Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Potential Quarterfinals

Decided to look into my crystal ball here a bit and take a look at potential quartefinal match ups? Who would you guys like to see play? Who would teams not like to get?

ROI vs Germany/Nigeria

I think Germany would give ROI a better run for their money than Nigeria. Nigeria have a lot of speed and a couple really nice players. Just don't think they have enough depth to put in a real challenge. Germany looked solid against Poland and that's tough to do think it would make for a better game.

France vs Canada/Afghan/Jamaica

If you are France which of these 3 do you want to play? Like I said before I really don't think it will be Jamaica. So Afghan or Canada. I think both teams could give the a game but at the same time both could be flops. What do you guys think?

Laos vs ES/Norway

At this point Laos must be drooling over these potential matches. I think both of these teams offer less than 3 of the teams Laos has to play in their pool. It only takes one game but I cant see Laos losing this one. Looks like they will be off to the semis as usual.

Poland vs Sudan

Yumm.... this is the only quarterfinal that looks like it is a sure thing and it is a beauty. I think this is the game a lot of people want to see and we are going to see it early. Two great sets of fans along with one good and one unbelievably good team would make for a cracking game. I want to see this.


Anonymous said...

on paper france should have either of those teams covered, but theyve slipped up in the quarters before...

Anonymous said...

on paper julio should be playing in a div 5 league and he should maybe take up some typing class cause all he does it type useless junk and pages of it.

Anonymous said...

on paper france suck

Anonymous said...

ROI will win over Nigeria
Laos over es
afghan will upset France
Sudan will beat poland

Anonymous said...

to that last post: why don't you write why you think that is going to happen? anyone can come on here and write random results.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised no one has said this but Number 25 on ROI is brutal. Worst Striker in the tournament. He is fat, slow, greasy and can only score goals against weak teams like Serbia.
Put that guy on South Korea as he is at their caliber!!

Anonymous said...

Ya! And National Championship winners! BOOM!


Anonymous said...

anybody watched the hungary-portugal game ? great goals, great plays and portugal thumped hungary but is late in points. if portugal plays like that, they will beat nigeria and help germany.unless nigeria plays their best game yet and beats germany !

Anonymous said...

Sudans gonna beat Poland. Poland is way too over rated... They haven't proved them selves yet this year. They shouldn't have beat Germany. Sudan is the best team to watch and I'd like to see them win WCP. Sudan hasn't got enough credit for their performance in the first game vs ROI. They deserved to beat them by 3 or 4 goals but Jonah stood on his head and Sudan wasn't used to the turf so their shots were off.

Anonymous said...

How sober were you during the ROI vs SUDAN match?
Sudan lacks the fundamental skills that other teams have. They are fast, and athletic and play extremely direct. They are not soo much skilled as effective in playing their style of play.
Sounds like a Sudan player trying to hype his squad.
Sudan should beat a few teams and go deep in the tournament, but that doesn't mean they are skilled.


Anonymous said...

The turf is why Sudan was sniping free kicks into the upper deck of the building? I doubt that. The ball was dead and not moving and they couldn't hit the net if they tried! Be happy that Sudan is getting some respect as they are not as technical as your post makes them out to be! They are fast, tall, and kick the ball up the pitch! I didn't see much dribbling, passing or decent shooting vs ROI. Sudan was lucky to not be down 4-0 within the first ten mins, maybe if that bald guy from ROI could tap in an easy finish then it would have been a blow out for ROI.

Big Strass maybe ROI can play you upfront as they are lacking some size and you have alot of it.


Anonymous said...

Sudan will crush this overrated Poland team hands down. Thank god. Time for some real talent to step in. Not these Saskatoon guys who think they are all that. We'll all see how good they are when they play Sudan and get embarassed.

Mike Collins said...

Sudan are a good team. There is no denying that. We will have to wait and see.

I already wrote who I thought was going through. I was just piecing together the potential matchups. Really wanted to highlight the Poland vs Sudan match because that'll be a gooder.

Anonymous said...

Sudan kicks the ball around and it looks out of control but yet it is always at the foot of a Sudan player. They obviously know where they are passing and they don't lose the ball with a bad touch. It's not fluke... they have good control. Is ball control not part of a soccer players skill?