Monday, 2 April 2012

Fantasy Update

There was a lot of soccer this weekend so time for an update on where we stand fantasy wise. Notice the leading point getter.


Anonymous said...

The women are going to end up posting some high fantasy point totals with the scoring format of 3 points per goal.

I am guessing at the end of this tourney Liz and Megan will be the top scoring point getters in the draft quite easily.


JT said...

Hey DG, maybe after the first weekend of the tournament you should be more worried about your own drinking habits then other players in the tournament :)

I do agree tho, Liz will probably win in points. However I think the women play one less game then the men? There is no reason why collins and reis shouldn't be able to rack up a ton of points in that cake walk of a pool though. So it will be interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

Looks like JT has joined the blogging world! Happy to see him join DG NR.


Anonymous said...

Afghan is a disappointment. Soheil should be fired, what a joke.

Anonymous said...

JT? is that Justin Timberlake ? holly shiiiii a celeb is following this tournament

Anonymous said...

It only took JT one week to make his comment. JT asked me what the site was last week, and I assume he has been reading comments eagerly awaiting his opportunity to say something; thank you DG for giving JT that chance. JT I think the tag "Pistola" would much better suit you. Maybe you can talk to Collins and you can get an introductory thread talking about Poland's rise to WCP stardom.... rumors are that you guys have been compared to Spain, and you my friend would then be the Fernando Torres of the club... but that's neither here nor there.

On to more pressing matters... I have noticed anonymous posters have found an new target for this idiotic attempt at insults... I guess I'll just have to add more fuel to the fire so you idiots can get your beaks out on me instead of some random dude like Nestor...

Anon who said I am not even in the top 20 for defenders... I wouldn't put me there either.. I am glad that you noticed my talent with the ball and have slated me as a midfielder or forward... I didn't even know that Regina even had 20 people that could defend though... so also a good tid bit of fun facts that you contributed to the blog.

Bart... rumors are swirling that you were just yelling your little heart out at the ROI game... DG also noticed that everytime I got closer to the fans section, you seemed to hide in the background as you let the two broads stand in the foreground.... I am curious at why you started to get shy?

Lastly, for the rumored strip off... fresh off his two goal performance, Anibal Bravo is confident that he will walk away the victor... It seems that Bart has lost some of his scandalous ability to give a good dance, as the famous JT only managed one goal against Nigeria... Rumors are swirling the Kirk O'Dooley, or Dudley Dooley, has started a petition so that he to may enter the strip off... Dudley claims that he has the bod of a Greek God... yet I think there was a typo because with those little titties I am guessing he meant to say Goddess.

PS. DG, time of need? Really... haha All I am going to say is that you should start hydrating now, and not be an "old guy" next time around hahah


Anonymous said...

I am still in disbelief that with the first pick overall Collins had the opportunity to pick himself and he didin't.

JT are you nervous with the added pressure of not only going number 1in the fantasy draft, but the additional weight of transferring to a team who needs you to be in true form to stand any chance? ;)


Polish Prince said...

Haha oh really? I'm pretty sure I yelled quite a bit and wasn't paying attention to where you were. After you didn't pay any attention to me when I had yelled 3 or 4 times I stopped expecting a reaction. Everyone up top seemed to think you were the shy one. Next time I'll only yell while you're close so you can acknowledge my presence. Nice suite jacket and sweats combo by the way, you really know how to arrive in style!
Ps I am withdrawing from the strip off...I have no chicolicious, without it, I am not Bartosz :(