Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Team Preview El Salvador - Sean Riggs

Best win? Worst loss? For your team in history of the tournament.
Best Win -Like Kapila it was my first year with ES last year. Obviously our best win was France. It was a heavyweight battle where we went toe to toe. Unfortunately with a minute left they made 2 errors in 10 seconds: First they booted the ball into the ceiling giving us a 14 yard direct kick. Secondly, they set up an 8 man wall covering the entire net. A smart move in theory bu Tristan couldn't even see the ball and we just had to hit the net.

Worst loss -Sudan was a crazy game. I can't remember what the score was, but we were winning and they scored and we weren't too concerned. Then they scored again and again and again..... That's what happens if you take a team lightly, leave them in a game and they get momentum. The atmosphere was great that night as obviously 98% of the crowd wanted the upset.

Tranfers. Who's in? Who's out?
In- Scott Mailk, Carson MacDonald, Dallas Stern

Out - Nobody significant, just Julio and Chico
Who is your most important player?
This may seem surprising to some but I would say Will Torres. He's a great leader who leads by outworking every player on the pitch. He lives, breathes, eats, sleeps, bleeds El Salvador and his passion and hard work rub off on everybody. We may not have the best team, but try to come in and outwork us.

What are you team's strengths?
Great intensity, strong defensively, plus some speed and a few talented attackers. The main thing we have is that we don't really have any "stars" out there. We are a true team and fight hard to win.

If you could have one player from any other team who would it be? Why?
This guy is one of the top players I've played with but doesn't get the credit he deserves: Ryan Mcallister. There may be better skilled guys out there, or flashier guys, but the guy leads by example and is a natural born winner.

Realistically where do you expect to finish?
I think with ROI somewhat diminished this is the year that a few teams could sweep through and take it. Do I think we're a favorite to win? I wouldn't go that far. But I do think that we have a chance to win. If we work hard and get the bounces who knows? I would be disappointed if we don't make it to the semis.

Who would you like to see win besides your team?
I root for the underdog, so anyone but ROI or Laos I guess. Honestly I don't really care, just like going down and seeing everyone and the atmosphere is great!

My take: First and foremost , it pained me to type up the that first paragraph of Riggs talking talking about his own freekick. Hopefully me acknowledging it is all the credit he needs. Now on the team, I heard a rumor that ES was could be in trouble this year because they are having trouble getting the numbers needed. This could be complete hearsay but I am throwing it out there. Anyway, if ES fields the team I believe they will I feel like they will make another solid run. They have a lot of skilled players: Ronny, Rolfe, Jerson, etc. and are always extremely well organized and tough to break down. They are in a tough pool though and it could be a bumpy road but I still expect them to make playoffs.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Collins, that's exactly what I needed! Haha I don't remember stating it was my kick, but whatever. Guess I should have talked about all the other goals in the match?? It was bitter sweet, as I had to take off to kelowna to coach and missed the roi match. Oh well, hopefully we see you guys this year. Win or lose it's fun playing a good game against a good team in front of a few hundred people.

Anonymous said...

ES will be fine they have a core of guys coming back un like the sale outs who left a team which is always considered a contender

Anonymous said...

I have some news to report from the El Salvador camp:

1. After taking on and defeating all comers at the pants off dance off at the Barnstone Tournament in Saskatoon Anibal Bravo has issued an open challenge to any and all wcp players throughout the tournament. Upon hearing the news Bart has quit his job and hired the full time services of his thursday night strippersize instructor from the YMCA. Other than a few quick breaks to cruise through the mall searching for the perfect outfits and accessories, Bart is in it to win it, this will be a battle for the ages and should eclipse any onfield battles.

2. Keeping with the Bravos, Flavor Flavs has also left the team to backstop Greece. With the move he is hoping that the Greek God of Vids can help land him a movie role and an adidas deal to go head to head with the "I am Chico/Chicolicious" campaign. All 3 defecting es players are making waves throughout the tournament.

3. In a related note ES is now looking for someone to warm up their goalkeeper. With just days til the first match, this leaves a big whole, so send your resumes into Will if you are interested.

4. Adam Rolfe has been downing protein shakes and hitting the gym to beef up for this year's event in hopes of stepping into Julio's vacated enforcer role. At a whopping 96 pounds he has passed Jerson Barandica Hamilton and is no longer the lightest player on the squad. Congrats Rolfe!

5. The biggest question remains to be answered and only time will tell: Will Coach Alvi Santamaria finally figure out that my name is not Josip?? I thought about breaking it to him last year, but realized that Josip obviously came with a bigger hype, so if he thinks I'm Josip, that means more playing time for me.

Please check out the Chico commercial, we are very proud of our ES Alum. I hope the Laos Chicolicious chants blow the roof off the place on saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Go ES. We love you guys. Viva la raza!