Sunday, 10 March 2013

10 Terribly Irritating Things About the WCP Cup

1. The seating - This is the perhaps the most obvious one. It is awful having to watch from behind the nets or worse standing watching over someones shoulder up top. We have tried to think of ideas such as having bleachers on the far side but haven't come up with any perfect solutions. Any suggestions?

2. Chile Chants - CHI CHI CHI LE LE LE! Ugghhh...... Let me know when its over. 

3. Players Who Have No Idea What They Are Doing - If you have played any reasonable level of soccer you know exactly who these guys are. They are the ones who tackle you, studs up, at your knees while you don't even have the ball and it's half time. Then they have no idea that they have even done anything wrong. See Djibouti.

4. Crap Days - Maybe it is just because I have to go watch on pretty much every day but the days that have a U16 Girls Game followed by a bad Women's Game all topped off with 2 terrible Mens games are hard to sit through. Don't be surprised if my recaps are very vague.

5. People Taking It Too Seriously - Then there are the players who think that if they made the semi final of the tournament that they are one of the greatest players to have ever lived. If winning a WCP Cup is the greatest achievement on your soccer resume...... it's probably not much of a resume.

6. Polska Chant - Another frustratingly uninventive chant. If Polska had only had one more syllable in it this chant would be obsolete. Let's step up the creativity people.

7. Pretending To Follow Rules - I know this is supposed to be a heritage tournament but what the heck is the point if we are going to make so many exceptions that a quarter of the teams probably don't qualify under the heritage rules. Let's just do away them then.

8. Kick Ins - I know I complain about this all the time but it just annoys me so much. Now Sudan has taken it to the extreme and the result is a game that hardly recognize anymore. We've taken soccer and americanized the heck out of it. Next year a 3 point line.

9. Youth Teams Keeping Their Change Rooms - Remember when the top 4 Mens teams used to get to keep their dressing rooms? Why doesn't that happen anymore? Because the winning youth teams get to keep a dressing room now. Why in the world does a youth team need to keep a dressing room? They take all their stuff home with them (well their parents do) and I am sure they are not ever going in it when there are not playing. What's the point?

10. Seeing Random People - Once a year for 3 weeks I am awkwardly forced to talk to a bunch of people I would never talk to otherwise. Its like a high school reunion, if I wanted to talk to you I would have probably stayed in touch.


Anonymous said...

I think number 5 needs to be number one on that list!! Please see the following players as great examples of this:
Kirk Evans
Gordon Peevers
Craig Hodel
Santamaria Family
Bravo Brothers
Soheil Summers
All of team Italy, Afghan Greece, and Poland.

-The Joker

Anonymous said...

are you actually complaining about the chants? sure then, why doesn't every one just keep quite and not make any noise then because that'll make the atmosphere that much more exciting. I enjoy the polish fans because they chant in their own language and bring out the cultural side of this tournament.

Anonymous said...

1. Agree they suck but not much can be done to improve that. It's the bes that can be done with the set up of the current facility.

2. Meh...I like that the fans get into it.

3. That's the problem when a tournament gets too big and waters down the talent pool. You get hacks that can't keep up or sandlot soccer players that don't understand the difference between aggressive play within the laws of the game and what is not allowed.

4. Again a product of a growing tournament and trying to create big hype "showcase" days.

5. Can't disagree here. Way too many people treat this as their own real World Cup and don't realize this is rec tournament.

6. See 2.

7. While the heritage rules are a bit of a joke, how many people in Regina are truly 2nd or even 3rd generation Canadians? Most are 5 or 6 generations deep as Canadians, so it's tough to find heritage in other countries, or at least enough to fill teams. I'd love to see it changed to a much higher heritage requirement like 75% of your roster, but its not realistic.

8. Totally agree. I would much rather watch a legit soccer match. The goals are big enough for most of these teams, we don't need more goals. I'd rather watch the art of a great possession game and the occassinal brillliant goal, than long dumping shots from everywhere.

9. Let the kids have their moment. Let the tournament be a big deal for the kids as they are the future of the game. It's a rec tournament, who cares if the men keep their locker room.

10. Agree. I hate running into people I have no interest in talking too. I came to watch the games and maybe chat with friends. Not have some canned "what's new? Just busy with work." Awkward conversation.

Anonymous said...

Great comment joker. You continue to surprise us with your creativity. Too bad the same can't be said of your soccer skill. We know you obviously have crush on the individuals you keep bringing up, but instead of trying to interact with them on here, why don't you approach them in person and confess your love?
Are you nervous that you will be rejected by these individuals just like you have been rejected by your peers your entire life?

-Jiminy Cricket

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for next yr Chile is putting a mens team again in, the are going to be awesome, they are going to bring guys from edmonton

Anonymous said...

you sound like you a little bit bitter man,you may be annoyed by those things but we love them aite, but as for that Djibouti game you guys played, i think both teams were playing rough and probably Jamaica was annoyed by the fact that Djibouti were playing better than expected im just saying.

Anonymous said...

Poland is going to win it all this year, just like we deserved to last year. No one can match our aggression and intensity. We have the best fans. Our team is more of a team than anyone else in this tournament because we are all actually polish. POLSKA!

p.s. I can't wait to see you Julio, i've missed you


PolishPlayboy said...

Clearly not myself posting the above as I do not believe that we deserved to win anything let alone the whole tournament (why were we playing every goal kick in the air in the second half against sudan??? Fuc!!!!)

To complain again about the Chilean chants and now the Polish chants is just plain stupid. I know you need material to post everyday but Jesus if you don't want chants you should start your own tournament where the teams have no affiliation to any heritage or any one nation. Just because you've never had fans for this tournament show up and support you game in and game out (and no your brother and his 4 buddies don't count as continued support) you don't really know what this tournament means for the people who do...I have uncles, aunts, my parents, cousins, family, family friends.....all come out and watch team Poland. They ride the waves of both highs, and lows.

The fans are what make this tournament not the egos of its players. Not very many people actually care what kind of a career any of you have had. Life isn't all about playing soccer for money cause we're all failing pretty bad at it if it is.

I hope more countries get fans with chants this year cause that shit's music to my ears baby!!!

ps Their is like 5-8 Polish chants....actually 10-13 if you include the chants we chanted at the Ireland Laos final in favour of Ireland(the only time you've ever heard anyone chanting your name in a positive manner at this tournament)

Anonymous said...

11. Nathan Reis

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is dumb to complain about the chants. The polish fans really do bring the european vibe into the eventplex, just as the sudanese fans bring an african vibe. Watching team Sudan and the fans dance on the field and celebrate after their playoff wins last year, (although maybe overboard), was great to see. Moments of sheer heritage like these are exactly what mold the tournament into what its supposed to be - a multicultural event.

Sure, as a player it may get annoying. Probably even more so if you are never on one of the teams getting chanted, let alone fan attendance - See Mike Collins. However the event is more meaningful than an RSA soccer tournament, and players should expect, and hopefully embrace a more exciting environment. Try not to take that away from people by deeming it "terribly irritating".

And to claim that they are only singing one chant is simply ignorant... Correct me if im wrong, but something tells me you are not fluent in Polish or Spanish and therefore have no idea what is being said in the chants, nor how many chants are being sung.

Anonymous said...

The fans and chants are the best part of the tournament...well said ppboi.

I agree that the kickins are a little ridiculous coupled with no offsides. It would almost be nice if they had an offside rule for all set pieces. Anyone else get annoyed with the Afghan keeper launching around 50 long balls off goal kicks to chicolicious in a single game last year???

Overall, the positives outweigh the negatives and the environment is what makes us drive down year after year. The beers afterwards help as well.

I think #10 should be #1. I love the old 'how's your dad doing?' if you want to know, please pick the phone up and call him, how the hell should I know?


Anonymous said...

the offsides in the game would slow the game down forsure!

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Poland is going to finish 2nd last in they're group they are so bad, they got Chewy or whatever his name is, he sucks, Whacker same thing, sucks and then you got the 2dummies that think Poland is best thing since slice bread (bart and alex) this team lives in a dream land, wake up and smell the coffee your team sucks, you got owned in the regina tournament.

- Haters going to hate

Anonymous said...

Every time I come on here I see more Joker posts and I haven't even been on the computer. People in Regina sure love to voice their displeasure of others. Who is Craig Hodel?!?! I could care less! As for Gordie Peevers, he is also a waste of breath!! I only care about the little fat boy Kirk, Darko the magnificent, and tough guy Paco.
Who is Jhanzeb? Why are all these nobodies getting so much facetime?

Here's a better lists of Irritations:
1. Kirk Evans: Posts anonymously and also under the tag The Joker. Kirk will post opposing views anonymously just to cause a stir.

2. DG: I fall asleep reading his posts. Sometimes I forget I am on a blog as it feels like I am reading a same sex romance novel.

3. Big Nathan Reis: Voices his opinion about everything and he just sucks. Where does this guy get off putting his two cents in about EVERYTHING?!?!

4. Riggs: One of the ugliest and least intelligent people I have ever laid eyes upon. ROI's new bench warmer!!! How can you be a bench warmer on a team that bad?!?!

5. Over serious players in this tournament: If you are training 3+ times a week for this event, you are training for the wrong WORLD CUP!!! This event is a rec tournament, you hardcore jokes belong in Brasil 2014.

6. Random die hard fans: If you are crying over a loss in this tournament, you are in the wrong tournament. Number 7 on Portugal is not Cristiano Ronaldo in case you haven't caught on yet.

7. Roster filler players: You know those players that are on the team just to fill the roster but in their mind they are AMAZING?!?! Yea they suck (Kirk, Paco, Darko, Reis, Riggs, etc...)

8. People wanting to fight for no reason: Anyone remember the bathroom fight last year upstairs?!?! Too many tough guys come out looking for a fight over a soccer game. If you really want to fight, go some place else.

9. Women's/Youth games in prime time hours: Most of these games are boring and kill the mood. Have these games start the evening and keep them out of the Prime time hours.

10. Sudan: I personally don't think Sudan is all that good. They just perfected kick and chase in a tournament where skill doesn't usually triumph.


Anonymous said...

Well I missed all the negativity and sourness. It has been a long year. Reading what all you “experts” write is like reading a bed time story.
Jokers, Paco’s Darko’s and the rest of you experts and trash talkers, we will see what you can do in couple of weeks. As for Mr 16, you are not the only one who thinks Roy Keane had it. I can’t wait to test your “aggressiveness” on the field.

The New Guy

The Joker said...

ahahha the RealJoker? I think you got some physiological issues dude, your not the real Joker man, I somewhat at the start kinda found it funny u were trying to be me, but not reading posts from you, its kinda disturbing, I think you should see some professional help.

Anonymous said...

Ryan Mcgavigan is the best player on this earth

Anonymous said...

If you all think that Sudan didn't deserve to win, then you are all short-sighted! In the first year, Sudan out-passed and out-played Laos in the first game but because they didn't know the techniques to win in this tournament, they ended up not even coming out of the group. Second year, we learnt the art of playing in this tournament; kickins, no offsides, grit etc...It's not our fault these rules are in place and we'll continue to use them as long as they are in place. To anyone who thinks there are no skilled players on the Sudan team, he/she is either delusional or outright bias. A lotof us play in good, competitive amateur leagues in Alberta and the WCP is not a good barometer to judge skills!

Mike Collins said...

Let me clarify here. I love the Poland fans and appreciate them cheering for our ROI team as they have before. Just hearing the POLSKA POLSKA chant is redundant. I haven't heard much of their other chants and would love to hear them. That's my complaint. Same goes for Chile.

Anonymous said...

Great love story joker. We know you are trying to feel accepted into the soccer community, but instead of trying to bring down the leaders, it may be easier just to be nice to them. Calling people names is no way to make friends.

p.s. Your mom is still my biggest fan

The Joker said...

ahaha ok champ? still trying to figure me out? iknow what your doing, it will take you 100yrs to figure me out

p.s. your lame

Anonymous said...

I know who the Joker is, its Riley Meloche!

Anonymous said...

Collins, why are you posting this crap. Do you like causing problems? You should add to your list: WHY THIS BLOG SUCKS. #1-s Cause Mike Collins runs it and posts stupid irritating crap to cause problems.

First off, you put in your post that you have problems with players who don't know what they are doing, and you single out Djibouti because you played them in a friendly game. The only reason those guys started playing like that was because you started being a punk out there. Plain and simple. Also, Djibouti is the last of your concern because when we play you, you'll really see what studs up is idiot.

Mike Collins said...

I guarantee you we will not play Djibouti so I am too worried. Also if you do not enjoy this blogs content I would suggest not reading it. Maybe go to one of the other blogs and read about last years final a few more time.

Anonymous said...

Number 5 should definately be number 1.

1. Mike Collins
2. Alvaro Campos
3. Paco Laxdal Brown
4. Darko Hardi
5. Nathan Reis

The list could go on, but these guys are the CANCERS to note.

Anonymous said...

Mike Collins, you SIR are an NUT CASE. You are only going to take a bunch of heat for this post of irritating things about WCP because half the stuff is attacks about personal crap you want to see gone. The reason why we have this tournament is for people to get together and have fun. It's supposed to be a multicultural event so why are you picking on chants etc?

Also, haven't you noticed that you have never followed the heritage rules. You used to sign up people sitting in the stands as your heritage. You are the one that wants to get rid of the heritage rules so you can stack all your teams. LAME

Mike Collins said...

It's alright I can take the heat. No matter what I put up here some people are going to criticize me I can handle that. If everyone would rather me just give everyione props all the time I can but that seems pretty boring to me.

Again on the chants I love them and the atmosphere. I have just heard the same ones for years now. Just give me something new! I know those fan bases have a lot of creative people so come up with something.

As for the heritage rules I have always followed them. 1) It is incredibly easy to find players with Irish heritage. 2) I signed my brother and his friends so they could get in. Not to fulfill any sort of heritage requirements. 3) Haha stack my team. Watch my games this year and see how stacked you think my team is.

Anonymous said...

I have to question the validity of your lists of these so called cancers. To me it seems that all the anonymous bloggers are the cancer to this tournament.

Mike may agitate people by his behavior and comments, but when compared to comments made on this blog by anonymous posts and people like Paco, Darko, and Hodel, I don't think Mike is a cancer.

Julio isn't even on the blogs so I don't understand why he is included on the list, while a guy like Kirk Evans comes on here every day looking to cause a stir.

I do agree with Paco, Darko and Nate. Nate is quite annoying and seems to think he knows it all. His attitude and demeanor come of as being cocky, yet he is hardly a player of quality. Darko and Paco deserve whatever dislike they are getting as I've read their comments on this blog and many of them are just unnecessary.

These blogs have become a gateway for people to posts their opinions anonymously because they lack the ability to say it to people's faces. Sadly that is cowardly and frankly pathetic. If I were an anonymous poster I'd be disgusted with myself for being so pathetic.

-Patric T.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself Patric T. I am going to win the golden boot, and my level of play is nothing but magical. I will dominate the field.


Anonymous said...

Darko, you're so full of it. It's the wcp cup. You're not getting paid millions here. You've said you will win the golden boot like a hundred times on this blog. It's getting old idiot.


Anonymous said...

Ahmed Kamali is the best soccer player in the tournament. He plays mens div 2 in Regina.

-The Joker

Anonymous said...

Worst thing i have seen is mike collins getting drunk and playing a game, disrespecting the opposition, the tournament, and the game. Djiboti doesnt know what they are doing wrong. Mike did.

If fans cheering are your problem, you have no idea what this tournament is about.

Anonymous said...

Patric T. why don't you call me pathetic to my face? I don't post my name because I like to voice my hate of people like Julio under the radar. The guy thinks he can come to my city and hit on my GF, well he has it wrong!
So come say something to my face, I am waiting.

Joker I dare you to call me Stinkyman one more time! Make my day princess.

Juan Sanchez

Anonymous said...

Ahmed Kamali is a joke of a soccer player. He needs to lose some major weight and he is so slow. A turtle could out perform that guy.

Anonymous said...

HAHAH Stinkyman Sanchez! After years of trash talking behind everyone's back you come out from behind the shadows and show up with your name on a post! What is with all these new heroes coming onto the blog this year?! Juan you sound a little bitter maybe you should try showering and then take a chill pill!!!

I heard Paco may be missing a few WCP games as he is cup tied with Barcelona in the Champions League if they go through.

Little Fat Boy Kirk I have no desire to be you. I have a desire to ruin you sham of posting anonymously over and over and over again.I highly doubt anyone would want to be you? Between you and Sean Riggs I am not sure who is the biggest failure in life? I'd include Big Nathan Reis into the fold but I find humor in his Craig Hodel replies that I am somewhat impressed.


Anonymous said...

I think people are a bit too hard on Mike -- if blogs are not thought provoking -- or in some cases bullshit provoking, no one would come here to read them.

Besides -- I do remember there being a few other chants out there -- especially one for Collins and not in a good way :)

~ Jessica

Anonymous said...

I agree about the seating issue. That's the only relevant thing said on here. How about bleachers upstairs? Thats what they did at the old facility in saskatoon. Worked great.

Anonymous said...

If you think some people take WCP too serious then why'd you make an entire website judging and ranking players who are trying to have fun?

Anonymous said...

1) Seating does suck!

2&6) Really? That's just peoples way to support their family, friends and heritage. Other teams may think your chant or cheer is annoying!

4) Crap days! The youth girls and women's teams have a lot of talent. I would much rather watch some of these teams than some of the men's. Or is the problem that they are female so they aren't allowed to be placed on the precious pedestal with the men?!

5) Your right some people do take it too seriously. I've randomly read this blog over the years and it seems like there are a lot of "too serious" people. Get a grip! I understand it is a competetive sport but it's also supposed to be fun. But I guess some of you guys think that all the chirping and pissing matches you get in to on here is fun. I consider that drama. Atleast the womwn and girls are not aa bunch of whiney cry babies that feel the need to insult everyone. Another reason why I choose to watch more of the women and girls games...a lot less drama.

9) Youth locker rooms. These kids are the future of soccer. All you guys played youth at some point! It doesn't matter the age or skill level. They practice more than most players in WCP and play all year around. They play hard and deserve the locker rooms if the win. They earn it just like the men!

Hope to see my comment posted. That's if you can handle a women's point of view!

Soccer Mom
Not a drama queen!

Mike Collins said...

In response to the above post. I am not saying that all Women's and Youth Girls games are bad that was just an example of what a bad night MAY look like. I threw Men's games in there as well as half their games are terrible as well.