is Diya Ramadan. He has been training strenuously for the tournament using my highly advanced training methods that are now being discovered by coerver and others. Look for him to fill the void left by chico at laos game.


Anonymous said...

Tonight's Breaking News comes on the brink of a rival station announcing a sequel to their epic masterpiece... yes Ronald Joseph Burgandy will indeed be back on air.

1. Associate reporter Sean Riggs interviewed perennial favorite for the golden boot, Jay Tomchuk. Riggs got down to the nitty gritty and learnt that Jay primarily made the move to Poland as he is a huge fan of pre-game dances. After viewing Bart's monster role in Chico's new ad, Jay knew he had made the perfect decision. Hot off winning the Saskatoon Indoor scoring title, watch for Jay to break David Brown's all-time mark if Bart can be as scandalous as reports have claimed him to be.

2. Speculation to whom the God of War is keep swirling. TSN insider Dufus recently published a text that reveals that Juio's last name is Diaz. Posts also indicate that the God of War is a Greece fan... that has now narrowed the suspects to a few culprits.
A. A 7 year old girl who learnt to use the computer for the first time, and cried after someone made a smirk remark about her.
B. Flava Flavs Bravo, Greece's new addition between the pipes.
C. The ever not so talented Greek God of videos. It is rumored that he changed his name when he realized how much he sucked at his craft and he thought he'd pick up a new hobby... to say the least, he should have stuck to making shitty vids.

3. Flava Flavs, Greece's wonder goalie in net... has left me wondering how many goals he'll let in per game. Speculations are swirling as the young goaltender has been gifted with gloves made by Vulcan, that it's be rumored that Flavs has prayed the Greek Goddess Hera, Mother of the Gods, and she has granted him the mythical cloak of Heracles (Hercules) as his goalkeeper kit. If one was shaking in their boots about facing off against Greece before, be really afraid as the gods are truly on their side.

4. Jordian, better known as Chico, has now become big in Japan. After launching his second blockbuster commercial in less than a week, Chico has began to cement his position as a soccer icon in Japan. Chico hopes to one day expand his underwear line to something less fierce, but for now he is happy. When associate reporter Sean Riggs caught up to Chico this is what he had to say; "Chicolicious is a brand that makes me say Rawwr when I put my underwear on. I like to be fierce off and on the field, and I think this new line of Chicolicious underwear will be something I can see myself wearing as a sun bathe at the top of the pyramid of Chico which is under construction." When asked what fans should look out for when he steps on to the pitch this tournament, Chico simply stated; "I am Chico", fist pumped and walked away.

That's the news on the eve of the tournament. Sleep well, have your wheaties in the morning and prepare yourself for the fireworks. Stay clueless Regina.

Anonymous said...

Bart, I think you've been misinformed.
I was informed by associate reporter Riggs of the addition of Anibal Bravo to the strip off. I was actually surprised as I thought that the Polish Playboi knew how to keep his stomping grounds safe from the competition.

I infact endorsed your scandalous abilities as a stripper and have you as a favorite entering the contest. I was just worried about your participation after the aforementioned incidents you had earlier this week. I am glad to hear that your training in the parking lot using the light poles to better your craft. I hope the fog machine and strobe light come in handy in your new routine, as I fear that Anibal is not enough competition for a seasoned stripper like yourself.

I did speak to Jay about your royalty brand. He, for the moment, fears that the Chicolicious brand is gaining too much steam that he would like to hold off any plans for the Royalty brand till early 2014. On the Chico front, Soheil; will Chico be signing these underwear before the match? I know Bart and his boys want a fresh pair as keep sakes.


Anonymous said...

He's horrible!

Riggs said...

Hahahahaha Bartosz, well done my friend!

First of all congrats on your first big commercial, you will be able to buy excessive amounts of speedos with your paycheque. Maybe even a pair with Polish playboi bedazzled on the back.

You did some research, I'm impressed, Divas was a great place to go back in the day, partied there til 4 am quite a few times. Gay clubs are pretty sick, gay guys always have sexy girlfriends, but guess I don't have to tell you that. Since you have several from your pole dancing class. I actually met both mr and mrs Riggs there, but now that I have my Chicolicious briefs I'm fierce, on the prowl and searching for the next available special someone. I can't wait for that afterparty, I was hoping to get tickets. yeeeeah buddy! As for your past, can't really say much as I honestly don't even know who you are. Does anybody? But look forward to meeting you and checking out your special abilities.

As for freekicks don't know if I'll be much of a threat. We have this guy on our team who was Canada West MVP last year named Jerson who largely received the honour from ripping in free kicks from all over the pitch. Some would even call him the Mexican Collins. Don't know if I'll get the ball out of his hands to take many. And God of War, I KNOW Can West MVP isn't a big deal because Jerson isn't a pro, I get it, oh and Alvi has poopy brown panties! Is that all? Okay that should save you from embarassing yourself with another post. Oh wait and Kapila won't be a pro. k got it? Good!

Oh and GOW if you do write another one for us, Take a look at Bart's, it's very well written, informative, covers many subjects and mainly made people laugh!

Anonymous said...

Game day boys!

I like the commercial but "I am Chico" Nike commercial was better if I had to vote.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the center tonight.