Saturday, 23 March 2013

Recap Day One

Ukraine vs Scotland

Right off the kick-off this game looked like it would be a more even match-up than we're used to seeing when Ukraine plays. Scotland scored the first goal less than 10 minutes in and shook the confidence of the defending champions. Shortly after Scotland scored again making it 2-0. The tables turned when the Scotland goalkeeper hit the roof and Teagan Koroluk sniped a goal off the free kick. Ukraine started to put the pressure on and Scotland started to fall flat, almost conceding another goal before half. The second half Ukraine kept the pressure on and both teams had chances that weren't finished. Late in the second half Teagan scored another goal to tie the game. This game ended 2-2 and gave us hope that Ukraine's reign is over.

Sudan vs France

I predicted a France win and I nailed it. As much as I'd like to talk up how well France played, the more interesting part of this game is what Sudan didn't do. In the first half Sudan deployed Tong Tong as a midfielder instead of a striker and tried to actually play soccer. This played right into France's game as Regan bustled one in over the line to make it 1-0 and Brett scored a free kick to take the lead to 2. The second half saw a change of tactics from Sudan as they moved Tong Tong back up front but they failed to replicate their strategy from last year and knocked very few balls into the box. France continued to outplay even as Sudan sprawled to try and win free kicks and Scholan added 2 more and Travis Brady another. 5-0 France.   


Anonymous said...

Ukraine isn't as strong this year.. Just my opinion. Portugal will take it In the womens..

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above comment. Outerbridge is back, she will dominate as long as they can get her the ball.

Anonymous said...

Portugal isn't as well-balanced in their division as say, Scotland or Ukraine. Shut down their two prominent strikers and Portugal falls flat, as evident in the El Salvador game.