Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Tuesday Nights Scores. France edition

So, I was driving to the facility tonight look over to my right and what do I see? This. Cripes the hype is everywhere you look. What's next?

Youth Girls:
Germany 1   El Salvador 1: A reasonable lobbing effort for Germanys first. Not exactly match of the day stuff.

Ukraine 8 Italy 1: Another snooze fest. Italy was just not in the same class as Ukraine. A couple of decent long range efforts for goals including good strike from Michelle Anderson from outside the box but nothing too spectacular.

Austria 2 Columbia 1: A really scrappy game both technically and physically couldn't have been more than 3 passes strung together. Quite a few death tackles out there led by Tyson Piniach. A scorcher from the Columbia player that flew into the top right.

Greece 2   Botswana 1: A slightly less scrappy game. Fairly even for the most part however Greece pulled through when they needed too. Botswana had a chance at the end but that shot ended up almost hitting the moon.

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