Friday, 29 March 2013

David's Updated Power Rankings

1) France (2) - Convincing win over Sudan, looking strong all around.

2) Laos (1)Laos still look good and play good soccer they are still one of my favorites to win the cup. Tough first game Vs. Afghan but I'm sure they'll just get stronger as the tournament goes on.

3) Afghanistan (7) - If the core if there team will make it every game (Mitch,Bobbi,Contenti,Josip,Diakiw) I think they have a chance of making a run. Close game with Laos and unlucky not to get the win. But a tie with Germany is not the best result for them. Would be alot better if Mitch shot the ball!!!

4) Nigeria (9) - I had them very underestimated before, great win Vs. Canada now they just have to not slip up against some of the weaker teams like they have in the past.

5) Canada (3) - Canada are very strong defensively I just think they are lacking the fire power to go all the way.

6) Poland (4) - Poland are in the same boat as Canada here, lacking fire power. Jay is doubtful to return and Brett Levis not playing at all will really hurt them. They have a couple guys that chip in with goals but I'm not sure that is enough.

7) Sudan (5) - After being destroyed by France first game they just don't seem to have the team that won them the cup last year.

8) ROI (6) - ROI will not struggle to score goals but keeping them out will be an issue. They will advance through there group with ease but will be matched up with a tough quarter final game.

9) Germany (11) - Very poor showing Vs. South Korea but they were missing players. Managed to pull of a tie Vs. Afghan which is impressive.

10) ES (8) - I have ES 8th just because I am not too sure about them yet. They have some quality but the game against Sudan will be the deciding game to see if I should of ranked them higher.

11) Jamaica(10) - Beat the 2 weakest teams in the group so far I just dont see them getting out of the group.

12) Colombia (13) - Good first win for them, I expect them to get out of the group.

13) Italy (16) - Kept it close with ES so they jump up a few spots.

14) Norway - Still just are Norway, an okay team.

15) Hungary (18) - I think they are only so high off the bottom because there are so many poor teams.

16) Greece (15) - Based on the games to far probably the weakest team in the group.

17) Scotland (20) - Managed to get a win so they climb a few spots.

18) Northern Ireland (19) - In a tough group, wouldnt be as low if they had managed to be in an easier pool.

19) Serbia (12) - Lost to Scotland. Also looked very poor Vs. Portugal too.

20) Portugal (17) - Shocked to see them so low.

21) South Korea (23) - In a tough group but definately improved from last year.

22) Djbouti - Just bad and wreckless. I feel bad for there goalie.

23) Somalia (21) - I don't think I've seen a worse team in this tournament ever.


Anonymous said...

The worst pool in the tournament is the one with:


The pool is wide open. The only team not in contention is Djibouti. Ireland will finish in 1st. The 2nd place team is up for grabs. Whoever in this pool finishes in 2nd will get crushed in the quarter finals. That game will be boring and the score line will be double digits I bet.

I watched the Djibouti game the other night against Portugal and it was miserably boring to watch. I agree with you D.B. that their poor goalie is getting slaughtered with tons of shots. He keeps them in the games but they have no offense at all. The old guy up front for Djibouti is useless in my opinion. That team needs a lot of help. They look like they learnt to play soccer on the street or something. Some guy on Portugal got destroyed by a Djibouti tackle. I think Mike was correct when he said Djibouti was reckless.

I also watched Serbia play against Portugal. Serbia was supposed to be a top notch team. I really didn't see that, and it was another boring game to watch. Portugal was also horrible. Scotland is another iffy team. They have a lot of youth players but really no chemistry.

I'm going to take a guess here and say:

Ireland wins first place.
Columbia wins second place.

What do you guys/girls on here think? Agree or Disagree?

Anonymous said...

I've yet to see the other teams play, but from what I hear, I would have to agree.


Anonymous said...

Djibouti is a team full of bums. They have no idea how to play soccer at all. All of those players on the field look like chickens with their heads cup off. There are maybe three players on that team that are decent. The rest of them sucks. It's pretty clear that they have no talent at all. Just watch one of their games. Why even put a team in if you are going to play like Djibouti.

Anonymous said...

let Djibouti players play but don't hate, its all about different cultures having a contribution, it takes balls to come out and play especially when you know you will be criticized and humiliated on the Blog, i don't see any point of bashing instead of encouraging. I think they know they are that bad but at-least they don't having any intentions of hurting other players but the feeling that your home country is being represented is just out of this world. hopefully they will improve their tackling. Cheer up those who feel somehow mistreated it will get better.

Ian McLaren said...

Good for Djbouti for fielding a team. The more the merrier. Hopefully, some of the bigger groups like the Ukraine and England can get back to fielding teams and representing their people. That is after all what this tournament is suppose to be all about.

Anonymous said...

i back the last two comments up 100%. these dinks who bash every team and player are a bad smell to this tournament. why has mike collins and his bum buddies got something to negative to say about everyone. missing the whole point of playing soccer in the first place.

Well done Djbouti for playing and bringing a team, i bet mike collins thought Djbouti was a dj in his fav hangout the rainbow night club.

good luck to the underdog teams who get bashed every year. and thanks for bringing lots of fans and making this tournament bigger than it could of been without you.

John Goldi - Taxi driver Regina, loves watching the games and hopes the tournaments rules become more strict with regards to the country your allowed to play on.

Anonymous said...

I am very disappointed in this blog:

I walk around the facility and people are talking bad about specific teams, especially Djibouti because of some comments Mike has made and continued to make about the team thus far.

Just because one guy (blog owner: Mike Collins) had a bad game and might have had a few bad tackles against him during a friendly, doesn't mean you should hate a team and talk bad about them.

It's one persons opinion. Someone posts something on here and everyone immediately jumps on that and there is no turning back. Think for yourself people. Make your own mind up. Don't be so easily persuaded.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience Mr. Collins. I don't think it's fair to hate the whole of Djibouti. Maybe you don't like a couple players!?

I've seen a lot of bad tackles in this tournament thus far, so why are people not hating on those teams?

It would honestly be greatly appreciated if we can say some positive things about teams. I thought this tournament was supposed to be multicultural and people were supposed to join together and celebrate our sport: soccer.

Anyways, wish everyone best of luck. Enjoy the games. Cheer and have fun. That's what it is about. Whether you win or lose. Be a good sport.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the last few comments. This is supposed to be a multicultural event. Why do you think the opening ceremonies are filled with multicultural speakers rather than soccer scouts? It would be fantastic to have 24 highly competitive teams representing their countries, but lets be realistic...this is Regina! That's not going to happen. We can't even field enough "elite" players to have a legit div. 1 in the men's league. The big fish in a very small pond elitists that leave a shit stain on this tournament. Every year there are a small handful of truly entertaining games out of well over 100 games in this tournament and every year there are only a small handful of truly elite players that have ever done anything with a soccer career.

I agree that I would love to see the rules get tightened up on heritage to make it more competitive and also bring a little more culture to the tournament.

Mike Collins said...

I don't think Djibouti is out there to purposely hurt people. I honestly think they just don't know any better especially when it comes to studs up tackles. Some Djibouti players need to improve their knowledge of the sport in order to adequately compete. I give them props for entering though.

As for heritage I am not sure why they are so lenient with the standards right now. Some teams have little to no heritage. Would like to see it tightened up.

Anonymous said...

Collins - "Would like to see it tightened up."

Bahahaha! Yeah mon... I bet you would! Ja maican lots of sense, mon.


Anonymous said...

@07:58 LOL

Anonymous said...

anon:07:58 HA HA HA HA.... some funny stuff