Saturday, 14 April 2012

Last Nights Games

Ended up being a bit of a dud of a night with Jamaica and Chile deciding not to show up. When asked to comment about his game Holness responded with "None". Jamaica was so bad that even the announcer struggled. Germany won against Hungary and 2-0 isn't really reflective of how the game went. Germany are not a good side. Anyways heres the scores


Germany 9 Chile 2

Hungary 0 Germany 2

Laos 5 Jamaica 0

France 4 Greece 2


Anonymous said...

Leon derks is a beast from the east, crazy dutch gumbi! Somehow that ball always stays by his feet!

Anonymous said...

He should of had 5 or 6, he had a poor performance along with most of the france team except that little defender with the blonde hair. Boring game overall though

Anonymous said...

The defender is bad

Anonymous said...

How come you did not report on the Hungary-Portugal game that ended 8-2 for portugal ? they had a great game and showed why their game against Germany should have been different.

Anonymous said...

greece looked like a team that was already knocked out. props to the greek goalie for keeping them in the game for the most part. he made some pretty big saves.

france looked very comfortable but never lethal. i think they have some great players on their team and some pretty poor players.

they are capable of playing some nice football but then it gets to one of their weaker players and it just breaks down.

if they can shed some of the excess weight and bring in just a few more quality players they could be real contenders.