Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Big Games Left

So here are the dates and times of the big remaining games.

Friday April 13

9:30 pm Laos vs Jamaica
10:30 pm France vs Greece

Saturday April 14th

8:00pm Afghanistan vs Canada
9:00pm Germany vs Nigeria
10:00pm France vs ES

Sunday April 15th

8:00pm Laos vs Canada
9:00pm El Salvador vs Norway

A lot of big games left to play this week. Looks like the schedule makes really got it right. Nice Work!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Laos 5 Jamaica 2
Jamaica is s couple players away from being a contender. Unfortunately for them if they get outplayed that badly by afghan they will not beat Laos.

France 4 Greece 1
France is legit Greece is not. Greece has a great work ethic and a few skilled guys, but France has many skilled guys and can also play tough.

Afghan 4 Canada 2
Canada has a couple good players, but Josip will score a couple for the highlight reel and be the difference.

Germany 3 Nigeria 1
I don't really know a lot about these teams but just assume Germany will win. If Abu plays he could be the difference maker and shift the scoreline

ES 2 France 1
France is already through and hasnt faced a real solid test. There's not too much to choose between the 2 sides so I will pick es because we need the result more than they do plus they will face a physical test with Greece the night prior. If I wasn't playing I would definitely go check out this match.

Laos 6 Canada 1
Assuming I am right and Canada loses on Saturday they will have nothing to play for, but Laos wants to win the group and will cone out gunning. If Canada wins Saturday this would be a great one to watch.

ES 4 Norway 1
After watching France easily beat Norway I don't think Norway will live up to their own hype. Their only advantage will be if we overdo it Saturday and gave nothing left. I could be wrong but I can't see them beating us.