Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Blog Topics

Thought I would throw my 2cents in on a couple topics on the blog here.

1. Might as well start with this. What's up with the name calling? I am not sure if people thinks it funny or witty or both but it's mostly childish and pathetic. It's okay to have a differing opinion with another blogger but lets try to use out big boy words to express that. Don't make me have to stop allowing posts. I don't want it to get there.

2. Can anyone play defense and forward? Absolutely not. Maybe in the round robin where half the teams are even enough that it blocks out certain deficiencies but those deficiencies will be exposed against good teams. Playing upfront may actually be the toughest position because you have someone on your back all game and a bunch of refs who won't call fouls.

3. Josip as the most prolific striker is Saskatchewan? That might be a stretch. However, even though he might me a complete nut bar, he can score goals. And a few I saw the other night were absolute beauties.... no matter who you play against.

4. Would he score 3 times as many if he played in Regina league. No. Oh and Julio I out scored him in that the Saskatoon WCP. Where's my props!

5. Could a Regina all star team beat a Saskatoon all star team? Absolutely not. It's pitiful I know but we have done this in PSL and only once in the 10 years I have played have we come out on top.

6. Regina could very well have a better, more supportive soccer community, though you wouldn't know it from this blog! But the soccer itself is in disarray. We have substantially worse facilities, are constantly arguing with our soccer association and a lot of leagues are faltering. For example, we can no longer field a PSL team due to lack of commitment. There is also currently only 1 team registered in our top mens division. That's pitiful.

7. Why is our top men's division Div 2? Just shows how pitiful it is.

8. As I was saying Regina soccer has a better friendlier soccer community in my opinion. Everyone supports the WCP Cup, more so than in Saskatoon, and I don't see some of the petty stuff, fights, arguments, red cards that I see in Saskatoon. There seems to be a general respect for one another and a passion for the game. Now we just need to transition that passion onto the field itself.

9. Ok I just read this comment "Regina only lost to Saskatoon in PSL because the quality players either didn't because it takes a lot of time or weren't in town". Part of playing soccer at a high level is training. Outdoor is not indoor where everyone can play a whole game. Plus last year for PSL the commitment was one weekend? Why no team then. What you refer to as "takes a lot of time" a call laziness.

10. Nate not a good player? Leads the tournament in goalscoring. Must be doing something right?



Anonymous said...

I said NATURAL goal scorer. I did not say prolific. As one could argue that Reis was the most prolific. Reis hasn't played many games the past few seasons but averages a bunch of goals when he does show up. Yet I wouldn't say Reis is a natural goal scorer.
There is a difference. What I was saying before a certain individual took everything out of proportion was that Josip is a quality finisher, and that is something he does remarkably well. Josip is known strictly for his finishing. Obviously the 3 times as much was an exaggeration comment to reply to the individual who couldn't wrap his head around Josip's ability to finish.

I don't know Collins, I thought Reis actually won the Saskatoon World Cup golden boot; yet I guess it was Josip. Maybe you were off by one. All I know is that Josip took home the hardware and it should have been Reis's.

One year Josip lead the turf league, boarded league, and won the WCP golden boot. I don't know many strikers that have done that... not that it's a beyond remarkable feat, it is just an example of his ability to finish.

I am tired talking about Josip though. I am done with this issue... let's move on. As for Reis having a shot at the golden boot, it just gives hope to all those terrible players out there that one day that could be you. If Nathan is horrible, then anyone can win the golden boot next year.



Anonymous said...

Your a traitor to Regina soccer mike

Anonymous said...

Clearly Alvaro aka Julio has a man crush on Josip. Go on a date already ...

Anonymous said...

This whole name calling thing and hating on people is ridiculous and childish. if i hear one more person bitch about julio or one of the other regular posters i might lose it. if they say something that you disagree with then the the least you can do is act like an adult and post respectfully. people disagree on things sometimes. have some class about it and argue like your not 12 years old.

as for this whole saskatoon vs regina debate, i dont understand why some people are throwing such a fit about. both cities have some top quality players. saskatoon has a few more. this is how its always been. playing team sask there were always a few more saskatoon players on the team. its a bigger city with a more developed soccer program. Im from Regina and acknowledging this doesnt bother me at all. what is the big deal? we're all here playing in this great tournament(best tournament of the year IMO), theres nothing wrong with a little beaking and some rivarly but seriously lets all be adults about it.

Anonymous said...

Ya it's tough being so bad at soccer, but I can live with that insult from the anonymous guy. But his calling me fat REALLY cuts to the core of me. Here I thought lifting weights added muscle, and running was generally a successful fat burner, but all this time I've just been packing on fat! Back to the drawing board I guess.

Also, I agree that Josip is a better natural finisher than me, as is Brown, Jay, etc. I'm more about getting to certain spots on the pitch and getting off a hard shot, hoping for the best.

Also, some guy on another forum listed a bunch of Regina players and said those guys would easily handle the only three noteworthy Saskatoon players in Brown, Levis, and Jay. I just wanted to verify that those are indeed THE only quality Saskatoon players. Northey and Korthuis are shit, and have only won Canada West MVPs by luck.

All for now. Thinking about going back to finish high school here, so I'll have to put the old Ph.D. on hold I guess.


Anonymous said...

How can one guy ruin the blogs for everyone? The blogs were great without GOW posting and all of the sudden the guy comes back and makes a disaster out of things.
Please stop posting as anonymous/GOW or what other name you've deemed to be fitting.


Jason said...

Hey Mike, you should think about making a section about the top scorers. I would really like to see that and i am sure other people wouldn't mind it too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

For those inquiring why I post as Julio. It's not a question of people not knowing who I am, as more people know me as Julio therefore people know exactly who I am when I post as Julio. I am not trying to hide my identity, I am just reach the people that only know who Julio is. Obviously Julio has been around for years now and I will continue to post with that name, just as DB and DG choose to post with their initials.

Best Pure Goal Scorers
1. Brown: Brown just has a knack for finishing. Scores alot of goals, and alot are in the run of play.
2. Brett Levis: Very good goal scorer and competes to always be a game changer.
3. Josip Coric: Scores alot of goals, yet sometimes struggles in big time games unlike the foremention individuals.
4. Jay Tomchuk: I don't really see Jay as just a goal scorer anymore, I think he is a very good attacking player in general that he does more than just score.
5. Jerson: Scores alot of goals, but alot of them do come from freekicks and Pk's. At the end of the day, a goal is a goal.

That's 5 that come to the top of my head. There is alot more. I just shed light on 5.


Mike Collins said...

A traitor to Regina soccer haha I think that's a bit tough.

I am working on getting an updated golden boot list. As soon I get it it will be up on here.

Anonymous said...

Mike does someone at the wcp keep stats or something? How do you know who scored the goals etc?

Anonymous said...

Top finishers of all time, Tim Tebow and Manning Go Broncos!

Anonymous said...

with Julios top 5 finishers, its more like the top 5 crushes he has for.


Anonymous said...

Manning is solid. Broncos win the super bowl .... Tim Tebow clearly didn't prey enough to God because he got cut lol.

Anonymous said...

My goodness. I had a busy day and was unable to check the blog till late but some funny things have been posted today I must say.

Apparently anyone that leaves a name/initials/thought/idea is a candidate to be on the petition to be banned from an anonymous poster.

I think I may have the least controversial posts in the history of blogging and still made his list.

Some people take posts, jokes, and criticism poorly. This blog is for entertainment and to bounce around some ideas about a fun tournament.

The tournament has been excellent so far (including this blog). Great atmosphere for big games and the level of play has taken a bit of step up from last year.

I am looking forward to the playoff rounds to start as there will be some good games on hand.
There is obviously still some big group games left as well and those should be fun to watch too.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see a Power Rankings Come out, so I made one of my know. I know mine is probably way off in your mind and that I am an idiot for placing your favorite team so low, but if you disagree please just respond with your own list and REASONS WHY (rankings are pointless without any reasoning).
1) ROI - Last year's champions and undefeated again this year. Their only real challenge so far was Sudan but they managed to weather that storm and prove why they are #1.
2) Laos - Last year's finalists and undefeated still. They put a strong Afghan team in their place but still have two tough games before they solidify their spot as top of the group of death.
3) Sudan - Very exciting team but not as solid as the top two. As many have said, no one wants to play against these guys but everyone wants to watch.
4) France - Have coasted through a weak pool. I look forward to seeing if ES can give them a good game with their full squad out.
5) Poland - Poland looks very strong aside from some close games. They are definitely the top team in their pool, despite a tie to Nigeria.
6) Afghanistan - Their only loss was to Laos so far and since then they have looked very good.
7) Canada - Came out flat against Jamaica, but these guys play very well as a team and can out possess and out play most teams in this tourney.
8) Jamaica - They have shown signs of brilliance but then tie Northern Ireland... Lots of skill but they lack consistency.
9) Nigeria - Much like Jamaica, they have shown lots of skill at times but then they barely squeaked by Hungary.
10) Germany - Another strong team who seems to lack the intensity in big games. Still potentially a threat to anyone they play though.
11) El Salvador - I think they deserve to be higher, but until we see their next two games we won't know forsure.
12) Norway - I don't know if they deserve to be this high up, but they won a couple games that they needed to win. Like every year, give them another pool and they likely don't get out.. yet they keep getting out. Watch for ES to put them in their place though.
13) Portugal - They look weak at times but then they walked all over Hungary. I think they are a decent team who will keep good teams on their toes.
14) Colombia - Unlucky draw for them. 4 very tough teams but they have played hard and made games out of most of them so far..
15) Scotland - This pool has such a huge gap between the top two and the bottom four, but Scotland has proven to be the class of the bottom four.
16) Italy - They exit the tournament with a 3-2 record (barring a Norway collapse against South Korea and ES, and France beating ES), but that is far beyond the 2012 expectations. Ugly wins, but every win they got down then came back to win it.
17) Hungary - They walked over Vietnam to start, then scared Nigeria big time. Still not a strong team, but the potential is there. Stick around and keep improving and we could see another Colombia type team who offers good games and keeps the powerhouses on their toes.
18) Serbia - Major disappoinment this year...
19) Botswana - They play like we expect them to. Exciting soccer but rarely winning.
20) Somalia - In a weak pool they struggled to make anything happen. 1 win but so does the rest of their pool.
21) Northern Ireland - Aside from a tie against Jamaica, they have looked very weak.
22) Greece - A lot of talk about Greece making this pool interesting, but all they have done is lost so far (they will still beat SK though).
23) South Korea - A weak team, but that is expected of the new guys.. hopefully they stick around and work to improve.
24) Vietnam - The weakeast team in the tourney.. I really hope they change something if they plan to stick around.

Anonymous said...

Just want to tell anonymous great work on taking the time to make a power ranking and putting some thought and analysis into it.

Very well done.


Anonymous said...

X2...nice power rankings. I'd say most are pretty accurate within one position. Might flip flop a couple here and there, but it wouldn't change much. Great analysis.