Thursday, 19 April 2012

Semi-final Predictions

So I finally made it down to watch the quarterfinals last night. I guess my predictions without watching weren't too accurate! Oh well! - DB

6:30 England Vs. Ukraine (W) - I think my expertise is only in the mens side. Ukraine are defending champs but haven't looked as dominant as they did in winning the title. England has some scoring threats and have looked good so far. Im going to go with an upset here, 3-2 England.

7:30 ROI Vs. Laos (M) - ROI looked dominant last night until the last 6 minutes of the game. Then they seemed to fall apart allowing 3 goals in 6 mins to head to OT but managed to pull off the win. Laos are technically good and attack with speed. I think ROI will edge Laos in this one just because of set pieces and getting balls in the box. 3-1 ROI. And yes I know I'm biased picking my team.

8:30 Germany Vs. Poland (W) - Germany seem to be a powerhouse this year lead by Megan Cormier. They have blown out every team they have faced so far. I do not know too much about Poland but they'll have great fan support to push them on. Germany are just too good though. 6-1 Germany.

9:30 Canada Vs. Sudan (M) - Im predicting a very tight game. Possibly OT or shootout. Canada will have to dominate in the middle with Tavis and Jarvis. Sudan will match Canada in their physical presence and their aggressiveness. I think for Sudan to win they need to get back to throwing bodies into the box. Im hoping for a Canada victory but I'm thinking Sudan takes it in another thriller. 2-1 Sudan.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you admitted to not having accurate predictions DB. It's nice to know someone is actually taking some responsibility unlike Julio who is all talk and no show. The guys has never once said sorry or admitted to making a mistake at all. You wonder why so many people hate the guy. Grow up and stop trash talking and trying to make yourself look all good Julio. You act like a two year old child. One second you're trashing people, the next you're trying to defend yourself. A big hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Julio what happened to you guys tonight? Some terrible defending that's what happened. You lost to a far superior team. Collins you need to re-evaluate the guys you get next year. Sad and weak. Third place game for ROI. Really. Guys like Julio caused ROI's demise.

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Polish Prince said...

News update

Julio...what was that???!! Everyone around me is asking what that ballerina style move was that cost Ireland the 3rd goal??? Julio haters rejoice in this epic fail!

Anonymous said...

ROI what happened to you guys tonight? The hype is over. The finals will be someone else. This day is to be noted. FINALLY!!! Suckers.

Ian McLaren said...

The haters on here are remarkable, hasn't ROI been in pretty much every final so far. Most of us dream of putting together a team where a "bad" season is losing 3-2 in the semis. Learn some sportsmanship.

Anonymous said...

Funny how anonymous people beak when a team loses. If anyone had any soccer sense it wasn't Julio's fault for the third goal. Julio was coming on to the ball while another ROI player flicked it past his own defender.

Real classy move anonymous posters.


Anonymous said...

collins great job. u just posted biased comments for yourself n your team, what a joke! i never thought u r so low would not post unbiased comments n it didnt surprise me at all. i know the following comments wasn't an endosement for either u n ur team but it is an honest n unbiased opion. its ur blog, u can do whatever u want but i can tell u this blog is a f#@* joke. case closed.

comment i posted: Also, ROI (and some other teams in this tournament) chose to play over the edge injuring opponents in trying to come back from behind to win game was one of the lowest moment (IMO) in this otherwise exciting tournament. It was great to see this kind of tactic didn’t work. I’m not saying it’s an intention to injury opponents but this kind of carelessness got to stop. I know soccer is a contact sports but I (probably others) would prefer to watch skilled and clean play. You may wonder but I’m saying from spectator’s view but not from Laos fan’s view. It will be a great final game to watch on Saturday Sudan vs. Laos. Both teams are hard working, fast and skilled. Let the best team to win. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha Julio you should be a dancer. Wow you're are one horrible soccer player dude. Julio fault for sure. And to the poster above, your ANON as well ... post your name if your going to be all whining.

Anonymous said...

Idiots. Watch Julio play any type of attacking role and he'd roast you. Don't believe me, ask Team Canada. Julio put on a clinic for footwork and skills. I think him, Tavis, Ducan, and Garrett Peters are some of the most lethal players 1 v 1.

Anonymous said...

When guys like Julio try and use flawed logic and compare themselves to Erik Karlsson in the nhl, I have no respect for that garbage talk. That's fools logic. Julio is not top 10 nor will he ever be. Get real buddy.

1 vs 1 and he'll fall down when going up against a quality striker. Not to mention the guy tries to hard to score goals, which is not capable of doing in big games and gets caught pinching too much.

Do you watch any of the games ANON?

Sounds like Julio is posting ANON posts about himself. I know he only uses his name sometimes. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Tavis is, Garret not so much, Julio sucks

Anonymous said...

Foolio is a dud. Get rid of him ROI! You got 4th ha.