Friday, 6 April 2012

Tonight's Games

Botswana vs Serbia
Really this is just a battle to see who will finish 3rd in Group A. I honestly have no idea who will win this game so I am not even going to predict a score.

Nigeria vs Hungary
I smell a beatdown.  Nigeria is fast, strong and have a couple really nice players. I don't think Hungary is any of those things. Look for Nigerias goal scoring tear to continue. 8-2 Nigeria.

Poland vs Germany
A lot of hype in the build up to this game. Germany are a good side. They have all their Saskatoon players coming, Patterson Twins included and will certainly put up a fight for the first five minutes.  However I have know idea who their other Saskatoon players are and to be honest I am not sure they do either. But lets be real even without Brett Levis (my understanding is he won't be there) Poland are just way too good for any team in this tournament. I see Jay and Devin both getting 3 goals in this game and when Devin gets tired Dustin coming on to get 1 or 2. Germany will will probably get one as Poland pushes forward looking for their 10th. 9-1 Poland cruises.

Jamaica vs Canada
I was actually pretty undecided on who I was going to choose going into this game. I figured the x-factor would be Holness' play but he's out. I just haven't been impressed with Jamaica, they don't have that cutting edge going forward, have struggled at the back and they have little depth. Canada on the other hand 20 players all of the exact same skill level with the exception of maybe Tavis and Jarvis. They work hard and as unit. I can't see them conceding more than a goal. So that begs the question do I think Canada can score more than one? I do. 3-1 Canada. 


Anonymous said...

lol. mike your ridiculous. 9-1?

Anonymous said...

OMG it's good Friday football! But really it's horrible football because it's in Regina ok let's go first game

Botswana v Serbia 4-2 Serbia

Nigeria v Hungary 4-1 Nigeria

Poland v Germany 4-3 Germany look out for the Blitzkreig attack

Jamaica v Canada 3-2 Canada

Ooooooooohhhh yyyyaaaa bbbbooooiiiii

Mike Collins said...

Oh and isn't this Dan guy just like the new Mike Sweeney? Lots of hype but no show? We need to bring back Andy.

The Joker said...

I heard that Kevin is payin him to play in this tourney

Anonymous said...

Where is Julio Foolio to open his mouth about those predictions Collins? Julio is so biased makes fun of Braden, yet he can't post something about your out of wack predictions. Yeah ... the guy is a hypocrite and a coward. I can't wait till this tournament is over, so I don't have to see any more of his garbage. He should be fined like Torts was in the NHL for opening his mouth.

Anonymous said...

Forget to leave your "GOW" tag behind this time bud? You use every single thing I say about you.. and then you repeat it back to me... Well done, you posted anonymously yet followed the same distinct pattern visible in all your posts. How was the "vacation"?

I am right here, and my predictions weren't that far off... I said keep an eye on Jamaica.. and they won... and I said I think the Poland vs Germany game was going to be a close, and that Germany would win... and by the sounds of it (as I wasn't there); Germany deserved a win more than Poland. How is thinking that Poland isn't very good biased? I am pretty sure there is more than a handful of people unimpressed by that squad... but again it seems like you are from the Poland camp, and quite obviously have let Collins' "hype" about the squad become a reality... which in itself is humorous as he is mocking Poland half the time, yet I am the biased one hahah Well done yet again. Did you run home as fast as you could to get to your computer to make your highly brilliant post.. as I am really starting to worry about the obsession that you have. Just so we are on the same page; I am not your friend, blogging buddy, or nor do I have any type of reciprocation for your emotions... I feel sorry for you that your so caught up about a blog, but those are your issues that need to be sorted out.

I don't know why your complaining, but your just becoming an ignorant, and annoying nuisance. My predictions were relatively close...and if your little sensitive feelings are soo hurt... stopping reading the blog... as you live and die for what is said and it's starting to get embarrassing on your part. I presented you a reason to why you should let everyone know who the genius behind the posts are... but you couldn't, and those actions speak volumes about your activity on these blogs.

As for your comparison to Torts... the man has a Stanley Cup ring, and currently is coaching the top team in the Eastern Conference. Torts complains about occurrences in the game... so your correlation is a very weak one... as he does speak his mind freely, something I also do... yet unlike you whose a first class coward, I leave my name behind and people know who I am.

You keep doing what your doing, as your slowly starting to lose assurance in what you say... as you've fallen back into the shadows of anonymity yet again. Your a hindrance to the blog... as if you can't take a simple prediction to be a simple prediction... then why read anything that is written... no one has a glass ball that predicts the future... as your comparison to Dufus and I, is not accurate either. Dufus pumps up Norway as if they were the best team in the world... if I didn't know better I would have thought that Norway not only won the WCP but also the Champion's League on numerous of occasions.


Anonymous said...

PS. The only reason I gave you the luxury of a reply is I know how much it burns everytime I call you out for the idiotic comments you make... as what you say is irrelevant to me, yet what I say to you... well it very obvious that you take it very serious and to heart.

One last question for you, so you went on vacation from Monday to Thursday... or so you claim... does anyone else find that peculiar?


Anonymous said...

Julio was right GOW posts anonymously! SHUT UP already! No one cares! Are you Dufus' personal side kick or something?
We should have a poll about who GOW is.
1. Dufus
2. Strassburger
3. Poland Player
4. Dufus's Mom

Anonymous said...

God of War you scared to tell people who you are brah? Why so scared? It's not like we are looking for you.
I'd watch your racist mouth if I was you!!!

Anonymous said...

Why do you HAVE to see anything..? Don't come here.

Anonymous said...

Jroi is the best team in tourny, then sudan, laos, france/ukraine/yorkton, jamaica

Next group norway, germany, canada, afghanistan, poland, portugal, es, nigeria, columbia,

Next group is scotland, hungary, italy, ireland,

Then vietnam, somalia, korea

Any team can beat anyone in their group or even group above, but the difference between two groups is significant while a three tier difference can be an embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

If you dont like Julios comments you have some choices: don't come on the blog, or skip his comments.

Collins, 9-1??? How many subpar performances will it take before you and DB give Poland less credit than dufus gives Norway? Poland could win but clearly the top 2 teams on paper are roi and laos.

Let me guess 16-1 Poland over Portugal tonight??


Anonymous said...

Riggs i don't think portugal will score on mighty poland! 16-0 sounds pretty reasonable to me.


Anonymous said...

Haha sorry DB


Anonymous said...

Julio why do you leave like page long essay's after GOW types up messages? If you had any brains at all, you would ignore the guy. I'm not sure which of you two is more annoying. I am honestly not 100% certain that this GOW guy is posting all those posts. I think there is a fair amount of people who dislike you buddy. Except that fact already and get over yourself with your long explanations. No one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You obviously care as you just admitted to posting anonymously towards Julio. I think by blatantly not recognizing your existence, you've grown even more agitated than by him saying something.
I must say those ROI guys are clever. Mike has over hyped Poland, and Julio has put a spotlight on GOW and taken it away from random anonymous insults.
Very clever and entertaining.