Sunday, 31 March 2013

Saturdays Scores

Day 9: March 30, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroupsTeamsScoreGoal Scorers
01:00 PM55Youth Girls U12Japan1Abby Patterson – 1

Ireland4Olivia Gables – 2, Jana Laliberte – 1, Abbey Shannon – 1

02:00 PM56Youth Boys U12Germany3Devon Dufour, Josh Harle, Dillon Kiefer

Canada8Nathon Dumanski-4, Brady Gelowitz, Rohin Kapila, Keegan Kayton, Pranav Tikkisetty

03:00 PM57Youth Boys U12England3Isaac Birdsell-Tyndale – 1, Mohammed Zanoun – 2

Argentina5Jerry Wiebe – 1, Emmett Steadman – 1, Drew Turgeon – 1, Arinze Abii-Doh – 2

04:00 PM58Youth Girls U16USA0

Brazil3Chelsey Burns – 1, Kallie Cowles – 1, Meghan McFee – 1

05:00 PM59Youth Boy U16Italy3Oliver Hudson-Plante – 1, Kristopher Calcutt – 1, Allesandro Palamara – 1

England2Christopher Elles – 1, George Salumu – 1

06:00 PM60WomenHolland4Paige Keber-2, Katrina Letwiniuk-2,

Germany3Jessice Meyer, Cara Gartner, Astrid Baecker

07:00 PM61MenItaly5Anthony Erasini-Lamanna, Ettore Garzona, Todd Jones, Jeff Richards, Fabio Fiorito


08:00 PM62MenSerbia6Sasa Savic – 2, Darko Hardi – 3, Robert Okeny

Ireland1Nathan Reis

09:00 PM63MenHungary6Adam Wilson – 2, Allan Siwela, Nick Travis – 2, Dave Sadowski

Nigeria5Cliff Bene, Victor Ogbologugo – 2, Peter Ntignee, Frank Iteriteka

10:00 PM64MenGermany2Nick Hipp -2

Jamaica6Andrew Banarjee, Dave Brown – 2, Michael Collins – 2, Garrett Peters

Updated Men's Standings

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Fridays Scores

Day 8: March 29, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroupsTeamsScoreGoal Scorers
02:00 PM46U12 Youth GirlsCanada2Eden Wells – 2

El Salvador1Alarica Desrochers – 1

03:00 PM47U12 Youth BoysCanada3Nathan Dumanski – 2, Keegan Kaytor – 1

Argentina6Jerry Wiebe – 3, Arinze Abii-Doh – 2, Mitchell Langlois – 1

04:00 PM48U16 Youth GirlsEngland1Jessie Duncan -1

Germany2Amou Madol -2

05:00 PM49U16 Youth BoysGermany2Simi Kamali -1 Sakhredin Daffalla-1

Pakistan6Marcello Gonzalez -2, Lex McMillan -1, Teddy Wiens -1, Mark Hetterley -2

06:00 PM50Men DDjibouti3David Sanni-1, Hadiby Redouane -1, Driss Imdlas -1

Scotland5Kevin Riddell-1, Tyler Staples -1, Taylor Hoedel -1, Thomas Franks-1, Colin Carleton -1

07:00 PM51Women AScotland6Tayler Firth -2, Jayde McFee -3, Megan Schenher -1

El Salvador1Veronica Boesch -1

08:00 PM52Men DIreland3Nathan Reis – 2, Ryan McGavigan

Colombia1Drew Haid

09:00 PM53Men CNigeria3Wilson Ntignee – 3

Greece2Tim Knoblauch, Ahmed Abdelkarim

10:00 PM54Men ASudan8Khalfan Banzima, Fredy Malek, Angelo Khalfan – 2, Tong Tong- 3. Geoffery Bringi

El Salvador1Adam Rolfe

Friday, 29 March 2013

Thursdays Scores

Day 7: March 28, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroups
TeamsScoreGoal Scorers
6:30 PM42U16 Youth BoysHomeEl Salvador0

AwayEngland6Christopher Elles, Ben Mushynsky – 2, George Salumu – 2, Logan Schwartz

7:30 PM43WomenHomeUSA1Jade Haroldson

AwayUkraine13Michelle Anderson-2 Tiffany Gyurek-2 Chelsie Dorosh-1 Natalie Crowdis-1 Tegan Koroluk-1 Nakia Foresberg-1 Kelly Cerkowniak-3 Andrea Cessna-2

8:30 PM44MenHomeAfghanistan1Josip Coric -1

AwayGermany1Simon Kluge -1

9:30 PM45MenHomeNorway1Adam Gottselig

AwayCanada6Jarvis Huyghebaert, Ian Labatt, Mike Sweeney, Ben Wolfmueller – 2, Ryan McAllister

David's Updated Power Rankings

1) France (2) - Convincing win over Sudan, looking strong all around.

2) Laos (1)Laos still look good and play good soccer they are still one of my favorites to win the cup. Tough first game Vs. Afghan but I'm sure they'll just get stronger as the tournament goes on.

3) Afghanistan (7) - If the core if there team will make it every game (Mitch,Bobbi,Contenti,Josip,Diakiw) I think they have a chance of making a run. Close game with Laos and unlucky not to get the win. But a tie with Germany is not the best result for them. Would be alot better if Mitch shot the ball!!!

4) Nigeria (9) - I had them very underestimated before, great win Vs. Canada now they just have to not slip up against some of the weaker teams like they have in the past.

5) Canada (3) - Canada are very strong defensively I just think they are lacking the fire power to go all the way.

6) Poland (4) - Poland are in the same boat as Canada here, lacking fire power. Jay is doubtful to return and Brett Levis not playing at all will really hurt them. They have a couple guys that chip in with goals but I'm not sure that is enough.

7) Sudan (5) - After being destroyed by France first game they just don't seem to have the team that won them the cup last year.

8) ROI (6) - ROI will not struggle to score goals but keeping them out will be an issue. They will advance through there group with ease but will be matched up with a tough quarter final game.

9) Germany (11) - Very poor showing Vs. South Korea but they were missing players. Managed to pull of a tie Vs. Afghan which is impressive.

10) ES (8) - I have ES 8th just because I am not too sure about them yet. They have some quality but the game against Sudan will be the deciding game to see if I should of ranked them higher.

11) Jamaica(10) - Beat the 2 weakest teams in the group so far I just dont see them getting out of the group.

12) Colombia (13) - Good first win for them, I expect them to get out of the group.

13) Italy (16) - Kept it close with ES so they jump up a few spots.

14) Norway - Still just are Norway, an okay team.

15) Hungary (18) - I think they are only so high off the bottom because there are so many poor teams.

16) Greece (15) - Based on the games to far probably the weakest team in the group.

17) Scotland (20) - Managed to get a win so they climb a few spots.

18) Northern Ireland (19) - In a tough group, wouldnt be as low if they had managed to be in an easier pool.

19) Serbia (12) - Lost to Scotland. Also looked very poor Vs. Portugal too.

20) Portugal (17) - Shocked to see them so low.

21) South Korea (23) - In a tough group but definately improved from last year.

22) Djbouti - Just bad and wreckless. I feel bad for there goalie.

23) Somalia (21) - I don't think I've seen a worse team in this tournament ever.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Updated Power Rankings

Here are my new power rankings. Where I had them in my previous rankings is in parentheses.

1. France (1) - I had them number one before and have done nothing to dissuade me from that. Easily handled last years champions Sudan.

2. Laos (2) - Yeah they drew Afghanistan but I think that is more a tribute to Afghanistan's skill than anything.

3. Afghanistan (11) - Surprised everyone I think. It was only one game but they sent a message.

4. Nigeria (7) - Nigeria look even better than I thought they would and I believe I had them higher than both. 

5. Canada (3) - A hair between them and Nigeria. Can't put them ahead of Nigeria after the loss though.

6. ROI (5) - A drop of one for them. Not as impressive as I thought they might have been in their first game but still crushed Scotland.

7. Poland (6) - About what I expected. I haven't thought very highly of their competition yet so they will need to beat someone better to move them up the charts.

8. Sudan (4) - Beaten easily by France. They seem to be missing some guys and are just way to erratic to have any higher.

9. Jamaica (12) - They beat Northern Ireland easily so there is that. A lot of tests to come.

10. Colombia (10) - One easy victory for them so far. Look poised to get out of their group.

11. El Salvador (8) - I did not expect to have El Salvador this low. On paper they look great but they are missing a killer instinct.

12. Germany (9) - I suspect they are better than this but I all have to go on is a pitiful performance against South Korea.

13. Italy (15) - Holding El Salvador to a close game is enough to bring them up 2 places.

14. Norway (14) - Their game against Hungary was one of the worst of the tournament so far. Showed nothing.

15. Hungary (13) - I thought they would be better. were ok against Poland and they the Norway game. Yawn.

16. Greece - Didn't hang with Poland quite as well as Hungary did. That leaves them here.

17. South Korea (23) - Up from the very bottom. Hung around with Germany in what for me has been the biggest surprise so far.

18. Scotland (20) - Have them just ahead of Northern Ireland only because they have a win. Might be different otherwise.

19. Northern Ireland (18) - They have had 2 very difficult games. Would look for them to improve from here.

20. Serbia (17) - Lost to Scotland and looked really poor while doing it. Losing to Scotland is not good for your ranking.

21. Portugal (19) - They should not be this bad but there were just edging out Djibouti. Come on boys.

22. Djibouti (22) - Nailed it in my pre rankings. Just a couple abysmal performances. Have shown nothing and seem to barely have a roster. Would be first in a studs up Power Rankings.

23. Somalia (21) - Easily the worst team in the tournament. Some very pitiful showings.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesdays Scores

Day 5: March 26, 2013
Time Game Number Groups
Teams Score Goal Scorers
6:30 PM 34 U14 Boy Home Scotland 2 Moetaz Ghremida, Taylor Nicholson

Away Canada 2 Erik DeRosier, Cody Kroczynski,

7:30 PM 35 Women Home El Salvador 3 Veronica Boesch -2, Alysha Hilchey

Away Portugal 1 Mallory Outerbridge

8:30 PM 36 Men Home Djibouti 1 Zaid Al-Sagheer

Away Portugal 3 Filipe Santos, Justin Freitas, Eduardo Olivera Cruz

9:30 PM 37 Men Home Laos
Scott Myrah, Jadan Wong 2, Chad Anthony, Adam Ailsby, Zackary Roberts-Winter,Calvin Crump, Jordian Farahani

Away N. Ireland
William McGee

Observations So Far

Alright finally getting around to a write up actually talking about what I have seen so far.

1. A couple teams have surprised me with how well they have played. Afghanistan would be the first. They looked really good against Laos. Mitch Bauche looked great moving the ball quickly and controlling the mid. Another surprising team was Sudan and not in a good way. They seem to be missing a couple important guys which resulted in them changing their tactics. They looked harmless against France.

2. Nigeria looked really good against Canada. They are quick and they now have the ability to control the ball and keep possession . If they can keep it up consistently they are a legitimate challenger.

3. So of the teams I have seen I would say France, Laos, Afghan, Nigeria and Canada all have a legitimate chance to win it all. This is one of the most wide open years to date.

4. Just below these teams are the playoff contenders who could upset one of the top teams. I see them as ROI, Jamaica, Poland, Sudan. I am sure there will be a clamoring for Sudan and Poland to be higher but I just have not seen enough out of them to say they are elite. Poland lack fire power as of now and Sudan look out of sorts.

5. I have no idea what to make of ES. They played pretty well and had tons of possession but possession does not equate to goals. They need to sort things out in the opositions third if they want to do anything.

6. On the Women's side it looks wide open this year. Scotland, Ukraine, and Portugal all look good so it will be tight getting out of that group. Germany were not the powerhouse I thought they were while Ireland look better than I expected. Should get very interesting.

7. Power Ranking the best goals I have seen so far I would say. 1) Tong Tongs Bicycle Kick 2) Ryan McGavigan's Delicate Chip for ROI 3) Paco's scorcher from half for Colombia and 4) Ronny's bender for ES.

8. Most absurd thing I have heard so far..... Scotland keeper claiming the referee cost them the game against ROI...... you lost 8-2. How did the ref score 8 goals? Give your head a shake.

9. I did not see the Canada -Nigeria game as I was in the dressing room but it seems like it was everything I expected it to be.

10. Since I did not see Nigeria vs Canada, the best game I have seen was Laos vs Afghanistan. It was just played on a different level. Possession was crisp and controlled and it actually resembled a game of soccer. Not excited to play those 2 teams.

11. I mentioned this before but Afghans Mitch Bauche is the player I have been most impressed by. So calm on the ball and plays the #10 roll perfectly. Great to watch.
12. What happened to Germany. That was a downright pathetic showing against South Korea. Every time they looked like they were going to get up to speed they stalled out. I expect they will improve greatly as the tournament moves on but that was a bad one.

13. Most improved team do look to be South Korea though. If a year ago they had held Germany to under 10 goals it would have been a miracle. Let alone 6-4. Scotland also look better than they have in the past. Already having a win under their belt. 

14. What was happening when that South Korea player got injured? He got up and started wandering through the net. It was both bizarre and humourous but in all seriousness I hope he is ok.

15. After last night I think it is fair to say Somalia are the worst team in the tournament this year. They just have little to offer soccer wise. Their keeper and his multiple tumbles deserve a mention though. Guy is like a plastic bag caught in the wind. Tumbling any time someone come near. It's surprisingly entertaining.

Alright that is all for now. If you have any questions or want further analysis on a team or game let me know and I happily oblige.

Monday's Scores

Day 4: March 25, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroups
TeamsScoreGoal Scorers
6:30 PM30U16 BoyHomeEngland2 Jacob Zimroz, Shane Patmore

AwayScotland2Moetaz Ghremida, Ontwain Smeikle

7:30 PM31WomenHomeGermany2Jessie Waller – 1, Meagan Cormier – 1

AwayIreland1Ellen Plemel – 1

8:30 PM32MenHomeScotland
Kyle Brown – 1, Thomas Franks – 1

Darko Hardi – 1

9:30 PM33MenHomeFrance10Travis Brady-1,Clint Houlie-1, Brett Bachelu-2,

AwaySomalia1Kevin Murphy-2,Paul Scollan-1,Anthony Haid-1,

Riley Meloche-

Aden Mohamed-1

Fantasy Update

For those who care here is an update on our fantasy league.....

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sundays Scores

Time Game Number Groups
Teams Score Goal Scorers
10:00am 18 U12 Girls Home Ireland 5 Bailey Adolph, Delaney Epp, Hayley Krahenbil – 2, Jana laliberte

Away El Salvador 1 Emma Braaten

11:00am 19 U12 Boys Home Canada 2 Keegan Kaytor – 2,

Away England 3 Trystan Jeffers-Dash, Isaac Birdsell-Tyndale, Season Shaw

12:00pm 20 U14 Boys Home Scotland 6 Matthew Found, Moetaz Ghremida – 3, Ethan Hoedel, Ashton Sies

Away England 1 Jordan Fiske

1:00pm 21 U16 Girls Home El Salvador 6 Brianna Davidson – 2, Alysha Hilchey, Hailey Raymer, Jennafer Schultz – 2

Away Germany 0

2:00pm 22 U16 Boys Home Canada 1 Scott Findura

Away Germany 5 Kyle DeDecker – 3, Myrta Roxhers, Asad Azizi

3:00pm 23 Women Home Holland 1 Paige Keber

Away England 0

4:00pm 24 Women Home Portugal 12 Taeganne Galger – 1, Mackenzie Bulych – 4, Randi Schmeichel – 1, Sam Dustyhorn – 1, Courtney Guy – 1, Mallory Outerbridge – 4

Away USA 0

5:00pm 25 Men Home Italy 2 Todd Jones, Brandon Thompson

Away El Salvador 3 Jerson Hamilton – 2, Ronney Torres

6:00pm 26 Men Home Germany 6 Taylor Haid -2, Dallin Prescesky-2, Josh Patterson, Andrew Zerr

Away South Korea 4 Mvoula Divin-2, Yoon YeoJung, Lee Jaekeon

7:00pm 27 Men Home Hungary 1 Allan Siwela

Away Norway 1 Anthony Fetsch

8:00pm 28 Men Home Greece 1 Kristian Barth

Away Poland 4 Chris Sarrain, Devin Sembaluk, Kristen Swiatecki, Bartosz Walczykowski

9:00pm 29 Men Home Somalia 1 Ba Boubacar

Away Sudan 7 Tong Tong-3, Wol Ngro-2, Ananga Dennis, Jamal Abdelhalim

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