Wednesday, 6 March 2013

10 Bold Predictions (Nathan Reis Edition)

*Keep in mind, these are not necessarily things I strongly believe should or will happen, but are more like longshots that I think could happen, specifically ahead of other longshots.

1) Golden Boot: While the smartest money in the tournament may be on Brown to take home the Golden Boot honours, I’ll take the field here. I like Josip to spearhead the attack for Afghanistan and score 14 goals to Brown’s 12. There’s no way Dave gets 23 or 25 or however many he scored in 2011 with this somewhat makeshift Jamaican team, compared to the powerhouse that was ROI in ’11.

2) Neither Tomchuk nor Levis play a minute for Poland. Michal stands on his head. Poland is eliminated in group. 

3) ROI also bow out in group, largely in part because they, well, don’t have a keeper.

4) France and ES advance from Group A, leaving last year’s champion Sudan disgruntled and eliminated. Next year, Tong Tong pairs up with Brown to make a formidable striking tandem on Jamaica and the two bag 30 goals between them.

5) Collins has a beer with Dwayne.

6) Darko and Paco decide to settle their blog-related differences by going mano-a-mano in a rye shot contest. Four minutes later they embrace one another and admit they are both incredible.

7) People don’t hate this column (boldest prediction of the lot).

8) Lee Mooney’s dad cuts him to make room for Riggs on the ROI roster. Bold prediction or insider information? We’ll see.

9) Quarter-final teams are as follows: France, Es, Laos, Afghanistan, Canada, Norway, Serbia, and Columbia. Semi-final teams are as follows: France, Laos, Canada, Serbia. And that leaves us with…

10) The Final: Laos takes on France in a matchup for the ages. Laos proves too much to handle with the addition of Chico, and come out on top, 4-2.
MVP: Chico anchors the Laotian holding midfield position, stays at home, doesn’t make too many solo runs leaving him out of position, and leads Laos back to the Promised Land. He picks up the MVP award in the process, and kisses the Laotian crest on his jersey, as he accepts the plaque.


Anonymous said...

dave gets 1 goal if at that


3-they will go through

4-ES isnt even athletic anymore, old farts, Sudan goes through forsure

5-dont think so

6-they will have a dance off at Gabbos

7-doubt that

8-forsure thats happening, his dad told me myself

9-no ES, and ROI is in it.

10- probably.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nate but those predictions just left something more to be desired. There were some ok ones. I'd like to see Julio's predictions. No DG please!!!

Anonymous said...

Mike and I would most definitely do a beer. I would even make him pay.

Things to ponder and or add to WCP for fan enjoyment. I am not saying this could/shoud happen but just ideas to think about and or discuss in lead up to the tourney.

Could you hold a skills competition on one of the weekend nights? Things you could have...

-Hardest shot. It is easy to get a gun to register how hard someone shoots and would be interesting to see some of these guys with strong legs and what they can register on the gun. Each team gets one entry if they want. Winner gets a prize of some sort.

-A Penalty kick competition (although I find them lame this might be fun for some)

-A dribbling competition ( maybe make it a relay with one player off each team from each group working together) Could be interesting to see.

-Team juggling competition

Any others?

Ohter things possibly to add...An actual man or woman of the match award or perhaps 3 stars award. Don't need a prize but a simple announcement made indicating who had good games. 3 stars is stealing from hockey but is an ok concept.

Just throwing out some ideas here.

Anonymous said...

I think Brown is getting too much credit. Sadly I think he will struggle. What I think will happen for sure is that Nate will score against all the weak teams. I've never seen someone try so hard to score when the game no longer matters. All the goals he will score will be irrelevant when ROI plays any meaningful games as they will have to rely on other players to step up and be game changers.

Anonymous said...

Brown never was that good, those 25 goals he got were all flukes! He can always dream, but will always pale in comparison to Darko and Paco.

Colombia and Serbia are destined to meet in group stage and the final, with Darko setting a tournament record with 32 goals...all beauties...and having a different cellie for each goal.

Nate's 22 goal game vs Djibouti will also set a tournament record as he loses more weight In that game trying to regain the golden boot than Julio and DB have put on In the last year combined. But he still falls short. He later blames DG for missing some passes to set up the 23rd and 24th goals as DG was out until a mind blowing 11:36 pm the night before.


Anonymous said...

Dwayne, some decent ideas there, but please, for the love of God, never ever ever mention the 3 stars one again.

Anon 9:42 - Yeah I probably did try too hard in a game or two last year after the result was settled. But, on that note I'm going to make one final bold prediction. Whoever wins Golden Boot will score some meaningless goals against bad teams. Really going out on a limb there I know, but it could just happen.

@Cam_Lag said...

Good ideas anon 08:41
the tourney could use something to lighten the mood up a little bit. The hardest shot/ dribbling course/ best trick/ player of the game wouldn't even be hard to set up.
Also, to make it a little more cultural, would it be possible to have mini-pavillion set up by countries in the main lobby during popular game nights? it could help attract more fans to come out/ people who wouldn't normally be interested in soccer may take more notice. just some thoughts

Anonymous said...

those ideas are a waste of time and would make people look stupid, bad idea

Anonymous said...

Also, if the news hasn't yet broken, Riggs has been added to the ROI roster. Stay tuned on whether Lee was indeed cut to make room.


Anonymous said...

Why are those ideas stupid? What would make people look stupid. You may or may not be right, but simply stating those ideas are stupid and a bad idea does little to justify your response.

I am sure many would have thought Kevin setting up WCP in Regina was a stupid idea and would never amount to anything either...


Anonymous said...

Julio what are your bold predictions this year?

I would never cut Lee Mooney for Riggs. I am guessing Riggs is ROI's new goalkeeper? As there is no position on the field I'd play that loser!

Anonymous said...

1. Paco & Darko decide that their feud is silly and kiss and make up at center field during the Colombia vs Serbia game.

2. Big Nathan Reis suffers an unfortunate heart attack due to the excessive weight he carries around as he tries super hard to score 100 goals against the worst teams in the league.

3. Soheil Summers will still be the worst manager in the tournament without even coaching a team.

4. Chico will be carried onto the field by the Laotians as he is now their savior and king. May as well change his name to Mohammed, Jesus, or Allah as he seems to be at the same level as all of them.

5. DG breaks down into tears for no apparent reason.

6. PACO sucks more than usual and quits soccer!!!!!

-The Joker

Anonymous said...

Ha ha the fake joker such an idiot. Nice bold predictions idiot. The only one that is going to quit soccer is you, as soon as I find out who you are.... and I will find out.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you called it unfortunate. Shows you care.


Anonymous said...

Foolio you're so full of it guy. Hypocrite. You say you are going to stay away from the blog, yet you still post your terribly painful comments. Get lost already and follow through on what you say. How about this year, you try not to get burned on the field so much.

Anonymous said...

Lee Mooney needs to brush his teeth. I hate talking to that guy. He stands so close to you. Give people some space man. His breathe stinks. It's actually quite gross.


Anonymous said...

I like Anon 08:41's ideas. I like the pavillion ideas as well except that stupid Evraz would never agree as they bow and scrape to Timmy Ho's.

Anonymous said...

Chico being carried onto the field by the laotians is hilarious

Anonymous said...

Oh Pacoquito you little tough guy!!! You strike fear in the hearts of little girls and that's about it! If I was really petrified of you, do you really think I'd be ripping into you?!?! haha YOU ARE A JOKE!

Nate, I just don't want anything bad to happen to you!

-The Joker

Anonymous said...

Ahaha GOW is back!!! Only guy that is a bigger loser than Paco!
Anon 15:28 I am glad you enjoyed it! Chico is a god amongst men and he deserves to be treated as such.

-The Joker

The Joker said...

not only will he be carried off he will be given an asian wife with a passport

Anonymous said...

If it isn't my good friend Paco threatening someone else. What do they call that condition when you are a midget and you take offensive to everything? Tiny man syndrome?
I can't wait to embarrass you on the field in front of everything. I will make sure to video tape it and then give you a copy so you can learn how to play so maybe you won't be riding the pine next year.


Anonymous said...

I think Julio should make more posts. These blogs need some energy into them and I enjoy seeing ignorant pricks get their feathers ruffled over some quality humour.

Anonymous said...

Your all wasting your time on here,I will tell you whos going to win it, and its Sudan no one will stop us!

Shariq Kauist

Anonymous said...

Darko why are you beaking Paco, when you are a nobody in this tournament with less experience than Paco. Shut up already you moron. You suck. Go ahead and video tape all you want. It's going to be Paco who gets the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Darko is going to video tape himself. This guy is a real tool. Wow, what a messed up individual. The only thing being taped when this messed up guy plays, is him on his ass all game.


Anonymous said...

Anon Mar 11 18:55 (Aleck) - you still haven't spelled Aleks' name correctly, so instead of pretending you're someone else, why don't you use your own name? Assuming you know how to spell it.