Saturday, 7 April 2012

Today's Games

Chile vs England
2 years ago this would have been a big game. But its really not anymore. It may decide who comes how of their group but I can't say with any real conviction that I think either of these teams could beat Ukraine or Germany. 4-3 England.

Italy  vs South Korea
Italy are clearly not as good as everyone made them out to be. That being said they are much much much  better than S. Korea. 7-1

Scotland vs Sudan
Scotland is very small. Sudan is very big. Do you see where I am going with this? I fully expect Sudan's aerial attack to be going from the get go. Lets go 7-1 Sudan.

ROI vs Serbia
ROI will be missing a few guys but I don't think that's going to make a difference. Expect to see a lot of this

(Photo Courtesy Ken Hoff)

Jamaica vs Afghanistan
Well after last night I don't think I can ever doubt Jamaica again. Afganistan players seem to not want to show up for their team plus they had a cabaret last night = rough shape. I am going 3-1 Jamaica

Poland vs Portugal
I accurately predicted Poland obliterating Germany and they continue their march to the final against Portugal. Portugal are a middle of the pack team. Nothing more, nothing less. Expect a win here for Poland. Hopefully this time they act like they've done it before. 10-0 Poland.

France vs Norway
This should be a good one. France is amazing but this is thier first real test so it will be interesting to see how they do against a battle tested Norway team. Both teams still need to win this game so it should be a feisty affair. Norway won't be able to move the ball around like they did against Greece but if they keep their shape they should be able to repel the waves of french attacks. I don't think it will be enough though. France are back on the top with Poland. 4-2 France.


Anonymous said...

after watching the hungary - nigeria game, i can easily say that it was the game of the tournament so far. two equally matched teams fighting very hard for the W. Even though Hungary lost, the way they played they cannot be taken easily. Poland and Germany watch out cause i have a good feeling that Hungary will be coming out solid.
i hope ireland loses also ha

Anonymous said...

5-3 Afghan. David Brown curious to hear ur comments ur the almighty and all knowing

And Ireland looked class against a un organized serb team.

Anonymous said...

Although the end result wasn't far off from your prediction, that Sudan/Scotland score wasn't a real indication of that game. Gotta say I was surprised with the intensity and pressure that Scotland brought in the first go into half time at 2-0 (including and own goal) is a VERY respectable score given the gap in most peoples minds between these two teams. And where the @#$% did all Scotland fans come from? They haven't had that many fans in the last 3 years combined! lol In the end Sudan's fitness, speed and pace dictated that game. those guys can run top speed for 6 hours in a row I bet! Playoff round will be an exciting run for them (and the fans)!

ROI - No surpirses in that one...I could feel that ROI was just toying with them...score a few and let back...Serbia would hack and players and ROI would come back with a "#$%& you guys...let's put them in their proper place" and score a few more.

Jamaica/Afghan - Not gonna lie...I was more into the beer and chatting with people, but it sounded pretty exciting. I did watch enough to see Summers belly pop out when he raised his hands in celebration of a goal followed by a solid fist pump. Top notch game face for SK's best coach in history!

Poland/Portugal - I was surprised with Portugal's first half efforts...made a game of it (just as Scotland surprised), but in the end, reality set in and Poland punished them to the finish (just as Sudan did).

France/Norway - all in a a good game (most fun game of the night in my mind)...but Norway's is just not in the top of that pool with France...competitor for a playoff spot yes, but not a TOP contender with the likes of France.

All in all a GREAT night of games! wish every night at this tourney was this exciting to watch.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind people drinking at all ... it's a fun atmosphere when people are out there getting involved in the game, but I have one issue. When I'm sitting with my kids downstairs (2 year old and 7 year old), and Gerald Domondon is yelling, "suck my #$#$" to his Afghan buddies right above my kids I don't appriciate it one bit. Next time I am not going to hesitate to get the security or I'll remove that guy out of there myself if I have to and i'm more than willing to tell people why and i'm sure the volunteers won't hesitate to help me kick him out. That is not appropriate nor do I want to see it happen again around my kids. Consider this a warning to all you people out there willing to talk such vulgar language.

Anonymous said...

My take on the games? Poland are still the bestest. France are the best (pretty close to being bestest) afghan are awesome and ROI are overachieving! hah