Friday, 18 November 2011

Taxi Driver Gets It All Wrong

Found this hilarious picture today, I can only imagine the thought process here.
"Hey you're that guy who played for Liverpool, think your friend could take a picture of us?"

Not that anyone would actually admit to recognizing a Liverpool player.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

How Sweet Is Mario Balotelli?

Since we all know I have an affinity for both Mario Balotelli and snoods this post is particularly appealing. When not setting off fireworks in his house, Mario is customizing snoods or wearing sweet glove hats. Either way this guy brings me endless entertainment.

Officer: "Why do you have €5000 on you"
Mario Balotelli: "Cause I'm rich"


WCP Cup Draw Results

Womens Division
Group A
1. Ukraine
2. Italy
3. EL Salvador
4. Netherlands
5. Poland

Group B
1. Germany
2. Chile
3. Canada
4. England
5. Ireland

Mens Division
Group A
1. Ireland
2. Sudan
3. Scotland
4. Botswana
5. Serbia

Group B
1. Laos
2. Colombia
3. Jamaica
4. Afghanistan
5. N.Ireland
6. Canada

Group C
1. Poland
2. Nigeria
3. Portugal
4. Germany
5. Vietnam
6. Hungary

Group D
1. EL Salvador
2. France
3. Norway
4. Italy
5. South Korea
6. Greece