Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Tonights Results:

Youth Boys  - Canada 5 - 2 Scotland
U 18 Boys - Germany 2 - 1 Ukraine
Mens - Jamaica 4 - 4 N. Ireland
Mens - Loas 3 - 1 Colombia


Anonymous said...

Today's segment is called Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down:

Thumbs Down:
1. TSN Insider Dufus has had a shocker with his predicitions, TSN has threaten to fire Dufus if he continues on this path. He has been reporting wrong scores, his predictions are way out of line, and Norway has booked a spot in the quarters after a 1-0 win over Greece (never knew all it took was one win to get to the promise land). Dufus showed his brillance last night as he had Laos and Jamaica securing lop sided wins.. and to say the least... it wasn't accurate.

2. Bart, The Polish Playboi, hyped for his ability to dance and work poles like no other man from his country can, has let his team down. A Polish team that was expected to run away with the tournament is now in a dog fight to make it out of their group. Don't be alarmed this weekend if there is smoke and sirens heard throughout the centre... that is just Bart stepping up his game to rally the boys. Expect new dance moves which will help their sniper, Tommy Gun, fill the void left with the absence of Brett Levis.

3. GOW has continued to cross lines and step on toes. Reports are that his comments continue to be deleted due to racist and abusive comments. GOW, your a dud, give it up... there's a difference between jokes and insults. I don't know Ramin, AK 47, or Nestor... but obviously you've crossed a line with these people. I hope no one ever finds out who you are because you have become the poster boy for why anonymous bloggers are complete tools.

Bonus: Dooley's blog & twitter... Dudley posted on blogs hyping his twitter and blog, and both have been less than amusing. I was hoping to see more flare from a guy that has started a feud with Riggs.

Thumbs Up:
1. Due to a few upsets and surprise results, teams are now forced to battle to make it to the second round. Groups B, C, and D will all prove to be exciting. I expect Group D to be the most exciting group as I don't see Norway punching a ticket to the quarter finals just yet. Jamaica stumbled, but keep an eye on them... also a team that "disappointed" in their first match was Afghan, but expect them to atleast put up a fight to try to secure a spot in the quarter finals.
It will be interesting to see how Poland bounces back, but don't be surprised if Germany and Nigeria come out of that pool.

2. Nigeria. I would say the biggest surprise of the tournament so far. It's hard to know how good they are right now, but a game vs Germany will give a better outlook to what the Super Eagles will bring to the pitch. If Nigeria finish first, expect a dynamic battle vs Sudan. Maybe not the most skilled game of the tournament, but it will be a fast, tough game that could provide excitement.

3. The new additions to the tournament. It's always hard being on the wrong side of a blow out, yet the teams that have faced lop sided results have played with pride and not given up regardless (Nate ;P) of the score. Usually one fears that games will turn dirty once the score is out of reach, but these teams have remained classy and huge respect for that.

Bonus: DG has recently been heard saying that it's either "Go Big or Go Home" for this upcoming weekend. Last weekend DG "Went home" so hopefully he can manage to actually "Go Big this time"


Anonymous said...

I give you a Thumbs Down for even mentioning Dufus. The guy is so delusional he's not even worth mentioning how bad he is at analyzing soccer.

If that first Greece/Norway game was an indication of anything it would be that S. Korea will have a great chance at winning a game this year when Norway meets them. I didn't see Hungary/Vietnam, but that Norway/Greece game was just bad soccer all around for the most part. It'd be surprised if either team held possession for longer than 3 passes (and that's not implying that they were shooting lots either...).

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Julio is.. But I'm starting to like this guy haha
secret admirer

Anonymous said...

I've been on vacation for the last week and I see Collins is deleting my posts. The last one wasn't even that bad. I think Collins is starting to be just like Dufus. Screen posts that arn't really offensive. I love how people are posting fake God of War posts. Makes me laugh, ha ha. Keep up the good work all you fake god of war posters. Clearly more people hate this blog and hate Julio and Riggs. I'm not the only one. And just so you know Jufus aka Foolio, your predictions are wrong once again. First off I don't know Nestor, AK, or this Ramin guy (you were fooled my fake posters ha ha), and secondly you took an ANON message from Braden's blog and made it your own about the predictions Braden is making, so your mockery is not original. Good job though. I give you credit. Your no better than some copy cat. If you see a problem with this post Collins, let me know on your blog here under these messages. I don't see what's so offensive about this one. I would also like to note, I don't approve of racist crap and even I will not go that far. Prank phone calls is one thing, racist remarks is not something I am willing to do. I'm not that big of an idiot.

-God of War

Mike Collins said...

Your last comment said s*** about 10 times. We have have a lot of readers who don't appreciate that kind of language. If you can keep your language in check I have no problem posting your comments

Anonymous said...

GOW your excuses don't seem very credible. As no one knows your identity, therefore you could easily be back tracking realizing the mess that you have gotten yourself into.
As far as I am concerned, it was most likely you unless you can prove other wise (such as present your identity and give your post some validity, until then you are just back tracking as you seem to be the cowardly type)

IF you were away on vacation, then it makes sense that anonymous bashers have been down to a minimum... as that was another one of your tactics to make it seem that the blog completely hated me. I think you are the one who has a deep hatred for me... yet how were you able to comment about the ROI game last weekend if you were supposedly on vacations for a week? I am not sure your story adds up.

You don't even know who I am, you were pranking calling the wrong guy... and you were giving out his personal information... a very unclassy move that I wouldn't put anything past you.

As for your comment about originality, it was a sarcastic comment about a situation that is occurring... I didn't copy anyone's idea... as it's an obvious idea that most people get when they read Dufus's blog.. I was just openly stating it.

I am officially down conversing with you until you step from behind the computer screen and prove that you weren't the idiot crossing lines. As the comments made towards AK 47, Nestor and Ramin crossed lines... and you have continually crossed lines that all the evidence points towards you.

My identity isn't a secret as I back anything and everything I say... if you can't do the same, then stop what your doing as the blog has been much better the past few days without you.


Anonymous said...

Hey Foolio, I know who you are now. Your one ugly looking dude. Thank you Polish Playboi for showing me who this fool is. Now to work on the pranks.

Anonymous said...

I don't really like Julio either. I'm pretty sure that GOW is not the only person who dislikes you Julio. I hear the fans around the facility also talking about you, and it's not very positive conversations.

Playing for Republic of Ireland, which is a pretty hated team amongst fans. I would watch what you say. Your big mouth is going to get you into trouble one day. Myabe you should take some of your own advise and try and simmer down before the tournament ends.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:23, Do you even know who "Julio" is or have you actually ever spoken to the guy in person? If your making a decision based solely on blog posts, then really your out to left field. I like Julio and I am pretty sure a bunch of other people do. People like you just post anonymously and point the finger at the "BAD GUY".

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone care what this Julio guy says or thinks. He posts garbage absolutely everywhere. It's on wcpcup blog 1 and 2, and on Braden's blog as well. It's quite annoying... I think he seeks attention. A very severe case of ADHD.

Anonymous said...

Anon 22:59, I am sorry that your stupid enough to believe the fake posts that both Braden and Riley have allowed on their blog where someone has left their name as Julio. I do read the other blogs from time to time...I actually don't read Riley's anymore as it's really outdated and not soccer related at all... but I do read Braden's... yet I refuse to post on his blog.

I have noticed your continual comments about me posting there all the time, and I am glad that you finally came on here so I could address it. Simply put... you sound like a broken record saying the same thing over and over and over and over again... most of the time people don't even reply to what you say.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that you post anonymously because you can't back what you say, and your one of those people that goes around spreading gossip because you have nothing better to do. Idiots like you cause the blog to stray elsewhere, and if people haven't noticed that... well it's quite obvious. I wish I was scared to say things with my name or to people's faces too... really helps prove your point when you have to post anonymously.

A few jokes here and there, give people some entertainment to go with analysis; sadly some people highly lack a sense of humor and a tad bit of intelligence to be able to decifer what is what.

Idiots like you keep putting the spotlight on me by insulting me? I am just not afraid to tell you what's what... so if that's what ADHD is... then ok... if you haven't caught on, I make a nice long replies to anonymous posters like you just so I can fully enjoy how much I know this will irritate you... and I find that hilarious! haha