Friday, 16 March 2012

Team Preview Laos - Scotty Myrah

Alright time to stop fooling around and get to the team previews. I am trying to get all of the teams to fill out these 7 questions but don't have contact info for all the teams. It's interesting to hear from a teams perspective what they are hoping to achieve. So if you see this and want your team previewed fill out the questions and email it to me at Thanks

Best win? Worst loss? For your team in history of the tournament.

Best Win - 2010 final vs ROI. Good back and forth game that ultimately ended 3-2 in a shootout giving us our first championship.
Worst Loss - 2009 Quarterfinal  vs ES. lost 2-1 via shootout but for anyone watching the game we were completely outplayed. Mention to ROI for toying with us last year in the final.

Tranfers. Who's in? Who's out?

In- Josh Northey, Math Leung, Zach Robert-Winters
Out- None

Who is your most important player? 
Arguably Northey cause missing him last year was a factor, but ultimately Evan Campbell. Has kept us in tons of big games and is a top keeper in the tournament.

What are you team's strengths?
Pace and high energy, we use it to our advantage to attack the wings. Having Boun and Northey out there definitely puts teams on their heels and opens things up all over the field.

If you could have one player from any other team who would it be? Why?
Jay Tomchuk. Our only real struggle is up front and having the best striker in the tournament would for sure put us over the top.

Realistically where do you expect to finish?
Top 4

Who would you like to see win besides your team?
An underdog for sure. Someone new to the playoffs. Us, ROI, Poland and ES are obvious favorites for the Top 4, so if we fell out it would be nice to have a less recognized team have some success.

My Take: Scotty pretty much nailed most of the points here. I would say Northey is probably their most important player as we all saw what happened to Laos last year without him. The two areas that Laos lacks a bit is there depth and size. Could use a bit more at certain position as it is a very fast game and players could use a rest. They are also a team that is going to get bullied a bit because of their physical stature as we saw last year against Greece. Top 4 for Laos seems very realistic and winning it all is not at all out of the question. Should be another strong year for Laos.


The Joker said...

It really bothers me that some of the Laos players still dont play on there right heritage teams, I mean we got Vietnam and South Korea so why arent those guys playing for those teams? I am pretty sure Matt Leung and Nigel Tan are Viet Cong

Anonymous said...

Getting Northey back is such a huge help for Laos.

Players like Northey, Brett Levis, Jay Tomchuk to name a few are some of the most dangerous one on one players in this tournament due to being able to create scoring chances for their teams out of nothing.

In a 50 minute running time game, the teams that feature game breaking players become so important when they play against other top teams.

You can only stay organized and disciplined for so long before a guy like Northey or Levis runs by you and makes something happen.

ROI features the most well rounded team (best team on paper by far) however these are the types of players that are needed to have a chance at knocking ROI off the top.

ROI losing Levis, Tomchuck, and Brown may end up hurting their chance at repeating for the championship.


Anonymous said...

Will you ever give any credit to any regina players in any of your essays you write on here DG?


Anonymous said...

The only players he credits is Jarvis and Collins thats it

I guess the rest of Regina is crap, according to all of the Saskatoon players that play in this

no biggie, I mean they play in this tournament and only to spit back in our faces, thats fine,

p.s Julios gay

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you sound like a bitter school girl who just had another girl make out with her first crush... Quit whining, if you were good and deserve credit someone would give it to you... But looks like no one has so your just a pouty princess fishing for some compliments....

Jarvis and Collins are quality... And there's a few others that have been previously named... The debate about Regina's skill and depth has sailed weeks ago... What was decided is that you are horrible and there's a handful players, if not more that stand out... No matter how much you beg for the praise with posts like that, you won't get any.....

As for me being gay... Also a comment that was dealt with weeks ago... I am starting to wonder if you ever learnt to read as you sound like a broken record of previous posts.


Anonymous said...

No one talking about the teams who could actually surprise this year, everything focused on julio and bart.

Yeah ireland, es, poland and laos should be favored to make it through, but who else?

Afghanistan has improved from last year. Skinny never liked the sktn players from last year but i see they are back with a new coach. Chico (does he ever leave the field), a keeper and some other recruits make them a strongers offensive team good enough to do some damage, both in round robin, and beyond.

Hearing some rumblings that jamaica is taking it more seriosly this year. Even if Keven just managed playing time of key players, they have a great chance to go through.

Sudan, with any kinda keeper who could stop a ball, are a danger to go through, and do some damage.

Germany has some talent, but dahl and their defence may hold them back.

Canada.....I mean Enter, can play with anyone, but they could use some offensive help to take the pressure off of tavis.

Others thoughts on the teams to watch out for?

Anonymous said...

This is to Batman and the other guy who signed off as "Julio gay",

I don't mind hearing myself talk, and I sure as heck don't mind writing so as previously mentioned you are free to skip over a post if it bothers you or if it is too long for you.

I give credit where credit is due. I could care less where someone is from. If I felt someone was the best player in the tourney and they were from Yorkton they would get mentioned.

Why does it have to be Saskatoon vs Regina vs anywhere? I am confused by this thought process. What is this inferiorty complex that some people have with "we have just as many good players as that city stuff." The fact that you are mentioning it in the first place probably gives you enough of an answer as to who at this stage has more quality players (which just so happens to be Saskatoon at this moment).

Remember, I am not from Sasakatoon heck I don't even live in Saskatoon.

Before you get all defensive I am not saying Regina is not producing quality players. They are, however, they just don't have a university men's team in place which has been the key factor in Saskatoon having a larger core of quality players than Regina at this stage.

This is an open men's competition that does not feature a Saskatoon team vs a Regina team so I don't have any ideal why I would care to go out of my way to mention only Saskatoon guys or pump Saskatoon players egos.

Personally I have no ill feelings towards Regina or anyone that has grown up or played or is playing soccer in Regina now. In fact, I have tons of quality friends from Regina and sure as heck would not "spit in their faces."

I was simply stating who I feel are the best one on one players in the tournament. If you rate anyone better at taking players on than those 3 than I would agree to disagree with you. A young Ronnie would have entered this conversation at one stage.

Here is some Regina love for you.. two of the better defenders you will see in the tournament are Steve Patterson, and Jarvis.

One of the better striker/attacking mids you will see in the tourney this year will be Collins. He may be one of the most hated yet loved players in the tournament but will be in the mix for the golden boot or at the very least dangerous out there.

The best work rate in the tourney will be Scotty Myrah. Watch his work rate during a match and how much ground those little legs are churning up all over the pitch.

Collins' underrated players article nailed one of the players who had a great tournament last year in Reis Cooper as someone who should get some credit. ROI walked all over Norway last year but Reis actually had a good game and a good tournament. Norway are hard working but lack in the creativity department so his high goal output last year was impressive.

Evan in net was a beast last year and I assume he will be great again this year.


Anonymous said...

wow thats the longest essay you've written yet


Anonymous said...

Frick DG is there a sparknotes version for your novels.

I thought mine were long.... Yours was... Well a little too long.

Jot notes pal. Jot notes.


Anonymous said...

great ideas mike, keep em comin'

Anonymous said...

Laos vs Nigeria Sunday at 4pm

Anonymous said...

Julio your such an idiot. No one wants to read your essay's. Also to the JOKER. I love all you hilarious trash talking. Can you please come up with one for this tool Julio cause he is a huge DUD.

Anonymous said...

My posts are for those times you are bored and need to read irrelevant information on a blog.

Do friendly's actually help for the tourney?

Anonymous said...

Nigeria 5 vs Laos 4, does Nigeria has something for us this year? we will see.

Anonymous said...

Great game to watch went back and forth, final score Nigeria 5, Laos 4, I think both teams will do well in wcp

The Joker said...

Julio, is a funny character I love or hate his comments.but to put him as a character I shall refer to him as the penguin! I did watch that Laos game, very fast and nice goals

Anonymous said...

thats funny that the joker would rather nigel and matt play for their "right" heritage when vietnam is a completely separate country from China and Phillipines (their true heritage) last time I checked .