Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Top 10 Teams All Time (Matt Leung Edition)

WCP has put on some great tournaments. It was hard for me to think of the best teams ever that played in this tournament but I came up with this list complied from memory and stats.

1. ROI 2011 -  What is there really to say about this team? One of the key acquisitions for ROI that year was Brett Levis (previously on Poland) being acquired via a game of beer pong game v David Brown. He lost and joined up on ROI. ROI wenty undefeated and averaged 5 goals plus per game, granted they were in an easy group that year.However they did play Norway and crushed them by 8 goals and the closest game they played was ES but other than that destroyed everyone in there path and showing no mercy.

2. Sudan 2012 - Although this team isn't as technically skilled as ES, ROI, France, Laos, etc, etc the one thing that made this team great was their athleticism, and direct play. I have never seen a team that literally just won EVERYTHING in the air and make other teams play THEIR game because of their quickness, strength, athleticism, and size. No one could really play the ball on the ground because they would do 2 things. 1) Shut you down and stop attacks or 2) Foul you, which slowed the game down and played into their game. It won them the tournament.

3. Laos 2010 - Laos at the time of this tournament were out for revenge, they lost the previous tournament in quarterfinals to ES in close game which was something which had not been in the cards for Laos. They started the tournament flying, crushing opponents by a 15 goal difference going into a group deciding match against France, they lost 2-1 but after that wake up call they ended up beating Germany 4-3, and then Canada 3-2 and finally ROI in the first ever shootout final in WCP. One wonders if they had face France in the final would have they won?

4. ROI 2008 - After losing the 2007 final to Norway, ROI was out for revenge, this team was unstoppable crushing teams but the most notable thing about this team stat was their defense. They only conceded 6 goals in the whole tournament and eventually won it all.

5. Norway 2007 - Norway was a team that was hungry to win. They were discouraged when they tied ROI and Scotland in group play which didn't allow them to advance into the knockout stages in 2006. Norway felt they had something to prove and sure enough they did. In group play they had a +15 goal difference in the knockout stage games Norway were always behind but found ways to beat Greece, Jamaica, and then ROI in overtime

6. ES 2009 - Coming into the 2009 campaign ES's previous years had ended with disappointment for their fans and players. The 2005 champs made the 2006 semi's but lost in a shootout to ROI, in 2007 they didn't even make it to knockout stages and in 2008 they disbanded. In that year they made some key acquisitions in Chico, Jerson, Dion, Rolfe, the one and only Julio and a Keeper named Mike? In group play they ended up getting 2nd just behind France with a +11 goal differential in the knockout stage they faced 2008 runners up Laos beating them in a shootout then Portugal beforelosing to ROI in a OT.

7. France 2010 - After being embarrassed in the 2009 campaign France was out to prove they were one of the elite teams. Winning Group D with a +13 goal difference in group play, this team could of won the tournament but ended up losing to ROI in one of the best semi finals this tournament has seen. After taking a quick 1-0 lead ROI ended their dream with a heartbreaking 2-1 loss. The winning goal happening with less than 2 minutes left in the game. The funny thing is ROI lost to Laos 2-1, who France beat in group play.

8. Saudi Arabia 2009 - This team actually surprised a lot of people, myself included. They started playing in the top mens division but were really known for being goons and not even a mid table team that year. Entering the tournament they were placed in the same group as Laos,(which were heavy favourites) Chile,(the previous yr made the quarters) and Nigeria (always a force to reckon with).  After group play they ended up finishing 2nd and had quarterfinal match up against one of the tournament favorites France. Saudi Arabia ended up winning the game 4-0 in a very entertaining game.However, the dream ended when they played eventual champions ROI, but put one of the funniest/best bronze medal games I have seen against Portugal which ended up 7-5

9. Poland 2011- In the previous 2 years Poland had always made the knockout stage but were never really considered an elite team. While losing key player Brett Levis, Poland kept there hopes high and stormed through group play with a +15 goal difference vs Germany, Jamaica, Canada, and Ukraine. Poland continued into the Semi finals but ended up losing to Laos.

10. Canada 2006 - Probably the oldest team to ever make the final.I can't get an exact quote of the average age of their team but I am going to say over 30 for sure. After beating heavy opposition by using great tactics from one of Regina's best Managers  Eugene Seckler, Canada had low expectations and no one gave them any chance of winning a game! After getting embarrassed by Germany in group play, Canada ended up playing as a cohesive unit and pulled out some results. They made the knockout stages where they played Germany. It was the kids vs the men and Canada prevailed. They then faced a talented Jamaican squad and ended up advancing but lost by a respectable score of 3-1 to ROI. At that time ROI's average age was probably 20.


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I completely agree with that Saudi team - they were a big surprise that year.


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uhhh I cant believe access is showing these games!! what a joke

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Who is Matt Leung?

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Who is Lee Mooney?

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I am.

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Lee Mooney is nothing. NUGGETS.

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Anon 10:40: that's a brutal schedule. Not a single game showing any of the top 10 teams on the men's side until the playoffs. Unless maybe that's the plan to show more different teams.