Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tonights Games

6:30 PM 
Youth Boys PK vs Germany

7:30 PM
Womens Ukraine vs Italy
Ukraine look to improve on a narrow 3-2 win and show that they have the firepower to compete with Germany who thus far look like the female version of Team Poland. I expect them to do so and hope Chelsey Dorosh chips in with about 6 goals. Selfish.

France vs Italy
Italy is a Cinderella story in the making having beat Riggs' El Salvador team. I would expect that story to end tonight as I see France putting them in their place. 5-2 as I could use Tristan to concede a few and Italy has shown a knack for scoring goals.

Greece vs El Salvador
 A lot of talk about both these teams leading up to the tournament and let here we sit 1 week in and they are both on the brink of elimination. Whoever loses tonight can pack it in for another year but I don't think that will happen. I will take a hard fought 3-3 draw. Get down to watch this one for sure.


Anonymous said...

ES is such a weak team this year. I don't know why people keep chirping about them. They couldn't hold their own against Italy and they bairly made it by Greece. They are such a joke.

ES = Pretender

That big mess of a goalie on ES is also very show and is easily the big problem. Keepers need to be better and as stated on he blog earlier by Mike they are a huge part of success. I know this ES keeper might have been good last year, but he had guys like Julio and Chico around. Not very good without them, and that's to me is no excuse. Too bad for ES. If by chance you make it to the next round, you guys will get beat and beat bad. Ronnie not even doing anything out there. Old and useless now. Thank god for this. Enough with ES hype.


One of which will win. Probably ROI or Poland.

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised to hear that.
I expected that ES would still be able to be a contender.

I was not in Regina last night, so I didn't get a chance to watch the game... but could it be that Greece's style of play was something that ES struggled with as they are typically a smaller sized squad? I still think that they can beat Norway, as Norway didn't look to convincing either!

To be honest, tonight's game will be a real indication of how good Germany and Poland are or aren't. A tie means both teams are equally poor. A big win for either team, sheds light about the skill of the other... I actually have a feeling Poland may lose a close one.


Anonymous said...

France has to be mentioned in the top 4 and could easily creep into the finals.

Anonymous said...

agreed. france were some what written off before the tournament because they were apparently missing key players. but Kash and Mason were both there after they were allegedly not going to make it this year. still no brett and yianni but some of those yorkton guys they picked up aint bad. i could easily see them in the semis. especially if they avoid laos in the quarters.

Anonymous said...

ES will probably lose to Norway. Also Germany should have won against Poland. Just an unlucky game for them. I'm not sure why people think Poland is so great? I didn't see anything special out there from them again tonight.

Anonymous said...

i dont think many people actually think poland is that great. theyre a decently good team but mike is just hyping them up the same way he did with france last year.

Anonymous said...

What was so unlucky about it? unlucky the German goalie stood behind the wall for both free kick goals? Sure they got up early but they completely blew their lead and Poland came out pretty strong in the second half. Props to Poland for sticking in it. It wasn't luck that beat Germany, it was Poland.