Thursday, 22 March 2012

15 Quick Random WCP CUP Thoughts.

1. I am still not sure I understand why teams practice or play so many exhibition games leading up to this tournament. I have seen absolutely no correlation between number of practices and success and they often lead to unattainable expectations.

2.One team that is raising their expectations is Nigeria. Nigeria is a team that has been getting a lot of pre tournament hype because of some impressive victories

3. However, I watched Nigeria vs Jamaica last night and it was scrappy to say the least. Jamaica won 4-3 but it probably deserved to end in a tie. Very little defensive shape or overall plan.

4. And I can't reiterate this point enough. If you don't have a reliable keeper you are screwed.

5. On the other side of the spectrum is Poland who continues to try and lower the bar by bombing in exhibition games. We aren't fooled Poland, we know what you're up too.

6. Poland will get another crack at it this Sunday @ 6 pm when they take on team I have set up. I am sure they will be wanting to stick it to me.

7. A lot of talk about who the best players in Regina are and I can't lie I have been shocked by some of the answers. Sometimes I wonder what people see when they are watching?

8. If so and so is such a great player then how they consistently wind up on the losing side of things. It's the same people who win all the trophies and there is a reason for that. They're better.

9. So I have made my own Top10 list in no particular order. There is two criteria I have set out in order to be one of the best players in Regina. YOU HAVE TO BE IN REGINA. And I am not naming keepers because everyone knows who the best keepers are.

10. So in no particular order: Danny Marchinko, Ryan McGavigan, Jarvis (I am not spelling that last name), Adam Rolfe, Kevin Murphy, Mark Wernikowski, Brett Bachelu, Garrett Meier, Lee Mooney, Kevin Holness.

11. Literally put no thought into that, just what came off the top of my head. I assume their will be people you feel I have omitted.

12. I am sure not everyone actually knows the keepers so hear are the Top 5/only Regina ones worth mentioning. Jonah, Tristan, Peto, Evan and Mario.

13. Has anyone else noticed that Greece has become a very quiet team. They are usually on here commenting about their team unity and posting roughly-edited videos. Where did you go Greeks?

14. Which team does everyone have labeled as the surprise team of the tournament? I would have to go with Canada. I could easily see them making it out of their group and beating any team from group D. Semi-final appearance would be great for them.

15. This note is for one idiot. You can continue to write on here that I delete your comments but they are not going to be published if they are racist, abusive, or have cursing in them no matter what language. Keep trying though. #neanderthal


Anonymous said...

"8. If so and so is such a great player then how they consistently wind up on the losing side of things. It's the same people who win all the trophies and there is a reason for that. They're better."

What have any of the 10 you listed won that others have not? Jarvis won nationals, but no one has debated him being in a top 10. What trophies are there in Regina that are so prestigious? Men's Div 2? Tough league hah, and even so only a few of those people were on the cosmos.

Provincials? I'm sure most, if not all, of the players that were mentioned in previous top 10's have won some sort of event or been a part of a higher level of soccer than Regina Men's.

Maybe you're talking about ROI's success? About Kevin with the whitecaps 15 years ago? About Murphy's tryout lies?

Please clarify the mass amounts of honorable trophies these players have won over others. The trophies which put them in that upper echelon, an echelon that losers like tavis shane and boun have never experienced.

Maybe I am overthinking this. I guess you did help readers in revealing you "Literally put no thought into that"

Mike Collins said...

First you can't say that WCP and Provincials and winning D2 mens isn't an accomplishment. If there was something better to play for in Regina they'd play for that but there's not.

What have they won that others haven't? I am not going to go through everyone's resume's here but:

Club National Medals
CIS National Medals
Premiership Caps
Pro Contracts
National Invites
National Caps
Mens Provincial Championships
And between them probably at least 40 Mens city championships.

Hopefully that answers your question. Or do you know a lot of people with a list of those achievements?

Anonymous said...

do you have pele on your best brazil roster for the 2014 world cup? look at his achievements, he must still be top 10 in brazil.

Mike Collins said...

Name your replacements.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that you didn't include Chico in the top 10... Not only is it getting annoying, but all you see is "someone" posting about how "awesome" Chico is... It's weird, as never before has anyone even really mentioned Chico on this blog till this year... that it leads me to believe that either Chico can't stop pumping his own tires and keeps posting, or someone has a huge hard on for Chico... and I highly doubt it's the latter of the two.

If you really need to pump your own tires soo much... then you must'n be that good... get over it.
As for my alleged post endorsing Chico, that was a fake Julio post. I like Chico as a person, pretty fun guy.... but it's getting pretty ridiculous how some of this posts are coming about... if you really wanna show people that your good, stop posting about it and show something on the field.

Simple as that.

DG... Bart was the Polish Prince, but he has now full embraced that Polish Playboi tag alot more...

Anonymous said...

The fees associated with this tournament is a joke. If we have no beer, it's even more of a joke.

I would also like to add, that I see all these RSA employees sitting around on facebook and youtube at the front desk when they could be cleaning up our gross change rooms. It's not sanitary at all and they smell really bad. Like come on. The other day these RSA employees didn't even move the nets or anything.

Why are we paying so much money for these idiots to sit around and do nothing. They also complain when they do work. People pay good money. Get off your asses and do some work.

The whole RSA is a joke and run terribly.

Garanteed more than just myself agree with this. We need new people in and the old people who run this organization OUT.

Anonymous said...

Mike those players you have named arn't very good. Most of them lie about what they have achieved. I also want to note that if they are all so good they would have got somewhere with soccer. I also love how you keep putting up all these ROI players. I could name 10players that are more deserving than the guy aka all your buddies that you keep naming or have sucked up to.

Anonymous said...

How is it possible that people can be so offended by seeing lists of "Top 10 players in Regina" written by others? There is no such thing in any sport, written by anyone, at any level, that is completely an purely objective. Subjectivity is the nature of the game in such discussions. State your opinion and refrain from getting so damn worked up about the opinions of others.


Anonymous said...

Listen up ... this blog is nothing but a joke, along with all the rest of them. People trash talk and talk about nothing related. You have fools like: THE JOKER, JULIO, BRADEN, and other tools who have no sense or no knowledge about anything. They speculate and talk there pure garbage. Get a life. These blogs are far from good. It brings so much negative attention to this tournament and people are starting not to care.

Anonymous said...

Julio when are you going to learn to shut up. Do you get a hard one hearing yourself speak. Your a loser dude.

Anonymous said...

We, The Greek Nation, United together for battle have chosen to stay off the blogs! We are counting down the days to get our opportunity to show Julio and Dufus what it means to be a SPARTAN! Long live HELLAS, and Julio keep your legs closed as our top gun George Korolis will have a field day with you!


Anonymous said...

Mike u so quick to criticize other teams who actually use there actual heritage players in wcp which is what it's meant to be, first of all how many actual ROI players on your team have roots attached to Ireland ? I would say like 3 players max u not of Irish descend either so try putting together a team full of Irish and see if u can win it, so stop criticing Poland who have almost polish people, so I respect teams with their roots rather than Ireland and that's why no one likes your team, other than Poland I would say African teams, including jamaica, Columbia, ES, Canada, Loas, Italy , Greece ,afghan, are the real deal and that's what this tournament is meant for, try play for your real country and see if u will win anything, and if u are that good play for a team with no super stars as u call your self and see if u can win a thing

Anonymous said...

To the comment about how stupid the RSA is. I agree. The RSA is run by a bunch of complete retards and the whole organizational structure needs to be scrapped and re-done. People need to have more say in what they want. We pay way too much to play soccer around here and all this b.s. about insurance and what not is a joke considering we all have valid saskatchewan health cards and most people with good jobs have coverage through work. Sketchy and complete b.s.

I also wonder where all of our money goes. It seems odd that we can't save up for a new turf after how many years and it also bothers me because i'm sure they have some kind of reserve fund. Do the math on how much people pay. It all doesn't add up. A guy who gets kicked out of running the hockey association for money laundering is now running the RSA. What a joke. People arn't stupid. I wish someone would look into it.

Anonymous said...

WCP Breaking News!

1. Soheil Summers has signed Patrick Baba to a contract, paying him $40.00/match. If we did the math and Afghan gets 8 games in that would be a WCP record high $320.00 contract. Rumblings are that Chico is now upset because he was only offered a shoe deal and commercial with Nike, but that has yet to happen. On another related note, Soheil has created over 20,000 posssible formations and tatical plays that Afghan will incorporate in this years WCP. Watch out Regina, Afghan is taking it to a new level.

2. Greece has been quiet on the blogs this year, as the Greek God of Videos has managed to rally the troops so that they will only communicate via High Def video productions created by Zeus himself. Therefore there has been a ban on the use of keyboards around the Greek camp.

3. Poland has decided to play as many exhibition games as possible so the Polish Playboi can find top fitness. Rumors are that Poland aren't actually throwing games, but they in fact just suck. Speculation is that the Polish Playboi has been giving below par lap dances before the game, and that has failed to pump up the Polish players.

4. Germany's unlimited quality attacking options will not be showing up to this years tournament. Expect them to have one, maybe two actually threats. Captain Kirk initally had 20 talented attackers under contract, yet somehow they all disappeared and they are left relying heavily on the Patterson twins.

5. Ireland will sadly be out of the services of DG. DG just signed a book deal, and is expected to be touring the nation for all of April. Unfortunately DG will be out of action for this tournament yet wants to wish all the fans, players, and everyone in Regina much love, appreciation and hugs and kiss. Look out for DG's book titled "How to Be a SPUSSY on Blogs" hahah ;P

6. Last but not least, Dufus Husdal is reported to have said that Norway's strength lies heavily on their uber talented midfield. Dufus would later post his roster, only to contradict himself; as Norway's strength will lie in their ability to pick the ball out of their own net. I can see Dufus being a master of that technique, which should help Norway once again be one of the worst teams in their pool.

That's all for now, reporting live from the WCP in Regina this is Julio signing off. Getting your dancing shows ready Regina, as the show is coming to town.

Anonymous said...


People get worked up by difference. Therefore if something differs from them, they lash out. This is human nature.

I agree, I don't understand how someone could get worked up by such a list. It is ok to agree to disagree. Post your list and move on. It is a fun way to generate discussion on a pointless topic.

Also, that list does not include an abundance of ROI guys so that statement by the anonymous poster was false.

I am guessing that the anonymous poster did not see someone on the list he felt was more deserving which may have been a buddy or perhaps himself and decided to post something ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

The people that are considered losers: Julio, DG, Mike Collins, DUFUS, and that dud The Joker. All you guys need to spend your time doing something else other than surfing on blogs and talking a whole lot of nonsense. Half this stuff is fabricated by the above list because your names pop up everywhere. SAD. VERY SAD.

Anonymous said...

your top 10 is bogus both for players and keepers. How could you just use players only from regina hahaha really??

Anonymous said...

"...other than Poland I would say African teams, including jamaica, Columbia, ES, Canada, Loas, Italy , Greece ,afghan, are the real deal and that's what this tournament is meant for, try play for your real country and see if u will win anything, and if u are that good play for a team with no super stars as u call your self and see if u can win a thing"

WHAT??? African teams INCLUDING Jamaica, Colombia, ES, Canada, Loas (I assume he meant Laos), Italy, Greece???

And then a bunch of nonsensical jibberish trying to formulate some sort of a rational thought.

How did you even permit that to be posted Mike? It was basically random words thrown together. Wow.


Mike Collins said...

Just to be clear Ireland has 15 heritage players. I would guess that is more than 2/3's of the teams in this tournament. I know for a fact we have more heritage players than most the African teams Jamaica, Italy, and probably 3 times as many Laos. So that was a pretty uninformed statement.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous says...."The people that are considered losers: Julio, DG, Mike Collins, DUFUS, and that dud The Joker. All you guys need to spend your time doing something else other than surfing on blogs and talking a whole lot of nonsense."

LOL oh the irony of someone posting about people posting on blogs and having to do something else makes you look ridiculous.

I have posted nothing but liberaland positive things about this tournament and the people playing in it.

Feel free to ignore this blog, my posts, or this tournament. I happen to think this tournament and this blog is entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Nate use your brains when I said African teams u should know Nigeria, Botswana, Somalia and Sudan, unless if u sarah palin who needs to be told every thing like abc to understand what someone is talking about then there is list for your understand and I included other teams which have actual heritage players and that's why I said these are the real deal for this tournament, and mike if what u say is true that u have 15 herritage players on your team then I will respect that

Anonymous said...

Hey Collins remember the year you put in your roster and all of your heritage players were in the stands dressed in green and being stupid (swearing, throwing cups, spitting, and lots of other inappropriate things) around people who just wanted to enjoy the games ... yeah well ... maybe you should learn to follow the rules and not CHEAT. This guy doesn't have 15 heritage players. Not a chance. Nice try buddy!

How are you a wcp blog owner. I can't respect you when you have people who constantly do the wrongs things in the stands year in and year out. And yes, they are your friends and you hang out with them. Don't know what you'll have to say to this, cause I'm not the only person to notice what your Irish fans do. Fans are important and bring some great atmosphere but not those guys. Same clowns every year that wreck it for people. Like act appropriately this year for crying out loud or try drinking responsibly.

You wonder why people give you a hard time Collins ... think about it for once.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Mike, have you EVER wondered why people give you a hard time? I don't recall you asking or crying about it... aren't you upset that ANONYMOUS can't respect you?


Mike Collins said...

I seriously don't know where people get their information from. Were my brother and his friends on the roster? Yes. Did we count them as heritage players? No. They just wanted to have their names read out. Do you think any team is more heavily scrutinized by the WCP Cup committee than ROI? Do you know how easy it is too find people with Irish heritage? Why would I need to cheat? Ask yourself these questions.

Fine since it seems to be coming to this here are my 15 heritage players: Me, 2 Gillotts, 2 McDougalls, Garitty, Wernikowski, Macallister, Meier, McGavigan, Mooney, Dooley, Heron, Kapila, Mcfadden.

As for my fans I love them. Don't like it don't come to ROI games. We don't want or need your support.

Anonymous said...

mcdougall macallister mcgavigan mcfadden. that doesnt sound very irish to me. i say we revolt and cancel wcp! its gone too far.

Anonymous said...

Mike now I respect you since you man enough to post the Irish players because before I was among people who hate teams who just pick up husky players for the sake of winning , I didn't know Dooley is Irish yet he ran Canada with his brother ! Much respect mike

Anonymous said...

Who is this Karlen chick? Is she even a good soccer player? Does she have a hard on for Collins? Probably ...

Anonymous said...

Will Rep. Ireland beat Afghanistan. Now that is a question you people need to ask yourselves. I represent Afghan. and I'm telling you all we will crush out there. No team stands a chance. This hype is for real. Our squad is for real. Our talent is for real. When you lose, please tell the world how great we are. WE WILL CONQUER ALL. I garantee it. No one will stand in our way. Afghanistan is the real deal. Too bad other teams can't step up to the challenge. I can't wait for this tournament to start and for my team to start destroying people out there. Good luck to all of you. You will need it.

-Azizi Fatehullah

Anonymous said...

First ramin and now me. Can you please stop impersonating ppl. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I actually have Irish heritage as well and play on ROI.

I am as multicultural as they come. I am a good Metis boy, so primarily french and native, but let's just say I have a good mix of everything including some Irish as well.


Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure I saw Azizi at Chico's Success at Success seminar... I guess the results are just astronomical! Unbelievable.
Atleast you posted with your named Azizi, good for you bud.


Anonymous said...

Collin where's your girlfriend at? Is she one of the refs coz she's one of the 3 refs I respect and know what they are doing

Mike Collins said...

She been swamped at work. But will be back for WCP. I'm sure she appreciates the compliment.

Mike Collins said...

You have have heritage too DG? I haven't even been claiming you. BOOM 17!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget your latest Irish addition: mcjulio!

I didn't even know these blogs existed and find it Very humorous how Worked up people get over people's opinions and some obviously fun trash talk.

My opinion is this should be an interesting tournament with the revamped Poland/afghan teams, the transformed es and Ireland Teams and some good group matches. With brown, Levis, jay, dg, benno off Ireland there are 6-8 teams with a legitimate shot at winning, which in my mind makes for a much better tournament.

Here are my points of interest:

1 is afghan paying players? Who cares? If a team fundraiser or gets sponsors for track suits or uniforms, what is the difference with giving someone a few dollars? If they have the money, good for them and good for the players. Would anyone out there turn down money to play?

2 Julio is a goof! Who waits until the last second and transfers? Goof move from a guy I used to like but is now sucky! Haha I don't really care, the wcp isn't my be all end all so I'll get over it, but still a goof move.

3. Wcp needs some tighter rules to make the tournament more competitive. How can roi have over half of Saskatoons husa alumni in 2 years? It makes no sense. Limit the the non-ethnic, as well as the out of town players. Even Collins himself said it isn't hard to find Irish, then why not look a little harder in Regina?

4 will northey be back? Hopefully! Love watching him play, as long as it isn't against us.

5 golden boot goes to....Brett Levis, unless roi pick a guy to feed in all their easy group games

6 I must be getting old, I know half of Collins top Regina players list. As for the guy complaining about dg ranking stoon guys only, dg is from pa and Regina has won one psl, or men's shield title since I was born. Obviously there is better soccer in Saskatoon. That being said there are good players in Regina too, Chad Anthony, boun, and ronnie Torres would be in my top 10.

Sorry about not capitalizing names, too much work on an iPhone.

Good luck to everyone at the tournament, should be fun!

Ps Mcjulio and Chico, you suck for deserting es! You are the new dufus and polish playboy in my books!

Wrigley Riggs

Anonymous said...

riggs i love you buddy

Anonymous said...

Riggs...rather than limiting the out of town player or further restrict the "non-ethnic" players, I'd rather see them restrict the number of teams. It would make the tournament way more exciting in a positive way instead of more Div. 5 hacks getting spots just because their wife's great grandmother is from a country. Nobody likes watching bad soccer. I'd rather watch a team like Laos play with he bare minimum number of heritage people than a team like Italy any day.

Anonymous said...

That could be another good option, then the tournament could be less than 2 months long as well. Any way of making it more competitive would be for the best. Maybe a combination of both: tighter rules on non-ethinc and out of towners, combined with a qualification tournament for weaker, or new teams.first week could be qualification
tournament for wild card spots to enter actual wcp That takes place for last 2 weeks with competitive groupings. Who wants to drive 5 hrs to win 14-1?? Other than David brown of course, who would love every minute of his 10 goal game. Or o'hooley because he could rack up meaningless dangles all over the pitch in front of 100's of his screaming fans.

Anonymous said...

A) I have never once claimed to be a good soccer player, nor have I criticized anyone else's ability. The only comments I have made on this blog have been directed towards anonymous posts that, in my opinion, were rude or ignorant. Agree or disagree, at least I have the balls to stand by my comments with a name.
B) Mike's not really my type... good at soccer and a full head of hair? Ew.

Mike Collins said...

Haha Riggs you want to limit out of town players? If they do that it's not going to be the HUSA guys are just going to move to other teams and bump out non - HUSA guys. I would way rather limit the number of teams.

hellas united said...

WEVE ALWAYS BEEN AROUND MIKE, THE ONLY THING GREECE IS DOING IS PREPARING FOR NORWAY. CLICHE , one game at a time. FOR some of us weve been wating for this opportunity for 5 years. WE will be fine after we play NORWAY. The first game decides our tourney. WE win, we are going to playoffs, we lose, we are out. simple as that. thats the way we see it

Anonymous said...

The top 4-5 teams have 7-10 Saskatoon guys. If you limited it to 4 and spread these players amongst the 24 teams it would even things up significantly. Unless you are bringing more than 4 who were actually born in your country it kind of tarnishes the value of the world cup. This isn't a premier tournament, or you could just enter as alumni and just clean everyone out. It should be a celebration of cultures and instead of making fun of teams and complaining about them being shitty or div 6 calibre, give them the experience of playing with better players and having a chance to compete.

Like I said, perhaps you have a fair argument that there could be less teams, but obviously wcp will never turn down the extra entry fees and extra spectators shelling out $$ for admission. So why not figure out a way to make it a better actual tournament instead of a 2-4 team race?

I think the wcp has a much better hype and atmosphere, but I prefer the Saskatoon wc due to the fact that several teams could win and there are fewer blowouts.

And I'm not blaming you, or Laos, or es, or Afghanistan, or Poland. Everyone is following the rules established and want to win, which is fairy. But I would like to see what it would look like if things were changed and you were forced to follow a stricter criteria.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, alot of people bashing Collins in here. I have played against Mike for years in Div 2 and hate him on the field as a player, but off the field is a great guy. The only reason I hate him is because he is a sean avery kind of player...but what happens on the field is part of game and is dropped when the game ends. Keep up the work Mike....and FYI, alot of teams have more than requires heritage and kudos to them.....examples are scotland, Italy, N.Ireland...etc I give these teams credit as they play there ass off