Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Tuesday's Games

6:30 pm Boys Scotland vs Italy

7:30 pm Womens Italy vs Poland

8:30 pm Mens Scotland vs Botswana

9:30 pm Mens Serbia vs Somalia


Anonymous said...

Players that need to be banned from the WCP:
Riggs (Life Ban)
#25 ROI (Life Ban)
David Brown
Brett Levis
Jay Tomchuk

List of disgraces to the tournament!

Anonymous said...

This is interesting. Could you explain what makes all of those players disgraces to the tournament in your opinion? Oh, and leave your name as well.


Anonymous said...

Julio= terrible player. No skill defending what so ever! I saw him try to dance around a few Serbian guys but who does that as a defender! GARBAGE PLAYER
Riggs= Posts on every blog! I don't think I've even seen him on the pitch and all he does is yap! He thinks he is funny
#25 ROI= Worst player on the team! Him and Kapila don't belong there! Unclassy, unskilled, fat greasy looking guy that needs to not play if the games are close.
Husdals= WONT SHUT UP!
Brown=DOUSCHEBAG! Biggest Douscher on here.
Levis & Tomchuk=Bandwagon jumpers! No loyalty! Tomchuk isn't even standing out on a weak Poland team!

Anymore questions?

Anonymous said...

There are all a disgrace to the game


Anonymous said...

Looking at the posts lately, I can finally see that there are a lot of people that dislike many of these people on the blogs. Below is my list of people that should be banned and bring negative attention and trash talk to the tournament. Mockery etc. should not be put up with at all. There should be zero tolerance for this and I will personally be talking to Kevin. These people need to start taking responsbility for what they say.


All should be life bans. I am sure if I went around the facility, alot of people would sign my petition. Julio would be number one on my list for sure to get banned. Stay in Saskatoon you moron.

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's ban the most skilled players in the tournament so we can have more games like Hungary vs Vietnam and Italy vs south Korea.

Why people hate Riggs, Julio, DG, David Brown and Nathan Reis just doesn't make sense to me. Those guys are all good players from what I've seen, better than the majority of us who play in this tourney, and they actually leave interesting posts with some entertainment value rather than just moronic crap that has no point.

No wonder so many other people don't leave their names on here.. That entire list is literally just the lust of people who actually sign their names on the blogs, aside from Jay and Brett who are simply just two of the best players to play in this tourney.

So I could sign my name and get myself added to that ridiculous list, but I'm just a mediocre player on a weak team who's name isn't worth mentioning in this tourney. But I'm a big fan of watching good soccer and reading entertaining blogs, apparently unlike anon 7:47.

Anonymous said...

Brett went back to the team he began WCP on, and jay is of polish heritage. Far from bandwagon hopping. Get some sort of knowledge before making such ridiculous judgements.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Julio has done lately is trash talk Regina players and tell everyone that Saskatoon has quality over us, which is complete garbage. He talks about some Josip guy and says he would score three times the goals in Regina. Get real buddy. Get rid of this guy already. No need for Julio anymore. Ban Saskatoon players if this is all they bring to OUR REGINA tournament is trash/negative attention.

RC said...

"These people need to start taking responsbility for what they say" ...says Anonymous. Haha

Anonymous said...

We'll see how awesome these so called quality players in Saskatoon Julio talks about will do against Sudan. Top quality my @$$. People hate on all the above guys because they sit and run their mouths like they know it all. They attack people slowly and don't realize what they are doing. There comments are made with no consequnces. I agree with the ban, or fines.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 00:39,

You really want guys banned from the tournament for what they write on an opinion-based blog? Julio and Riggs certainly do not deserve to be banned, but I can at least see how some of their posts may annoy you. DG, on the other hand, has basically only posted things he loves about the tournament. Go talk to Kevin about him and see if you can get him banned, along with any of the other individuals you want banned. Can you just inform me of when you plan to do this, so I can be in attendance with a pitcher of beer in hand, because this should be incredibly entertaining.


The Joker said...

U can't have a pitcher of beer in your hand Nate its against the Evraz rule, in fact I'm reporting u to Evraz for this plan u are thinking about.

The Joker said...

I talked to Evraz and the following people are banned:

Julio aka Alvaro Campos
David Brown
Sean Riggs
Anyone with the name Dooley or O'Dooley
Nathan Reiss
Husdals including there dumd dad
Bart Walczkowski
Mike Collins
Reis cooper
Gerald dommson
Soheil Summers
Jordan Lupastin
and Crazy EL Salvador fan

They told me there's cameras all over the place so don't show up or you"ll be escorted out

Anonymous said...

This is a blog, and freedom of speech is allowed in any part of the country. Nothing negative has been said about your precious Regina players. Can Regina teams compete with Saskatoon teams right now? No right now we are struggling to have a team be entered into the league, yet alone challenge a team that won nationals in 2011. Are people unaware the the Huskie Alumni Team won the Sr. Men's Nationals this past outdoor?

What is bringing negative attention is all the anonymous hypocrites that insult DG, DB, Riggs, and Julio. Some are even making numerous comments and filling the blog up with non-sense.

Please provides examples of negative comments of what Julio, Riggs, DB, or DG have said. If you provide legit comments then you can show these individuals are tarnishing the blog
Note: If the comment is an exaggeration, sarcastic remark, or a joke please don't bother as that is your own fault for not understanding the humor

Polish Playboi said...

These blogs would be deader then a nuns sex life if it weren't for these guys. Get your anonymous head out of an anonymous guys ass and join in. These guys are 100 times better then your anonymous comments trashing guys like Aleks who's only guilty of loving his country and doing anything to win. He plays hard and physical but so do a ton of other players. Back to my point. The only reason I come on here to read this stuff is because of the friendly banter.
The only real hate blogging and true trashing is going on from behind the curtain of anonymity you idiots! This is a blog for entertainment purposes and if you care so much about what other people think then you shouldn't be reading it. Or maybe take a lesson from it and stop caring, sit back, enjoy a beer and relax an take that stick out from your a**

Anonymous said...

I think he's right. We should be banned for our actions, especially DG.

Bring me this petition and I will gladly sign it. Nate, I will buy the pitcher and we can cheers our goodbye to the tournament. It's been a fun ride but obviously gow/Thor/anon has a valid point.

Goodbye wcp!


Anonymous said...

Ppl it's all good let's get back to soccer,most Sastoon players are better coz they play and practice all the time with the u o s team, if u o r gets a men's team then both cities would have quality players and the competition would be much closer.
Second I think posting anon and attacking other players, insulting some teams it's what's hurting some ppl, I honestly see so many ppl try so hard playing for there nationalities which is good to see, so please give then credit, because that's what wcp is all about. I think this yr some teams have stepped up which is good to see and am sure next year it will be better.
Now as a soccer fan I want to see teams improve every year, so am going to name a few teams which I think are on the right track and I think with a few twitches they will move up the front , so what do u guys think the following teams should do in order to get really competitive and challenge for silver ware?
1. Germany
2. Nigeria
3. Jamaica
4. Afghan
5. Colombia
6. Canada
7. Norway
8. ES
Looking forward to hearing ypur opinions and pls ppl lets talk soccer coz I think that's why lots of ppl come on this site, keep up the great work mike. And actually Julio and DG some time give really good soccer reviews hope to hear yours too.

Wcp fan

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:24 I haven't seen many games but from the ones I have seen, these are the teams that seem to have been most improved in the recent year.

1. Somalia: yea first time comers, but after a beating from ROI they have come back and posted some good results. Never gave up, played with pride. Anyone can respect that.

2. Scotland: A team that hasn't won many games in the past is looking to finish in the middle of the pool instead of the bottom.

3. Afghan & Jamaica: There's always hype for these teams, yet they have shown that they are for real. Both have a chance to make it to the second round.

4. Nigeria: Never a terrible team, but also not a great team. I think they are starting to make a transition from an average team to a good team.

5. Colombia: Used to be an easy win, but since their victory vs Sudan they have put up some good results. They are starting to battle in games and may get a few more wins had they had a better pool.

6. Italy: They beat ES, one of the favorites before the tournament. By the sounds of it, they should have drawn Norway. Showing progress, maybe a win vs Greece will solidify their improvement.

Canada, Germany, ES, and Norway all seem to be going in the opposite direction. I think you can't really make a decision on any of these teams till they show what they have after this weekend as they all have massive games to play.


Anonymous said...

That's a good review Julio, what I would add on is
1. Jamaica just need to add depth to there roaster, there starting line up is good but no one off bench to curry on, they need pick up one or two defenders and let Troy play in mid because right now they are playing him in a wrong position, if he moves to mid he will score a couple of goals, Dan is a great pick up for them and they are missing Shane O coz he is such a good player, if he's back next yr they might be a threat.
2. Nigeria seems to have taken the next step forward too but still lacks depth which is very important in order to have a chance in this tournament , and they need to have their players play all year round so they get used to playing on a higher level, they also need to improve on their goal keeping position which I think let's them down year in year out, I hope they come back next yr with more depth coz I love watching them.
3. Germany has always been a good team but things just won't go there way, I think they lack team chemistry, I think a few practices before the tournament starts will help them improve, and they need to stop relying too much on Patterson twins and just focus on the entire team, they also lack depth which I think is huge for any team to have a chance of winning.
4. ES has always been a good team but not good enough to win it yet, loosing Chico and Alvaro was a big thing no matter what other ppl say, those two played a big part and I hope they return next yr, they also need to have practices I heard they had they struggled having ppl show up to practices and obviously showed in their opening game but I think they will come back stronger next yr and hope they pick up a few players to fill the gap left by those two players I mentioned.
5. Colombia has improved dramatically ang I think they are on the right track, this year hasn't been there year have lost some close games , they have a relatively a young team I hope they keep it together for a few years and they will be in contention, they also need to stop relying on Paco too much, that's a lot to ask one player to carry the entire team, but other wise there energy ang hustle is a joy to watch, also they never give up till the last second of the game which is god to see.
6. Afghan I think if they have there entire team for every game would be a tuff team to beat, if they keep the same team next year, I think they will have a chance to go deep in the playoffs, and may be on two years if it's the same team could all the way to the finals, the must have learn hat Chico can't win them games by him self so the are on the right track now and could make semis if they keep playing hard.
7. Canada has always been a good team just can't win big games which is a disappoint to be honest, I think on a good day they have a team ta could win it all. To be honest, I think they need to pickup another striker and also improve on therir depth which I think they are lacking h most,
8.Norway has always made playoffs but because they've been in weaker pools, so in order for them to become condensers need to change a lot o there players, with the same team they keep bringing back yr after yr, the won have any chance going deep in playoffs but I giv them credit for making playoffs all the time.