Thursday, 29 March 2012

Discount Tickets Available At Facility Tonight 7:30 - 9:00

Tickets will be available at their discounted price tonight ($85), Thursday March 29th from 7:30-9:00 pm, at the facility. Make the most of this opportunity so that I don't have to listen to you all whine about prices!


kony 2012 said...

Rumor Mill:

Sources say that within the next few days either friday or saturday, Julia aka Julio will make his 7849 appearance on the blogs. This will infact stand as a record for all blogs in the history of blogging.. As well getting set to break another record with time spent on the blogs. Julia is not only making a mark with his signiture, Julio made comments... But hackers have now informed me there is a way to infact track url numbers and Julia is infact the #1 anonymous blogger on these blogs..

Furthermore the cheers or jeers for julio poll.. Has sparked outrage. The poll now stands at 60% cheers and has taken criticism as to the credibility of this poll... Julio has also set astounding numbers and blew away the competition by voting a total of 80 times for cheers.

Until Next Time,


Anonymous said...

Julio plays on a div 3 team in saskatoon. Real name Julio Diaz. Does anyone want his phone number and address, cause I got it. Ha ha, prank phone call time. Suck on those apples a hole.

-God of War

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in playing on mean machine in saskatoon div 3.

Give me a call - 382-3324 (home)

Julio Diaz

Anonymous said...

Julio is a 35 year old retard idiot from Chile who has old man balls and is one of the worst fire fighters in sasktoon. He plays on shit div 3 saskatoon teams like mean machine. Should I keep going ... No one at the fire hall really likes the idiot from what i have heard.

Ha ha ... useless tit.

-God of War

Anonymous said...

Julio - 0. God of War - 1. Ha ha. The idiot knows exactly what I am talking about. Don't piss people off you fool. Your mocking will do you no good. I and alot of other people dislike you, and when I say dislike ... it's more like hate you.

Anonymous said...

Mike aren't u something ? U do analysis for your group and that's it? Common man if u are a blogger u can't be bias and do one group u involved in I expect u to do better than that

Anonymous said...

Hey all, this on of your favorite Dooley's, I have a Twitter account for thw tourney, add me if you like. WCPShame.

Anonymous said...

Tonight mens game.

Sudan will win 4-2 against Roi.

Collins will miss all his free kick attempts.

Julio will piss his pants and miss a couple key tackles.

Anonymous said...

I hope Mike is ok cos he has not posted more Group Reviews, i have been waiting and im still waiting, hope Sudan fever hasn't affected you, well if it did i will understand cos same as me here, i'm having the fever for tonight game though i don't belong to one of the teams.

Anonymous said...

3-2 ROI vs. Sudan match last night was very exciting, and a little chippy. A couple nice free kicks Mike. First one you probably shouldn't have gotten as the wall moved, but still nice. The goal your one guy blasted off the volley was sick. When I say sick, I mean potential highlight of the tournament. Wow. Great soccer. High paced, fun game to watch. Could have gone either way.

I only have two things maybe ROI can work on for next year. One forsure is that guy up front. No one is going to replace David Brown, I realize that now. The guy you have up there Mike is average at best. Another thing to note is that young kid Kapila. Really not a force at all, and doesn't stick out like the rest of you guys on ROI with the physical strong play. There were even people yelling "Kapila used to be good in the stands" lol. I find it funny that some people will boast about this kid. I, however don't think he anything special. If anyone watched the youth game. There was a kid named Azzzzzzizzzeeee on Germany who will definately be a force when he gets older. Now that to be is a skilled young soccer player. Try picking him up Mike for future years lol.

Enjoy the rest of the games.

Kirk O'Dooley said...

Please visit my blog, and follow on twitter.

Anonymous said...

It's tough to replace David Brown as he is a natural goal scorer. Brown has a knack for the net like no other, at the same time it is difficult to measure the abilities of Nathan up front against a team like Sudan. Their center back was climbing Nate's back with two hands for the majority of the game, and I think even Brown would have struggled... as in normal soccer that is a foul. Had I known that climbing the back was allowed, I would have just piggy backed the Sudan forwards all game and held them down with all 277 lbs of mine.

God of War.. I applaud the time and effort you put in to getting my last name, address, and phone number.. you've now shown how obsessed with me you are... and you've also shown an uncanny ability to be the smartest guy on the blog hahha I am just going to let you keep feeling proud of yourself and not ruin your moment... BAHAH

"Kony" to find someone's location to their computer, you'd have to track their IP address. Unfortunately with your lack of knowledge, you wouldn't be able to track the IP on a blog. You'd have to be tracking my submission as I was typing, and because my posts need to be authorized... therefore that is not possible as you can't gauge when I am on the blog submitting my entry. I do applaud you for making an effort to try to distort reality so it favors the falsifications that you are trying make... but next time, before you make yourself look like a complete idiot, please do better research and get your facts straight.
As for your comment about the poll, it is highly biased and unreliable measure. Someone like God of War may have voted numerous times on multiple computers and therefore skewed the actual results. Irregardless, GOW and yourself voted numerous times, and I still was favored by the majority. I guess all I can say is better luck next time bud.


Anonymous said...

PS. For the anonymous guy that posted Julio 0 and GOW 1. How exactly did you manage to know that GOW had made a post before it was even approved? Collins updated the blog on Saturday, yet your post is from Friday night when no comments had been approved? Anybody else find that odd... or did GOW just show his hand and prove why there's soo many anonymous people on here that say the same thing over and over.
Well done GOW, another strong outing for you pal.


Riggs said...

GOW should have been first pick in the fantasy draft!