Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesdays Scores

Day 5: March 26, 2013
Time Game Number Groups
Teams Score Goal Scorers
6:30 PM 34 U14 Boy Home Scotland 2 Moetaz Ghremida, Taylor Nicholson

Away Canada 2 Erik DeRosier, Cody Kroczynski,

7:30 PM 35 Women Home El Salvador 3 Veronica Boesch -2, Alysha Hilchey

Away Portugal 1 Mallory Outerbridge

8:30 PM 36 Men Home Djibouti 1 Zaid Al-Sagheer

Away Portugal 3 Filipe Santos, Justin Freitas, Eduardo Olivera Cruz

9:30 PM 37 Men Home Laos
Scott Myrah, Jadan Wong 2, Chad Anthony, Adam Ailsby, Zackary Roberts-Winter,Calvin Crump, Jordian Farahani

Away N. Ireland
William McGee


Chicklet3 said...

If you any have anyhing negative to say screw you end of story

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike/DB/etc.

If you guys have some time it would be fun to see an updated power rankings post. Surely now that we've seen all the teams play a game or 2 a few things have changed in the power rankings (S. Korea seems to have leaped ahead from last year, was Sudan's 5-0 loss a one off or is France THAT much better than them, Canada was upset and is 0-1).

Anonymous said...

Scotland is the best team in the tournament. They have mad skills, especially their goal keeper. They will destroy all.

-Scottish Warrior

Anonymous said...

Haha Scottish Warrior. Are you the kilt guy? If so, you are a great ambassador. Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Top 10 teams:

1. France: It's tough to argue with France not being seen as the top team. They beat the defending champs 5-0. Last year Sudan lost one match and it was a close one at 3-2, that a 5-0 score line is impressive.

2. Laos: Started off with a tie and then got their first win. Looks like they are starting to find their stride. I am not overly sold on Chico yet, maybe that will change.

3. Nigeria: Always an athletic team, looks like Nigeria has found some skill and ball movement to go along with their memorizing pace.

4. Afghan: Played a really close game with Laos. I thought they should have beat Laos but didn't, this weekend will be a big test to see where they stand after a few more games.

5. ROI: One can argue that they lost a lot of their fire power from last year but I actually think they are a better team minus the goalkeeping. The GK seems very shaky, same with the defense but ROI has a strong spine down the middle of the park.

6. Canada: I don't think Canada is as strong as people initially predicted but they are still a contender to go far.

7. Sudan: I don't think this Cinderella story has a chance to repeat again. I think they were overrated before the tournament began.

8. Jamaica: This tournament benefited from players moving from ROI to Jamaica as two teams were better off for it. Good first result but untested against the better teams in their pool.

9. Poland: Had the potential to be a strong team with Jay Tomchuk and Brett Levis, now they are a middle of the pack team with strong defense. Not as dangerous as they could have been.

10. El Salvador: Narrowly making it to the top 10. This team continues to lose players every year and don't recruit top level talent. This team is declining once more and will find themselves in a lot of close games.

Teams That Are Still Brutal:

Scotland: This youth movement is irrelevant as none of those players are of quality. Physically some of them are out matched but really they aren't a strong group of players for their age.

Somalia: I don't see much improvement from last year.

N. Ireland: A hardworking side, but not a very good team. Will be hard pressed to win a game.


Anonymous said...

I think this is how teams standard after at least after the first week

Soheil Summes said...

Since there is no list for coaches, I thought I’d make one and give a much deserved credit to those coaches who tirelessly put many hours into their teams year in year out.

My top 5 coaches in the tournament (mens side):

1)Pancho Bravo: I’ve had the privilege of playing Pancho several times now and without a doubt he’s one of the best coach’s I’ve competed against. His teams are very organized and extremely hard to break down. They play the best soccer in the tournament hands down and Pancho’s influence plays a big part in their technical approach to the tournament. Having been in the finals for the last 3-4 years is no accident. He’s a master of the game and if you aren’t quick to keep up with his tactical change, his teams will mercilessly crush you.

2)Noe Siguenza: Having previously brought Saudi Arabia to a 3rd place finish and Laos to a championship last year, he’s one of most experienced coaches in the tournament. His teams are known for their direct and physical style of play. He knows how to get the best out of his players and will do what it takes to win. Sudan had started slow and didn’t play as well as they could have this year with a 5-0 loss to france, but be sure under his strong leadership that will not happen again.

3)Bachelu Sr (not sure his first name): At the helm with France for a couple years now and they always come out strong and organized. Employs a physical style of game with an emphasis on a quick counter attack. With several strong players like Kash, Kevin and Brett, France will be a force to be reckoned with again this year. Their strong domination of Sudan both defensively and offensively has put them as the favorites so far to win the tournament. If you’re going up against him be prepared for not only a physical game, but a technical game as well.

4)Tim Callavel: Has been with Canada for the last 2-3 years not quite sure. A strong coach in the tournament who has been consistently getting great results. His strong defensive approach and strict discipline has brought him success over the years. His team has always lacked a strong goalie to push him that extra bit to compete with the likes of Laos but with JD Blakely this year, I can see Canada as a definite favorite for the title.

5)Marek Wosik: Took a Poland team that wasn’t very strong initially and made them extremely strong. Powerful, disciplined with great physicality; Poland is a difficult side to overcome. Unlucky to have been hit with the absences of both Jay Tomchuck and Brett Levi, that could have potentially made them a contender for the title, I expect Poland to still make a strong push for it. Marek likes a physical defensive game and if you’re up against him be prepared for a battle as they will be extremely difficult to take down.

I know I have missed a lot of others, but these are just from what I’ve seen in the last year or two. Feel Free to add your own list Mike and David as well as anyone else who wants to give credit to these great coaches.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who found it stupid having linesman (or assistant referees) in a game with no offsides? I can't really remember an assistant official ever making a call that helped the result of the game. In fact most of them seemed scared to raise their flag in case it may hurt the middle ref's feelings. Or maybe they were just half asleep, getting paid to do an unnecessary job.

I could maybe see going to a two official system, where both of them would get paid to make actual calls, but linesmen are pointless. The only question remains is where the hell is the money going???? Either the teams should be paying less for registration (this makes the most sense to me), or at least reduce the ludicrous admission charges. That has to be a crapload of money being saved.

PS Julio, I saw you put in a post a while back that France always has ES's number. I seem to recall beating them the last two years while playing for ES...just sayin! Jerson thinks they beat them the year before as well, but I wasn't on the team that year, so not sure. haha I think you were even on the team two years ago.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you Riggsy! the linesmen never call anything in Regina other than offsides. Half the games I've been involved in if the linesmen has a flag up the ref in the middle never looks at it them anyways. Having the 4th official at half covers the behind the play stuff. I like the 2 official system as well...put one in each half and you're set.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you came to this when Portugal got killed by Serbia last night (red card or not) and Scotland beat Serbia. Everyone hates on Scotland and just ignores the fact that they're getting results here and there

Anonymous said...

A two man referee system isn't helpful for the referees though. Imagine having two referees with whistles on the field at the same time who have different ideas of what a foul is. You could have death tackles happening in one end of the field and cautions for regular challenges on the other. I know it's frustrating enough when one referee screws up and if there were two it wouldn't be pretty!

Anonymous said...


I am glad that you liked the two official system that I posted in an earlier comment. It only make senses to go that route, as why pay a lineman to be there for a possibly one call in 20 some games? To me it just seems like having linesmen is a waste of money, especially when there is no offside.

Jerson needs to check his memory bank as that was the only time I remember ES beating France. France have beat ES the majority of the times played, and the one time that ES beat France was because of an overtime FK goal by yourself. I think ES will struggle with France, I guess only time will tell. (Please reference to the Top Teams To Ever Play In The Tournament, ES 2009... ES lost to France in round robin play)

Anon 7:13: The referees would each be in charge of one half, that would eliminate both of them making different calls on the same play. The referees would have to have a discussion at the beginning of the game to make sure their were both on the same page. This system has potential to rectify the issues people had with the Canada vs Nigeria game.

Those updated rankings look pretty good but after their win last night Jamaica has to be much higher than that. They can't be ranked next to a team that barely beat South Korea as they blew them out. Looks like DB is firing on all cylinders with 4 goals and the lead for the golden boot. I think Afghan is ranked a little high at the moment. I think they need to show what they have after a few games before they are thrown up that high.

-Julio "The Philosophical One"

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:13: the 2 calls at one time is a total straw man argument. Right now that could happen with a linesmen anyways. Priority call goes to the side where the ball is. Through proper communication (letting the other official knowntheynhave a foul) they can eliminate that issue. If a play happens behind the play it doesn't need to called immediately as it has little direct impact on where the ball is and can be a slightly delayed call. It could work similar to hockey where there is a head referee and an assistant referee without a whistle as well. If there is a foul the AR sees they raise their hand for a delayed foul call. No different than if advantage is called, the ball is set where the infraction took place original,y.

Anonymous said...

Alvaro, do you ever consider taking up a commentator job? It's the only thing you might be good at. You chirp on here like you are king shit. Talk it up when your team wins the Wcp. Last I remember ROI started sucking when you joined the team. The next year a bunch of key players leave. Hummmm ... makes me wonder if people even like you. I doubt half the guys who played with you would ever reveal to you how they really feel about you. If you want to go around and make people look bad and get all these facts, try starting with the easy one: "DO PEOPLE LIKE ME". The answer will likely make you cry idiot.

You obviously don't care and you will probably come up with some smart snooty remarks, but at the end of the day you have it good and don't care right? Ha ha. What a douche.

Anonymous said...

I missed one more fact. Seems like ROI is the most hated team in the WCP. Could it be because Julio aka Foolio is on the team?

Answer: YES!

It's not everyday people hate a whole team. Probably a couple members of a team. Most of the guys are good guys. One or two are huge idiots. You can't vote twice on the polls. I guess you are well liked fool.

Anonymous said...

In case you weren't reading correctly, ES beat France last year, for the 2nd year in a row. If a team has another teams number it means they beat them consistently, if anything based on back to back wins, ES currently has France's number oh philosophical one.

Besides those rankings were flawed anyway. They had a highly ranked French team from 2011, claiming they lost to the greatest team ever of Ireland. 2011 was the year ES eliminated France in the semis and lost to the best team ever of roi in a final shootout, but got no mention in the top 10.


- the factual one -

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:29 & 9:31 (Obviously you are the same person)

I feel sorry for you. You keep coming on to these blogs and you whine and complain. Every post you had just shows more and more unjustified resentment and frankly you are embarrassing yourself. The things you say and the comments you make keep emphasizing the type of person you are. Evidently you haven't noticed that as everything you post complaining about, you do. Maybe to you being called a fool is offensive but I honestly am not affected by your comments as you continue to make yourself look foolish. The more you post, the closer people are getting to know who you are.

I actually would hope that someone like you would dislike me, as you are everything that I find to be wrong with a person. First and foremost you are a coward who can't stand by what they say, which ultimately would lead me to believe that you are also two faced and a back stabber. You are ignorant and lack the ability to comprehend what is written as the only person I've mocked is you and the Scotland guy that can't seem to figure out why I would know who number #17 is. Lastly you are very strongly opinionated yet very inaccurate with the information that you present on here. All which sums up to you being a foolish douschebag according to your calculations.

To answer so direct questions for you:
1.Do I care if you or anyone likes me?
No I don't, but obviously that is a main concern of yours. You so desperately long to be liked you bring it up every opportunity you get with different individuals
2.Did I make ROI suck?
In fact the answer to that is yes. I did not contribute to the team what so ever, and my main goal was to destroy the ROI legacy.
3.Did I make Collins, Kapilla, Jonas all leave ROI?
Yes I definitely did that. I told Collins to stop running ROI cause I wanted him out, so he just dropped everything and went to Jamaica. Kapilla and Jonas were scared of my wrath that they felt that only Collins and Jamaica could protect them from me

I was contemplating not replying to you, yet unfortunately that would leave you with some sense of satisfaction. I want you continue to embarrass yourself as you continue to show just how cowardly and ignorant you truly are. I can stand behind what I say, you can't and that right there speaks volumes of the lack of character you possess.

-Julio "The New Plato"

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Riggs. I will concede that you bring up a valid point.
But I believe that France started beating ES back to back... so that would make the series even.
This year I don't see ES vs France being much of a match up unless ES do much better than they did against Italy.

With Riggs' rationale, that ES team does deserve more praise then given. If that ES team barely lost to the greatest team to ever play in the tournament, that deserves a much higher ranking.

-Julio "I Stand Corrected by Riggs"

Anonymous said...

Julio you don't have all your facts straight at all man. You claim to know everything, which is fine. You do, however, need to admit when you are wrong.

You also don't have to defend yourself on here. It just makes you look terrible. Do you enjoy going up against anonymous bloggers. To do that shows that they have got under your skin. It also shows me that you are taking offense to what people say about you. If you are happy with yourself etc, then you should have just been quite like you said you were going to earlier when the blog started. Was that just a plot to see if people would talk about you? Maybe you like the attention? I hiley doubt you are what you say you are. Wake up and smell the coffee already.

You compare some good soccer players, but you forget to tell people that Chico has a pro contract. You fail to mention that Levis does not. I do believe and agree with some anonymous posts that you are biased and favor your friends. You have said it before that Saskatoon players are elite and better than other cities. That my friend is not true. Players from Edmonton/Calgary are far better than the ones from Saskatchewan yet you talk about Levis like he is a GOD.

People on the blog that complain about you, do so for the right reasons. I really don't think it's just one person. Julio, you are the person in a University class that everyone hates because they don't shut up while the class is going on. Best example to describe the type of person you are. Try giving the people some good information. Try giving the people some correct information.

-Diya Ramadan

Anonymous said...


I would write you a long reply but all you deserve is the following. Here is some good and accurate information:
2. You doubt I am what I say I am? I am confused by that, again LEARN TO READ. Please enlighten me to what I have said I am. Show me quotes with posts on this blog.

I honestly rather reply to the anonymous guy who makes sense and speaks English than you Diya. Like who are you?!

-Julio "Dazed & Confused"

Anonymous said...

Oh and Diya.

I think by Levis being named an "All-Canadian" it would make him a bit better than the majority, if not ALL the players in the tournament. I am not sure if you understand what I just wrote there but take your best effort at it.

-Julio "Done Talking to Dumb-Diya"

Anonymous said...

Julio you got your first point dead on. I know you don't know Diya but he is a waste of time. Diya why don't you go tackle more women in co-ed as that is all you are good at?

Anonymous said...

Julio..have you ever heard the saying "people who live in glass houses don't throw stones?" Now STFU! Nobody cares to read your meaningless rants so unless you have something constructive or even remotely interesting to share, please spare us all from your pathetic attempt at cutting others down to make yourself appear more intelligent and a better athlete than you really are.

Anonymous said...

Once again we have an anonymous post who goes against everything that they have posted and they make an effort to cut down Julio. Do you people not read the blog? Individuals come on here and try to cut others down and some people just take it. People like Julio don't and they turn the situation back on it's head and it causes people to get upset because they are being put in their place. You anonymous people that are cutting everyone down are mad because Julio isn't just going to sit there and take what you say. Julio takes what you say and points it back on you even without knowing who you are. For that he is very intelligent and that is very well done on his part. The people that need to shut their faces are the random anonymous ones like 22:59 who come on here with nothing useful to contribute and that just make an effort to take swipes at people. Take your own advice and STFU.

Anonymous said...

Julio you have officially stepped over the line. You go out and call Diya an idiot and you go out and say he can't read. What you shouldn't have done is go out and poked fingers at Diya for his English. Who do you think you are discriminating against people because they don't speak good Enlgish.

You have got yourself into a bad situation here buddy considering more than half the people in this tournament come from different countries and had to learn English.

You need to give it up buddy, because if someone reports you, which I hope they do, you could be in a lot of trouble.

YOU NEED TO APPOLOGIZE for your actions and words. You make everyone in this tournament look bad. It'S offensive and very rude. You have gone too far and you must be reported. People who take offense to this can start by letting KEVIN know. A ban would be a good start, or a suspension.

You are a huge embarrassment to the soccer community Julio. For people who don't know his real name is: Alvaro Campos. You claim to coach kids and help out, yet you go and discriminate based on language.

I am disgusted by you!

-Pissed off WCP CUP Parent

Anonymous said...

Some of these anonymous posts sound like something Evan Campbell would say. He is a big cry baby! Wouldn't be surprised if it were him.

Anonymous said...

Pissed Off WCP CUP Parent,

You go right ahead and do whatever you need to do. I am pretty sure much worse comments are made and have been made in the past on this blog. Unfortunately your case against me is flawed and has very little bearing. I did not threaten or harass, nor did I actually do anything to cross a line. If in your opinion I did cross a line please answer me this, all the posts made by anonymous people have been further insulting than any of mine therefore what should be done about them?

Telling Diya he needs to learn to read before his criticizes what I have said is justifiable by the comments that he made in regards to my posts. Read what I have previously posted, and read what Diya posted. If he can't read what is written properly and then has the desire to criticize me; well my statement is fair.

Secondly English is not my first language and I also was not born in Canada. So if I broke down your logic further and made assumptions as such I could then argue that in fact any comments directed towards me could in some way have direct correlation to that background and ultimately be discriminatory.

If Diya opens his mouth and wants to criticize me, he opens himself to the same criticism. You say I discriminate due to language, what about Diya discriminating due to sex in his previous posts? What about anonymous bloggers discriminating due to appearance and intellectual capacity? How many times has an anonymous blogger insulted someone on this blog?

Unfortunately you have enraged yourself over something that isn't really an issue. The comments I made could have been said to Diya on the street, in a bar, on the soccer field and there is no grounds for any type of actions. Some may feel that my comments were rude, some may feel that my comments were insensitive, but ultimately that is based on opinions of the reader.

Reality is that I do not know who Diya is and frankly I don't care. For all I know Diya speaks perfect English and he was born in Regina. For all I know Diya speaks better english than I do, so unfortunately I am not discriminating by language as you have accused as I do not know who this Diya individual is.

Seeing as we are in the business of demanding apologies, why do you stop being a hypocrite and start demanding apologies for every single poster that has insulted someone on this blog due to sex, age, intellectual capacity, or language? The most common insult on this blog is about people's appearance, ultimately those comments could be severely damaging or life threatening if someone develops and eating disorder due to the comments made by other individuals. So what then?!

Were you hoping I'd be like many other people on this site and back down when I know I haven't done anything wrong? Was my comment rude? Possibly, but was my comment damaging. Highly doubtful.

You are too insensitive to be on the blog if that is something that enrages you. Like I said do what you have to do, but if my comments merit a ban or a suspension as you have mentioned. Then many more people deserve harsher punishments than I. Including yourself as by calling me an embarrassment I am deeply offended that you would discriminate against me due to my character and personality.


Anonymous said...

WOW Pissed Off Parent get off the blog if that is something that disgusts you! That is a complete joke on your part to post something like that. Also unfortunately everyone wants to put bans and suspensions on people, but there is not way to prove that is was actually Julio that posted that. As if there was a way to prove that then I would back Julio and make a notion to have ALL the anonymous posters who insult people in any which way or form banned. That would also include you Pissed Off Parent as you have insulted Julio just as equally as Julio did with Diya.

Anonymous said...

Wow Julio that is a DG level novel. I guarantee that's not actually Diya, as Diya is actually a funny guy. It's the same anon loser that posts under every other name, you can tell by the poor grammar.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand why people can't just get along and lighten up a little. What Julio says is obviously a joke and people are taking it way too serious. Why do we need to fight and argue over facts that are just an opinion anyways. This tournament is supposed to be a fun thing isn't it? Last I checked no one was getting paid, and no one was on contract.

People will get upset, people will complain, but people on here just sit at attack other people. What's the point in having an informative blog when it's full of messages hating on others.

We have parents on here now clearly upset. Keep the posts simple, keep them informative. Don't go out and talk about other players, and attack people. Last I checked this blog was supposed to be for the players in the adult mens portion of the tournament. Lets act like adults. If you want to trash talk someone, gets some guts and tell the people to their faces.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

This is getting ridiculous. Why are people (possibly the same person) so bent on demanding suspensions or bans? If I were to scroll through all these blogs there is a call for a ban almost every second day. First people want to ban David, and Mike, then Levis and Riggs, and now Julio. Give your head a shake people. If anyone needs to be banned it is people like "Dwayne Head", The Joker, Kirk Evans and all the anonymous posters who come on here and bring negativity. Language discrimination? Are you serious with that? It serves you right WCP parent that you are disgusted but you should disgusted in yourself for that pitiful post and reasoning.

Anyone else find it odd that a "concerned parent" would come on here and insult Julio and then not even post their name? Isn't Diya a grown man?


Anonymous said...

Great point anon 11:43. I 100% agree with you. Unfortunately some people lack a certain filter to process information and then they get angered over nothing.

Anonymous said...

I think that GOW/Anonymous is pulling a fast one on us!!!! WCP Angry Parent = GOW!!!

The Joker

Anonymous said...

After all that is said on these blogs why would a parent come on here and complain over "language discrimination". I really think that post was fabricated as they are asking people to do the reporting for them? Why not do it yourself?
Anyways stupid post, stupid reason to be upset, let's move on people.


Anonymous said...

I am most offended by the poor grammar, spelling, and lack of cohesive thoughts on this blog. I may be morbidly obese and oozing grease, but my use of the English language has yet to be questioned! I'll chalk that up as a win.


Anonymous said...

i like turtles.

oh and mike collins needs a makeover