Thursday, 28 March 2013

Updated Power Rankings

Here are my new power rankings. Where I had them in my previous rankings is in parentheses.

1. France (1) - I had them number one before and have done nothing to dissuade me from that. Easily handled last years champions Sudan.

2. Laos (2) - Yeah they drew Afghanistan but I think that is more a tribute to Afghanistan's skill than anything.

3. Afghanistan (11) - Surprised everyone I think. It was only one game but they sent a message.

4. Nigeria (7) - Nigeria look even better than I thought they would and I believe I had them higher than both. 

5. Canada (3) - A hair between them and Nigeria. Can't put them ahead of Nigeria after the loss though.

6. ROI (5) - A drop of one for them. Not as impressive as I thought they might have been in their first game but still crushed Scotland.

7. Poland (6) - About what I expected. I haven't thought very highly of their competition yet so they will need to beat someone better to move them up the charts.

8. Sudan (4) - Beaten easily by France. They seem to be missing some guys and are just way to erratic to have any higher.

9. Jamaica (12) - They beat Northern Ireland easily so there is that. A lot of tests to come.

10. Colombia (10) - One easy victory for them so far. Look poised to get out of their group.

11. El Salvador (8) - I did not expect to have El Salvador this low. On paper they look great but they are missing a killer instinct.

12. Germany (9) - I suspect they are better than this but I all have to go on is a pitiful performance against South Korea.

13. Italy (15) - Holding El Salvador to a close game is enough to bring them up 2 places.

14. Norway (14) - Their game against Hungary was one of the worst of the tournament so far. Showed nothing.

15. Hungary (13) - I thought they would be better. were ok against Poland and they the Norway game. Yawn.

16. Greece - Didn't hang with Poland quite as well as Hungary did. That leaves them here.

17. South Korea (23) - Up from the very bottom. Hung around with Germany in what for me has been the biggest surprise so far.

18. Scotland (20) - Have them just ahead of Northern Ireland only because they have a win. Might be different otherwise.

19. Northern Ireland (18) - They have had 2 very difficult games. Would look for them to improve from here.

20. Serbia (17) - Lost to Scotland and looked really poor while doing it. Losing to Scotland is not good for your ranking.

21. Portugal (19) - They should not be this bad but there were just edging out Djibouti. Come on boys.

22. Djibouti (22) - Nailed it in my pre rankings. Just a couple abysmal performances. Have shown nothing and seem to barely have a roster. Would be first in a studs up Power Rankings.

23. Somalia (21) - Easily the worst team in the tournament. Some very pitiful showings.


Anonymous said...

The anonymous blogger that keeps coming on here calling everyone fools needs to shut up already. You make posts on every comment thread and act like you are a spokesman for everyone in Regina and the blogs. I don't agree with what you say, nor do I want to hear what you have to say and I am positive many others feel the same way. Stop posting as the more posts you make the more foolish you make yourself to be. I really wish we could find out who you are as you've been on here for the past two years ranting and raving about the same issues.

Mike can you please not post his comments. They are a waste of the reader's time.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good list Mike. I still think it's a little bit early to be giving teams credit for one victory or writing a team off because they lost their first game. Tournament is still in the early stage and i believe alot is going to change.
Here are my rankings for the top 10

1. France - favourite to win the tournament. Have played very well so far.

2. Laos - Solid team all around. A shaky first game against afghanistan but will gain momentum as the tournament goes on just like every year

3. Canada - Lost their first game to Nigeria. Came out a little bit flat and probably under estimated their opponent. Look for Canada to bounce back strong.

4. Poland - Haven't done anything amazing yet, but also haven't done anything that would say they can't compete. Not someone to look past.

5. Nigeria - very impressive win over Canada. Probably should have been a tie, but they got the W. In the past Nigeria has been the team lose close games, not the case so far this year ( they have only played 1 game though )

6. ROI - A few of the usual faces are not in the picture for ROI this year, but that doesnt mean they shouldn't be feared. Biggest weakness is definitely in net, but that doesn't matter if they are scoring 8 goals a game

7. Afghan - Everyone is all hyped up on these boys but i'm not quite sold yet. A tie against Laos is impressive,especially if they were missing their leading goal scorer, but another tie and afghans chances of moving on are slim.

8. E.S. - Have alot to prove and have a dangerous roster. Their game against Sudan will determine who makes it out in second in their group, I think they will beat them.

9. Jamaica - Has potential to be good but hasn't been tested yet. played their easiest 2 games first, only going to get tougher from here on out. Without D.B. jamaica would not be ranked this highly.

10. Sudan - looked terrible against France, but as defending champs, had to put them in the top ten. Still exciting to watch, but i don't think Sudan has a realistic chance at repeating.

Honourable Mentions -
Germany: Awful showing against Korea. I don't know if they just weren't ready to play or were over confident, but they looked nearly as bad as korea. Have to improve alot to make it out of their group but still have a shot.

Colombia: Didn't see them play but I heard they started off with a win and should not have any problem making it to the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Serbia actually took it to portugal last night so they are higher on my list. Other than that alot of agreement in your rankings mike. Can laos and afghan stop david. If they can it will be long nights for jamaica.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd put Serbia much higher...probably ahead of N. Ireland, but they lost to Scotland, so Scotland should be ahead of them and from what I've seen in S. Korea I'm not sure I'd move them ahead of S. Korea. Beating and dominating a team like Portugal (who looked very sloppy and unimpressive even before the red card, which shows they are undisciplined in a physical game...the PK was their only legit shot in the first half if my memory serves me correct) doesn't shoot you up the ranks with leaps and bounds. I wouldn't be surprise if Scotland also beats Portugal.

Anonymous said...

I thought Darko was supposed to be all that, bragging about how he was going to win the golden boot and all this. The guy put himself first overall in his stupid post about golden boot. So full of it. Darko you suck. You can barely score in such a weak pool. What's your deal? I clearly have out did you, and I am in the running for wcp cup goal of the tournament. Time for you to shut up. You are a weak soccer player.

Anonymous said...

haha the guy making fun of darko leaves as anonymous show is obvious your just trying to throw him off his game, but judging but what you said i would bet you belong to the jam afgh and laos group. probably that fake ass irish guy that plays for jamaica...hahaha you irish always love throwing stones and hiding your hands

Anonymous said...

Reading some of these posts makes me wonder what lies Chico has sold to some gullible idiots like Diya. Do you really think a player on a pro contract would be in a tournament of such poor quality?

Anonymous said...

Kevin played in the mens indoor league when he was in his mid 20's, so why not

Anonymous said...

I don't know how Afghan isn't the most hated team with guys like Soheil, Diya and Kamili. I guess too many still hate the fact that this tournament used to be dominated by ROI but trust me guys like Diya as snakes and are scum.

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad guys like Craig Hodel and Gordie Peevers stayed away from the blogs since they realized that people didn't care for them. I still wonder if those two are the anonymous posters as it suits their personalities. Sadly everything these anonymous people complain about, they are guilty of doing. It is confusing why some of these people even post.

Limit posts from Hodel, Peevers, Diya, Soheil and this Kamili character and I enjoy reading what is said.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever watched Ahmed Kamali play? Probably one of the worst soccer players I have ever seen on the pitch. Any u10 or u12 could out perform that Kamali guy. Why do you keep him on your team Soheil? You have enough heritage, even though many teams don't follow the heritage rules.

Anonymous said...

It's the weekend fellas and I am beyond excited!!!! This is what I expect to see in the next few days.
1. Bigger Nathan Reis struggles to compete at the same level as Paco. Big Nate is too fat, too slow, and too greasy. Maybe he should play on Greece instead!!!!
2. Riggs scares away all the U14 kids and younger as they all get scared and don't understand why Shrek is playing for ROI this year!!!!
3. DG misses the weekend as his romance novel is being made into a Hollywood film. Kamali now hates Julio because DG is his true idol!!!
4. With all the weight gained and all the added pressure of carrying Jamaica, DB's knees give out and he quits soccer for good!!!
5.Darko scores the most incredible goal of the tournament and as he celebrates Paco breaks out in tears knowing that Darko will forever be better than him!!!
6. The facility has a weird stench as Stinkyman Juan Sanchez shows up. YUCK!!!!

The Joker

Anonymous said...

Kamali is not on my team, he was my first cut this year.


Anonymous said...

Kids love Shrek bozo! That may be the reason why I'm so damn popular with the kids.

Can't wait to see the Darko goal and more importantly the cellie.

Riggs aka Shrek

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I am not involved with WCP this year at all. In fact, I would be out of the country for the majority of this tourney. So why bother even posting about me.

Enjoy the tourney, stop fighting and thank god this winter is finally looking to be over. I will not respond but maybe read your comments and laugh.

Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Kamili is the worst player in wcp history! Such a big DUD!

Mike Collins said...

Anon. 16:08 am I the fake ass irish guy on Jamaica who is trying to throw Darko off his game? I am not sure I could be much more transparent as to my identity.