Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sudan vs ROI

Let me start by saying sorry about the lack of other previews. I have been stuck setting up for WCP so I haven't had time. I know that makes me look like a real homer but I will work hard on getting some up today.

Til then here is my quick review of the Men's game last night. Sorry its the only one I saw.

1. I had no idea what to expect going into that game but I did not expect that. Sudan is fast strong and I had no idea they would play so direct. Nobody wants to play that team.

2. That Sudan player should have been sent off in that game for leading with his head super late. It was reckless. I know they want it to be physical but its gotten a little out of control. Guys are getting hurt. Brett Bachelu tore his ACL last year on a bad tackle and Andrew ended up looking like this. Time to protect the players!

3. Some bad mistakes early for Sudan which cost them the game. Hitting the roof is like giving up a goal. You just can't do it. Especially when you have a clinical Beckam-esque free kick taker like myself on.

4. Ryan Mac's volley was the deserving game winner. A rocket to the top right corner might not get beat as the goal of the tournament. Fantastic.

5. ROI were on their heels for a lot of the game and really had to be. There in nothing you can really do about that aerial bombardment. If you block their back from knocking the long ball it hits you, goes out of bounds and they end up launching it in from a kick in instead. No win.

6. I was impressed by what Sudan did. They knew they had height and how to use it. It is an extremely effective game plan. They have some great players on their team that's for sure. Just didn't produce the results last night.

7.How bout when Hans did give out that red and then had to rescind it. Haha got a little ahead of himself there.

8. Have to give a shout out to my boy Jonah for having a solid outing in net. He is not the biggest keeper there is but he did great in the air especially given the amount of bodies that were in that box.


Anonymous said...

Few comments on Ireland's play.

Did what they had to do scoring on the free kicks.

Great volley goal.

Mark had a strong game as did Jonah.

Striker looks weak, but they are missing one.

Dooley's chip attempt that cleared not only the net, but the 20 foot mesh netting behind the net. Even better was Collin's facial expression as he turned away after Dooley's miss. Dooley if you want to know what it looked like, it resembled the faces you used to make while dressing down your team-mates on Canada the past few years.

Julio's mouth is much better than his play. His biggest contribution was slow walking to delay time when going for stray balls.

The wind sprints before the game didn't seem to limit their ability to physically dominate the Irish team. Second place and they are through to the 8's. Fun team to watch, but obviously not to play against.

Not often the first game of WCP pool play confirms who will finish 1st and who will finish second, but we now know the final standings of the teams coming out of Pool A, that's the reality of this pool's other weak teams.

Anonymous said...

dam why did that happend to andrew? that should of been Julio

Anonymous said...

dayum sanderson.

Kirk O'Dooley said...

It's funny you would make such a comment, make such claims but not have the balls to share with us your name. Your comments however well written lack the integrity of someone worth listening too. Please just state your name with your comments, especially if they are directed at specific players or entities. Your comments with definitely hold more weight among those who give a shit.

Anonymous said...

What else did you want Julio to do? He shut down an aerial presence much larger than him and played effectively. I also noticed the tactics to waste time, but that comes via a smart sense of knowing the game. I thought Julio was a big reason why ROI managed a win.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I 100% agree with you. A good buddy of mine was badly injured in the Botswana game tonight. Watching him go down was not something easy to do. It was a bad collision. The sudan player, botswana player, and botswana goalie all collided. My buddy got a neck injury and his mouth is pretty cut up. I wanted to go out there and help him, but fans arn't allowed on the field.

I was also wondering why it took them so long to get someone out there to help the players? The guy with the first aid box was taking his time. I thought the wcp had some better medical staff on hand? EMS?

Anyways, protecting players and goalies is something of concern for me and hopefully for everyone. I'm so sorry to hear about Andrew and that picture looks nasty. I hope you get well soon Andrew. For the teams that play Sudan please be careful. They go in hard, and they don't stop or have any mercy on anyone. I think Mike puts it best. It's reckless. I am no longer a Sudan fan. Don't enjoy that style of game. I don't enjoy seeing people get hurt at all.

Anonymous said...

Julio was weak out there against Sudan. Solid defender my ass. Julio, Dooley, and Kapila need to be replaced. If ROI want to be competitive out there, I would sit those guys. Julio is the reason why Sudan got the goals they did. If not for Jonah and Mike they would have lost for sure. Dooley, good try on getting that goal in front of the net. How do you put it wide from that close. Weak. Julio, maybe try and play like the rest of ROI minus the guys I mentioned. You are slow, and you are lazy. I love when fans out there are yelling, "Julio sucks". Some hilarious fans out there. Good stuff. Why did ROI put Dooley on there team anyways. To fill the fat void? Maybe so he can eat all the leftovers? Sick. If there is one overrated player in this tournament it's Dooley. -Mack Daddy

Anonymous said...

Haha Dooley looked in the mirror lately?

Mack Daddy, you should stop drinking during the games as obviously your not the sharpest tool in the shed... But here I'll give you an opportunity to show off the soccer knowledge abit... Please elaborate how both goals were my fault? I'd love to hear your argument so i can't shoot holes through it... Keep posting without your real name to save yourself the embarrassment, as your prolly the same guy that blamed me for last years ES lost To Sudan when I wasn't even in this lovely city of Regina.... Haha but yes, I want to hear more please.

Dooley I heard you were begging Bart to let you into the strip off and all he did was piss his pants laughing at your fat ass... I heard you were chirping Riggs as well, but even that guy could out smart you off and on the pitch and well that's not saying much.


Anonymous said...

Mack Daddy in your opinion what's lazy and slow? I am not sure if you knew who Julio was out there, but he and Mark both marked the whole game, that's called defensive discipline which comes hand in hand with not being lazy.
I'll pay you 100 bucks if you can beat Julio in a race. Not that long ago he was the fastest guy on our Huskie squad, and obviously after a few knee surgeries you slow down, but I'm gonna bank your just a loud mouth with no backing.


Anonymous said...

mack daddy,
Another expert...sound alot like GOW. Get on with it you freakin' moron. If you have something objective to offer, please do so otherwise...GET LOST!! Were you even at the ROI-Sudan game. Julio manhandled their striker--no easy task. Get real man--you are obviously clueless.

Anonymous said...

How's Andrew doing? How many stitches? Looks close to the eye and temple...ouch!!


Anonymous said...

Julio is garbage. I love how people are saying he manhandled their striker. Tom Tom is like 6 foot 6. He manhandled my ass. He gets to every ball. That's why Sudan scored right... If Julio is that good why did Jonah have to make such big saves and bail him out. All the fans around me were yelling "julio sucks". Your not well liked here in Regina that's for sure. Some defender Julio is. Defenders are supposed to help out their goalies. By the way, your supposed to defend goal side. You played on the huskies and call yourself a soccer player. Good job allstar!

On a side note, did you see your ES team lose to Italy. They are also a great team.

I also didn't write the above comments. I'd rather prank phone call Julio Diaz. Ha ha. Div 3 mean machine. Your such a good player. Div 3. Ha ha. Weak.

P.S. Shoot all the holes you want through whatever you want. Just makes me want to prank your ass more. Ha ha. Don't piss off the god of war. I know all.

-God of War

Anonymous said...

God of War, you do realize Julio Diaz and Julio on the blog are 2 different people right?

Anonymous said...

That guy Julio sucks. Why are we still talking about him. These blogs should be Aghan vs. Julio. What a joke.

Shame to see losers talking trash on here and trying to pick fights with ANON blog posts. Get a life. Sad individuals in the world. No one cares about you Julio or what you have to say. You try and pick apart ANON blog posts. Ha ha what a tool.

Regardless of if you like Julio or not, people read the crap he posts. On the field, he get what's coming to him anyways. Reckless teams are out there. I'll sit back and enjoy the ride. Easy as that, and have my laughs watching.

Anonymous said...

Haha God of war, you keep posting bud. I don't even have to say anything for you to show how unknowledgeable you are! Well done bud, another spectacular post by you haha

You just make comments out of left field! Haha I'd be careful with those prank calls, as after a few it can be considered harassment and the calls can be traced haha so keep doing what your doing as your heading down the right path.

For your sake never post with your name, as it will save you a lot of embarrassment! Your obviously a complete nobody that is very misinformed and clueless as your facts are not even close to being accurate... Yet in your mind your a complete genius haha I think your the guy with a huge "hatred" for me, but I'm worried it's more of a sexual obsession!

On a serious note, I am going to ask you to stop making prank calls to Julio Diaz as that is very unnecessary and your starting to trend on a thin line between humor and a serious obsession. I am sure Julio doesn't appreciate those prank calls, so smarten up before you go too far and do something really stupid. Smarten up, and if your not mature enough to come on to these blogs I recommend that you do stay off them before you do cross that fine line that could get yourself into a bad situation. I just gave you some good advice that you should listen to, as you've now started to cross into harassment and it's unfair to Julio Diaz or anyone in particular.

Anonymous said...

I know that it is a ways away but can you imagine the quarterfinal if Poland and Sudan meet up!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why the people running this blog and the other blogs are allowing this goof to put up Julio Diaz's personal info when he doesn't even play in the tournament. Obviously you have the wrong guy gow, check the rosters. Diaz is actually a great guy and runs the Saskatoon World Cup. Or do you have a little man crush on him like you obviously do for 'Julio' and Kapila?

GOW, you aren't funny, you aren't intelligent, you're (not your as you post from your anonymous name or any other title you come up with which gives away the fact that it's you) a frickin goof! I'm done talking to, or about you and suggest 'Julio' does the same.

This is what I found interesting so far:
1 ES has a tough road ahead. We were missing 5 guys so won't pack it up, just puts us in playoff mode right off the bat. I still think we have a great chance to go through if everyone shows up (which I think they should) and we play well as a team like last year.

2 Afghanistan losing doesn't surprise me, but Laos is a tough test for anyone's first game. They will gel and get better as this tournament goes on. Afghans also have a young team so will be very strong in a few yrs if they stick together.

3 Nobody wants to play Sudan, I think they will go far this year. I never want to play them again.

4 People should post who they think will win the fantasy draft. I personally don't know what some of them were thinking with their picks. Why are girls goals worth 3??? Someone explain please!

5 Golden Boot race will be interesting without Brown

6 Is Nigeria really good, or is Poland not that good?

7 Great to hear McAllister got a great winning volley friday, the guy works hard to win for whatever team he's on, so nice when he can get the credit too.

8 This wasn't from a WCP match, but something interesting note: I think Nathan Reis may have the highest scoring percentage of any player I've seen. Can't remember how many times I barely noticed him on the field, then look at the stats the next day and he has 3-4 goals. The guy is a beast! Had a few nice ones that he made look easy in Saskatoon this week.

9 Whoever wrote that Tomchuck can't play mid is a goof (probably GOW). The guy could play any position he wants. Great dribbler, tackler, composure, speed, size and vision. If I had a hole anywhere on my team and he wanted to fill it he would have the job. He has been on a tear the last month and a half in Saskatoon.

10 Did Levis play for Poland?

11 I know we have a few games between, but I'm really looking forward to beating Norway in a couple weeks for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Sudan is going to win this tournament. They play harder than Greece out there. They destory guys with skill and physical play. All you ROI guys can't handle it. Just piss off and go try me a river. Sucks to know you probably won't win again this year doesn't it Riggs and Julio. Suckers.

Anonymous said...

Julio take your own advise man. You are the immature one on these blogs. You mock people. How mature is that. Your comments anger people. Take your own advise. I believe you have crossed the line many times Julio. It's not hard to read all the stuff you've posted. It's literally everywhere.

Kirk O'Dooley said...

That Julio comment was not posted by me, please take it down.

Anonymous said...

poland was missing brett levis and sam mylymok

Anonymous said...

Hey Julio .. the only person that needs to smarten up is you, you tool. Don't give other people advise. Take some of that advise yourself mr. i know it all and i know everything about ip addresses etc. Your one messed up person guy. You also should not talk about maturity. Your the last guy to speak that noise. You chirp people on here and make fun of them when they post there names and attack them. That's what i call a dbag.

Anonymous said...

Anon 00:49 has Julio posted your name and chirped you personally and "attacked" you? I don't think so. The people he has "attacked" except for Braden, all have a sense of humor and understand it's a joke. It's the people who are outsiders who are clueless and then become enraged over nothing.
I think it's safe to say that Chico has been the brunt of the "attacks" but obviously it is all in good fun as the two are friends, or did you miss when Chico scored a goal and celebrated with Julio at half.

Uninformed anonymous posters = D-bag; get your facts straight then talk. As for the advice to GOW, I believe that comment was very necessary and valid and I hope that GOW does follow suit.


Anonymous said...

Who cares about this GOW. He just makes people laugh because of all the dumb stuff he says. Ignore it and move on.

Anonymous said...

in regards to collins article sudan vs roi, point 3 :its funny that collins asks the players to be protected on his team when himself is one of the ones tackling and hurting other people when required and then tell them to stop diving,and then admits that he dives himself once in a while in his own blog.
just sayin'
too much trash talking and little playing on the field...
Julio, keep hyping people up, but better follow up with some good playing, 'cause so far you are not even in the top 20 defenders in regina

Anonymous said...

sorry ,that was point 2 about protecting the players, point is: play the game and stop harassing others

Ian McLaren said...

People give "advice" they don't give "advise". One is a verb one is a noun. Figure it out.
Ian McLaren