Tuesday, 28 February 2012

20 Quick Completely Random Thoughts on WCP 2012

1. Goalkeeping may be the most important part to a teams success. Has a team ever won a playoff game with a keeper that is not playing in the top division of their city? I can't think of one. 

 2. When gauging how to rank the teams coming into this tournament the first thing I look at is where the elite talent is located. By elite talent I mean players who are the difference makers. Now obviously this is subject to opinion but I would say there are currently about 20-25 players who could be considered "elite".

3.With the majority of the elite being on ROI, Laos, France, and El Salvador it's not surprising they are probably the most successful teams in WCP history. Now I know this is practically blasphemy in 2012 BUT

4. Poland seems to be the team that everyone is talking about but I am not sold. They seem to be a team that has 2 elite guys and then a lot of slightly above average guys. Not sure that equals a championship.
5. Speaking of Poland, a 2-2 draw against Afghanistan is a bad result. Even if it is an exhibition game.

6. I have a lot of friends on France but I am very worried about that team. Not only are they missing some key guys but many of their guys are playing little to no soccer. Could be in for a bumpy ride.

7. Germany has managed to keep the Pattersons and picked up a few other players (not sure on names) but if Germany can get a bit of roster turnover they might actually make it out of their group this year.

8. I have seen a lot of teams practicing down at the facility and I am not exactly sure I get why. Unless you're going to train everyday then training 10 times a year is not going to help. It's fun but is it worth the expense?

9. Anybody got a pick for Golden Boot this year? With David Brown out, the race is wide open.

10. That being said it will almost certainly be someone from ROI. The teams in their group are bad and some of those games are going to get ugly.

11. I am excited to see what the always fashionable England womens team do to up their style this year. I am thinking leather bomber jackets embroidered with the 3 lions. Wicked.

12. So Ukraine women's to win this year right? That seems like a good guess.

13. 2-2 is such a bad result.

14. This year has been particularly quiet in terms of beaking on the blogs. I usually have to sensor so many more comments. Haters, where ya at?

15. Things are particularly secretive in the Jamaica camp. Secret training times, mystery exhibition games..... What are they working on behind the scenes? Could this be the year they finally put it all together and win the whole thing........ROFL

16. Biggest transfer of the year so far? Has to be Jay Tomchuk from ROI to Poland. One of the few natural finishers in this tournament. He'll score, alot.

17. One criticism I have with this years tournament is the introduction of a U18 division. I know its nice to get everyone involved but if these guys aren't good enough to make the bench of some of the bad senior teams then I have to question if it's something I want to watch.

18. Why not have a division for dogs? Get the pet owners involved.

19.  Chico to Afghanistan. Did anyone see that coming? I sure didn't.

20. Because of the circles I roll in I definitely have more information on some teams than I do on others. I am also not real familiar with the Womens or Youth divisions. If you want to see something on here then feel free to contribute info. Otherwise we roll on.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Giggs "Tearing You Apart Since 1991"

Ran across this on the internet and couldn't resist putting it on the website. A lot of people are tipping Steven Gerrard to be the next England captain which would be quite the achievement. This video of Man U fans chanting during the Liverpool match pretty much sums up how Giggs' career compares to Gerrards.

Of course referring to the number of titles each has one. Hilarious!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Transfers and Rumours

Now that the schedule is out I thought I would start a spot to talk player movement and what is people are hearing about new teams etc. Here's what I have heard.

ROI have lost both Brett Levis and Jay Tomchuk to Poland as Poland look to poised to make a push to the final.

ROI have also lost Brendan Garritty, Jeff Friesen and double golden boot winner and all time leading WCP Cup goalscorer David Brown after he tore his ACL. They are now openly searching for a striker.

Germany have picked up Saskatoon native Kent Mcdonald as well as bringing in Josh Forsberg from Portugal.

The Patterson twins are stuck in a transfer saga with Germany wanting to keep them but ROI and France both pressing for their signatures.

France could be in for a bit of a tough year as they have some players who are either hurt or no longer living in Saskatchewan. That list includes Brett Bachelu, Kash Bahia, Yianni Harbis, Mason Bulych and Gordie Peever.

From what I gather Laos' Josh Northey is 50/50 to return. This is something to keep an eye on as he is pivotal to their success.

This is just a start. Would love more on other teams as well as new teams and womens and youth teams. Fire it up people!

Friday, 10 February 2012

Suarez - World's most ignorant man?

Ahead of Man U - Liverpool tomorrow I thought this might be an appropriate time to go on a bit of a rant on a player who I have grown to absolutely despise.... Luis Suarez. This guy is something else. For those of you not familiar with Suarez, he is a talented Liverpool striker who was recently suspended for 8 games for directing racial slurs (I am sure they can be found if you scour) towards Man U defender Patrice Evra. Suarez, of course, was quick to deny the allegations. However, his story of the events, wavered and then wavered some more and with a number of witnesses actually hearing him say these things to Evra as well as video footage and his own eventual admission he was found guilty and suspended.

Then came the excuses. His first beauty being that use of such language was commonplace in Uruguay where he is from. Really? First of all, I am not familiar enough with Uruguayan culture to know if that's true (if it is you need to get with the times Uruguay), but I am sure Suarez is not going around calling his friends what he called Evra. If he is I don't imagine they remain friends very long.

Then came one of the most audacious comments I have ever heard. Upon returning from his 8 match ban and doing this:  (click on image to view)

and then

Suarez went on the radio and said this little doozy "I knew what I did and there is a kind of football law that says 'what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch and that's the end of the story',”. Shocking. This kind of stuff doesn't belong anywhere, let alone on a football pitch. The idea that football is some sort of brotherhood that should protect Suarez is insane. Listen buddy, just cause you look like a neanderthal does not necessitate that you have to act like one. Ok I am done.

2-1 Man U by the way.

Updated Groups - Powerhouse Somalia Joins Group A

Womens Division

Group A
1. Ukraine
2. Italy
3. EL Salvador
4. Netherlands
5. Poland

Group B
1. Germany
2. Chile
3. Canada
4. England
5. Ireland

Mens Division
Group A
1. Ireland
2. Sudan
3. Scotland
4. Botswana
5. Serbia

Group B
1. Laos
2. Colombia
3. Jamaica
4. Afghanistan
5. N.Ireland
6. Canada

Group C
1. Poland
2. Nigeria
3. Portugal
4. Germany
5. Vietnam
6. Hungary

Group D
1. EL Salvador
2. France
3. Norway
4. Italy
5. South Korea
6. Greece