Wednesday, 11 April 2012

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Unfortunately we have gotten to the point where its going to end up being a case of one person ruining it for all. Because someone has decided to add personal information and harass people on this blog I am going to be forced to severely restrict the posts/posters on this blog. Only comments of people I know personally or that apply to soccer will be posted for the next few days. Which comments are and aren't posted will be based solely on MY discretion. I am sorry it has come to this.

Mike Collins

Blog Administrator


Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate that it has come to this. I think Bart's post nailed it right on the head about what the blogs are about. At the end of the day there was good soccer talk going on lately, and then today one individual went on a tear and decided to change that. The jokes, the sarcasm, the banter, the analysis... it all brings conversation between different people in a different manner. Many people don't realize this, but after cracking some banter back and forth with Bart, I had a few drinks with the guy and it was a good time.
Random people walk up to you and quote the blog as the found it humorous. Those that are getting offending, think twice before you react to something...Yes there's been jokes made about individuals like Soheil, Chico, Bart, and Braden... but if they were upset, they would have full right to be upset... a random person reading the blog shouldn't be getting upset as there's more to the joke than you realize. I called Nathan the Least Valuable Player in the tournament today, and I am pretty sure he wasn't upset... as he understands how it was meant.
To insult a guy like DG for his comments is also unjust... DG hasn't offended anyone, if anything he has been way to nice... yet people are still bashing the guy... I don't understand how that works.

GOW or what ever you wanna call yourself. You seem like a young kid that doesn't know what boundaries are. Distribution of people's personal information has become a very serious issue due to recent identity fraud... you crossed a line by doing that repeatedly with mine and Julio's information. Not only did you make my information public without my consent you went further and called my home at 2 am in the morning, and you called numerous times. I actually wasn't awaken but you did wake up my parents and my sisters who then couldn't go back to sleep. No one asked you to come to the blogs, no one has asked anyone to come to the blogs; but to call my home is taking it too far as now your affecting other people's lives by the decisions that your making. Your "prank" call didn't even wake me up, I wasn't even aware of it till later this evening.

I am asking you politely and for the last time. Stop what you are doing, I politely asked you before and you ignored that. If you continue distributing my information and using the information without my consent, then further action will have to be taken and the consequences can be severe. Instead of acting on your actions right now, I will give you a chance to stop with what your doing and hope that you learnt the difference between acceptable and unacceptable.

I think if you can message Mike and apologize for the actions you've taken, he is an understanding guy and will allow the blog to continue the way they have been as now your taking away the ability for other people to post and there were some very good posts today by people who don't usually post.


Anonymous said...

Dear upset Parent/Player/ whatever

there is an option of not looking at this site,no one is making you to look at this site

its like they say, if you cant handle the heat in the kitchen, then get out,

same as a soccer field, if your afraid of losing 8-0 in a game, maybe you should play in a lower division.

also on a side note, people really take this site too seriously


Anonymous said...

I'm going out on a limb here, but I have a feeling somebody really hates Julio. I don't know what he did to this person, but maybe if he appologizes regardless of if he is right or wrong this GOW or whatever you want to call him/her will quit the nonsense. It seems like more people than just one though. I don't believe it's just one person causing the issue though. Seems a little time consuming for one person to post over and over every day. More than one I'm guessing. This is supposed to be for fun, but I think sometimes people get hurt and these things can happen. Everyone has a reason to be upset, so lets hope by doing this people chill out and calm down and all these pranks or whatever stop.

Anonymous said...

I frankly have to disagree. It's obvious the GOW didn't know who Julio was, and he then went out of his way to do research and to almost stalk Julio for the past few weeks. I don't think that Julio should apologize to GOW because that would encourage his behavior in future instances. I think GOW needs to make himself known and apologize to all the people he has offended and I think Julio would be classy enough to extend an olive branch to him. GOW has been racist, insulting, and has posted personal information on a few occasions (may be responsible for more, who knows).

I do agree that it was more than just GOW. It's easy to pin everything on just one individual, and it primarily was just one individual; but I believe there was at least 2 other culprits who played a major role in this situation, and they both posted anonymously as Nathan was the brunt of a lot of insults yesterday as well.


Anonymous said...

You claim that this God of War fellow couldn't have the time to do all this non-sense? I went through the thread, and I looked over comments from the other blogs and I came out with an astonishing realization. There was over a dozen, if not more, posts that can be attributed to this God of War fellow on this site alone from yesterday, numerous more on the Norway blog, and a few on the other WCP blog. This God of War fellow obviously has a disturbing obsession and it needs to be halted. I even read a post that he wanted to get Nate's personal information! Who'd be next DB, DG, or anyone who posted with their name?

His actions are completely unacceptable and I feel that this lad needs to take responsibility for his actions immediately.


Anonymous said...

This is all nonsense. There is no GOW but a bunch of people trying to copy cat. Stop your obsessions with these people. It has clearly got you all going crazy and draws attention to the people. Maybe try ignoring it how about. Not hard to ignore. Stop replying to pots. Simple solution. All the attention is causing these person to react. People on here should use their heads.

How about make some simple conversation and don't insult,mock, or say anything offensive or rude at all. Keep the jokes out of it as well. Maybe then people won't go so far as to prank people, give our info. Like come on. There is no needs for even the slightest joke. Keep it mature and simple. Some people are offended easily. Keep that in mind. Can't blame one person here. There is a lot more to it, I'm sure. You don't hate on someone for no reason.

To this enraged parent or whatever, we get your point. You don't need to bold everything. If you would like others to leave their name, how about you do the same.

Sometimes it makes the bigger man to appologize, so maybe try doing that and these people will stop. No need to be all up tight about it and play the well it's not my fault kind of stuff. People just need to grow up. I've heard posts from all the nemerous guys who post on here, and yes they joke etc., but who's to say those guys arn't the people causing this problem and posts anonymously. It's not hard to post a bunch of trash on every blog then leave your name when it matters. For all I know, Julio could be making this all up or it could bne one of his blog buddies or someone he knows.

Lets move on. Keep the talk simple and about soccer. Don't make fun of people, don't joke, just give your insights. That's how you can prevent all this from happening again. Some people take things seriously. Nothing you can do about it, but try to change.

This is a blog. It's not the end of the world. The tournament will soon be over and this blog will stop. One more week.

Anonymous said...

I think gow is either the sane person or 2 close buddies working off of each other. The posts are always a series of ridiculous comments, often arguing with each other in a 30-60 minute period on all the blogs.

Gow, just skip the personal attacks and the stalking please and everything else would be all good. Come watch the games and try to make intelligent critiques of play, not attacks on appearance, or going the extra mile to post personal info and affecting other people's lives with your crazy obsessions.

There's nothing wrong with a little ribbing, or sharing laughs with buddies, but you have taken it too far. Drop the racism and personal attacks and try to come up with done good jokes so we can get the blogs back to a fun place to come check out, to get info and have a laugh. If Julio, myself or anyone else personally insulted you I assure you it was not our intent. All comments directed to actual people are 100% jokes. Any comments to anon posters may be disrespectful as anons often are disrespectful and don't even back their statements up with a real name, thus not deserving anyone's respect.

Can't believe a few innocent jokes has come to this. Please grow up a little so things can get back to basics and if you read something that offends you, remember.....ITS A JOKE!!


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:49... your post has some validity, yet very little.

Your reasoning for me being GOW has no backing to it. The individual has gone out of his way to post my personal information and to call my home at late hours of the night. I am pretty sure I would also be incapable of making soo many posts, especially when some have been made during ROI matches. There is indeed one, if not a few individuals that in-body the GOW persona... that I can agree with you about that. To try to explain GOW by saying it's me makes no sense, but justify it to yourself how ever you chose.

As for you comment about being "mature" and taking out the jokes and what not from the blog. I think part of maturity is understand how to joke around, and how to deal with a joke. I've joked about a handful of people, and they haven't been offended... that the immature thing is the random bystanders wanting to get into the action and becoming offended. I don't quite agree with your logic. Taking out any entertainment and humor from the blog would really make it very dull and boring... look at the blog before there was any jokes this year, and look at the blog afterwards. I'll ask you this then... how do you explain people's treatment of DG, as he is a fitting explain of no humor and an attempt to be civil to everyone on the blog?

Your post has some good points, yet I can't really seem to agree with most of it. I respect the time that you took in writing it, and it is your opinion... but my opinion differs as a enjoyable team atmosphere is filled with good humor and jokes. My opinion differs because you can see both sides of the spectrum and notice that it doesn't matter what you say, people will bash irregardless.


Anonymous said...

About time Mike.