Friday, 6 April 2012

Last Night's Games

France 6  - Italy 1
About what I expected. France really just dominated this game in all areas. They are just a much more skilled and organized team.  France seems to be a team that is flying under the radar a little so I will get this out there now. If Poland some how lose tonight (I really really doubt it) France will be the team to beat. They clearly have the best midfield in tournament and have very solid goalkeeping. Just watch.

ES 3 - Greece 2
Well its only been a week but Greece's tournament is all but over. El Salvador were definitely the better side from what I saw. Greece had to know it was always going to be tough after losing to Norway and can blame no one but themselves.

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Anonymous said...


watch, you'll see

And wouldnt that make germany the team to beat? Not france?

From some guy who clearly doesn't play on germany