Friday, 13 April 2012

Tonights Games.

Big night of games ahead tonight. So lets get to it.

7:30 Chile vs Germany

In my opinion Germany have been the class of the Womens teams so far. Solid at every position and banging home goals like crazy. Chile on the other hand have floundered a bit in some of their games, not looking at all like the team we used to know. I can't see a scenario where Germany loses this game. 5-2 Germany.

8:30 Germany vs Hungary

I asked for people to predict an upset in tonight's games and a lot of people picked Hungary to win this one. I think people are forgetting the Germany carried the game against "The Greatest Show On Turf" and could have one. I see Zerr, and hopefully David Patterson running rampant. Maybe Kirk scores one of his patented rockets out of nowhere too. Hungary are just too unorganized. 7-2 Germany.

9:30 Laos vs Jamaica

We all know what to expect from Laos they are as steady of a team as there is. Your guess is as good as mine on what we will get from Jamaica. Consistently inconsistent, you could get the team that struggled to a tie N. Ireland or you could get the team that beat Canada. Jamaica absolutely has to win this game or their tournament is over. Maybe they can expose Laos at the back and if they can they could stand a chance. Every time I write about Jamaica they do the opposite so it seems pointless to guess. But I say they fall just short. 4-3.

10:30 France vs Greece

This was my favorite game of the tournament last year. Scotty and i were absolutely losing our minds while announcing the game and I am hoping this game is every bit as exciting. Greece has massively underachieved this tournament but I have a feeling they will be up for this one. Here is the quote I got from HELLASUNITED Twitter account : "Don't know til after the game is done if we won or lost but France will definitely feel they played Greece. #thatsguaranteed" I personally believe this will be the case. I think France will win this game but it will be close and they are going to have to earn it. I expect to see bodies laying about the field after the game. All said and done I think France comes through 3-2. I hope this game doesnt disappoint.


Anonymous said...

Jamaica upsets Laos tonight and goes through. Banerjee scores the winning goal. Troi with the assist. 3-2 Jamaica

Germany blows Hungary away. I'll say 6-2.

France beats Greece because Greece has lost some players this year and doesn't look that strong. France wins 5-1.

Anonymous said...

David Brown is not as good as Josip. I knwo Brown is injured right now and might be young, but his injury will slow him down and someone will take him out. Josip got some mad skills and avoids tackles like crazy.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAH Banerjee turned the ball over a dozen times worst player on the pitch.. That comment was obviously Raul, your a tool Raul.. Troy by far the standout on a Jamaican team that looked distraught after being hammered by afghan. Disappointing game.. Laos looked good