Sunday, 24 March 2013

Saturday's Scores

Time Game Number Groups
Teams Score Goal Scorers
10:00am 5 U12 Girls Home Canada 1 Frankie Gawryluik

Away Japan 2 Natalia McCullough-2

11:00am 6 U12 Boys Home Argentina 6 Jerry Wiebe – 3, Chris Schabel, Arinze Abii-Doh, Mitchell Langlois

Away Germany 2 Zach Popowich

12:00pm 7 U14 Boys Home England 2 Cody Stillwell, Jordan Fiske

Away Canada 8 Nicolas Cross – 3, Erik DeRosier, Ryan Gallet – 2, Cody Kroczynski – 2

1:00pm 8 U16 Girls Home Brazil 3 Chloe Langen, Megan Ripplinger, Kallie Cowles

Away England 1 Sam Burko

2:00pm 9 U16 Boys Home Italy 7 Victor Leon – 2, Jonathan Kraft, Michael Malaythong, Oliver Hudson-Plante, Alessamdro Palamara, Ryan Swetlow

Away El Salvador 1 Joey Young

3:00pm 10 Women Home Ireland 2 Margo Anderson – 2

Away Canada 2 Ashleigh Buggera, Tricia Langen

4:00pm 11 Women Home Poland 3 Danielle Pellerin – 2, Megan Kasdorf

Away Holland 3 Robyn Ason-kiss -2, Lindsay Hazelaar

5:00pm 12 Men Home Colombia 5 Leslie Andersen-2, Paco Brown-Laxdal, Greg Elkington, Morris Malowayi

Away Djibouti 1 Yamane Emaha

6:00pm 13 Men Home Ireland 8 Ryan McGavigan – 3, Alvi Campos-2, Steve Paterson, Nathan Reis, Zach Nenson

Away Scotland 2 Kyle Brown, Kevin Riddell

7:00pm 14 Men Home Poland 3 Justin Pasternak, Matthew Schmeichel,( own goal)

Away Hungary 1 Allan Siwela

8:00pm 15 Men Home Northern Ireland 2 Ryan Shillingford, William McGee

Away Jamaica 6 David Brown-2, Michael Collins-2, Andrew Banarjee, Kevin Holness

9:00pm 16 Men Home Canada 1 Mike Schabel

Away Nigeria 2 Precious Okulu, Emmanuel Otitoju

10:00pm 17 Men Home Laos 2 Adam Ailsby, Jordian Farahani

Away Afghanistan 2 Pavel Rashid, Bobbi Nicholat


Anonymous said...

It was actually McAllister that scored for Canada!

Anonymous said...

Canada got robbed. They sould have won against Nigeria. What a disaster. Maybe the WCP CUP should think about getting those linesman back? Cutting costs definately isn't helping the fans, because we are still paying the same ticket prices. Atleast let the fans enjoy some fair games, and not have the games decided by incorrect calls. No one likes that.

You should post another poll on: SHOULD THE WCP CUP HAVE LINESMAN!

Anonymous said...

I figured it out. I saw him blogging on his crack berry. GOW is Flavio Bravo. What a tool. I knew it!!!

Anonymous said...

No one updates scores anymore? I have been up here looking to get the Sunday scoreline but none so far! Kinda disappointed that these blogs are just used for bashing players that some people don't like instead of also updates,scoreline and other interesting topics. Believe me you,there are a lot more people interested in WCP outside of Regina/ try being current!

Anonymous said...

go on twitter to get the instant answers you need. people have lives outside of the blog and updating it takes a backseat to personal lives.

Anonymous said...

It was actually Pavel Onceanu that scored for Afganistan not "Rashid"

Anonymous said...

no it was Ahmed Dyia