Friday, 29 March 2013

Thursdays Scores

Day 7: March 28, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroups
TeamsScoreGoal Scorers
6:30 PM42U16 Youth BoysHomeEl Salvador0

AwayEngland6Christopher Elles, Ben Mushynsky – 2, George Salumu – 2, Logan Schwartz

7:30 PM43WomenHomeUSA1Jade Haroldson

AwayUkraine13Michelle Anderson-2 Tiffany Gyurek-2 Chelsie Dorosh-1 Natalie Crowdis-1 Tegan Koroluk-1 Nakia Foresberg-1 Kelly Cerkowniak-3 Andrea Cessna-2

8:30 PM44MenHomeAfghanistan1Josip Coric -1

AwayGermany1Simon Kluge -1

9:30 PM45MenHomeNorway1Adam Gottselig

AwayCanada6Jarvis Huyghebaert, Ian Labatt, Mike Sweeney, Ben Wolfmueller – 2, Ryan McAllister


Anonymous said...

I thought Norway was supposed to be all that this year? How the heck did they lose 6-1 to Canada. Are they that bad? Mario let in 6 goals!!??. Wow. That's quite embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Germany were lucky I was injured last night and couldn't play very much.

Next game I'm going to destroy Northern Ireland!

Diya Ramadan

Anonymous said...

@ Diya LOL your a joke

Anonymous said...

I may be mistaken but isn't Simon Germany's goalie? how did he score?

Anonymous said...

it was an own goal really. I cant wait for tonight, Colombia v Ireland

I think Paco will injury Lee tonight, thus ending his career and he go into men on men ad_lt ent_rt_inment

Anonymous said...

anyone else see paco run from 20 yards and charge some1 luckily behind the referee.

LeeMooney10 said...

I did