Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monday's Scores

Day 4: March 25, 2013
TimeGame NumberGroups
TeamsScoreGoal Scorers
6:30 PM30U16 BoyHomeEngland2 Jacob Zimroz, Shane Patmore

AwayScotland2Moetaz Ghremida, Ontwain Smeikle

7:30 PM31WomenHomeGermany2Jessie Waller – 1, Meagan Cormier – 1

AwayIreland1Ellen Plemel – 1

8:30 PM32MenHomeScotland
Kyle Brown – 1, Thomas Franks – 1

Darko Hardi – 1

9:30 PM33MenHomeFrance10Travis Brady-1,Clint Houlie-1, Brett Bachelu-2,

AwaySomalia1Kevin Murphy-2,Paul Scollan-1,Anthony Haid-1,

Riley Meloche-

Aden Mohamed-1


Greg E said...

Just gonna comment on the games last night. I must say I caught the 2nd half of the U-16 boys game and I must say it was the most exciting.

I was even hopeful for the Germany women's team but they were dull and flat compared to last year from what I remember. Although Cormier missed a bunch of shots.

Scotland vs Serbia. The first goal by Scotland was good, the next was a miss hit that miraculously went in, but its sometimes better to be lucky than good. Darko scored a pretty decent header, and he looked dangerous every time he got the ball which wasn't often(refer to midfield point). The game was sloppy and anti-climactic. That could have been the lack of crowd though. I think both these teams suffer from a lak of strong midfield. Stringing passes together looked like a challenge. The top teams in the tournament all have at least 2 strong midfielders who link their back end to the front and allow the team to flow. Without it, teams look sloppy and even talented strikers come out flat without the service they need. Throw David Brown or Nathan Reis on these teams and you'd still have similar scorelines(I use these two because they won golden boot the last 2 years). All in all that was a game Serbia couldn't afford to lose.

Somalia vs France. If I was in a more comfortable seat like my couch, I would have been asleep in 5 minutes. France dominated, but as many people know its hard to look good playing against a team that is so far out of your league. Hopefully the France ES game can give us a hint as to how good they can be.

Jesus having a Monday and Tuesday off is boring, thank goodness for World Cup qualifying!

Ian McLaren said...

Greg E, I agree with your comments about the need for linking midfields. Not making excuses for Scotland but our central mids are 16,17,19,and 19 years old. So it's a boys against men situation quite often. Two years ago we went with a youth movement, mostly because we didn't have any choice. It will pay-off, already is, we are better than we were a couple years ago, but it takes time.

Anonymous said...

not sure about it being a miss hit. looked simple and good to me

Anonymous said...

Scotland owes it to the keeper..that kid stood on his head to get the win. This team is getting better than it has been in previous years. Serbia...wow! A total disappointment.