Thursday, 12 April 2012

Power Rankings

Alright since a blog user took the time to do his power rankings this morning it seemed only fair that David and I take the time to do ours. Mike's will be the 1st number in Blue and David's will be beside me in brackets ( ) in red.

1.(5) Poland - They have been my #1 team since the beginning and have nothing to disprove that. With Jay now scoring at will they are well on their way to the final and nothing can stop them.

2.(4) France - Last years best team has built another very strong team that looks hell bent on proving that they are every bit as good as everyone, themselves included, thought they were. Haven't had a competitive game and they are in a reasonably tough pool.

3.(2) Laos - This is the same team we have come to expect year in year out from Laos. Another team that has played blowout games in a tough group. Slightly lacking on the defensive side of the ball but more than make up for it in attacking options.

4.(1) ROI - They lost some key players from last year and don't seem to have the attacking options they used to. Have been inconsistent as they have been on and off the gas pedal.

5.(3) Sudan - Battled ROI til the final whistle. This is the team that scares everyone. They can play different styles and are extremely unpredictable. Seem able to always conjure something out of nothing.

6.(7) Germany - Germany outplayed the team that was supposed to crush everyone in Poland. Couldn't finish them off though which has always been Germany's problem. That's why they sit where they do.

7.(10) Nigeria - They are a bit of a scary team themselves. Have a a couple players with some real silks and then they have a few of the most unpredictable players in the tournament. That combination is hard to deal with.

8.(6) Afghanistan - What drops Afghan for me is that I don't know which team is going to show up. Will we get the first team that was crushed or will we get the team that looked great against N. Ireland. Too sketchy for me to rank them any harder.

9.(11) El Salvador - They have beaten everyone since they lost to Italy. But they lost to Italy so can I really rank them higher than this. That's unacceptable in my books.

10.(9) Canada - What to make of Canada. They look great one game and the next they lose to Jamaica. I fear that if a team just sits back Canada will be unable to carry the play. Worried about them going through now.

11.(8) Jamaica - So if I think Canada is inconsistent you can only imagine what I think about Jamaica. They tie N. Ireland , then they beat Canada and follow that by getting crushed by Afghan. What am I supposed to even make of that?

12.(12) Norway - Finally one that me and Brown have ranked the same. It's suiting that Norway is ranked right in the middle of the pack. They are middle of the pack players. No one is going to do anything spectacular. Just count on them always putting in a solid showing.

13.(14) Colombia - Poor Colombia. This might be the greatest showing that a team has ever had while coming away with the worst record. They give every team a great challenge but never seem to come out with the win. Improving every year though.

14.(15) Italy - On the opposite side is Italy. Yes they are getting results but can anyone really say they have been super impressed. They do the bare minimum to get by. Can't rank them higher than this.

15.(13) Greece - How Brown has Italy ranked lower than Greece after Italy beat them last night is beyond me. For me Greece is the biggest bust of the tournament. I had high expectations after they made it to playoffs last year but they have disappointed. Might be time for them to start getting younger.

16.(22) Northern Ireland - Big differential here between me and Brown. I pretty much give them credit here for tying Jamaica even though it was pretty. Gets them off the bottom for me.

17.(19) Hungary - I saw Hungary coming into this tournament and thought they were going to be a bottom 3 team for sure. They have surprised though by putting up a few good fights including an excellent losing effort against Nigeria.

18.(17) Portugal - Portugal seems to get worse every year. This is a team that used to make playoffs on a yearly basis and since the quality has just not been there. That trend is continued this year.

19.(16) Scotland - I usually beat up on Scotland on here a bit but I won't. They actually look headed in the right direction. Have added a lot of youth and look quicker and more skillful than the past few years. Haha not that that's saying a lot. Could not resist.

20.(18) Serbia - Plain an simple this is not a team I personally enjoy. I don't like their style of "soccer" and they seem to be getting a little long in the tooth. Still waiting on their Winnipeg players.

21.(20) Somalia - Really struggled to start the tournament but have gradually improved every game. Goalkeeping is abysmal which is really not helping their cause.

22.(21) Botswana - They are what they are. Managed their 1st win this year I believe so that elevates them slightly off the bottom but they are still far from fearsome.

23.(23) South Korea - Consensus on the bottom 2 for us. South Korea are a younger more athletic Vietnam. that is hardly a compliment.

24.(24) Vietnam - I know I am risking opening Pandora's Box here but Vietnam looks like they didn't know what they were getting into for this tournament. I would probably rank some youth teams before them.


Anonymous said...

The only one that is way out whack on Mike's list is N. all accounts of that Jamaica game it had more to do with Jamaica making big time mistakes late in the game than it had to do with any skill level of N. Ireland. Without a doubt N. Ireland is in the 19-22 at best for ranking. They're getting older and their only asset is physical play. As team build faster teams N. Ireland will be left behind. For the most part any of the top 12 or so can be swapped around a spot or 2 and it wouldn't be off the mark, same goes for the 13-about 18, and the 19-24 rankings...within their little groups it's hard to say who is better than who as they rarely play each other.

The Joker said...

No, wrong those rankings are all wrong

There can only be 1! And that is Me!! The Joker #1

Ranking top bloggers

1 me(Joker)

2 Julio aka the penguin

3 Riggs

4 Husdals

5 DG

6 DB

7. Mike C

8. Afghan team and Chico

9. Nate Reiss

10. Bart

This is based on entertainment for me

Ian McLaren said...

Interesting that the bottom four teams are made up almost entirely of heritage players and the top four teams all get significant contributions from players whose heritage would seem to be more closely connected to other teams.

Anonymous said...

9.(11) El Salvador - "They have beaten everyone since they lost to Italy. But they lost to Italy so can I really rank them higher than this. That's unacceptable in my books."

They haven't played France or Norway yet. Let's see how they make out with those teams. They Won against Greece 3-2 and S.Korea 11-1 not real strong teams. Just saying.

Mike Collins said...

I really don't see N any of the other teams being better than N. Ireland in my mind 16-23 are all pretty interchangeable. If they were in a pool could you pick a winner.

And enough with the bottom 4 teams are heritage and the top 4 aren't. It's just not true. I can only speak for my team but like I said before ROI has 16 heritage players. I also know that Poland has a large heritage contingent. That myth has been debunked time and time again. Get your facts straight before you throw around accusations. I am just tired of hearing it.

And according to my ranking on ES I obviously believe they will beat Norway. If they don't I will have to rethink my rankings.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you'd rank yourself number one Joker.... you haven't had the type of publicity that Chico has brought to the blogs... that I actually think Chico needs to be ranked much higher than that. I would also put Bart above many of the others too... DG is a little too high up, not much for entertainment value, but he does have solid content.

So if I am the Penguin are you trying to make a bond with me and become partners in crime? As I think I make a better Mr. Freeze if anything. Riggs makes a solid Robin... as we all know that Robin swings both ways.


The Joker said...

Ok here's the top fans so far

1 Poland

2 Laos

3 ES

4 Afghan

5 Jamaica

6 Columbia

7 Nigeria

8 Greece

9 ROI crew

10 Germany

Anonymous said...

Mr. David Brown I like your list a little better than Mike's. I don't think Poland will beat Sudan but it will be a good game if this matchup happens. To win the tournament I'd like to see either Sudan or Laos.

Anonymous said...

Regarding heritage - Poland has 17 of 23 players who are heritage. All 5 staff are heritage (coaches, manager, trainer). Just because you can pronounce their last name doesn't mean they don't have Polish heritage!

Anonymous said...

yeah...the heritage rules for this tournament are pretty relaxed, so you don't need much to qualify as heritage.

The Joker said...

I know, I have played on every contitent in this tourney

Anonymous said...

Lets get back on topic and talk about some soccer. Half the people on here never get there questions answered. What is this penguin talk and rating top bloggers have anything to do with the wcp soccer games? Come on people ... Not cool.

Anonymous said...

Joker, maybe you're just incontinent.

Anonymous said...

First of all did anyone else notice that Poland has 5 staff?? Is this the real world cup, or a rec men's tournament. Let's see 5 staff; coach, assistant coach, manager, trainer, who is the 5th? Is it Bart's oil boy? Tough to say but no wonder why Collins thinks they are hands down the best with that type of support.

Joker, your blog ratings is your first post that has really impressed me so these would be my ranking bloggers (based on who I find entertaining). I can't rank you yet as you need more quantity and quality.

1 Julio
He is the king, there is no match for Julio. Even though he fantasizes about me in a Robin costume, I can look over that. Nobody will ever top his Chico ads.

2 Riggs
I don't care if anyone else likes my posts, I thouroughly enjoy reading them repeatedly.

3 Dufus
I just love reading his Norway posts. Very entertaining and always unbiased.

4 O'Dooley
I don't know if any of you have had the chance to check out his blog, but it is electrifying. I don't know how he finds the time in his schedule to write one entire article during the whole tournament. This guy definitely deserves more credit than he gets.

5 Nate
Wouldn't have been on my list last week, but had some good comebacks for our buddy gow, which moved him up the list.

He got a little carried away with the personal attacks, but the blogs were pretty interesting when he was on his tirade. Just learn how to play a little nicer and you could be a fan favorite.

7 Bartosz
He doesn't post enough, but had a couple good ones and needs to be on the list just for having such a sweet name: Bartosz Wasdancingonapolski

8 DB
Love how this guy writes blogs and is an expert when he hasn't set foot in Regina in 11 months. Keep those blogs coming Brown!

9 DG
What would it take to make this guy say anything negative? His overflowing positivity makes us all want to make a campfire hold hands and sing.

10 Collins
He runs the blog so had to mention him. Takes the opposite approach of dufus and tries to pump other teams tires to get spotlight off of roi, but at times comes up with some good stuff.

Honourable mention: AK47, Summers, Joker

Some good games tonight people, get over there and check them out.


Anonymous said...

For your own sake, have the rankings done and published after the group stages. It looks as you are giving people the wrong idea on what is going on, as usual being bias and not even reporting on games that you don't care. Oh, I forgot! you are too good to be watching those games and actually care that its a Mini World Cup up. It looks ( by your writings ) as this is the Poland, ROI, maybe Laos and France Cup ! There noone else and only your buddies are good ! Stop living in a bubble !

Ian McLaren said...

My heritage comment is an observation not an accusation. I used the term significant contribution, I didn't say anything about the overall numbers of heritage players. I obviously take great pride in representing the country of my heritage and have a hard time getting my head around the idea that other men don't. You may be sick of hearing question these things but my comments are certainly no less valuable than most of the bloggers on here talking about how everybody sucks at everything all the time.

Anonymous said...

Not everyone has a single country that they have great pride in. People like you who carry their pride so strongly are what make the atmosphere of this tournament what it is, but many of us have heritage from 5 or 6 different countries and the national pride is hard to find.