Thursday, 12 April 2012

Golden Boot List

Here is the current Golden Boot list accompanied by a few comments from our resident goal scoring expert David Brown.


1. Nathan Reis (ROI) - 9
2T. Jerson Hamilton (ES) - 6
2T. Josip Coric (AFG) - 6
2T. Cliff Bene (NIG) - 6
5T. Mike Collins (ROI) - 5
5T. Jay Tomchuk (POL) - 5
5T. Ahmad Muhammad (SOM) -5
8T. Garrett Peters (JAM) - 4
8T. Leon Derks (FRA) - 4

My 3 picks at the start of the tournament are currently still in the running for golden boot, Nate, Mike, and Tomchuk. I expect Nate and Mike to score quite a few more this weekend as ROI's round robin games finish up against some weaker teams and i know they won't be taking it easy. Poland also have some easier games this weekend and Jay will be doing the scoring. I didn't know Jerson or Josip we're going to be playing but both are great finishers. But i still don't think they would of cracked my top three as I don't see there teams making it too far past the group stage if they even do. I am unaware of Cliff but he did manage to put 5 away against Vietnam, I am not taking this away from the guy because scoring goals is scoring goals and I know I wouldn't let up either. I am still pretty choked that my injury occurred, as this tournament is a goal scorers showcase. I'd like to hear more about the quality of goals so far this year. Ryan M for ROI still goal of the tourney so far??


1. Tayler Firth (ENG) - 5
2. Cassandra Evans (POL) - 4
3. Cara Gartner (GER) - 4
4T. Jade McFee (ENG) - 3
4T. Megan Cormier (GER) - 3
4T. Kayla Whithrow (UKR) - 3
4T. Kimbe Wiebe (UKR) - 3
4T. Jacie Brusky (NL)

I do not know too much about the women's side but ill share what I do. I expect Megan and Cara to carry Germany to the final where it will be a re-match of the previous year. I also know that Jade McFee is a talented player and can finish the only issue with her is she is from P.A so will she make every game? I see England being a contender for the title this year. (I'm really don't know too much about the women's side so let me know what I've missed!)

Youth Boys

1. Marcello Gonzalez (PAK) - 5
2T. Asad Azizi (GER) - 4
2T. Taylor Hoedel - (SCO) - 4

This is a category I know even less about! I think I've coached my Hollandia team vs Marcello before and he is a skillful kid and can strike the ball well so its really not a shock to me to see his name up top. And that all I know!

Youth Girls
1. Rita Fetsch (GER) - 6
2. Taylor Hendron (ENG) - 4

No comments here as I know nothing about this group, but keep scoring them goals!

U18 Boys

1. Peter Ntigne - 5
2. Taylor Hoedel - 3

Same as the youth girls, I don't recognize the two names but keep putting the ball in the back of the net!


Anonymous said...

Its really funny how

enraged parent or whatever, has it bolded

probably kept in saved and copied it on here

Anonymous said...

Everything looks like it should be except Kayla is on Ukraine and Taylor hoedel hasn't scored any u18 goals

Anonymous said...

well if he cant score in u-18 he should just give up soccer, wont be any good in mens

Anonymous said...

David Brown is probably looking at the golden boot list and thinking to himself, "wow ... i would have had 10-15 more than any of these guys", lol. Sad he's not around. I like watching him play.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anon 12:53 it sucks not being there to play but I plan on coming to watch some playoffs! I am hoping to be back next year and hopefully right back to scoring some goals!


Darko said...

Hey Mike...
I know i wont win the golden boot list but i was wondering how come I'm not on the list when i scored 5 goals so far


Anonymous said...

Josip is way better than David Brown and will win this golden boot easily this year. Brown is not as good as Josip. Josip averages 3 goals per game. What what ... Brown has lost his edge, and probably won't be the same after his injury so Josip wins again next year.

Mike Collins said...

Such a dumb comment. Josip isn't even winning the Golden Boot right now. Let alone when Brown played. Brown scored more goals than every TEAM last year except France. He had over 30 heading into the knock out stages. No one will ever score that many goals again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to break it to you lads, but here is the reality.... Reis has 11 goals and ROI has two games left. Two games that may be lopsided affairs. So it is safe to say that Reis will atleast have between 4-7 more goals by weekend's end.
If Josip continues his average of 3 goals per game he will end up with 12 at the end of the weekend and Nathan will have between 15-18.

Likelihood is that Afghan may exit out before ROI and therefore would have less games. For Josip to win the golden boot, Josip would have to be up by atleast 3-4 goals by the end of the weekend to have a chance for Reis to not catch up.

Now that the situation has been outlined in a logical manner, please tell me how Josip will win the golden boot this year? I give praise to Josip as a quality finisher, but some people have obviously lost touch with reality.