Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Yesterdays Scores

Youth Boys
Scotland 3 - Italy 3

Poland 4 - Italy 1

Scotland 5 - Botswana 2

Serbia 7 - Somalia 4


Anonymous said...

How delusional are we people? Look at the facts. I actually went back and looked at PSL results for the last five years. Regina fielded a team twice in that time I think, and Saskatoon won the league with ease all 5 years and then on top of that went on to win National this past year! When Regina fielded a squad it was a Regina All star team, and Saskatoon had at least 3 other teams in the league. With that being said Regina still lost?

People get made for "Julio" saying the truth. It's getting pathetic! Plus it's the same guy making all of us look stupid! Buddy you posted numerous times on every thread. If your so enraged and upset that someone is telling the truth to your face, then get up and do something about it. Don't post anonymously on the blog! Volunteer your time and develop youth soccer by coaching kids to play the game.
If you can't catch on to the exaggerations please just shut up and don't post! Afghan's striker is quality and you obviously fail to see that.



Anonymous said...


Have you not noticed that the same guy is posting anonymously on every thread and repeatedly?
I thought you'd have better judgement than that. This same individual was posting before as he copies and pastes his entries on every blog. Please monitor and filter out his garbage as I am starting to lose interest. I enjoy everyone else's post minus his and Riggs.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of posting anonymously! I feel like I need to be heard again and have my followers love me once more! I hate JULIO, NATE, DG, DB, and RIGGS.
If you want to hear my reasons just ask and I'll answers!

I am mad that I am not getting the credit I deserve for all my anonymous posts! So I am posting with my name again!


Anonymous said...

Three most stupid people on the blog:
1. Julio: doubt he finished elementary school
2. Nate: High school drop out
3. Riggs: Just by looking at him you can tell he is stupid.

I don't know why these three morons try to act smart! It's obvious you lack an educational background. Nate no one wants to come talk to you after your game as you stink and look homeless.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, yet another fake God of War post. If I was posting I would clearly talk about that tool Foolio and then I would mention Riggs cause he is another idiot. Don't you people see there are other people other than myself who don't like any of you idiots. Look at how I post. Look at who I always mention. I don't talk about Nate, DG, or Db. Julio and Riggs are among the most hated. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one. Ha ha!

How does that make you idiot feel, knowing that there are more people out there who don't like you. Truely awesome. Can't say I didn't tell you so. Definately not the same guys posting over and over.

-God of War ... this is the real one.

Anonymous said...

Julio aka Alvaro Campos needs to shut up. Your not good, and you do nothing for ROI. We know who you are. Also wanted to add that yes Regina did have a PSL team in a few times, and only lost to Saskatoon because the quality players either didn't join because it takes alot of time, or weren't in town. Your comments mean nothing. Use your head. Regina has quality and Julio aka Alvaro is still an idiot and speaks no truth. Get over it. He's WRONG.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to get back to the fun stuff. In light of Bart's excellent post, I thought we should give the fans something to look forward to this weekend.
Breaking News:

1. The Joker (Kirk Evans) has decided to no longer post anonymously. Kirk Evans will also be giving up his name as Edward Nigma as we have all figured out who he is. He has decided to think of a few new names, but ultimately may actually post as Kirk from now on. Kirk was unavailable for commentary as he was busy working on a way to clone the Patterson's to double their chances vs Nigeria.

2.ROI's Lee Mooney will now be taking any free kicks from behind half. Coach Collins believes the further back Mooney shoots, the better the odds that Mooney will be able to "dip" the ball past opposing keepers.

3. Bart, the Polish Playboi, has been rumored to been seen practicing an extra secret celebration after hours at the soccer center. Sources around the Polish camp say that Bart may be using the goal posts as props. His outfit is rumored to be a hand sewn article made from the Sean Riggs Spring collection. It is also rumored that Bart has hired his own media production team to battle the ever growing Chicomania.

4. Due to his performance on the pitch, construction for the pyramid of Chico seem to be going as planned. As an added bonus team Afghan have offered to knight Chico as the first knight in Afghan history. Sir Chico will be given a stallion, and a herd of cattle to go with his new Ferrari. Chicolicious has recently been rumored to be worth $100 Million Afghan dollars! Buy your Chicolicious briefs at an H&M near you.

5.Norway and ES as set to do battle to determine which team will move on to the second round. Rumors are swirling that the difference maker will be Anibal Bravo. Sources around the ES camp believe that Bravo will score a ripper in the last minute of the second half to give ES the slimmest of wins. Asked how he plans to celebrate his game winning goal, Bravo recently told reporters that 'He plans to clear the dance floor upstairs, and strip to the Rhianna track Skin'. Have your beers ready as it has the potential to be quite the show that may even put the Polish Playboi to shame.

6. ROI Striker #25, Nathan "Nate" Reis is on the verge of making WCP history. Rumored to be the worst player on the pitch, Reis is in line to win the Least Valuable Player award. Sources have also confirmed that Nathan has a shot at winning the golden boot this year... will Nathan bring both iconic trophies home? I think he will be a shoe in for the LVP and the Golden Boot will come down to the wire.

Your heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

As someone that has coached at various levels (U10 to men's, several provincial champs, beginners to provincial teams) in Regina and Saskatoon and played in the Regina Premier division for several years, I will vouch that in general Saskatoon has a more developed talent for soccer. They have larger numbers, they have a top notch men's university team, they have an RTC center there for youth, they have TWO indoor facilities to train in, their city works together rather than in silo's when it comes to community and city soccer right from the time they are kids. Like the first poster said, if you want to make soccer in Regina better, start passing on your knowledge. The number of players from one Regina PSL team would be enough coaches to take over almost an ENTIRE club of coaches...and that's not accounting for all the guys that are a little to old to keep up at the PSL level and just play Div. 2/3.

Better quality milk, makes better quality cream at the top. Develop more kids to an elite level and more of those kids will stick around to fill out the men's leagues with better quality players. Right now Regina's youth teams had to merge clubs just to compete with Saskatoon's individual clubs. That right there tells you the quality of Saskatoon's teams when even at a youth level Regina has to all star teams to compete with the top Saskatoon teams.

Are all players better in Saskatoon compared to Regina? No...Regina does have top quality players and teams, however Saskatoon just has MORE top quality players. It is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:58; Mike a Regina based player just refuted what you said.
Your the same guy on every blog saying the same thing. All you say is Julio this, Julio that. Honestly man, what's wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

Alvaro why do you keep posting as Julio? We all know who you are. You can stop pretending.

Anonymous said...

I think he loves him!

Anonymous said...

GEt ur head outta ur asses people. This should be a space for wcp comments, not a pissing match to argue who has the more elite soccer athletes Regina or Saskatoon.

Grow the f up, post something wcp related and quit wasting people's time who actually visit this site for wcp related news and opinions!

Anonymous said...

I love Alvaro Campos because he mocks people and makes them feel bad. I also love him because he is clearly an all star wcp cup player that is cearly going somewhere with soccer. He makes like his #$%^ don't stink.

Anonymous said...

Anon 19;47 your OBSESSED! I was on the Norway blog and saw similar comments. Mike this is getting out of control. Did you not see that he also made an account with personal information. If that was my information I would be enraged and filing complaints with the proper authorities as things like that are extremely unacceptable.


Mike Collins said...

My apologies. I just saw the account it would not allow me to view it on my computer. It has been removed and unfortunately I have taken the required actions.

Comments will now be heavily scrutinized.

I hope this alleviates your concerns.