Saturday, 14 April 2012

Todays Games

2:00 Canada vs Germany


3:00 Ireland vs Botswana
Even the organizers don't think this will be a good game as they didn't even lump it in with the rest of the men's games. 12-1 ROI.


4:00 Ukraine vs El Salvador
This might be a tiny bit of a test for team Ukraine. They haven't looked their dominant selves but maybe they are just waiting to turn it on. I can't pick against them. 5-2 Ukraine.

5:00 Germany vs England
England have been substantially better that I thought they would be this year. This may be down to them worrying more about soccer and less about looking awesome. Either way they can focus all they want. They won't beat Germany. 4-1 Germany


6:00 Poland vs Hungary
Poor Hungary having to play the almighty Polish. This is going to be like trying to stop a wrecking ball with soggy piece of paper. 100-0 Poland.

7:00 Somalia vs Sudan
Sudan are fast. Somalia are fast. Sudan are unpredictable. Somalia are unpredictable. Sudan are skilled. Somalia are..... well that's where it ends. Sudan win somewhere in the 7-2 range.

8:00 Afghanistan vs Canada
Now we are talking. This is a big one as it is pretty much do or die for both teams. Afghan is probably the more talented first team but Canada has significantly more depth. Chicolicious will be in full effect and I expect Afghan will carry the play and Canada will go into the Yorkton shell. Can Afghan break it down? It's tough to say. If I was a betting man I'd say no. 3-2 Canada.

9:00 Germany vs Nigeria
The big game in Group C with the victor winning the right to play just one more game. I get the feeling that Germany doesn't inspire confidence in very many people. They have a lot of holes and no way to plug them. Not a ship I would want to be on. Nigeria are just as worrisome. They are going to score goals but will they score enough. This one is tough for me to call. I will say a 3-3 draw. 

10:00 France vs El Salvador
A beat up France team is forced to deal with their toughest opponent 24 hours after being kicked around by Greece. Will this effect them? El Salvador has improved every game since they lost to Italy and have to win this game to stay alive. I have a feeling their could be a very pro ES crowd as a lot of people will want not only to see the big dog's lose but also Norway to go out. Another tough one. 4-1 France


The Joker said...

ok here some betting odds, place your bets on here!

the line

ROI 1.00 v Botswana 13.2 draw- 33

Poland .8 v Hungary 1000.1 draw-500

Sudan 1.56 v Somalia 10.5 draw- 5.4

Afghan 1.78 v Canada 2.85 draw-3.66

Germany 2.00 v Nigeria 2.85 draw-4

France 1.85 v ES 2.77 draw- 2

Place your bets now!

Anonymous said...

500 k on Afghan, Germ, and France


Anonymous said...

Give me a break Mike. I'm a Polish fan, but enough is enough. Hungary is a very respectable team - for a first year team they're exceptional. Kudos to them.