Saturday, 31 March 2012

WCP Cup Fantasy Draft

Kirk came up with the idea of have a fantasy league for WCP so a couple of us got together and thought we'd give it a try. For those of you who are unfamiliar with fantasy sports. Here is a brief run down.

A fantasy sport is a game where the people playing act as owners to build a team to compete against one another based on the statistics of the real players or teams involved in the actual sport. These points are accumulated through a roster of players selected by the owner of each team the process in which the players are selected is called a fantasy draft.

Here is a brief overview of the rules we are using:
9 spots per roster:  5 Mens players
                             1 Team Defense
                             1 Keeper
                             1 Womens Player
                             1 Injury Sub

Points System:
Each goal - 1 point
Keeper Shutout - 3 points
A win for the keeper - 2 points      Tie - 1 point
Defense starts with 5 points and has a point deducted for every goal allowed
Womens Goals - 3 points
Keeper Goal - 10 points
Yellow Card - 2 points
Red Card - Deduct 10 points
Penalty Shot Miss (includes shootout) - Deduct 2 points
Penalty Shot Goal (includes shootout) - 1 point
Penalty Shot Save (includes shootout) - 2 points

Alright now that there is context to our draft here's how it unfolded. Players are listed in the order they were picked. (ie. First player on every team was that teams 1st pick, 2nd player was 2nd pick etc.)

Boom it's on!


Riggs said...

Kirk will win with his first and second pick alone. Hudon will rip in about 20 goalswhich is 60 pts. Brown and mike will fight it out for second.

Anonymous said...

Aleks team is the worse by far!

Anonymous said...

Dont know who should be more upset? Soheil for his top paid player not showing up, or Adam who took him first in fantasy draft. But Patrick Baba decided to play for Olimpia vs Bens Men in the most Rec tournament in Sask (winner gets t shirts), the Just for Kicks tournament, instead of playing for Afghanistan vs Laos.

Must be upset he wasn't in the Chicolicious ad.

Anonymous said...

Who cares he sucks, all he has is speed, just runs out there with his head cut off

Mike Collins said...

Just to clarify Adam originally picked Northey with his 1st pick then found out he wasn't coming so we let him pick again at the end. Haha Baba is not a 1st round talent in my mind.