Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Where We Stand.

Alright better get something up here so I can stop taking son much abuse. (Most notably from Nate.)

Group A.
This group is pretty much sealed up as far as I am concerned. It would take something shocking like Colombia beating Sudan like last year for anything to change. But there are no teams in this pool that are nearly as good as Colombia is. ROI could afford to lose one of their last 2 and they would still go through.

1. ROI
2. Sudan

Group B

Here is the interesting group that still has so much to play for. Laos are coming out of this group. Yes, i know they have 2 tough games left but I can't see them doing any worse than losing one. That'll be enough to get them through comfortably. Jamaica's tie against N. Ireland is going to be a killer for them. I still don't know how it happened but I don't see Jamaica beating Laos to recover. That leaves Afghanistan vs Canada on Saturday as a huge match I can't say for sure which Afghanistan team shows up so I will take Canada. Which leaves us with:

1. Laos
2. Canada

Group C

Poland is going through. We have all known that for awhile. It just took their easy win over Germany to confirm it. So that's established then it comes down to Germany vs Nigeria. This is not an easy one for me to pick. I have said before that I didn't have a ton of confidence in Nigeria and that still holds true. Germany on the other hand looked good even in defeat to Poland. I will take them.

1. Poland
2. Germany

Group D

Well it didn't take long for Greece to make an exit from this tournament. Two immediate defeats pretty much ruled them out. If they could've won 1 of those games we would have an even more exciting group. As it is France looks like they will come through although they do still have to play Greece and ES they too can afford to lose one of those games. So pencil them in. So Sunday night will be ES and Norway. ES has not looked very strong but neither has Norway. Both sides seem to be underachieving but ES looks to be getting better while Norway has begun to look worse. I will take ES. But who knows.

1. France
2. ES 

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Anonymous said...

Collins make up your mind with your predictions, one weak it's this team going through, and after each game that's changing like come on man, I know u can do better