Monday, 25 March 2013

Sundays Scores

Time Game Number Groups
Teams Score Goal Scorers
10:00am 18 U12 Girls Home Ireland 5 Bailey Adolph, Delaney Epp, Hayley Krahenbil – 2, Jana laliberte

Away El Salvador 1 Emma Braaten

11:00am 19 U12 Boys Home Canada 2 Keegan Kaytor – 2,

Away England 3 Trystan Jeffers-Dash, Isaac Birdsell-Tyndale, Season Shaw

12:00pm 20 U14 Boys Home Scotland 6 Matthew Found, Moetaz Ghremida – 3, Ethan Hoedel, Ashton Sies

Away England 1 Jordan Fiske

1:00pm 21 U16 Girls Home El Salvador 6 Brianna Davidson – 2, Alysha Hilchey, Hailey Raymer, Jennafer Schultz – 2

Away Germany 0

2:00pm 22 U16 Boys Home Canada 1 Scott Findura

Away Germany 5 Kyle DeDecker – 3, Myrta Roxhers, Asad Azizi

3:00pm 23 Women Home Holland 1 Paige Keber

Away England 0

4:00pm 24 Women Home Portugal 12 Taeganne Galger – 1, Mackenzie Bulych – 4, Randi Schmeichel – 1, Sam Dustyhorn – 1, Courtney Guy – 1, Mallory Outerbridge – 4

Away USA 0

5:00pm 25 Men Home Italy 2 Todd Jones, Brandon Thompson

Away El Salvador 3 Jerson Hamilton – 2, Ronney Torres

6:00pm 26 Men Home Germany 6 Taylor Haid -2, Dallin Prescesky-2, Josh Patterson, Andrew Zerr

Away South Korea 4 Mvoula Divin-2, Yoon YeoJung, Lee Jaekeon

7:00pm 27 Men Home Hungary 1 Allan Siwela

Away Norway 1 Anthony Fetsch

8:00pm 28 Men Home Greece 1 Kristian Barth

Away Poland 4 Chris Sarrain, Devin Sembaluk, Kristen Swiatecki, Bartosz Walczykowski

9:00pm 29 Men Home Somalia 1 Ba Boubacar

Away Sudan 7 Tong Tong-3, Wol Ngro-2, Ananga Dennis, Jamal Abdelhalim

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Anonymous said...

Now that the tournament has started and I have sifted through some of these comments, I've decided to slowly come out of retirement to address a few issues:

1. Whoever is the anonymous guy blogging who constantly puts a million dots behind every sentence and pretends to be the joker, just admit who you are. You are slowing sounding more and more like GoW and if it really is you Flavio then just admit it already. This blogger is obviously from Regina as I doubt many people know who this Allan Hogg character is.

2. If you want a live ticker that shows all the scores, I recommend you watch The Score and see when the WCP cup shows up, your second option would be to check twitter where Mike does a pretty good job of updating during the games.

3. A lot of people are complaining about people being bashed on the blogs, but the people who bash are the anonymous bashers and sometimes Mike who has subtle sarcastic comments. What baffles me are that people that are hated on the blogs aren't the people that are in fact bashing (DG,DB,Nate, Riggs, etc).

4. Fake Dwayne Head: I really pulled a page out of your book and looked at Nathan Reis and tried to exam his physique and you are right, Big Nathan Reis has indeed become Bigger Nathan Reis. How you were able to know that without seeing Nate is beyond me but well done buddy! (Obviously this one is not true and is just a sarcastic comment for Nathan)

5. The quality of the turf is terrible. I am shocked at how bad the surface is as it feels like you are playing on wooden floors with cheap carpet covering it. Hopefully the turf gets renewed in the near future as Saskatoon overhauled their turf this year and the difference is ever more noticeable. Great tournament, but the playing surface is just atrocious.

Bonus point: Can some of the hype being put around players/teams be a little bit more realistic? I was hearing things like Scotland was sure they were going to beat ROI this year and that Scotland has a great base of young talent. Either people think ROI sucks or are mislead by how good Scotland was, but I was disappointed at the quality of that game after all the hype that generated.

- Julio "The Chosen One"

Anonymous said...

Here we go, Portugal is going all the way in the women's side.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hear anyone thinking Scotland would beat republic...

Anonymous said...

I don't know who you were talking to Julio, but I didn't hear anyone thinking Scotland was going to beat ROI. I'm sure even the players on SCOTT were trying to hype themselves up to put in a solid effort but knew deep down it would be a long shot to pull of that kind of feat

Anonymous said...

I thought ROI sucked against Scotland. I think Colombia and Serbia will upset them. Their midfield is really bad, especially that lee kid with the terrible breath.

Anonymous said...

Ya that kid think he's so tough

Anonymous said...

I wasn't impressed by the performance put out by the Biggest Nathan Reis this weekend. I expected more from him after all the comments generated on this site but he was dismal and disappointing! ROI is not a quality side in this tournament and I don't rate any of their players. I am looking forward to the showdown between Paco vs Biggest Nathan Reis, and Darko vs Biggest Nathan Reis as I think those two guys will be more quality than Nathan. I think Biggest Nathan Reis could be more of an asset if he played keeper or stayed on the bench. I could see any of the three bald triplets doing a better job than him.

Anonymous said...

Portugal's Mallory Outerbridge is quite the tallented player. I enjoyed watching a Regina born player who is so skilled. I think she may be a contender for the womans MVP of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:27, I'd imagine your comment would have been vastly different had I scored 5 and set up the other 3? #trollsohard


LeeMooney10 said...

I agree with anonymous Nate. You are bigger than you have ever been, you've got atleast 30 lbs on Julio.

Anonymous said...

My vote is for Mallory Outerbridge for womans MVP of the tournament.

Anonymous said...

No Nate, then you would be running up the score and trying too hard. You need to find a medium to make the anon blogger(s) happy.


Anonymous said...

I feel colossal.


Anonymous said...

Good point Riggs. Fake Dwayne, what can I do, other than lose a lot of weight and not play in the tournament, to make you happy?


Anonymous said...

I would say it is too early to name an MVP. MVP stands for Most Valuable Player and the most talented player doesn't always receive or deserve it.
Too early to make such brash comments, but Mallory does have potential to carry that Portugal team far.

As for ROI, not only do they have one of the biggest teams, but they have one of the ugliest teams in this event. Sean Riggs, Big Nathan Reis, Julio, Lee Bad Breath Mooney and the Three Stooges.


LeeMooney10 said...

Brobdingnagian Nathan Reis

Anonymous said...

perhatps Nate should get a haircut. That will make him faster!!

Anonymous said...

No way the hair is streamlined. Just need to lose about 80 lbs. Then I'll be super fast.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe this site, "why cant we be friends, why cant we be friends"

oh by the way, the new ROI looks like a bunch of goons!

Also Norway got lucky!


Anonymous said...

Fake Dwayne! It's flattering how much I'm on your mind. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

Check list for Nate:

1. Lose 50-80 pounds
2. Score at least 3 goals per game
3. don't score more than 3 goals per game
4. Let everyone else play more than you
5. Lose the Lee Mooney breath odour
6. Lose the Gord Peever personality
7. Hug and make up with fake Hodel
8. Cut hair to enhance speed
9. I'm just adding to fake D.H.'s list, but I'm assuming you need to improve on your 2012 performance where all you did was win golden boot

Complete those tasks and you will be the biggest hit on the blogs guaranteed.


Anonymous said...

things Riggs should do

1.shut up
2. stop acting tough
3. leave ES

and that MIGHT help you in your game

Anonymous said...

1. Won't happen
2. Never have
3. Already did


Anonymous said...

Mike can you please assess the weekend for us? What game impressed you the most? And why? Whose the most improved team so far and you would like them to go further? Just a thought for u to write about

Greg E said...

For starters these little feuds are just plain annoying and pointless, esepcially when there are plenty of actually constructive and interesting things to discuss. Also they are mostly not even the real people and just random anonymous people. A persons personality, weight, or haircut while possibly infuriating ultimately just make everyone look petty when coupled with the fact that other than the little elite group of people most of us honestly don't know who these people are and just want to watch entertaining soccer and possibly discuss that.

Now that I have said that, a couple of things that weren't mentioned and are possibly worth discussing and my comments on some things that have been frequented.

Nigeria vs Canada was an awesome game for many reasons. For Nigeria they picked up a couple of players in the Mid who are lightning quick. I believe one of them scored their second goal and I can honestly say I wouldn't want to play against a Nigerian team firing on all cylinders. Did that crossbar goal go in? Possibly from where I was watching you couldn't say 100%, but does it justify many people's cries for linesmen, that I would say YES to. I knew games would be decided based on linesmen not being there and the proof is in the pudding as it were. I also didn't see the fowl, could there have been one. yes. Do I like calls like that that decide games. No. What's done is done Nigeria played well, did Canada deserve to lose, probably not.

Woman's Portugal game vs USA. That girl from Portugal has some talent, play CoEd for my team.... Please? Will be a better gauge versus a more quality opponent I think, no offence to USA.

Afghan vs Laos. You cannot watch Afghan play and not see the talent. They look like a team that hasn't played a lot together but if they can come together will be dangerous against any team. Laos fought back and held together and didn't crumble after falling behind. But you have to say for them to not win this game, is a poor result for them. Also both their goals were nice.

S. Korea vs Germany. This game can been seen in two ways. A very nice turn around for S. Korea, or a major drop for Germany. I honestly think it's a bit of both. After last year Korea had no positives but they appear to not only have gotten at least some talent but also heritage talent which is nice to see. Plus they scored more goals in 1 game than they did all last tournament. Germany got a little cocky after the 2 quick goals. Got a wake up call but ultimately pulled it off and 3 points is 3 points, panic? Not yet, but I can't see them making it out.

Scotland vs Ireland. Scotland gave them a little initial scare but ended the same way everyone thought it would. I think they will win some games, but not make it out(Scotland that is). Ireland can score, will they be ok when the opposing team can generate consistent offence? I'm unsure Scotland didn't test them much.

Props to Italy and Hungary. Both teams are perpetual bottom feeders or mid pack teams(no offence intended), and I thought they played fairly well and could have with a big save or good bounce won their games on Sunday.

Greece vs Poland. Wow intense and reckless challenges all over the field. I am glad and surprised no injuries occurred. The better and more deserving team won in Poland, but dam I wouldn't wanna play Greece!

Somalia vs Sudan. Wow interesting game of dives, flips, and bicycle kicks. Entertaining but not my favourite type of game to watch.

Maybe this can generate some relevant discussion? Probably not but a guy can dream, plus I didn't work today and am just bored.

TLDR: Discuss more relevant and interesting things.

@Cam_Lag said...

greg who do you think you are? coming on here and trying to talk about soccer? WTF man stick to the main topic of the blog and beak someone anonymously

@Cam_Lag said...

But on a serious note, can the committee please make up a new award and give it to the somalian keeper... he deserves something!!

Anonymous said...

Great post Greg now that's what this blog is all about, I missed the Jamaican game, how was it? How does Jamaican look like? And how is ES? Poland looks scary to play I think they might go all the way

Anonymous said...

Well said Greg. My apologies for getting side-tracked.

On another note, I just came down for my game and went back to Saskatoon shortly after, so I can only provide input on the ROI Scotland match. I have to admit we struggled greatly early on and Scotland did come to play. We turned things around in the second half a bit, but quite frankly we have a long ways to go if we want to make it past the quarter-final round.


Greg E said...

I didn't see the Jamaica vs N Ireland game(a guys gotta eat!) plus I was 95% certain the game would end the way it did. Jamaica has too much talent to lose to N Ireland with their new pick ups.

ES vs Italy was closer than most thought I think. But I didn't think it would be a blow out and it wasn't. ES had moments of glory, coupled with poor defensive mistakes. Italy's chance was not to concede, and capitalize and it nearly paid off. If ES just stopped giving away the ball foolishly and trying to force it forward so much probably would not have been as close. I think they will beat Sudan and make it out, but will lose to France as they play as more of a cohesive unit.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough Greg, let's discuss some soccer.

1. The issue of the linesmen keeps coming up. Fair enough, but you can't just have one linesmen you need two hire two. I think that seeing as this tournament has adjusted rules, why not implement two officials on the field. One officials is in charge of making calls at one end of the field and the other field is in charge of the other half. In case there is a moment of indecision the one ref can then asking the other official for input. You get rid of the 4th ref (whom does very little) and you put another body on the field to call those near miss calls. Therefore you can continue to save money while you put the additional official to proper use.

2. Afghanistan sounds to be a better team from last year, and I am going to guess it mainly due to Mitch Bauche having a bigger impact. I think Afghanistan will heavily depend on him as he is one of their two stars. The other star I would say is Josip but I am unsure if he is actually playing.

3. Reckless challenges seemed to be encouraged in this tournament as they are everywhere. I even had a reckless tackle in the Scotland match, luckily enough I didn't make any contact with the player. With that being said, the refs allow too many crazy challenges and that this is a downfall of the event. Would anyone really want to attack someone who is coming at you with a flying ninja kick?

4. As for ROI, last year we had the same situation with Scotland and then eventually pulled away. We had some shaky moments, but at the end of the day it was only the first game but there has to be a lot of improvement in order for ROI to be a serious contender in the tournament.

5. I don't think ES will make it out of the group. France seems to always have the upper hand on ES, but ES will really struggle vs Sudan. I think Sudan will now buckle down and stick to trying to play "effective" soccer in order to win games. From the sounds of it the tried playing soccer the first game, and I think it was mainly because they thought they were unbeatable. Unfortunately reality set in and they saw that for them to compete to repeat they need to keep playing the style that got them wins last year.


Anonymous said...

I think its pretty clear after the game against laos that Afghan is more than just mitch and josip. Josip wasn't even there and they still played amazing. Gotta give credit to that Gum guy, he was brilliant on the ball. By far the best player on the pitch.

Where was Chico? Was he even playing? He did absolutely nothing. Once again another overrated and over hyped player. Summers needs to get off his dick, it was clear after that game that Brett is a much better player.

Anonymous said...

Man did u see JD look like a clown? wearing his Simon Frazer stuff, get real. Like I said JD is nothing special, should of stayed in Sask


Anonymous said...

Julio, I thought you weren't going to check the blog anymore and you were done posting your trash? By the looks of things, you've been on here like everyday. Do you sit on your computer like an ANON loser and read everything posted. You are a bigger douche than I thought.

As for being "THE CHOSEN ONE", or whatever you want to call yourself. If you are going to use such names, think about getting your facts straight. No one talked about Scotland beating ROI.

As for this GOW character, Flavio is most likely that guy. A couple reasons why: A) He has multiple accounts on this blog. B) I've seen him posting ANON trash on his phone during games (sat behind him a few games last year and watched him), and C)He's got a blackberry and some messed up trash talking idiot keeps posting from his phone during the games.

As for the quality of the turf. The RSA is full of idiots, and Regina will never get a good turf as long as the people managing have our facility at EVRAZ place. We pay rent and have to take the turf out a hundred times during the year for stupid events such as exhibition etc. It ruins it. I doubt they will replace it, to have it ruined all over again. Also keep in mind we have these football duds who spit and rip up our turf with their shoes etc. It sucks yes, but I doubt they will replace it. It's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

The best goal keeper in the tournament is South Korea's goal keeper!!! Did anyone watch the game? That guy makes some killer, crazy saves. He has no defense at all. South Korea would be nothing without him. He is the team. Wow, what an awesome goal keeper. I've never seen saves like that before. He's a beast in the air. He makes some wicked saves. Why is no one talking about great talents like him?

Anonymous said...

It's clear people hate RIGGS and NATE. Keep the hate going because both guys claim to be so awesome, yet they do shit all on the field. Things to note since the blog started:

1. Darko claimed to be all that and score a ton of goals. He got one goal against a weak Scotland team last night and they lost. Serbia blow and so does Darko. Darko you need to shut up. You are not good. Go video tape yourself again against DIV 4/5 teams.

It's a good thing the beer is available downstairs or I would have had to go up and see all those douche bags in the VIP area who think they are all so cool (I'm mainly referring to you Collins). I saw you upstairs last night picking your bum wondering when I was going to say something to you. You should have came downstairs to the main level and sat with me? Maybe next time?

2. Julio claims to have left the blogs yet his first post on this section mentioning things happening on here for weeks prior to the tournament. Makes you wonder if he's posting anonymously. Claiming to be the chosen one makes you sound even more guilty. It's what half of these ANON bloggers do. I guarantee Julio has a few ANON posts on here with his lack of knowledge.

3. Diya Ramadan is nothing but a huge douche bag and needs to get lost. He claims he is the ultimate soccer player and that he can perform on a co-ed field by running through girls. Good job you idiot. Who plays co-ed anyways.

4. Soheil Summers is by far the worst manager out there. He got lucky tying us. Going and talking trash and pretending to be our friend after the game was weak.

5. Mike Collins needs to step up and post some live results of these games. I'm tired of always checking this blog and having nothing but ANON posters like Julio and The Joker, who are probably the same person trash talk every two minutes. Get it together COLLINS.

Anonymous said...

I can GUARANTEE that anon 6:25 & 6:47 are the same person as who else wakes up this early in the morning and types the exact same post twice?
If you people can GUARANTEE who is posting what then please tell me this.
Name ALL the Jokers present on this site, Fake Dwayne Head, GOW, Anonymous posters? Yea I thought so. You can't guarantee $h%! so STFU.

Mike Collins said...

Anon 6:47 So glad you woke up so early this morning in order to post this delightful tweet to brighten our day. A few thoughts though.

Yep all us sitting in the VIP think we are soooo... cool. Mostly because we are all still living under a high school mentality. I would gladly come sit with you but something tells me you will be unwilling to reveal yourself.

I can basically guarantee its not Julio posting anonymously as I can see the IP address and they don't match his comp or phone. Unless he is hitting up internet cafes to hide his identity. Then that's just well played.

I do live updates on twitter @wcpcupblog for most the Men's and Women's games. You are up at 6. Use your time wisely and go get a phone with a data plan.

Anonymous said...

I think the live updates that Mike has done are sufficient to the point that I know who won the game and if anything of interest occurred. Frankly I think those are the two most important facts that need to be presented, anything else is almost irrelevant as many people want to hear different things. Mike's updates have been good thus far and better from last year so I am a little puzzled why people are complaining.

BUSTED!!! I love to hit up every single internet cafe that I can find. I knew there would eventually be a Sherlock out there that would sniff my trail out and I would have to admit that I was GOW, every anonymous post on the blog, and all 22 Jokers that have posted! How I managed to do all that posting and still run my daily tasks is remarkable and I believe that I deserve an MVP shout out for that. Or maybe I just was bored and found a lack of intrigue from the blogs until the tournament actually began. Either or could be the truth to the situation.

I have to agree that too much time is being wasted on these pointless anonymous comments. I would much rather hear about Darko's goal last night, or how Scotland managed to get the win. I am interested in hearing about this Afghan player who was better than everyone on the field and as well to how Germany managed to have such a tight match vs S. Korea.

Lastly, I don't think there ever was a debate about Levis and Chico. It's not even a question who is better as Levis is on a different level than Chico. Yet in Saskatchewan soccer the top player only lasts for a few years before someone else emerges due to the lack of options to progress their soccer ambitions. Only 2 years ago Northey was at the level that Levis is at now, but Northey seldom plays soccer and therefore has fallen back a step or two.

Stay on the edge of your seats people as I have some outstanding predictions coming up as we near the weekend.

-Julio "The Chosen One"

Anonymous said...

I'm not really gonna reply to all the comments about me. Just a quick thing, I don't recall once that this year I have put myself close to being a top player in the tournament!? My game Vs. Northern Ireland was my first game since a year and a half ago when I tore my ACL! And since then I've had double knee surgery.

Too say I cherry picked, you are correct why wouldn't I in that game? I thought it was pretty effective. And the one anon that pointed out my earrings I was wearing well that's just weird haha!


Anonymous said...

Dear anon 1647. You are making us look bad and very stupid.

Fellow hatred-fueled anon coward

Anonymous said...

Julio, can you do me a huge favor and stop favoring your buddies and your Saskatoon "man crushes". You are one of the most biased guys on this blog when you post. Chico is an all around better player and he will be the only one out of any of you duds who will go anywhere when it comes to soccer. Chico is pure talent and he's fun to watch. Are you jealous or something because Chico is a much better soccer player than you and will go somewhere with his soccer. What happened to you? You went know were yet you travelled overseas and got your ass cut.

Stop hating. Levis is nothing compared to Chico and any person who can think straight and watches the games knows exactly what I am talking about.

Go suck up to your man crushes and give them a good night kiss cause no one cares about your biased opinions guy.

We'll see who makes it big. Chico before Levis and when that happens I'd like to meet up with you Julio so I can kick you in the ass for being such a douche.

Anonymous said...

Anon 23:01 From a different thread
Frankly I doubt that neither will make it big because it is the reality of the situation. If anyone has more potential and pure skill it is Levis and it's not even a debate. Unfortunately you lack a lot of knowledge and understanding of the game if that is your opinion. I like Chico and he is a buddy but if he can't see that Levis is a better player, that is his prerogative.

I like how you try to talk a big game behind a computer screen. Let's be real, you coming to meet up with me would never happen as you can't even post your name. Did you add that last line to make yourself feel better about how cowardly you are? You keep huffing and puffing and complaining as I am pretty sure that I am not the only one, or the minority in my opinion about Levis & Chico.

I'll just say this. Northey was also a better player than Chico and where is Northey now? Options are limited and sometimes people want to pursue other avenues in life. Yet I hardly doubt you'd understand that as you are the optimal example of why these blogs show the best of the Regina people and their knowledge about a mere game.

Do you really consider making it big and living of a mere sum of maybe $15,000 a year (at most) which you are paid in a form of an expense in return for working soccer camps? That's a hard life to live and not many people want to aspire for that. Learn about reality before you speak.

As for the Scotland player complaining about head shots,
You are the only one that allegedly saw these head shots as the ref was standing right beside me when you started complaining? Game is over. You lost. Get over it and move on. No one got hurt and you seem to be the only one to have seen this incident so I think it's fair to assume that maybe your mistaken. I think I would have a good idea as I know #17's actions from ROI quite well. I also believe he does enjoy in watching the UFC. Great observation.

-Julio "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy"

Anonymous said...

You are hated on this blog and on the field Julio. That much I know. Don't care what you say, don't really care about you. If something happens you to, I will probably laugh my ass off ... just saying. You are a horrible person, and you mock people like it's funny or something. Everyone gets what is coming to them, especially the idiots that think everything a joke. You will get what's coming to you. That much is clear.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:50, you are obviously the same anonymous basher who can't post a name and has been on here every single day. First it was Nathan, DB and Riggs; now it is me. The common denominator is that they all used to reply to you and once they started ignoring you; you were left with very little to say. So after this post I shall do the same.

You know what, everyone does get what is coming for them. I have a good life, good job, and I am well off. I give back to the community and coach the best group of U12's in the province. So gratefully I do get what I deserve. I am glad that you noticed. I am glad that you know me oh so well. I would much rather be hated, than falsely liked by two faced people that will turn on you on a dime.

Hate me on the blog, hate me on the field, hate me in your dreams. At the end of it all you wasting your energy hating away and that's your choice. I frankly could care less about people like you. You are cowardly and bark idle threats. Therefore with your presented logic, what does someone like you deserve? Someone who obviously tries to find new people to hate every chance that they get. Someone who can't stand by what they say. The list can continue, yet what is really the point?

I never realized I was mocking you, I guess pointing out how ridiculous some of these comments are may be seen as mocking. Ooops my bad, I'll try to make a better effort to take everything too seriously and out of proportion.

P.S. Can't wait for another wave of your anonymous posts, as I know every post you make is another moment of anger that I directly caused for you.

-Julio "The Clever One"

Anonymous said...

I am actually so STOKED that Julio is back on the blogs!!! I was sick on the anonymous idiots yapping away!!


Anonymous said...

julio. the linesman himself said he saw the "headshot"

ask number 17 yourself. the point is. challenges like that should be delt with because they are dangerous. simple as that. someone will end up with a broken nose or something !?

im not sure what part of that is hard for you to understand or maybe you just like moaning like a child and venting on this site rather than talking about good soccer or ways to improve the tournament?

Anonymous said...

I just asked number 17 from Ireland, and he personally told me that if there was an intentional head shot thrown, that I would be the first to know.

If the linesman supposedly saw this dangerous head shot he wouldn't have hesitated to tell the referee and then a card would have been issued. I can guarantee you 100% if number 17 wanted to throw a dangerous head shot, he would and everyone in the crowd would see it and would have started booing.

There was no head shot, maybe there was incidental contact to the head; but unfortunately you are making a issue out of nothing.

The second alleged head shot, number 17 jumped up for a header and the opposing player didn't and took a chest to the head and started complaining. Once again the ref was standing right there and didn't issue a call.

People like you are ridiculous. You complain and complain (mainly because you lost) and make an issue of something that really didn't happen.

So trust me, as I think I'd know a whole lot better than you what actually happened. Get over it and move on.

-Julio "Watching the Ultimate Fighter with #17 from ROI"

Anonymous said...

why would u know better what happened?

Anonymous said...

This Julio guy is so full of it. He's trying to prove people wrong on a blog. What a tool. Someone please shut this guy up already. It's starting to get very annoying.

Anonymous said...

Julio you are no better than Dufus Husdal. Time to get lost buddy. You are a huge cancer.


Anonymous said...

Kamali you are such a loser!!!! I've seen you try to suck up to Julio in previous tournaments!!!! You are a complete joke. Put your full name on your posts you dud. Fawad Kamali!!
Worst player in the province has to be you!!!

I'm back!!!
The Joker

Anonymous said...

Kamali was putting your name behind your post supposed to get you respect? You are a joke! No cares what you have to say and I'll laugh directly in your face next time I see you. Keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

Kamali you are acting like you invented the name Dufus Husdal! You are a brutal soccer player and are an annoying little terd. I have zero respect for you and you comments.

Flavio C.M. Bravo-Farias said...

I totally forgot that Apple doesn't make iPhones, Blackberry does! Thanks for the update anonymous.

And again, think what you want. I actually love the fact I don't even do anything and people get pissed off. So I will continue to do what I do, because there's nothing that makes me laugh more than making people I don't know hate me more then post it on here moments later.

I'll be eager to hear all of your replies anonymous! :)

Mucho take it e.c!