Friday, 2 March 2012

New Segment - Guest Blogging

Though I rarely tire of hearing my own thoughts I am sure many of you have. So in order get some new views on this blog I have decided to create a new segment. Every few days I will invite a guest writer to suggest an idea and then will both write on the subject. Hopefully this will keep things fresh. Send me a message if you want to be a guest writer. Tomorrow's guest writer will be the Top WCP Cup scorer of all time David Brown!



Anonymous said...

You mean David Brown aka Douche Bag aka NOT A TEAM PLAYER. What a bad topic to talk about Mike. He's not worth it. Plus, why do we have to talk about a guy that's not even playing in this tournament this year.

Mike Collins said...

Dave is only the guest writer. Not the subject of the writing.

Anonymous said...

How could u, he's an arsenal fan

Anonymous said...

I find it funny that you posted on two sites about how you hate David, yet on both sites you forgot to brings your balls with you and post with a name.

Brown is on my team and we split playing time, and I had a grand old time being on his team... and you may say I'm a selfish dbag... so how do two selfish, arrogant, d bags get along... hmmmm that's quite the question.

You sound more like your crying like a little girl more than insulting any one to be honest.


Anonymous said...

What are u talking about? Who are u accusing? Mike? I'm confused