Friday, 6 April 2012

Fantasy Update

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Anonymous said...

Tonight could be called fan appreciation night as fans will be treated to everything they could possibly ask for.

First the Scotsman take on the Sudanese as spectators will be treated to an onslaught of long balls, 2 footed cleats up slide tackles, high kicks and plenty of excitement from the Sudanese squad. They tend to play to their opponents level, so it could be interesting.

Next, you have perennial wcp MVP nominee Julio gracing us with his presence along with his buddies curve it like Collins, the one man all night party machine DG, NR and goal of
the tournament candidate Ryan mack in a close 12-1 contest.

Next will be a passing of the torch match, as tournament founder and all star Kevin holness faces the Future face if the tournament chicolicious. It will be a hulk hogan vs the rock at wrestlemania type moment, which tournament superstar and fan favorite will come out on top. My guess is Chico will score a late winner and jump fist pump like nobodies business as Kevin smiles on, knowing the future is bright.

Next Portugal plays bartosz' polish side. Playing a weaker side means the ppboi will get more than 5 mins playing time and may work up a sweat on Ruhr field, not just before and after the game in the locker room. Though it is tough to tell with the immense amounts of body oil he applies before his pregamr dance. Tomchuk will score 5.

Lastly will be the classic!!! 2012 1/4 finalists France and Norway square off to decide who doesn't have to play Laos. Winner will have the easier route to the semi. Dufus has declared Norway to win as they are natural born winners like no other team in wcp history. Will it be 07 all over again??? Tonight will be a big step for the red, blue and white. Or will Manz, Murphy and the yorkton pickups have something to say about it???

I have heard from a few sources that the annibal Bart danceoff is set for this evening in the parking lot. The snow should create quite the atmosphere. Bart may backout due to a shrinkage issue with the weather.