Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Observations So Far

Alright finally getting around to a write up actually talking about what I have seen so far.

1. A couple teams have surprised me with how well they have played. Afghanistan would be the first. They looked really good against Laos. Mitch Bauche looked great moving the ball quickly and controlling the mid. Another surprising team was Sudan and not in a good way. They seem to be missing a couple important guys which resulted in them changing their tactics. They looked harmless against France.

2. Nigeria looked really good against Canada. They are quick and they now have the ability to control the ball and keep possession . If they can keep it up consistently they are a legitimate challenger.

3. So of the teams I have seen I would say France, Laos, Afghan, Nigeria and Canada all have a legitimate chance to win it all. This is one of the most wide open years to date.

4. Just below these teams are the playoff contenders who could upset one of the top teams. I see them as ROI, Jamaica, Poland, Sudan. I am sure there will be a clamoring for Sudan and Poland to be higher but I just have not seen enough out of them to say they are elite. Poland lack fire power as of now and Sudan look out of sorts.

5. I have no idea what to make of ES. They played pretty well and had tons of possession but possession does not equate to goals. They need to sort things out in the opositions third if they want to do anything.

6. On the Women's side it looks wide open this year. Scotland, Ukraine, and Portugal all look good so it will be tight getting out of that group. Germany were not the powerhouse I thought they were while Ireland look better than I expected. Should get very interesting.

7. Power Ranking the best goals I have seen so far I would say. 1) Tong Tongs Bicycle Kick 2) Ryan McGavigan's Delicate Chip for ROI 3) Paco's scorcher from half for Colombia and 4) Ronny's bender for ES.

8. Most absurd thing I have heard so far..... Scotland keeper claiming the referee cost them the game against ROI...... you lost 8-2. How did the ref score 8 goals? Give your head a shake.

9. I did not see the Canada -Nigeria game as I was in the dressing room but it seems like it was everything I expected it to be.

10. Since I did not see Nigeria vs Canada, the best game I have seen was Laos vs Afghanistan. It was just played on a different level. Possession was crisp and controlled and it actually resembled a game of soccer. Not excited to play those 2 teams.

11. I mentioned this before but Afghans Mitch Bauche is the player I have been most impressed by. So calm on the ball and plays the #10 roll perfectly. Great to watch.
12. What happened to Germany. That was a downright pathetic showing against South Korea. Every time they looked like they were going to get up to speed they stalled out. I expect they will improve greatly as the tournament moves on but that was a bad one.

13. Most improved team do look to be South Korea though. If a year ago they had held Germany to under 10 goals it would have been a miracle. Let alone 6-4. Scotland also look better than they have in the past. Already having a win under their belt. 

14. What was happening when that South Korea player got injured? He got up and started wandering through the net. It was both bizarre and humourous but in all seriousness I hope he is ok.

15. After last night I think it is fair to say Somalia are the worst team in the tournament this year. They just have little to offer soccer wise. Their keeper and his multiple tumbles deserve a mention though. Guy is like a plastic bag caught in the wind. Tumbling any time someone come near. It's surprisingly entertaining.

Alright that is all for now. If you have any questions or want further analysis on a team or game let me know and I happily oblige.


@Cam_Lag said...

The only way a ref can cost a team the game is right at the end (like canada nigeria - I'm not actually sure either way whether the call was right or wrong. for the crossbar incident, i think unless the ball has clearly been buried and there is no doubt, then call it a goal otherwise- no goal. as for the push on the goalie... who knows!)
Either way, if the ref screws you over more than 3 times resulting in a 3 goal difference, then MAYBE you can blame the ref. When you lose by 4+, you most likely never had a chance to begin with. It is too easy to score in this tourney (even for weak teams), to blame a momentum swing on one or two calls by a ref... especially early on in a game.

Anonymous said...

Canada didn't look impressive but nigeria did look good. Jarvis played very defensively. If he would have taken a shot could be a diffferent game. Nigeria have always been "around." Never losing to a top team by more than a goal or so. Tied Poland Last year. Could upset them this year. I think Poland could win a couple playoff games with their defence alone. Once Tomchuk is back (rumours about levis too) they'll be a handful.

Anonymous said...

Levis won't be playing at all. And Jay hasn't even tried running yet he said maybe try it out this weekend but he's not gonna risk anything.


Anonymous said...

He told me he was going to try running this past weekend. Haven't checked in since but that doesn't seem like a lot of time between first steps running and being "match fit".

Anonymous said...

Two best games sofar are Afghanistan vs Laos and Canada vs Nigeria , definitely great games to watch but the can vs Nigeria game was so intense and as a fan I couldn't take it no more yet my Laos team was playing next. It looks like actually most teams have improved which is good and a couple of ppl leaving Ireland for other teams is definitely a good thing for the tournament , looking forward to the weekend. Greece tackles needs to be examined by the committee I don't think those guys are there to play soccer, some of them just want to hurt ppl, I think wcp should do something if not ban them from playing,

Anonymous said...

I think Poland is going to be in trouble without Jay or Brett. They can play well defensively but without those 2 attacking players they are in tough. Haven't impressed me yet.
Nigeria is a nice surprise, they have been hyped the last few years but finally this year they appear to have taken the step up to the elite. One bad game can change all of that though, it's a long tournament and crazy things do happen.
What was up with Germany against South Korea? I didn't see the game but the score line finished alot closer than I would have predicted.

Anonymous said...

Greece has always played like that.You have to know going into a game against Greece that your guaranteed to get fouled and fouled hard.

Anonymous said...

Great post mike but once again you wrong about Poland , we don't really rely on Brett or Jay, sure they are top players but we have other ppl capable of doing the same thing and that's score goals, look at how we are organized defensively and a couple of ppl chipping in with goals, once again you hyping up other teams but we will keep doing what's best for us and not what you think. And as for Greece they gave us some chip shots but we big boys, I don't like their style of play but they don't have any other options but to fouls ppl and stop the ball movement

Anonymous said...

Think you were spot on mike with most of your comments.

Regarding afghanistan, it is not just mitch, but two midfielders who dominated the laos midfiled.

Afghaniatan and nigeria so far have impressed me most.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the afghan comment. Mitch is unreal but having Ryan contenti in there is huge for them too. Once Josip comes to play I'm going to assume Bobbi will drop into center mid with miitch and Ryan. They looked great the other night! And us jamaicans are in alot of trouble! Haha


Anonymous said...

"And as for Greece they gave us some chip shots but we big boys, I don't like their style of play but they don't have any other options but to fouls ppl and stop the ball movement" EPIC SPELLING FAIL! Poland stinks. As for if levis this and if Tomchuk that, if your aunt had balls she would be your uncle. In your case probably the same person. Keep the ball and your mouths rolling.

Anonymous said...

Who cant wait to watch Greece vs Hungary on the 7th?

Anonymous said...

I can definitely wait...

Anonymous said...

Scotland keeper did not blame the ref - haha what alot of shit.

ireland and scotland are awesome to watch. at least they shake hands and attempt to sing their anthem.
Good luck to both of them.

Greece - dirty. Serbia - dirtier. Ireland 17 - ban from the tournament! twice we have seen him off the ball hitting folk in the head. maybe he likes ufc?

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 23:16. I'd rather watch teams that buy into the 'playing for your flag' part and bring the culture to the tournament. Clearly this tournament isn't just about good soccer. If it was it would be reduced to 10 teams or so. I have no interest in watching a N. Ireland game or any other team that is not only a bad team, but nothing tondo with their culture. I'd rather watch a bad Scotland team who plays with passion and pride in this tournament format than a good team that just plays. And the same goes for the fans. Props to the Poland, ES, Laos type fans that make a great atmosphere for these games, rather than just a run of the mill adult tournament.

Anonymous said...

yeh great fans for poland and loas etc. Sudan and their dancing :) makes for a great tournament

and the scottish guy in the kilt thats there without fail every game

Also... bring back the linesman on the near side, what a joke!!!

Anonymous said...

@11:32 well if that is the case maybe its because people of other nations don't have the economic benefits of the rest! it takes money to start a team you know! you people always so ignorant of the facts you must be a little rich boy who has absolutely no clue about real life.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...what part of my post has anything to do with money or economics? It doesn't take money to have pride in the team/country you are playing for, cheering for or came from. It doesn't cost anything to look up the lyrics to your countries national anthem or a chant on youtube and learn the song, or to cheer or make noise if you are at the game. It costs VERY little to come dressed in team colours (doesn't have to be branded with the countries name on it even).

Anon 11:32

Anonymous said...

i asked the scotland keeper tonight if he felt the ref cost them the game, he simply said no, dont be stupid. mike collins, u are a liar. we all know u have a grudge against a couple teams / players but try keep it to yourself. alot of people now pissed off at you and ur antics.

also why are u not playing for ur own country.

why are we not focusing our attention to those who jump ship and play for random countries

Mike Collins said...

He definitely did say that.... Why would I make that up? Also why would I have a grudge against Scotland? I can see why he would deny it. That makes sense.

I am not playing for ROI because there was no team at the deadline so Kevin asked me to play and I said I would then ROI put in a team 5 days later. Unlike DG I don't go back on my commitments.

Anonymous said...

Roi were advertising for players, and u bailed on them!

and scotland keeper did not blame the ref. go ask him yourself. your making statements you have no right to make.

it bothers me that u hear one thing, get a hard on. and run a mile with it to shit stir.

im certain he said the ref did not help, esp with giving a goal when it was kicked out his hands. which was very clear to us all watching. Also im certain that referee is a special friend of yours?

Anonymous said...

Who is the keeper for Scot? He doesn't look familiar. Did he play for a dif wcp team last year. He looks very young. I think Scot has improved cuz of him. He saved their asses a lot. Not very much defence helping him out.

Who is the keeper for Ireland? Where does he play in the reg season if anywhere. Ireland could be so much better with a better GK.

Who's gonna take it this year. Anyone? I think Canada's gonna come on strong and upset this tourney by going all the way to the final.