Monday, 18 March 2013

Top 5 Strikers

1) Nathan Reis (ROI) - Last years golden boot winner. Reis is better in the air than you think and will chip in with a few header goals as well as the many rockets he will score from further out. With an extremely weak group look for him to make a run at repeating.

2) David Brown (Jamaica) - No one will ever score as many goals in a tournament as David for ROI the one year. He scored more goals than almost all the team. Some of them the best goals we have ever seen.

3) Tong Tong (Sudan) - I am pretty sure Tong Tong scores just about all his goals on headers or bicycle kicks. Fits perfectly into Sudan's system and also knocks a lot of headers down to teammates.

4) Brett Bachelu (France) - Terrific at holding up the ball even when under pressure. Brett can play either as a lone striker or directly behind the strike as he is able to fire in long shots. His play will be a key for France.

5) Darko Hardi (Serbia) - Of course my boy Darko. Darko is underrated (though not by himself) despite being a name consistently among the top scorers. What really makes Darko's tallies more impressive is that he is able to achieve them while playing for Serbia. Think about it.

* I unfortunately had to omit Jay because I am still not sold on his recovery and Poland plays him as a midfielder. Sort that out already.

1) Tavis (Canada) - One of the most skillful players in the tournament. Tavis love to attack defenders and knows how to find the back of the net.

2) Nathan Reis (ROI) - If anyone loves to score goals more then I do its Nate. Reis is always in the right spot and always takes his chances. Has a rocket of a shot and possible has the best PK's in the tournament!

3) Josip Coric (Afghanistan) - Josip is always a golden boot contender. Skilled, tricky and deadly left foot.

4) Brett Levis (Poland) - I am going to assume that with Jay not being around that Poland will play Levis up high. Brett is without a doubt the best player in the province. His balance is ridiculous and has the ball glued to his feet. He is threat to score every time he receives the ball.

5) Garrett Meier (ROI) - Garrett is underrated. Tough,fast and never gives up. He is a good finisher and with the pool ROI got I wouldn't be surprised to see him and Nate 1&2 in the golden boot race after the group stage.


LeeMooney10 said...

Nathan is actually going to have to play in net this year. We need a BIG presence in goal and he is just that.

Anonymous said...

Just wait for the barrage of own goals!! They count towards Golden Boot right?


Anonymous said...

Darko needs to put up or shut up. Better hope you win the golden boot. If you don't people will be trashing you for years to come idiot. You're low on my list. Did you ever play for the Huskies. That's what I thought.


Anonymous said...

David Brown is easily the best player in the tournament. I can't think of anyone that comes close to him. Not many defenders can come close to stopping him either.

Anonymous said...

My underrated list by many common fans and or guys that I feel need more props then what they are getting...I know there are some guys I am omitting but I don't get an opportunity to see as many games as most. In no particular order.

1) Reis Cooper. He does a little big of everything for Norway. He also has the experience in WCP.

2) Mike Veszi as previous mentioned in another post he plays heavy minutes on a good team and is important to their back end.

3) Nathan Reis. Contrary to those who believe he is a "big" man he is not. Finds ways to score and is reliable on the field.

4) Guy from France that is from Yorkton I believe (can't remember name). He is shifty and quick. Not Leon but the other guy who played on the wing I believe.

5) Mitch Bauche. He is younger and many may not know him yet, but he is extremely skilled.

6) Steve Irinici. Very skilled in the midfield and not easy to knock off the ball.

7) Guy from Germany if he is playing again (can't remember his name, I think he is friends with Dave Brown). He played well in the quarters last year against ROI. He is a good dribbler and will be their offensive threat.

8) Dane Mcdougall. I think he may surprise a lot of people this year with his all around game and ability to attack guys.

9) Rolfe. I love the way Rolfe plays. He is slight but can anyone forget his back heel goal last year? He is a quality player.

10)Boun. He is always someone you have to account for on the wing. He draws a lot of fouls and has good pace.


Anonymous said...

Garrett Peters is another player that should be getting mentioned. Now that he has a supporting cast on Jamaica he could be in the golden boot race.


Anonymous said...

I get there are a ton of hacks in this tourney and the WCP game is not one that you will watch and the phrase "beautiful soccer" will not come to mind. But there still are a ton of quality players playing in WCP. If I had to make a list as to who I think are the top 5 hardest players to defend in the tourney and for what reasons here are mine:

1) Brett Levis:
Strengths: lightning quick, slender but his core strength is amazing, best one on one player in the province and in can west/CIS. If he plays he is hands down the best player in the tourney. Most fans know he is good, but unless you actually play against Brett you don't realize how good he is. If he keeps progressing and continues to work and wants to he can play beyond university without a doubt.
Weakness: he gets fouled a lot as he is on the ball tons and he at times can let it bother him. Tends at times to get tunnel vision as he is programmed to attack and score.

2)David Brown:
Strengths: Not only does he have a rocket but his accuracy is spot on. He also has size and is deceptiviely fast. He is best best pure striker I have played with or against. He only needs a second and the ball is banged into the back of the net. Once again, if you were able to train or practice with Brown you would understand how much quality he has at scoring goals.
Weakness: Has been known to be lazy. His off the ball work rate is not enough. Also recovering from a major knee injury so that is a major weakness as well.

3)Tong Tong:
Strenghts: He is the best in the air striker in the tourney. Being good in the air as an attacker is not just winning headers. It is being able to score goals by properly timing and making good impact. It also helps that he is at least 6 foot 4. He is also a physical player and tough to knock off the ball.
Weakness: he is not nearly as skilled as the other strikers with the ball at his feet. He is capable but in this tourney he does not need to be that type of player.

4) Tavis:
Strengths: Arguably the best dribbler in WCP. He can make something out of nothing. Jarvis his teammate is pure quality, but Tavis to me is almost as important to that team as he is their offense.
Weakness: He tends to go missing in games. I am not familiar enough with him to know if it is a work rate problem, but I find I watch Canada play and he does not show up as much as he could.

Strenths: his patience with the ball at his feet is great. He will set up a defender and or a goalie and make them look foolish. He has a great left foot and it is by no accident that he scores a lot of goals as he is a very good player.
Weakness: He is slender and not physical so he can be pushed off the ball. He has a temper and it can cause him to play poorly.


Anonymous said...

Dwanye Gareau Analysis:
Decent ball winner in the middle of the field. Most of his strengths come from the defensive side of the game. Lacks good ball control, and tries to play outside of himself by dribbling too much. Not skilled enough to be a flashy player but makes an effort to try things that make you scratch your head.
A good player in the WCP fold but not a top player that you need to worry about. Dwayne is there and he'll do his job and sometimes do the job for the other team.

Not as highly ranked as Big Nathan Reis would like to rank him, but not the worst player in the tournament.

Keys to success for Dwayne:
Keep the game very simple. Don't try to do much with the ball.

Anonymous said...

I would not want to have DB on my team, hes fat and lazy, doesnt do anything anymore, hes some fat english guy that walks around and screams

Anonymous said...

U18 could play better than all the duds named on this list. Give me a break. Start naming the young talent, not these washed up old fat lazy messes.

Anonymous said...

Old fat lazy mess here. Levis is not one of us.


Anonymous said...

This blog is funny.

Anyone that gets mentioned on the blog in anyway and then if that person writes on the blog with their name and offers any advice good or bad they get blasted from some anonymous poster.

I find it comical.