Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5 players Who Don't Get Enough Credit - Scotty Myrah Edition

The guest blogging has really caught on and I have people lined up to help out. Today we cover players who in our opinion don't get the credit they deserve. So here is round 2 served up bi Scotty Myrah and myself.

Mike's List

1.Abu Okonofoa (Afghanistan/Nigeria) - When I first played with Abu he was a keeper... it was clearly not his calling. However, Abu has remade himself into a defender and a fantastic one at that. Powerful and composed Abu is a player anyone, myself included, would love to have on their team.

2. Dwayne Gareau (ROI) - Dwayne is in a tough place being on ROI. The team is full of goal scorers who get much of the credit as well as having to constantly play in my shadow. Seriously though, Dwayne is a natural ball winner and is great at reading the field. Exactly the kind of thing that goes unnoticed in this tournament.

3. Spencer Veikel (El Salvador) - Speaking of players who are overshadowed, Spencer has to contend with Alvi and his looming ego all the time. Whenever people think back to the ROI vs. ES game everyone seems to only remember Alvi being out there. Granted that Alvi did have an exceptional game but Spencer played just as well for ES last year. Time to give him some props.
4.Reis Cooper (Norway) -  Yes I know what you're thinking, Reis Cooper? But if you can somehow block out those ridiculous/unnecessary slide tackles and focus on his overall body of work you can make a pretty good case for him. He's a hard worker, who last year showed he could show up on the goal scoring sheet by finishing in the Top 5 in goal scoring. Wow.

5. Troy Lydiate (Jamaica) - I was higher than most on Troy during last year's tournament as I thought he was a pivotal part of Jamaica's squad. Having seen him play this year in indoor has reminded me up just why I thought that. Troy's pace, endurance, and overall athleticism is something every team will have to account for.

Scotty's List

1. Steve Irinici (Laos) - Plays center mid for Laos and over 4 years has been solid. Laos is known solely for their strong wing play which takes a lot of hype from their center mids. Stevie has come up big and has scored crucial goals for Laos when needed.

2. Justin Sawka (Canada) - From what I've noticed he is the heart of Norway's attack. Known mostly for their defensive style the attack is often overlooked here. But like Stevie he scores big goals and is a good playmaker in the WCP cup format.

3. Paco Brown (Columbia) - The only real skill out of Columbian my mind. Has carried this team into promising positions even when he doesn't have the links to gain more success. He's got slick skill and a knack for the net. Very dangerous and very underrated.

4.Stephana Papa (Greece) - He hustles and works his way to success. Its always hard to pick out a star from Greece but he seems to be it. Scores big goals and never stops working.

5. Andrew Sanderson (ROI) - Overlooked by most spectators in a star powered ROI line up he has quietly controlled the back line and kept Ireland's goals against to a minimum. Plays big and tough and uses his left foot to his advantage.


Anonymous said...

Sawka is playing for canada now!

Anonymous said...

Good lists boys! I would add in Hamid from afghan scored some nice goals. And mark w from roi the old boy gives it his all every game!


Anonymous said...

Justin Sawka is playing for Canada this year

Anonymous said...

Great idea mike, you should bring in a guest speaker everday or every other day. Def makes the blogs more interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Myrah is writing on this subject... as I would have to argue that Myrah is the most overlooked player in this tournament.
Myrah trains for the WCP everytime he steps on to the field.
Not the most talented or skilled player on the pitch, but somehow he manages to get those MVP awards... if anyone isn't given enough credit for his WCP performances it would be that guy.

I don't know if I would say that Abu isn't given enough credit, as Abu hasn't done much WCP. I would say that if Abu were to play this year and wasn't given credit for his new found skill... than yes he would not be given enough credit... I think Abu would fall into the dark horse category for now!

I agree with Spencer. For some reason someone keeps blogging that Chico was a defensive presence for ES last year... but the reality was that he wasn't. Spencer and Will did most of the defending, not Chico nor I. I played two games at Centre Back and that is all... Spencer and Will did the rest of the heavy lifting and I agree that they deserve some credit.
As for my looming ego... it is a force out there. Not many, if any, can compete with my ego. It is what it is... to leave a lasting quote for these blogs... "It's better to be known and hated, then to be not known at all." Julio 2012 WCP blog.

I also agree with Troy. He is a good skilled player, and most of the emphasize is put on Banerjee... Yet I think Shane and Troy, do just as much if not more than Banerjee has in recent tournaments.

I do greatly disagree with Reis Cooper... not because he plays on team DUFUS... and not to take away for a good scoring outage last year... but I played against the guy last outdoor in the Saskatoon league... and he didn't stand out on a team that barely competed in a terrible Men's league. I would have to say that Chad Anthony deserves the nod over Reis Cooper, or even a guy like Tavis. I still don't understand why people don't respect the skill level that guy has, and he has carried teams in the past....

My verdict on the most overlooked players is as following... and they are ranked in order:

1. Adam Rolfe (ES): No one gives Rolfe enough credit, but I would have to say that he is the most dangerous threat on ES to score. Yes ES have Jerson, BUT Rolfe has been more vital to games in recent tournaments.

2. Myrah (Loas): Reasoning already provided:

3. Tavis (Canada): Great skill set with the ball, good goal scorer. Has carried weak teams on his back. I think he has the potential to be a game changer at times....

4. Michael Veszi (Laos): I don't think I heard Veszi's name once as a player to watch. In my opinion Veszi is one of the better centre backs in the province. It's tough to get credit when Laos is built around offense. (Side note: I agree with Stevey Irinici as a pick, felt Vez needed a nod)

5. Stefan Husdal (Norway): Yea the guy doesn't shut up on the field and whines like a little school girl. He will say anything and everything that comes to mind. Yet on a Norway team that isn't known for their skill, he is the engine that makes Reis Cooper look like he can play. Everyone always hates on Stefan because of his loud mouth attributes on the field, but at the end of the day the guy can play... and he seems to have trimmed down that he may actually be more effective this year.

Julio. Boom.

Anonymous said...

Disagree with Hamid from Afghan. Very skilled player, but after seeing him last week... I don't think he'll be very effective. If Julio weighs 269, than Hamid is pushing 270.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the nod julo. i agree veszi doesnt get that much credit either but i felt stevie was a bit less known in the tourney. other than that i agree with your additions.

Mike Collins said...

I was going to include Scotty but felt like winning MVP was probably enough recognition.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was BLOG recognition, not hardware recognition... as sometimes they just give that hardware out to whoever is there to grab it... like last year GK of the tournament was deserved by Michal (Poland) and he never got it...


Anonymous said...

true. i was contemplating adding michal in my list but really he was the main reason poland made it as far as they did and he definitely got lots of recognition. its hard too cause there are alot of guys i don't know who deserve to be on here like guys from sudan. but im sure we'll all see some new guys emerge this year.

Anonymous said...

Only 3 players on that list I consider soccer players the rest are plumbers

Anonymous said...

Unsung but better picks than rees to me are guys like andrew baulin, or justin pasternuk. These are guys who are great two way players that really help there teams, not just studs up body tackles.

Bartosz said...

Sorry Julio I've been too busy with work and Pole dancing lessons to keep up with the blog, my talent comes from hard work and practice you know..if you're lucky I'll pass on some advice to you..I can tell you're interested.

I have to say I admire the way you can put a sentence together to make it sound like you have a smidgen of intelligent thought in that fat head of yours. Very clever.

Me beaking you last year consisted of one comment in which I talked about your ballet slippers... You must have saved that page in your favorites to remember the rage it caused?

Your words mean very little to me but I am very pleased that you continue to mention me. Kind of flattering that you continue to think I'm worth beaking...the famous Julio...beaking Bartosz the Polish Punisher..The Polish Prince..The Polish Stallion... Cheers mate...thanks for thinking of me ;) Hell I think after all this I'll even give you a free pole dance lesson

Anonymous said...

Dear Polish Pole Dancer... Bart... The Polish Princess... it's a known fact that you can't give yourself nicknames! The Polish Stallion.. really... come on bud... obviously you made a mistake with that one. I think the Polish Pole Dancer would suit you well... as I actually didn't know you were a pole dancer... good for you for making something out of yourself. Bart, your a sensational mascot... and I thought the blog community needed to see that.. you should take it as a compliment! Be a mascot... follow you dreams. Come on Bart, you don't remember opening those chubby cheeks all third place game and beaking me every time I touched the ball... or are you just too shy to admit it? I thought a Polish Stallion would have a little bit more courage then that.. I'm still very disappointed in how lack luster you replies are... I expected more, especially from the self proclaimed Polish Punisher... I'm curious, how did you get that name in the first place? All I can say to you is that if you have no confidence... you shouldn't really play for Poland this year... there is a good chance that they will have an opportunity to play in the final... and I think the last thing any team wants is a guy on the pitch who can't handle the spot light... it's time that you upgrade from the sloppy granny panties, and start wearing a thong... as you need to go out there and flaunt what you have.. or in your case what you think you have! Bart, now that your FAMOUS, and people know you... people are going come watch you play... I just don't want you to disappoint them by being the worst player in the tournament! Live up to the hype Bart... isn't that what your hard work is all about? Your hoping to score a big goal and the cele with a seductive pole dance for all your polish boyfriends? Julio.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, i just skipped through that last comment. did anyone read that whole thing...

Anonymous said...

Personally I believe that Troy Lydiate's abilities were wasted by Jamaica by having him play in the back. His athleticism is pivotal indeed, yet we all should remember the game that Jamaica moved Troy up into mid-field that he scored two goals in 5 minutes and almost a third. I feel as though Troy would be much better used away from Jamaica. But I believe his love for his his country will continue to have him frustrated with their results. I know this is late, but I just stumbled upon it as I await the new year!