Tuesday, 28 February 2012

20 Quick Completely Random Thoughts on WCP 2012

1. Goalkeeping may be the most important part to a teams success. Has a team ever won a playoff game with a keeper that is not playing in the top division of their city? I can't think of one. 

 2. When gauging how to rank the teams coming into this tournament the first thing I look at is where the elite talent is located. By elite talent I mean players who are the difference makers. Now obviously this is subject to opinion but I would say there are currently about 20-25 players who could be considered "elite".

3.With the majority of the elite being on ROI, Laos, France, and El Salvador it's not surprising they are probably the most successful teams in WCP history. Now I know this is practically blasphemy in 2012 BUT

4. Poland seems to be the team that everyone is talking about but I am not sold. They seem to be a team that has 2 elite guys and then a lot of slightly above average guys. Not sure that equals a championship.
5. Speaking of Poland, a 2-2 draw against Afghanistan is a bad result. Even if it is an exhibition game.

6. I have a lot of friends on France but I am very worried about that team. Not only are they missing some key guys but many of their guys are playing little to no soccer. Could be in for a bumpy ride.

7. Germany has managed to keep the Pattersons and picked up a few other players (not sure on names) but if Germany can get a bit of roster turnover they might actually make it out of their group this year.

8. I have seen a lot of teams practicing down at the facility and I am not exactly sure I get why. Unless you're going to train everyday then training 10 times a year is not going to help. It's fun but is it worth the expense?

9. Anybody got a pick for Golden Boot this year? With David Brown out, the race is wide open.

10. That being said it will almost certainly be someone from ROI. The teams in their group are bad and some of those games are going to get ugly.

11. I am excited to see what the always fashionable England womens team do to up their style this year. I am thinking leather bomber jackets embroidered with the 3 lions. Wicked.

12. So Ukraine women's to win this year right? That seems like a good guess.

13. 2-2 is such a bad result.

14. This year has been particularly quiet in terms of beaking on the blogs. I usually have to sensor so many more comments. Haters, where ya at?

15. Things are particularly secretive in the Jamaica camp. Secret training times, mystery exhibition games..... What are they working on behind the scenes? Could this be the year they finally put it all together and win the whole thing........ROFL

16. Biggest transfer of the year so far? Has to be Jay Tomchuk from ROI to Poland. One of the few natural finishers in this tournament. He'll score, alot.

17. One criticism I have with this years tournament is the introduction of a U18 division. I know its nice to get everyone involved but if these guys aren't good enough to make the bench of some of the bad senior teams then I have to question if it's something I want to watch.

18. Why not have a division for dogs? Get the pet owners involved.

19.  Chico to Afghanistan. Did anyone see that coming? I sure didn't.

20. Because of the circles I roll in I definitely have more information on some teams than I do on others. I am also not real familiar with the Womens or Youth divisions. If you want to see something on here then feel free to contribute info. Otherwise we roll on.


Anonymous said...

No Julio = No Fireworks.
Where has the arrogant and brash trouble maker gone? I hate to admit this, but he was a center piece to the excitement behind the blogs, or at least a major component.

Chico to Afghan?!? At first glance you'd think it would hurt ES, but after watching last year's semi vs ROI, it think it could be a blessing in disguise!!

Anonymous said...

im excited too see poland slowly become the most hated team in this tournament. just cause you picked up two players doesnt make the rest of you guys good. afgan is stronger this year but no way you should be tying especially when your saskatoon players actually come. kinda curious on who is considered elite in this tourney but im sure after the first week it will be pretty obvious.
die king kenny die

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that these elite players are probably the huskies and that's it

Anonymous said...

It's pointless to even say who elite players are! As no matter who you name, there will be at least one anonymous post claiming that they are horrible. I'd love to see a world cup skills competition so the loud mouth hacks can finally put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Have any of you clowns been watching Afghan? They put a bunch of players in as goalies. In Div 3 and in their exhibition games. No one on that team can play goal properly. They will not succeed unless they find a decent goalie and fast. Good luck, cause all of them are taken. You'll end up with some div 4-6 goalie who has no clue what it takes.

Mike Collins said...

Yeah I purposely didn't attempt to list the elite players because I would get ripped. But feel free to submit you own list.

Anonymous said...

Only the best teams are the most hated

Anonymous said...

Not all the Huskie players are all that elite. They have a a few good players, and the rest are average. What sets the average players apart from the rest is the fact that they train and have a certain level of fitness that many of the players lack.
Yet for the average player in the tournament, reality is that they lack fundamental skills! This tournament is designed to help those weaker players by the addition of an extra player and fouls being called sparingly.
So to sum it up, most of the players in the tournament that think they are good because they do ok in the Regina WCP... reality is that you suck, and you suck real bad. Enough said.

If a player like Anibal Bravo can play out and score from time to time, that say enough about the lack of skill present at the event.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to agree with that last statement, not so much on Anibal but the fact the field is filled with grenades all over the field, and players from Norway and average teams are somewhat to have a higher percentage chance to compete against the better teams.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Julio! Yet, yet yet!!!! hahhaha

Anonymous said...

I just talked to "Julio", and he hasn't made a return to the blog. He did say he was debating posting something.

Anonymous said...

10 keys for top teams to have success.
1. ireland= with the loss of the big 3 up front they will have to rely on the midfield to pace their attack. collins will be key in that area
2. laos= depending on who ends up on the wings this will be key as they lack a steady center mid. if boun and northey can torch the wings laos will have success
3. poland= obviously powerful up front with jay and brett. but with teams focusing in on these players polands secondary scorers will need to step up or they will slip up again
4. ES= its hard to predict with the loss of jordian, but if jerson and josip do end up showing up they can form a nice attacking 3 with rolfe. the defence may be weak though so counters could cost them
5. greece= hustle. enough said?
6. canada= spread the ball. always have a strong defence but when they become desperate for attack relying on just tavis isnt good enough. not surprising we have seen them continue to slide downward in the standings
7.germany= please, get out of your group! it seems the right pieces are there but they always seem to struggle. the 3 pattersons will run this team along with some strong D
8. france= i think defence is the big thing to focus on here since their core attacking players are now gone. drop into the yorkton shell?
9. afgan= score early! if afgan goes down in the first half i can see chico making too many hero runs from the back that will hurt you. know your style, dont try and be too fancy
10. lower teams= attack! learn from what greece does in this tourney. they may lack skill but they continue to hustle there way into the playoffs. dont sit back do something! if you can get the fans on your side it may frustrate the stronger teams. ex) sudan vs laos. not to say sudan was weak but look how bad laos was against hustle and people booing them.

die king kenny die

Anonymous said...

I am Julios lawyer, Julio will not making any comments on the blog because he is afraid to be ridiciuled on here and on the field, if anyone has any questions please email


thank you

Anonymous said...

I just tried emailing that address, and it says it doesnt exist, what does that mean?

Anonymous said...

Yes fear is the reason why I haven't posted on this blog... that's why I openly post my identity... or maybe it cause I know the little school girls that post anonymously don't have the balls to post their identity; I more then glad will accept any ridicule and boos and any type of "love" you cant seem to muster behind a key board.

I wasn't going to post, as I was bored... what can I say that won't get the same anonymous replies that always happen. I will start off by agreeing with a previous post... the presence of an extra player and lack of fouls behind called does benefit less talented players such as Bart(Worst Player in WCP) and Dufus Husdal (2nd Worst Player in WCP).

Keys to success:
1. Poland is hyping themselves up as usual, yet this time they atleast have some skill on their squad. Brett Levis, Jay Tomchuk, Sam Mylymok, and Michal Bandula will be the main reasons that Poland can compete. Players like Bart are just going to be there for the ride and boast as if they did anything to actually contribute. Keys to winning; keep Bart off the field.

2. Ireland will have a much different roster than previous years, yet they will still be able to compete with a strong midfield of Ryan McAllister and Mike Collins, but they will have to find someone who fills the void left by David Brown and Jay Tomchuk.

3. Greece; I am not a Greek fan by any means... but I would love them to beat Norway and make a video of it!

4. Norway's "proven track record" is what Dufus Husdal plans on relying on to win games. Good luck with that. On a side note, Dufus is the equivalent of the poor mans Pierre Mcguire... and when I mean poor I mean think of those UNICEF commercial you see on tv of starving children... yea much poorer than that.

5. ES showed they can play defense when they need to. Ireland ran a train on every team except ES, as they battled to a 1-1 draw. Who ever posted that ES lacks defensively obviously didn't watch ES play in the play-off rounds.

6. France supposedly have lost some players which could affect their roster, yet you can rely on Rory Edmundson to be flopping all over the place even when no one is around... maybe they'll get enough free kicks and win games that way.

7. Sudan... can they be contenders this year?

8. Laos... lost Northey by the sounds of it. Northey is tough to replace but Laos has good enough players to contend once again.

9. The street fighter look a like Bart still sucks, and should stick to being the flag boy in the stands for Poland.

10. Dark Horse... there's always one surprise team each year; who will it be this year? Tough to call Jamaica a dark horse, but they can move from pretenders to contenders this year... but that's just a random guess with nothing to support my claims.

Hopefully this gives the blog some life, as its dead and boring. I can't wait for the boos and all the hatred to come out, that's what makes the WCP... its intense atmoshpere...

Signing with my name since 2009,

Mike Collins said...

You guy asked for him and I delivered... play nice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Julio! It was surprising that Poland made it as far as they did last year as they don't have much skilled!I just read the Norway blog, and Playmaker was criticizing the Greeks!! I would love to see the Greeks bring the pain on that loser!

Anonymous said...

surprising? they have a strong keeper solid defence and solid midfield. they also came out of the group of death 6-0 with one of the best goals against stats. so i don't know how you can say that its surprising how far they went. one thing they were lacking was a consistent goal scorer which they adressed that by adding jay tomchuk.

Anonymous said...

julio i agree with you from "last year" but remember jordian was a huge reason you were good defensively. without him who steps in? im a fan of ES and i think they can contend as long as they know their limits.
also agree bart has gotta go. adding brett and jay may make poland good but it will never make you good.
from what iv heard sudan has added a few new additions including a new GK (thank god!) so we should expect a great opening game friday night.
im not sure i agree that jamaica should be considered a dark horse since we all know who and what to expect from them. afgan could be a contender for that role.
one of the big things i believe to watch will be the two teams coming out of group B. i think we can agree northern ireland is the weakest team in the group but even they beat ireland one year.
until then, die king kenny die

Anonymous said...

I rather not comment on ES as it is my team, and I would rather not make ES comments. I will put that out there now... that is for past, present, or future performances! BUT I have no problem pumping my own tires night and day!

Bart is horrendous, him and Dufus should have a duel for the worst player in the tournament! Both hype their teams so hard, and both do nothing to help their team, especially Bart! Guy defines suck! He makes a hell of a flag boy tho, maybe he should stick to that.

Collins has stated "secrets" surrounding the Jamaican camp... so who knows, maybe Jamaica is coming out with some surprises this year! Like I said... I just made a wild guess with no biases behind it... kinda like what Dufus does with everything he says... yet I openly admitted to that one.

I've heard the Greeks have come out with new war cries again this year! I am excited to see what the Greek roller coaster turns out like! I am waiting to see some more Scorcese blockbusters from their media pro!


Anonymous said...

From what I remember Chico played midfield last year. ES played with two centre backs and Chico wants one of them. Maybe I am wrong, but that's what I recall.

Anonymous said...

Es. I don't think their defensive will be a problem. I think they got stronger without Jordan. I think what ES lacks is goal scorers as right now all they have is Rolfe. Jerson is overrated and doesn't do much.

Poland. Team to beat hands down. 3rd place last year with no talent?! Well we have talent now so watch out first place!

Greece. You've been tame this blog, why so quiet?

Anonymous said...

whats with all the Bart bashing Julio pepper sauce? you got a beef with the guy?

Anonymous said...

U18 Division gives players one more year before breaking into a mens team,and lets face it when these good young players start playing mens & taking spots on teams were are all the "has beens" play.after this year there will be afew mens teams come looking for U18 players to play next year. some people are so full of their own crap(Mike Collins)they cant see the big picture

Anonymous said...

To respond to the sauce that I am shooting on Bart... He opened his mouth last year, I am just making sure not to miss!

To be honest, I don't really know what the big issue is for the whole U18 vs Mens debate. Once the kids turn 16 years old they should be ready to compete in the Men's league. I don't think that such a crazy thought, as many of those "has been" that you are prolly referring to... well they started playing, and winning at a young age in the Men's league.
Another thing to keep in mind is why have an U18 league... especially if the skill level for most of the "Men" playing isn't even that great. It all stems back to the rules of the tournament... most of the young kids will be physically out matched by the Men because there are less fouls called which allow the lesser skilled old men to compete.

Reality is... the kids should play with the Men, I don't see the point of an additional league... if they can't compete now.. well then wait your turn till you can.


Anonymous said...

julio since you know the most who do you think the players to watch are

Anonymous said...

Is there and truth behind Canada losing Craig and Felipe?

Anonymous said...

I never said I knew the most... I don't know many of the Regina players that are coming up... I just am the one who isn't afraid to post with my name and to get this blog firing on all cyclinders.

Yet I will formulate a list of players to watch. Keep in mind, this isn't a list of the most skilled players... this is a list of players that may have a positive or negative impact on the outcome of the match.

1. Jay Tomchuk & Brett Levis (Poland): Last year Poland relied HEAVILY on the strength of their goaltending. Michal was the best GK in the tournament and deserved top honours. Not if, but when Brett and Jay start scoring goals, it will be crucial to see how the rest of the Poland team responds. If they rely soley on Brett and Jay; they may struggle to make it past the Semi's. Expect Levis to contend, if not win the golden boot.

2. Nathan Reis (Ireland): Always flying under the radar with David Brown and Jay Tomchuk doing the majority of the scoring; if Nathan Reis can catch fire and score for Ireland it will help fill the huge void left by Brown and Tomchuk. Collins and Company should still be strong defensively, that a new striker needs to emerge for Ireland to go deep. Supplementary scoring would be nice from Mathew Gilliot, and Lee.

3. Stevey Irinici & Jaycee Neufeld (Laos): Losing Northey is a huge blow to Laos. Crucial scoring and great play making ability. If Irnici and Jaycee catch fire and add offense to Laos, expect them to contend once more. If Laos doesn't find someone to fill Northey's role, expect alot of close matches.

4. Jordian Farahani (Afghan): From what I heard; Afghan could be a surprise. Yet with a lot of no name players, Chico may have to step up and lead the way. Prone to getting to caught up to the Regina hype... Chico shows more talent in skill when not playing in Regina; if Chico can handle the Regina heat... Afghan could contend to get out of their group.

5. ES Strikers: Everyone thinks that ES is a weak defensive team, yet when push comes to shove ES showed the can defend with the big boys... what ES struggled to show was the offense it needed to beat the strong, more physical teams. If ES is out muscled once again, expect some close calls with teams that lack skill such as Norway.

6.Tavis Workman (Canada): A few years ago when Tavis played for Scotland he was lights out. A very skilled player, but prone to sometimes disappearing in games. If Tavis plays like he did 3 years ago, Canada will contend.... some of the best dangles in the tournament come via Tavis.

7. Kevin Holness (Jamaica): I don't care what you have to say about the physical shape or age on Kevin. Kevin still has the skills and smarts that many players can only dream of having. A must watch player to just see great talent and skill.

8. Dufus Husdal vs Greece: If there's one thing I hope to see is that the Greeks beat Norway. I want to hear Dufus make endless excuses on why they lost... and I want to hear the Greek posts and/ or videos! I expect to see a physical game, and maybe just maybe Dufus being dangled in the last minute to give up the game winning goal to the Greeks!

9. Bart (Poland): The guy belongs on the bleachers as the flag boy. paint your face, put on a red skirt... and work those aisle like only you can. When Bart works that pole, he is a master at his art!

10. Mitch Bauche (Ireland): relative new comer to the WCP scene. Young kid with a strong work ethic and a desire to compete. Good skill level, yet very undersized for the WCP rules. I think he could either be a pivotal player for Ireland, or a bust... so I am excited to see what happens.

Last but not least.
11. Julio (ES): Rumor has it thAt Julio has bulked up to a remarkable 269. Julio decided to put on the extra wieght to combat the physicallity that comes with the WCP tournament.



Anonymous said...

Most overrated player in the past yr is Chico, would u say Chico is good as korthius and the huskie alumni team? I don't think so

Anonymous said...

i agree with most of your choices.

i think another key guy will be dwayne at the back for ireland once playoffs come around and they actually meet some competition.

pattersons are in good form and should carry germany.

norway picked up brandon holmes which should help the midfield and add some secondary scoring.


Bartosz said...

Oh Julio remind me of how I opened my mouth because I don't remember! I'm pretty sure I had no disrespectful comments to make towards you nor did I bash you. If I did then well you probably had it coming. I'm going to defend myself a little here by saying that I never have pumped Polands tires.. Except the other night where Kirk alex and I had a little beak show about Poland and Germanys Round robin match..second...never have I pumped my own tires to "go along for the ride" of our so called success in beating a mediocre es team in a meaningless 3rd place match. I know what I can and can't do an also know that my confidence in my game was horrendous in the past 2 years..to the point I lost some passion for the game.
To get back to riding the wave of my teams success..this is a team sport...a guy as "educated" and "articulate" such as yourself should have the understanding that a team is just that..a team. We have players that don't play but we celebrate with them all the same. Everyone has a role to play, everyone is part of the on field family.. You Spanish cultures have that same sense of family..most immigrants do create family atmospheres in allcommunity events. So wether I don't score any goals the entire tournament or find a rhythm that's been long missing and pot multiple...I'll still be a proud part of team Poland.
Julio your arrogance is good blog material. But now I really hope we play you again this year...if you can make it out of your group.
Ps Greek video maker..try to capture julio with the ball this year and then make a cimpilation of him doing his exaggerated leg lifts to The tune of river dance...itll be a major hit!

Anonymous said...

You really can't compare Chico to Kortho. Nothing against Chico at all but there is NOONE in the province as good as Kortho.


Anonymous said...

who is the most underrated player in the tournament?

i think someone like:
France - Adam Coons
Italy - Nestor Garzona
Canada - Craig Hodel

Any other thoughts?

Anonymous said...

oops. I meant Craig Hodel on Jamaica

Anonymous said...

to whoever said poland players arent good only brett and tomchuk are, thats a bit of a joke seeing as how they made it out of the group of death last year without those two, so i'd say they have some underrated players

Anonymous said...

Myrah... good point about Holmes. Any type of addition of skill on that roster is key as Norway is physical and lacks some skill. By the looks of it Stefan, thinned out about from last WCP and should be more effective... yet with Dufus at the back... Anything is possible.

Bart... I don't even know what to say to you right now except... that was a lackluster excuse of a reply! I expected better from you as all you did last year was yap and yap and yap! Now you had a chance when the spotlight was on you and you get shy? I guess you need the make up, your hands firmly grasping a pole, and your skirt to have confidence. I really do hope we play your team in a meaningful game.... as I can't wait to see the Polish Prince step on the pitch, and for the whole nation of Poland to boo their hearts out!

I must agree with the Chico comment; it is actually obvious that is the same person pumping Chico's tires... and they come from the Afghan camp... wouldn't be a far stretch to wonder if it is Chico himself posting. Who knows. Yet I can name atleast 15-20 players that are more skilled and effective, if you read the previous post... it said things to watch... being the center piece on an Afghan team will show how quality Chico really is. If they end up dead last in their group... well that says alot.

I named 4 quality Poland players, I highly doubt you can name anymore... with the exception of Chris Sarazin and he wouldn't be a game changer. He is an above average player but not an "elite" player. Be realistic... as Poland's players arent that worst players in the world... with the exception of Bart... but they aren't anything special for the most part.

Great idea Bart... I would actually love a highlight/low lights video about Julio... anyone who knows anything about Julio knows that not only is he not camera shy, he is a video-manaic... yet Greek God of Videos... please refine your techniques if you do make another video... your lighting is weak, you never crop, you rarely change speeds, no transitions, and you don't adjust the colour settings... also upgrade from windows movie player '91 and get iMovie or Vegas Studio... as Final Cut Pro may be too much to muster for you right now. Also if you added some shot of Bart is his pleated skirt, that would have Oscar nomination all over it!

As for the underrate player.. I think it has to be a player from Ireland to be honest, alot of talent still left on the team... or to be honest Jarvis doesn't get the credit he deserves, as he is quality players.

Ps. I respect that fact that you posted on here with your name Bart as that shows some balls unlike Dufus Husdal!

Till next time,

Anonymous said...

Not going to lie, I think someone is going to kick Julio in the face this year or atleast try and attack him. Julio, you are nothing but a ridiculous disgrace and have nothing good to say. Your trash is going to get you a fat lip. I would watch what you say buddy. Your attacks against people are going to get you into a world of trouble. You need to focus on youe own playing, before trashing others. Your not that good of a player buddy. I could crawl accross the goal line faster than you can run.

-Pissed off WCP FAN.

Anonymous said...

Bart is a terrible soccer player. He does nothing but talk it up like he and his amazing team Poland are the best. Shut up and sit down.

Till next time,

Anonymous said...

Julio is officially a celebrity! Even other people try to imitate him! Keep it up Julio! You are the man, the myth and yet, yet yet...........I don't know, you the people of Regina decide!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope poland meets el salvador in the playoff rounds so they can kick your ass and shut you up once and for all Julio! and if bart is a terrible soccer player, well then you must an absolute disgrace

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.... the blogs are starting to heat up! Finally! Boom!

For the Pouty Princess WCPFan...
I've personal gone after two guys, Bart and Dufus.
Dufus has been running his mouth on his blogs for years... and Bart was chirping away all last year, wouldn't stop chirping all 3rd place medal game... so he was dishing out, so I'm just returning the favor... how else would I know who Bart is?! It's not like he is a standout player. I did infact give him compliments to how he is an excellent cheerleader in his little skirt?

If you find it offensive that I've told both those guys that they suck, don't read the blog... I am pretty sure the guy that has a hard on for Brown has said worse things then I have... I am also pretty sure that is the same guy that is posting pretending to be Julio... nice try bud... as I would never post on DUFUS Husdal's blog as that guy is a dud.

So to sum it up Pouty Princess... if your so displeased... don't read the blog... as I've made some solid critiques... and I've added some beaks towards Dufus and Bart; nothing overly offensive...so if that is too much for you to handle... don't go on the blog.. simple solution.

As for you comments about a physical altercation... first off you just set the grounds that if anyone does anything violent off the field.. it can be considered premeditated assault.... and I don't think anyone in the right mind wants to travel that path. If your so enraged, well boo your little heart out and make some Julio chants.. or even if your on the field... you can tackle me as hard as you'd like... you come in tough, don't expect anything less from me... it is what it is.
If you plan on resorting to violence, well that's your chose... but I highly doubt the ramifications are worth it... but do what you have to do.

Lastly, at 269 I hope that I don't out run anyone. I actually hope that teams think I am so bad that they leave me wide open and don't defend me. I never said I was good... I actually would prefer people think that I sucked... hell I will battle Bart for the worst player of the tournament honors for all I care.

Pouty Princess... if you can't handle the heat, don't play with the fire. Boom. Done.

PS. Pouty Princess..If your the Greek God of Video craft and your upset about my critique about your work... watch your vids again and read the feedback I gave you... as they need work.

I don't even have to sign as you know who it is.

Anonymous said...

Just reading this blog, and it is very entertaining, I agree that Poland will be the team to beat, even last year they came out strong, and now with the addition of Brett and Jay, wow. As well as Sam in the back, Chris with his shot, and Michal as a goalie, I think they have it. It'll be nice to see a new golden boot winner, but it is sad that we won't be seeing some of David's fancy goals.

Keep up the blogging, very entertaining, and for that pissed off WCPfan, calm down bud, Julio is just speaking his mind and stating his opinion, he's not talking bout hurting anyone so calm down, Cya

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact that Poland will finish last in its group, there back line is bad, and plus old man wacker will get wacked from behind.

Anonymous said...

ya the worse on poland has to be that dumb Mike on that team, he just dives and he looks like he has down syndrome, he plays up front I think, also too that kid they call Chewy, what kind of person wants to be named after a star wars character

Anonymous said...

Want to thank you for all your time and effort on doing this blog. Will only get better as WCP gets started.
Have to put my 10 cents in here though.
The introduction of a U18 Division is a great idea. These players are strong and skilled and deserve to be involved in the WCP and to transition to the men's division. If some of the men admitted that they really aren't that great and showed their passion as spectators then maybe the young, fit and skilled would get a chance on a men's team and we could get rid of all the BS and politics on some of the teams. Too many full of their own self importance and just wanting to take part. Is that not what the young players want to? Maybe we could have better quality teams in the long run. Watch some of these U18 teams in action and I'm sure some of you will be suitably impressed.