Friday, 20 April 2012

Semi Final Recap

Looks like my predictions are as bad as when I wasn't watching! - DB

Ukraine Vs. England (w) - I didn't watch this game but 3-0 Ukraine.

Laos Vs. ROI (m) - Laos came out on top 3-2. A few costly mistakes cost ROI this came. I thought they had the majority of the ball but they couldn't produce a lot of scoring opportunities and when they did they weren't finished. Laos were able to capitalize on ROI's mistakes and finished there few opportunities.  

Germany Vs. Poland (w) - I missed this game also but Germany won 5-1

Canada Vs. Sudan - This game was intense! It looked like once Sudan was 2-0 that was going to be it. But Canada weren't going to go down without a fight. Canada pushed forward and managed to come back to 2-2. Just as everyone was preparing for overtime Sudan played a long ball into the box and managed to put the game winner into the net. 3-2 Sudan.


Anonymous said...

Holy shit, Are we really in the finals. I'm in shock. and is WCP more intense this year more than ever before or do I simply feel this way because my team went further?

By the way boys, Thank you so much for all the time spent creating and managing the blog. I know how much work it is and how many people bash the living hell out of you (Ireland) but you gotta expect it when you are champs this many times. Anyhow, thank you for giving us something to keep the spark and interest during the days :)


Anonymous said...

ROI had good ball possesion until they got to 18 yrd box, it was either turned over or a shot which evan saved. but good game to watch.

Anonymous said...

Noor is a wcp cup legend! congrats on making the finals! Go Sudan!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well bad news Regina! My wcp has come to an end and I can't make it in tomorrow for the cabaret. Instead I will be in beautiful Saskatoon, coaching the next generation of Sask soccers finest. With any luck I can help
Mold the next Riggs and Julio to come down and dominate! It was an absolute blast. Met some good people andhad some great times.
Bartosz and Meshke you are absolute beauties!

Good luck to both finalists, I told people Sudan was a force and nobody listened or believed. Sorry to my boys on the Laos team but 3-2 Sudan is my prediction. Have a good game, have fun at the cabaret, see everyone next year!


Anonymous said...

Riggs all of your predictions have been wrong

Anonymous said...

Ha ha poor Riggs won't be at the cabaret ... what a loss ... NOT!!! Better lucky nest year is right. You'll need it Riggs because your skill set is weak.

Man I hope Sudan wins, shut everyone up ... an african country with some real talent, well everyone except Noor. He is a weak goalie, but has a good defensive line. Look how he played in previous years. Any goalie could be good with the proper defensive line. Look at previous years, Jonah would get bairly any shots, this year they go and lose.

Everyone knows Noor is a siv, but good luck in the final, try and be the correct spot to make the save. Help Sudan win because they deserve it. GO SUDAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Tavis to own Julio tonight

Anonymous said...

Um I'm pretty sure I got the winning team correct 4 out of 6 in playoffs. Only wrong ones were both laos' wins. Every game has been a down to the wire toss up, so can't really say anything about anyone's predictions being poor. It's like flipping a coin.

Thanks for wishing me "better lucky nest year" that really means a lot to me.


Anonymous said...

Tavis is going to more than own Julio tonight, he is going to show him what a real soccer player with some skill is all about. Julio blows. A disgrace to wcp cup. He has one skill set ... blogging. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, ROI gets 4th place and didn't even come away with a medal. Wow what a bunch of jokers. Julio, you suck man, and need to be cut. I think someone earlier said that ROI needs to get rid of the junk players and upgrade. Simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

I watched the third place game and I was utterly disappointed by the majority of Ireland. Duncan and Julio were the only two players that came to the forefront.

It's funny that someone mentioned that Tavis would own Julio. It was the first time I watched Julio play in an attacking role, and I was impressed. Tavis has skills, and Julio has skills. Both are very nice players and anyone who watched the game has to respect that.

As for the rest of ROI, I was disgusted at the performance you guys put out.

Anonymous said...

Tavis gets my respect and is a solid player in all aspects, Julio does not. The amazing defender who can't get a goal in any of the important games and definately makes the blooper reel with his awful ballerina dance which cost ROI a goal in a very important game. Another weak play but this guy. The guy is the main reason ROI finished in 4th place. His defensive skills are ATROCIOUS.

ROI has never finished in 4th place ever. They normally make the finals. What does that tell you. The team is practically the same with weak additions like Julio, Dooley, and Kapila. Good job ROI. It's exactly what I predicated. You walk away with no medal. Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

with just the final to play i thought i would submit my own tournament 11. i know that only 8 players play in the tourny but its more fun to name 11.

please keep in mind that this is just my opinion from watching alot of the soccer over the last few weeks so dont freak out if you disagree. maybe submit your own?

GK: Evan Cambell(Laos)
RB: Steve Patterson (Germany)
CB: Jarvis (Canada)
CB: Mark Wernikowski (ROI)
LB: Mason (France)
RM: Tavis (Canada)
CM: Mike Collins (ROI)
CM: Scott Myrah (Laos)
LM: David Patterson (germany)
ST: Jay Tomchuk (Poland)
ST: Tong Tong (Sudan)

I probably would have named 1 or 2 other sudan players but i didnt know there names. obviously theres a lot of players who could be on it and it was tough to narrow it down to 11. these players really stood out to me over the course of the tournament.

I wanted to thank all the players for playing hard and putting on a great show. can't wait to watch again next year.

Anonymous said...

SIV keep here will be doing his best and forgetting the rest. Let's hope for a great final. LETS DO THIS WCP, and whoever wins, we PARTY tonight :D


Anonymous said...

Did we just witness "the fall of ROIome", or was this just Mike "Kenny Powers" Collins at his worst.

Julio, Duncan, Mark, Lee, props for working hard.

Kenny, a beer after the game is refreshing, but a beer while your team-mates are warming up is a bit of a disgrace to Kevin, his tourny, and soccer in general.

Other than that, what can you say. No atmosphere, boring game, Canada won.

The tourny needs you back David.

Anonymous said...

to the person who made that back allstar team,

horrible combinations all they would do is attack, especially your defense all they would do is run up there and try to score, get countered and lose

Anonymous said...

Noor might not be the most technical goalkeeper in the tournament but hes been making big saves when it matters and i think he should be given props for that.

he's unorthodox and probably a bit lucky at times but he made some pretty crucial and totally ridiculous saves during that semi final against canada.

reminded me of that year france lost to saudi arabia while france peppered the goal with shots and noor stood on his head to keep the ball out of the goal

call it what you want but the guy comes up big when it matters most. he deserves a bit of credit

Anonymous said...

SUDAN!!!!! SUDAN!!!!! SUDAN WINS!!!!! WHAT!!!??? An African nation wins the wcp cup... now that's real talent ... no saskatoon duds on that team. Physically skilled and dominant.

I called it .... what what ... good bye crappy bloggers.

Anonymous said...

The games today made up for the debacle yesterday that was ROI.

Great women's game and in the men's it was Sudan. It was really there tourny from the beginning, and any obstacle that they encountered, they overcame.

The last goal today was the tournament highlight, and the fact it won the final, made it all the better.

Great tourny Sudan. See you next year.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:14

naming an all star team from a tournament isnt about the right combinations of players. its about naming the standout players from the tournament. if they dont "combine" well then so be it, its all theoretical anyway.

your right that spat, jarvis and mason are all very attacking defenders and might not be the best combination if you were actually putting a team together but they are also very reliable and i doubt they would be as susceptible to counter attacks as you think they would. I picked them because they were huge for their teams in a defensive role and also contributed goals/assists down at the other end.

as for the rest of the team being too attacking im not sure i would agree. collins and scotty seem to play more as holding midfielders too me and as for the wingers and forwards well I want them to be attack minded.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous bloggers,

Tong Tong scored yet another vital goal for Sudan who won the WCP, looks like my stock just flew through the roof as how many did Tong Tony snipe on ROI? Enjoy that thought for a whole year... hahah haha haha

On a side note, Ronny Torres has promised to turn the OWL dance floor into his own stomping ground. If you thought the Sudanese dancing, wait till Ronny teaches them a lesson or two.

No speakers at the OWL, no problem...tarps off!


Anonymous said...

Sudan had some sort of voodoo curse out there, as they we a good team but barely survived many of the games.
It's great to see that Sudan won every single game this tournament! I can't see any team beating Sudan ever


Anonymous said...

To the ANON 17:49, your an idiot. What's up with your # stuff anyways. Ha ha!


What team did you play for Anon blogger. Ha ha, well it doesn't matter cause you didn't win. Cry me a river. Winnning is winning, doesn't matter by how much.

Oh and Julio, try to spell people's names correctly. Don't insult people like that. Also who cares how many goals any of the Sudan strikers got on your ROI team. Did you win the wcp cup? No. You got 4th place, cause of "quality" like you, ha ha!

#ROI finishes in 4th

Anonymous said...

Tournament all star game roster according to Riggs,

Team group a and b
Keeps: Michel, Noor backup (might not be the best but got the job done)
Defenders: Julio, Big Sudan defender, D Pat
Mid: Collins, D Pat, Tomchuk, 10 Sudan, DG,
R Mac
Str: NR, Tong Tong, Darko

Group c & d
Keeps: Tristan, Evan
Defenders: Jarvis, Robbie, Laos guy who scores the crazy free kicks, dubnyk
Mid: Jerson, tavis, Stefan, Chico, irinici
Str: Josip, Riggs (wouldn't normally name myself but the other strikers didn't overly impress me-sorry!)

I think that would be a pretty good game to watch!

Congrats to Sudan and Ukraine, as well as to Laos and Germany for being finalists.

Tournament MVP: has to be tong tong, honorable mention to the Laos free kick specialist.

Sorry if I missed a few people, I didn't see a few teams play at all and don't know the Regina guys, so can only vote on what I saw.

Riggity Riggs

Anonymous said...

ya ok...idiot, ROI beat them....good to know your an idiot,but congrats to Sudan

Anonymous said...

Collins stated at the beginning of the wcp cup 2012 that having a good keeper was the key to doing well and that all the top keepers are from the top divisions in the city they play?

Sudan winning shows me how stupid all you clueless bloggers are. Noor plays div 4 and most of the Sudan guys don't play in the top divisions.

This also shows me how clueless all you bloggers are, especially the ones that post on here all the time. Quality players/good players don't have to play div 1. Like give me a break, because you play div 1 doesn't mean you are good at all. Look at Julio, not good. Once again because you play div 1 doesn't mean you are good. Man, all you people on here make me laugh.

Sudan winning is one of the best things that could have happened to this tournament. All this speculation about who is going to do good because they have so and so is all just garbage talk.

How many of you bloggers who claim to know it all and try and make these predictions which are absolutely ridiculous called Sudan winning?

All this talk about Saskatoon quality etc. Did any of these saskatoon guys help there teams win. What happened to poland, roi? Two teams way over hyped. ROI looked dominant, ha ha, statements like that are a joke. Dominant = 4th place apparantely, and how about poland? Jay Tomchuck? Yeah right ... good riddens.

Anonymous said...

Anon 17:49 Were you at the first game of the tourny??
Props to Sudan winning the WCP but they did lose to ROI.

Anonymous said...

Riggs Laos was in group B u have no idea what your talking about

Anonymous said...

Ok since no one knows anything about me and people are talking, let's clarify some history for you. I never played keeper when I was young therefore I am not a very technical keeper. In soccer I was a defender but my main game was Basket Ball. When I was 19 I started playing keeper. I am not technical because I taught myself everything in net so I have my own habits (bad or good) that I am used to and can play with. I love the position and I worked my ass of to excel in it. I even sat full seasons to better goalies. As I got older I learnt how to play the position and here I am. As for div 4, I played div 4 one season Only. As to this tournament, I did not play for one whole year as I do not think the league is worth 25 cents let alone pay 270$. I don't mind paying when I see something worth paying for, what we have is a Micky mouse organization and I decided not to support it with a penny until they seriously change their structure and mentality (but that is a different and long story). I prefer to spend my time coaching the kids. That been said with one year off, I worked my ass of to get myself in shape and I was in the best shape I have been so it was a good tournament and I'm grateful for it. But also, without my team I am again just a goalie.

As for the position, It is the hardest thing on the field. It is not just technique but also confidence / psychological and very physically demanding. not until 2 years ago where I started gaining my confidence in that position. A good goalie is based on experience a lot more than technique.

Anonymous said...

riggity rigs your all star selection is terrible

Anonymous said...

Agreed Noor, very good points. To be a good goalie it takes time. It is more than just technique. People keep talking about technique etc, but some of the best goalies I've seen here in Alberta where I live have taught themselves and never had the opportunity to have decent coaches. Most the goalies are also foreign and back home didn't have the chance to afford good coaching when they were young.

Props go out to you my friend. Your hard work has paid off. You don't need to be the most technical goalie and you don't need to make saves like every other goalie either. I like watching the unique goalies like you Noor.

It's also very nice to hear that you're a coach. All that matters is that your team is the defending champs now, and no other goalie can beak you, cause you're the champs and you deserve the win. I hear people talking about how ROI beat Sudan, and all I have to say is ... so what ... did ROI win? No. They got an "amazing" 4th place lol :).

Playing goalie is not an easy position and you definately need some good defenders and midfield to help you out as well. With such a big net, it's never the goalies fault. I don't know why people give goalies a hard time.

A top goalie or whatever you people say is a top goalie would suck if put them on a crappy team because the overall team lets them down. Think about it. Never blame a goalie or say they suck until you're playing net and trying to save the amount of thunder shots coming at you.

As for not playing all year, it's all good. If you have problems with your organization that's too bad. I hear negative things about the regina soccer association all the time, but hopefully it gets better. Too bad too, I enjoy playing in this wcp but the fees are so high for insurance. Not like anywhere else that's forsure.

Congrats Noor and congrats to all your teammates. Great job, and who cares what people think man.

Keep your head up. You've set a good example for the younger kids, because I know when I was younger no one could teach the goalie position and no one wanted to play it as well. Props to you.


Anonymous said...

Oops may have got group letters wrong but that's the best guys from what I saw. You don't like it??? Oh well!!

Post a better list then, this is just my opinion. It's not based on who I think are the best players, but rather who played the best when I was watching. Definitely good players who didn't make the list because their performance wasn't as good as I would expect. And like I said I didn't see every game and don't know quite a few guys.

Pretty sure anyone would love to see that game. Maybe all the anonymous bozos could suit up and take on the winners. Darko and chicolicious would obviously steal the show.


Anonymous said...

Julio is horrible. 4th place for ROI. Ask yourself why? We all know why. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Hey Noor, you don't have to explain yourself to anyone, you are a Champion!!!!!....a goalie is just part of the defensive unit, if the unit doesn't function in tandem then all goes well....people fail to notice that our team has stayed pretty much the same as last year's team and you Noor are the biggest piece of the jigsaw puzzle that was missing! Why is it that the supposedly superior goalies of the tournament shipped goals by the boatload? Go ask their defensive units!
And I play RSA Div 4 co-ed indoors and WCP champ! Go figure!


Anonymous said...

Noor you're an awesome goalie. Who cares about the super star goalies everyone talks about. They wouldn't be super stars without the guys playing around them. Go figure. SUDAN CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This blog is probably the most biased one cause all these bloggers who post over and over are all friends and very biased, talking about how they play in div 1 and all this junk. Doesn't mean you're good. Saskatoon quality is all I hear about on these blogs, a bunch of buddies name dropping and sucking up to each other. Go figure. Give me a break.

They forget to name half the quality out there, and they pick guys from top teams. Lame. I bet half these clowns on here can't name more than 5 guys on Sudan.

Riggs, I also don't like your list of people. It's a little biased. Some ok selections, but not all.

Anonymous said...

*then all goes wrong*

Anonymous said...

I am a lower division RSA player as well and there are some quality players in the lower divisions... Some. There are more quality players in the higher divisions and they play against more skilled opposition which helps them to be even better. Most of the stand out players in lower divisions are able to simply walk around everyone rather than being challenged by other skilled players.

Why people continue to hate the saskatoon players is beyond me. They come here for our tournament and help bring the skill level up a lot. Most of the top teams had several saskatoon guys and that's because saskatoon has the huskies and a larger and better soccer association. If we relied solely on Regina talent this tournament would be far less interesting to watch. A few years ago there were maybe four top teams and really no one who could touch Ireland. This year anyone of the top 8 could have won this tournament and a few who didn't make it (ie. Nigeria, Jamaica, Afghanistan) showed that they could run with the top teams as well.

I hope we continue to get more talent from elsewhere. I'm not a great player but I love playing in this tournament, however if the talent level keeps rising to the point where I'm no longer good enough to play then I can either work my ass off to improve or sit back and enjoy watching a level of soccer that Regina has not seen before.

Thanks to Mike, Riley and Braden for keeping us up to date on the events, and thanks to guys like Julio, Riggs, DG, DB, NR and the other bloggers who provided entertaining posts and useful insight despite being constantly ridiculed by anon idiots.

Congrats to Sudan for bringing a new level of energy to this tournament and taking home the gold. Congrats to Noor for working hard and doing what was needed to help you team achieve what you did. Most of all, congrats to Kevin and the rest of the organizing committee for putting on the best tournament yet!

- Dave

Anonymous said...

Well... another WCP in the books and a new team was crowned champions.

Congrats to Sudan on a remarkable playoff run that had them scoring late goals and giving up late goals all on their way to a championship.

It was a great event and well supported as per usual. I enjoyed my time in Regina and loved the the atmosphere and the soccer community coming together in this tourney.

One thing that really camed to fruition in the tournament this year more than other years is how this tourney really is set up for parody. The fact that Laos and ROI have been so consistent in this tournament also speaks volumes to two teams getting it done.

In saying that, any team that qualifies into the playoffs really does have a chance to win. In a 50minute running time match where one roof ball or one kick in or one call can cost you a game it leads to the game never being over till the final whistle.

For example our loss to Laos in the semis was partly due to a roof ball. The free kick off of that roof ball was a rocket from just inside half and killed any momentum we had gained from tieing it up 2 minutes earlier.

To the anon posters contuining to bash on teams, individuals, coaches, and so on shame on you. Embrace and enjoy this event. One that generates excitement into the Saskatchewan soccer community.


Anonymous said...

To remo, have you ever heard crappy players can be on any teams including champ team. don't you know u r such a great example n that's why u r on the little girls team, lol.

Anonymous said...

Are all the Sudan players even from Saskatchewan? I heard they weren't. And Anonymous who has the hate on for Saskatoon players - it's "riddance", not riddens. Just naming one of your numerous spelling errors. Where did you go to school (or did you)?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to start with a big thank you for all the haters and bashers... you do not realize how much your bashing and hate makes my WCP awesome. People I don't even know come to talk to me and we end up having a great time... the only people really caught up are the anonymous bashers just getting bitter and angry... and all I can do is laugh... and I am laughing at you... and given the opportunity I'd laugh directly in your faces... as once the computer screen disappears.. so does your confidence... All this talk about me being approached by my haters... yet were where you all?! Oh ya.. you were scared hiding behind a computer screen, running your mouths...and if that's what makes you proud.. then good on you... just know that all your comments just make my WCP experience that much more memorable.

All you do is embarrass yourself by showing such false confidence, as one day people will find out who you are... and well that day will come for all of you, and I rather be dubbed as a "douschebag, fool, dud.. etc.." than a coward.

Great respect to Sudan. Very classy in victory and they showed nothing but respect to others at the Cabaret.

The WCP is an experience, although it's the soccer tournament what creates the event, it's the atmosphere and the events off the field that make the experience memorable. At the end of the day, I want to win every single game I play... but if I don't; it's not the end of the world... I come for the experiences and memories. Who would have thought that a month a go I would have spent the majority of my nights partying with the Polish players/community.... such a great community that they deserve a shout out... I had a total blast!

For those that think I suck.. to each their own opinion... yet I didn't see too many people eager to run at me one v one, let alone defend me one v one. I actually would love to know who thinks I suck, cause I actually would take every opportunity given to me to run at you one v one and to see what you can do. Let me know who you are next tournament, as I'll give you a chance to make me eat my words... but most likely, I'll have a chance to embarrass you... and this time not behind a computer screen... I accepted Bart's challenge at the beginning of the tournament... I hope some of these anon haters can step up to mine.

By the way Polish Playboi, how many drinks did you end up buying people?! haha

It is what it is, the blogs are done... get over it... and I hope some people finally managed to realize that half the posts I made were shames just to create a buzz... and thank you for all those opinionated anonymous that did exactly what was needed to create comments.


Anonymous said...

To Remo, the simple answer is stronger players carry the team but weaker players share the glory. Stronger players play in higher division and weaker players play in lower division are for reason. Enjoy the ride while you can. You don't need to talk down your opponent. If that made you feel good, go for it. Be humble in winning and show grace in defeat. You will gain way more respect than criticism.