Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Best of the Day. Monday. Scores.

Youth Girls - Germany 3 - Canada 3

Youth Boys - Ukraine 6 - Italy 5

Men - Greece 3 - Italy 0

Men - Jamaica 5 - Scotland 0

Game: Ukraine vs Italy - Youth Boys.  This was a close game as it ended 6-5 in favor for Ukraine.  Literally I went to the car for 3 minutes and came back and it was 2-2.  Scoring that many goals leads to an awesome game.

Team: Italy - Youth Boys.  Clearly a much younger and smaller team but still put together a really solid performance.  There is lots of talent on that team.  I could put Greece into this category however their victory does not compare to their game last night against France.

Player: Troy Lydiate - Jamaica.  Another great performance by him especially with the absence of Korthius and Holness.  Jamaica has sorely been missing someone to bring the ball forward and Troy has filled that void.

Goal: Italy - Youth Boys.  I'm not sure I can completely describe this goal but what happened was the Italy midfielder sent a ball through to their striker which sent him on a breakaway.  The striker never touched the ball but instead feinted over it, faking out the keeper and leaving it to roll into the empty net.  I'm sure I didn't do this goal justice.

Tackle: Yianni Cabylis - Greece.  Caught an Italy player late and by late I mean real late.  Might have caught him tomorrow.  Very deserving of a yellow card at the least as I'm sure we could all hear the Italy players head slam off the ground. 

Gaffe: Italy's Goalkeeper - Men.  Made a really good save but unfortunately he palmed it down behind the goal line.  Not sure if he knew where he was on the field but it was unfortunate.  Had a great game otherwise.  Honorable mention to the referee who called the Youth Boys game who called things a bit too tight.

Save: Ukraine's Goalkeeper - Youth Boys.  Saved well on a shot late in that game which would have been the goal to tie it up.  Really nice stuff.

Love/Peeve: The Italian national anthem - By far the best anthem to listen to however it might be the longest anthem of all time.  By the time I am finished dancing to it my legs are cramping.  Can we shorten it up a bit as I have a game tonight and I am on a shortage of bananas.  I need my potassium.

Also a large shout out to DJ Noor for the night. I love Duck Sauce!! Should be played constantly!!
Man U vs Chelsea tomorrow in Champion's League. 12:45 on Setanta and I expect a Man U victory in this second leg.  For all the Chelsea fan out there (yes there is only one of you) you are going down!  Drogba style. Will be a great game, don't miss it.  Berba!!!    


Anonymous said...

Where was Kevin and Mark for Jamaica?

Mike Collins said...

I don't believe Mark is coming back cause he has some other stuff he has to do. Kevin was on the bench. Not sure why he wasn't playing though.

Julio said...

Korthius was playing M2 Board indoor semi finals vs Gremio... it was a must win game for his squad.

Anonymous said...

Julio stop flooding every blog with your nonsense dude. Get lost already.

Julio said...

Anon 2:02

How was that non-sense? If anyone just flooded the blog it was you?

Anonymous said...

julio< do u think your team has a chance at the playoffs

Anonymous said...

julio should just stop commenting on all blogs..